Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Beyond Absurd

"Who would you allow to die first if you were the rescuer?"

Everyone is calling for an investigation into the Federal response to Kratrina disaster. The claim is that the government was too slow in responding. NBC’s John Siegenthaler said the response was “too little too late.” If it’s too late then we don’t have to respond. Is that what you’re saying Mr. Siegenthaler? What an absurdly stupid statement for a so-called network news anchor to make.

The slow response claims are absurdly dishonest. No government on earth could have responded any faster or with more dispatch and effort.

Why would I stay that, because the extent of Katrina was so enormous that it would be impossible. The National Weather Service said the impact areas of the storm covered 90-thousand square miles hundreds of cities and towns not to mention scattered rural areas. Just think of that! I want you to respond instantly to every crisis caused by Katrina over a 90-thousand square miles area-- INSTANTLY! It’s idiotically absurd at the least.

No, I repeat, NO government agency could have provided assistance to an area that enormous in the time demanded. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans not a combination of both including the Greens, Libertarians or who ever you want to add. It was an impossibility.

The absurdity of New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin and Louisana Governor Kathleen Blanco's statements are unforgivable in light of the huge efforts made by the rescue workers. To politicize this disaster by the absurd fiberals like Hillary Clinton is more than shameful, it is detrimental to America, all because she drools to be president. What a pathetic excuse for a leader she is.

I detest people like Clinton, Nagin, Blanco whose soul purpose is to politicize a disaster for political gain. A pox on their houses.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, you're quite right, the government did a perfectly marvelous job responding to Katrina and they deserve not a commission but our kudos, kisses, and pats on the back for a job well done. And how about those "fiberals" as you call them, demanding an inquiry -- shame on them!! As if this were a free country and people had the right to speak their minds. Why if this had happened during the tenure of a Democratic president, I'm sure there wouldn't be a peep out the Republicans -- just what can we do to help, Mr. President?

Anonymous said...

Your idiotic ravings are typical of the neoconservative extreme right. You who generally profess to be christians are among the most blatantly prejudiced people on earth. If a dissater of this magnitude occurred in Palm Springs rest assured your Prez would have dispatched cruise ships to rescue his wealthy friends. Neocons do nothing but tell lies and obfuscate the truth. You accuse liberals of interfering and politicizing the disaster. Meanwhile the poor people of Orlean's suffer and die. The Prez vacations more than any other Prez in history. Remember this he is not a cowboy he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth in Ct.

Anonymous said...

katrina will go down in history as the disaster that finally woke America up to remove this crony-filled corrupt and utterly incompetent administration.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy you are sooooo..... smart you even do neologisms FIBERAL. Gosh you just make me gush with respect for you. Have you submitted your neologism to Webster's? I sure hope so because you are sooooooo smart.....

Were you in the military like our beloved President? I bet you are a hero! Or did you sit on your can and let the poor fight in VN etc?

Truly you are a patriot! Lets denounce the constitution and follow the patriot act so the government can know everything about us. Wow that Generalisimo Bush what a man!

NewsGnome said...

Anonymous: Yes, you*re quite right...

FEMA did a worse job during the Clinton administration on a Flordia hurricane a 10th the size of Katrina. It too them two weeks before they were even on the ground responding, and there was no instant blame going a day after this Clinton debacle.

Seems to me that you*re speaking your mind, what little there is of it. You and those of your ilk have poisoned the effort to help with your hate.

Anonymous: Idiot Ravings...

Did you read the Red Cross web site today? The Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco (your kind of Democrat-Fiberal Governor) through the local disaster relief officials told the Red Cross they couldn’t take a convoy of trucks read to roll and loaded with water and food to the Superdome because it would attract more people and she should didn’t want that.

So don’t tell me what the Bush administration did. Blanco also refused to allow FEMA and other federal organizations into Louisiana for 24 hours while she put on her make up. So look in the mirror, you hate-filled spreader of poison.

Anonymous: Katrina Will...

No Katrina will go down in history as one of the greatest efforts to rescue people ever undertaken. And the corruption, and negligence of Kathleen Blanco will put her in jail. And the utterly incompetent Ray Nagin will wind up being impeached for failing to follow the plan that he and his “emergency” office had practiced only 13 months before this tragedy and for failing to use 2000 school buses and city buses to evacuate the people, even though that was part of the N.O. preparedness plan.

