Monday, September 05, 2005


Dummy in a Boat

The fiberal lefties have been using the Katrina tragedy in the south to bash Bush. So what else is new? It simply doesn’t matter what he does, it’s wrong. However, every so often hyper-critical fiberals get a chance to prove just how utterly stupid they really are.

Such an incident occurred to Sean Penn, the perennial “hate American first” icon of the left. It seems the “brilliant” actor went to New Orleans to “save the children” launching his boat into the flood. However, instead of a cape and tights, this “super hero” was wearing a flack jacket, a baseball cap, and his ubiquitous person photographer so his super-deeds could be recorded for humanity. Turns out that may not have been such a good idea.

In what has to be one of the most illustrative moments of this terrible tragedy and the difficulties that everybody faces at the sheer enormity of the task at hand, Penn launches his boat to do his “super hero” duties and forgets to put the cork in the bottom of the boat and immediately the boat starts sinking.

There is the great Hollywood “super hero” going to “save the day” and “rescue the children” nine days after the hurricane hit and the idiot forgets to plug the hole in his own boat and is forced to use a red plastic cup to bail out his boat to save his own butt.

Bystanders jeered from the shore calling “where are you going to put the children? There were so many people in the Penn entourage that there was no room in the boat for the children he was going to rescue.

Many-a-time I’ve wished I could say to Mr. Penn....PUT A CORK IN IT it has real meaning. And the rest of you mean-spirited fiberals sitting on your computer butts criticizing everything being done to save people, PUT A CORK IN IT, you’re not as perfect as you think you are.

It’s not as easy as it looks Mr. Penn, when there’s only “one take” and no stuntmen.

Tip of the Hat to the "Herald Sun" Biloxi 9-5-05

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