Saturday, December 20, 2008


The ultra-liberal Barak Obama and his liberal administration is facing a test of fundamental policies of the far left. Americans are about to see if liberal policies will really work during economic problems. Obviously, history has shown the liberal solutions to solve the Depression by FDR were failures. FDR was popular enough to make people believe his policies worked. But the Depression lasted until World War II broke out, and Americans, sacrificed in every possible way. A monstrous price was paid by the average citizen which is what really got us out of the Depression. Fuel was rationed, food was rationed, recycling of metals for war materials were huge costs citizens paid to be able to fight the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

Obama, is in a similar position. He has to prove liberal financial policies will work. He, like FDR is popular, but today, Americans are much more broadly informed with many more sources of information than citizens had back then. I, unfortunately, predict that Obama’s policies won’t work and the sacrifice will be just as great as it was during the Depression, but because Obama is not subject to any realistic criticism, even if his policies are failures, any proposal he makes, like FDR, will be reported as a success by the sycophant mainstream media.

But, Americans will see the futility of the leftist Democrat solutions, and realize that increasing spending, raising taxes, and forcing bankruptcy on liberal states and cities will be his result. That will turn Americans back to the conservative brand. It will also take a huge collapse in America, to teach Americans liberals their policies will be inevitable failures. That will be extremely difficult, but America will turn back to Republicans to solve the disaster that Obama will not solve. The question will be, will Republicans stand by the Reagan principles or once again abandon them as tax and spenders repeating the last cycle. Reagan principles are the the solution to today's economic crisis, like them or not. It's the only way.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


When will New Yorkers begin complaining that their senators are not elected, but anointed by a senator in a neighboring state with a political name or politicos with no connections to the state. If I were a New Yorker and another senator announced her/his interest in the senate seat I suggest that they run for it. But rather than demand a real campaign and election....celebrity and name are the only things that seem to matter to earn a senate seat in one of the biggest states in the country.

I think if I were a native New Yorker, I'd start asking questions about the people who represent them. Have those asking to represent the state paid their dues in doing the things New Yorkers want. Again, apparently that doesn't matter....but then New York politics never made much sense to me to begin with. They're about to go bankrupt and they're raising taxes on themselves. Ya gotta love New York!



The entire weight of the Democrat Party is coming down on Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I doubt seriously that he will give up the corruption of the Democrats in that state, however, he could threaten them to back off or he will appoint a REPUBLICAN!

That's my suggestion. Appoint a Republican. Eliminate the sludge of the corrupt cesspool of Illinois/Chicago politics.



From Smoking Gun we have a group of mug shots of people who obviously are supporters of Barak Obama. I guess they did a little too much partying after the victory and wound up in front of the booking officer’s camera. I’m sure they’re all upstanding citizens who worked hard for the election of their candidate.

Thank you Smoking Gun.

Friday, December 12, 2008


What will be the first action taken by Barak Obama when he moves into the White House? His first act will be to fire all the federal prosecutors as Clinton did so that he can stop U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald’s investigation which may taint himself or Rahm Emanual. It would be a way to halt any potential link to the "President Elect" to the corruption cesspool that is Illinois politics.

Bill Clinton was under investigation by one of the U.S. Attorneys in Arkansas when he was inaugurated and still fired them. The Senate was under the control of the Democrats at the time so senators weren’t going to complain.

So don’t look for any connection to be discovered connecting the “office of the President Elect” (yuk, yuk) and selling his senate seat. Just one more hypocrisy from the socialistic office of Obama.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Barak Hussein Obama must truly be the Messiah with the capably of walking on water. Otherwise he would be claiming that he could swim in a cesspool without getting smelly and dripping with sewage....that certainly would require the ability to walk on the cesspool water and not swam in it. I haven’t checked his sandals for cesspool residue, so I have yet to firmly confirm this miraculous event.

If it can be confirmed it is truly amazing.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The political machine in Illinois has long been the poster boy for obvious corruption. Today’s arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich for allegedly attempting to sell the senate seat about to be vacated by Barak Obama, is symptomatic of a culture of corruption from which Obama emerged.

Questionable contributions, questionable American citizenship, questionable voting practices and strong arm tactics at polling places by “black” Panthers are just the tip of the iceberg. The same attitudes that pervade Blagojevich’s blatant attempt to get money in exchange for a senatorial appointment and, state assistance for the Tribune company are just more of the same Illinois political corruption.

How can we possibly trust Obama who’s political life was born in this cesspool of excesses. He has trumpeted change. And he has given us change. Nearly all of the promises he’s made during the election he has now changed. There isn’t a new face in his whole list of appointments. Old politics as usual. Old corruption as usual. Old failed FDR socialism as usual.

The FDR-style of economic solutions were failures during the depression, yet Obama is heading in the same direction. His solutions, too, will fail and at the expense of Americans. Only this time, the pervasive corruption spawned in Illinois is now in the White House. How pathetic. How scary.