I love the way you also ignore the rest of the people besides N.O. who were in desperate circumstance. It's called Black Racism. To hell with the rest of the people in the 90-thousand square miles. You're a bigot and racist of the worst kind

Hate has poisoned you*re mind to the point of stupidity. Plus the fact that you’re woefully uninformed. You are unable to comprehend or realize just how incompetent the city and state officials were. They actually stopped the federal officials from doing their jobs in the critical first days of the aftermath.

Did you know for example that in order for Federal officials can come into a state to render assistance, the Governor has to sign documents allowing federal and FEMA officials into her state and she refused to allow them in for 24 hours. (It’s a constitutional requirement)

So take you hate poisoned mind and take a hike. The corruption you talk about was in the local and state officials. The Bush administration, for example, spent three times as much money on the levies in New Orleans as did the Clinton administration.

And talk about corruption...Here some firsts from the Clinton Administration:

- The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
- First president sued for sexual harassment.
- First president accused of rape.
- First first lady to come under criminal investigation
- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
- First president to establish a legal defense fund.
- First president to be held in contempt of court
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad

NewsGnome said...

Anonymous “oh boy you are sooooooooo....... smart”

Well gee, thank you for recognizing my intelligence. I haven’t submitted my “neologisms” to Webster’s dictionary, but “fiberal” and other words are copywrited on my previous MENSA Challenge posts on NewGnome that you can go back and read. Had lots of fun with “Democrat.”

No, I was not in the military, were you? Would the military even want you? Or would you even defended your own country...I doubt it. Would you have invaded Germany who had not attacked us? Did you approved the Clinton bombing of Kosovo without UN approval. You did.

You ought to read what a real fiberal did that makes the Patriot act look tame by comparison. Check out the internment of Japanese and others during WWII done by the ICON of fiberalism: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Or, consider the second ICON of the fiberals, Woodrow Wilson, who jailed people without trial prior to WWI under the sedition act. So your pique with the Patriot Act rings very hollow. Just more fiberal hate poison.

You’re throwing around a bunch of charges. Tell me three PA elements not previously in the law that have personally affected you! You can’t.

And finally, yes President Bush is a good man. Unlike the rapist, sexual harasser, liar that inhabited the White House before him.

Anonymous said...

Gee wiz Mr Mensa you are special. What about that Barbara "all dem poor folks gotz it better in the Superdome." You contemptuous chauvinisitc piece of fecal matter.

Anonymous said...

By the way I was drafted in 1972 and served honorably in the US Army as a combat Medic.And I do not disagree that the Governor of La. is inept. But, Bill is no rapist.

Anonymous said...

By the way I was drafted in 1972 and served honorably in the US Army as a combat Medic.And I do not disagree that the Governor of La. is inept.

From Medic:
I do believe you are sincere in your beliefs {sorry to have likened you to feces}. to attack your wife and children is just plain wrong. I believe if we met face to face we could both abstain from making any ad hominem comments. I recognize you and I could never agree. I actually saw the internment camps the Japanese were imprisoned in, it was a very bad mistake. Being of Sicilian heritage I am sure they considered locking up my family as well. Best Wishes Drafted Medic.
PS I scored well on my GT test.

NewsGnome said...

Dear Mr. “Wiz” You must be good at that...taking a wiz. Oh, and your great at bigotry and racism. When someone expresses concern, you find blame. And yes, I’m contemptuous of people like you who are consumed by hate and continue to poison all the efforts of the people trying help in an impossible situation.

Thanks for spending all you’re time and effort cussing me and so little helping when it’s needed. I just love you fiberals. You define pessimism. Everything is always wrong. It’s always too little too late. So what’s the use of doing anything. You are the epitome of doom and gloom. Must be a miserably unhappy existence. NG

Anonymous said...

Barb and you are the bigots. I regret attempting to engage in a pleasant non attack mode conversation with you. It appears that cranky liberal was more informed than I regarding your obnoxious demeanor.

Anonymous said...

And why the pre-occupation with "wiz" perhaps ypou are stranger than I thought. I should call you Mr. pee pee head!

NewsGnome said...

