Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wait a minute. James Carvelle said that it didn’t matter because it was only about sex. Oppppppssss. I forgot, it only “doesn’t matter” if it’s Democrats having gay sex, straight sex , weird sex, stupid sex animal sex or crooked sex and cheating on your wife, breaking the law with interns and lying to the American people.

Please excuse me, I forgot again. Democrats can have sex with anybody, any age, anywhere, anytime and it doesn’t count. Unfortunately for us Republicans any kind of sex is prohibited. It’s really tough being a Republican. Poor Larry Craig. He’s just in the wrong party. If he were in the Democrat Party, he would be receiving standing ovations and invitations to Oprah, Leno and Letterman.

Monday, August 27, 2007


When Hillary’s husband was elected president she had all the federal attorneys general throughout the 50 states fired and hired her own people. Not one word was said about the firings from the main stream media even though several investigations into her and her husband’s dealings were squelched as a result.

When President Bush fired just 8 federal attorneys general, the fiberals had a cow. Which brings up a an interesting question.

If Hillary is elected president, will she do exactly what she had her husband do in 1992... fire all attorneys general in all 50 states and if she does, will there be the hue and cry that we saw with the firing of just 8 during Bush’s administration?

Let me give you a hint...they’ll all get fired, unless they’re still left over from the previous Clinton administration and each swears an oath not to investigate Hillary, especially in the Peter Paul case where she is accused of campaign violations, and there won’t be one peep from the mainstream media. Furthermore, the impotent Republicans won’t say anything either. Far be it from Republicans to complain about corruption among the Democrats.


Saturday, August 04, 2007


I’ve finally figured out why Muslim elders are so anxious to have their young men become suicide bombers. It took a lawsuit in Canada about a polygamist off-shoot of Mormonism to make it clear.

Here’s the logic...Islam allows for each man to have four wives. However, birth rates show that approximately 101 to 102 boy babies are born to every 100 girls babies. Muslims seem to want to kill off their girls for every imagined infraction, so these Muslim elders have to be very aggressive in eliminating competition for females.

So the problem is how do the Islamic elders get rid of the excess boys so they can have their four wives...simple, declare a jihad, have a war, strap bombs to the younger Muslim men and vaporize about 25 percent with C-4 wrapped around their body or on the battle field playing mortar catcher.

The breakaway Mormon sect in Canada, just sends their younger men away so there are more “girls” and women for the older men. The Muslims are doing the same thing...just the Muslim boys are totally eliminated.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, Well, Well! Democrats through their wild-eyed bloggers have been trying to stop the Patriot Act phone-tapping of suspected and known terrorists outside the US that make calls into America, or calls from inside America to other countries where these suspected terrorists reside.

But guess what. NewsMax published a Reuters story saying a judge secretly squelched the phone tapping and that Congress, led by Democrats, are trying with President Bush to reinstate the phone tapping provision.

And you Ameriphobes bloggers on the left thought your Democrats were doing your bidding. As it turns out Congress, again led by Democrats, appear ready to officially write the phone tapping into the FISA law. So we’ll be able to listen to terrorists planning to kill Americans after all . Will the hypocrisy of the Democrat left never end.

By the way, if there is a call from a terrorist to someone in the US suggesting the suicide bombing of Sean Penn, may I suggest that HSA take the opportunity to not listen to that call.