Dear Wizzer,

What are you doing on my blog...spying for Cranky? Since Cranky censors my comments then lies about it, I don’t bother with him. Did he send you over here to beg I come back?

Let me see now....you posted the following:

l. FEMA must be perfect during Bush but was NOT during Clinton.
2.You ignore the corrupt-utterly biased Blanco who stopped Red Cross aid to the Superdome on the first day.
3. You don’t mention the incompetent Nagin.
4. “Your idiotic ravings” meaning me!
5. Called me neocon, that I lie, distort reality.
6. Sarcastically blamed Bush for everything.
7. Criticized Christians
8. Demeaned Barbara Bush for showing sympathy
9. Claim you were in an army you obviously despise.
10. Call me contemptuous chauvinistic fecal matter
11. Finally, you say Bill is not a rapist. Juanita Brodderick begs to differ.

You write all this and expect me to play nice with your fake military record. You sound just like Cranky except at, 34, he’s not old enough to do what you’re claiming.

So you never even started an attempt at a “pleasant non attack mode” conversation...you started your attack from your first word. I may be obnoxious from your point of view, but I didn’t censor and lie, like your precious Cranky.

And just like Cranky, you have three points you always argue 1. I hate Bush. 2. I hate Bush. 3. I hate Bush. I don’t even have to look at his site to know what he’s writing. He dumped on WalMart to criticize Bush. Now WalMart has come up with huge amounts of materials for Katrina victims, and 15 million in cash, not to mention immediate jobs at other locations for WalMart employees displaced by Katrina. Cranky’s on record with dumping on WalMart. Cranky has wonderful timing, dump on the company doing the most for victims.

What I’m loving about you fiberals is that you politicize pain suffering and disasters. That is going to cost you in the long run, as it already has. You have no solutions, only blame and poison. 87% of Americans don't blame Bush. It's only the 13% Bush hating poison spewing blamers like you. You don't help, you wallow in suffering.

How's that for obnoxious, and I'm only half trying.

PS. Disaster relief is not over as you suggest, it's just beginning and I'm sure there will be more mistakes. Just like the idiot Sean Penn the boat dummy. And he has the gaul to criticize FEMA and BUSH.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr pee pee head;
I could care less whether you believe me or not regarding my military service. You are nothing but a self righteous pig headed neocon. Barb supportive??? Bush is no liar??? My God man are you living on another planet. You are so filled with vitriole you are incapable of seeing the truth. I served my country and recognize my right to voice a different opinion. Hell I would defend your rights as well to have your opinion. You are incapable of of sentient thought.Incapable of having a decent conversation. I have no contact with the cranky liberal never visited his web site and knew not that he even existed. Fear not I disagree with you and will now contact the so called cranky liberal.

Anonymous said...

May I add there is medication for paranoia, get some Resperdal man.

NewsGnome said...

Your first post was pure sarcasm, I responded in kind. If you can't handle that, by all means go to Cranky. You're two of a kind. You can wallow in your hate together.

By the way you wrote something that is so patently ridiculous that I can't help but comment. In case you haven't heard, George Bush won't be running again. The logical conclusion to your assertion that he'll be "removed" over Katrina is the epitome of idiocy.

Keep your hate-poisoned mind cranking it out, it keeps you from finding real solutions to real problems. By the way, I suggest you let the doctors prescribe the medications. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of one for "your all consuming hate malady" that you so desperately need.

Anonymous said...

You are a very confused man obviously there is more than one anonymous scribe. I refer to you only as Mr. pee pee head given your fascination with confusing wiz [short for wizard] with peee. Do you get it? You self inflated ego maniac. And if you are in Mense they would take anyone. Obviously I know stupid won't run again. And as long as you respond I will until I get the last word retard. And remember I will refer to you only as pee pee head so you know it is I.

Anonymous said...

You got cranky's address?

NewsGnome said...

Well isn’t this fun calling each other names. Since you didn’t identify yourself on any of your posts and they all sounded the same, I have doubts there was more than one commenter.

But please get at least a few things accurate. It’s not Mense, it’s MENSA and I’m not a member didn’t say I was. I made reference to another of my posts relating to a contest put on by the Washington Post. “Pee Pee head,” how original. By identifying me as such, you identify yourself.

And to answer you specifically as you asked it. Yes, I know cranky’s address.

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