Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Is Bush Really As Powerful As Merlin?

It was bound to happen...since everything wrong in the whole world is George W. Bush’s fault...it was inevitable: German media blames Bush for Katrina because he didn’t sign the Kyoto treaty.

Now ROBERT F KENNEDY JR. has joined the Germans and surpassed them on the stupid scale. According to this genius, Louisiana Governor Haley Barbour is also to blame for Katrina along with Bush.

Isn’t it amazing what a signature by George W. Bush can do. According to Kennedy, Bush is the American “Merlin”. Kennedy has said that by the mere stroke of a pen President Bush can stop hurricanes. Even Superman can’t do that.

Which is it liberals, he’s either barely smart enough to breath, or has more power than the mythical Merlin.

It really is amazing how stupid liberals can sound.

Monday, August 29, 2005


The Culprit Revealed!!!

Of course, this was 250 million years ago. But once again the BBC solves the problem, that occured those millions of years ago. Global warming triggered the “great dying” at the end of the Permian Period.

Scientists say 95% of the ocean’s life forms became extinct. The cause of the problem was, at first, thought to be the mammoth amounts of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide released into the atmosphere by volcanos spewing greenhouse gases heating up the planet.

However, after pains-taking examination of the data using today’s super-computer models the majority of climatologists have agreed the real reason for the devastation of life was that George Bush failed to sign the Kyoto treaty. It’s such a relief to find out the real reason for the death all those animals. Shame, Shame, Shame George.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Or How Liberals really lie!

Well, Well, Well! CrankyLiberal has just sent me an email admitting to censoring my comments on his blog, despite months of denial. Now doesn’t that sound just like a liberal....deny, deny, deny then blame me. How Typical!

All you Cranky fans out there, if he has been lying about this, what else has he been lying about? Of course, in true Clintonista style I'm the one at fault. What was that about the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” it was all their fault. Here is Cranky doing exactly the same thing. He had too censor me You understand...don'tyou! Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho, CrankyLiberal must be on blow!

Here’s the direct paste (mistakes and all) from his email:

“Also once again please note that you got censored AFTER your commetns got ridiculous” quote Cranky Liberal.

He called my comments ridiculous because he didn’t agree with them and in particular, his bizzare statement that peer review consensus equated to actual truth, which was beyond stupid. I called him on it. He didn’t respond--he censored! After calling me all kinds of names like crazy and nuts denying that he had censored me... so now the truth comes out. How hypocritically-typically liberal of him.

Saturday, August 27, 2005



My name is Cindy Sheehan. I spell my last name “M-A-N-I-P-U-L-T-E-D” and I’ve enrolled in “Manipulation 101" here at “Camp Casey” University to increase my capacity to be used. I know that it’s nothing but liberal prostitution, but I’m game, and like all good liberals I’m fully addicted to the left’s drug of choice: “I HATE BUSH” dispensed and used daily at CCU.

I’m very excited to be here and discover how I can be manipulated and used in every way possible so I can continue to stomp on the grave of my dead son Casey. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to not only destroy his personal honor, integrity and ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of the Iraqi people, but I can get a ton of personal publicity, get on TV shows, act as if I’m the only mother who’s lost a son in war, bash Bush, have 10,000 angels at my beck and call while getting pronouncements from my dead son in heaven, not to mention all the money I’ll rake in.

Here’s a description of the course which consists mostly of guest lecturers but is directed by Paul Begalot former successful Clinton apologist.

Course syllabus Manipulation 101: reading and lecture titles.

Guest Lecturer: William Jefferson Blythe Clinton-former impeached president
Topic: How to bend over forward while keeping a leftward lean.
Subtitled: cigars and drawer dropping techniques for use in the Oval Office

Guest Lecturer: Ben Cohen-co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
Topic: How to use the death of your son for personal gain and invest in the ice cream business
Subtitled: The rocky road to successful deceit dispersion.

Guest Lecturer: Joan Blades-co-founder of “moveon.org”
Topic: Using Lies distortion and half truths to expand publicity for the noble cause of stomping on your son’s grave using the moves of Spanish Flamenco cut and run.
Subtitled: How to pick George Soros pockets and make him like it.

Guest Lecturer: Medea Benjamin-founder “CodePink”
Topic: Learning to expand peace, freedom and charity by expanding your capacity to hate George W. BUSH
Subtitled: No depth is too low for liberals to trash Casey Sheehan’s ultimate sacrifice to advance the cause of liberal lies.

Guest Lecturer: Michele Mulkey-Fenton Communications: fiberal B-S specialists
Topic: BS- the solution to all liberal problems or how to use our liberal media buddies, Cindy Sheehan, and anyone else that doesn’t spout the commie-con line verbatim.
Subtitled: We’ll Trash BUSH...just give us your money

That’s about it for the class. I’m very excited to get started. I love being used, over and over and over.

Sincerely, Cindy Sheehan

Thanks for the Press Release Cindy, it says a lot about you. NG

Friday, August 26, 2005


If drilling in ANWR had been approved when it was proposed years ago, we’d be close to getting that oil just as we are needing it...which is right now. NG

Thursday, August 25, 2005



A new Rasmussen poll finds that suddenly the American people are in support of Nuclear energy. What a surprise. For years environmentalists and their lackies have shut down practically every kind of energy exploration and finally the American people are seeing what environmental intransigence has wrought.

I’m sick of Americans who demand everything but vote “green” and then complain when it comes back to bite them in the butt. No drilling along the coasts, no nuclear, no drilling in ANWR, no wind turbines near any Kennedy bunker, no new dams, cut down on coal, energy search kills fish. When are you people going to wake up and think about what your “green” votes cost?

What do you expect when liberal Americans have forced us to eliminate energy independence and then complain about it. You libs voted for the politicians that gave us these policies and prices. I didn’t.

Maybe we can make $5 bucks a gallon. Thank you Democrats for the high energy prices. You can’t dump this one on the Republicans. But you Republicans had better get your collective brains together because energy and immigration CAN and WILL send you packing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Personally, I’d rather have a Corvette created by “intelligent design” than one designed by evolution. At least from what I’ve seen so far.

Monday, August 22, 2005


The following is the stupidest post I have ever read.
It is from a far-left liberal blog called CrankyLiberal on which I occasionally try to post rebuttals but Cranky always censors my posts when they make him look bad. The following is an example.

Cranky’s original post was about global warming, a fiberal sacred cow. The following was pasted directly from CrankyLiberal. Emphasis is mine.

Reader Comment - Richard Noggin Award 8/6 August 13, 2005

“And SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT CONSENSUS. That’s kind of how the scientific method works. That’s the whole point of peer review. If some scientist “assured” me that the world wasn’t getting warmer because of mans involvement, then his research would need to stand up to the scrutiny of his peers. So far that has NOT happened. I guess all the scientist (sic) in the world who see Global Warming as an issue (nearly all of them) are all crazy or greedy or whatever while the few nay-sayers have it all right. Maybe they found their evidence in the same place the ID camp found theirs.

No Ray, Global warming has not been thoroughly debunked PERIOD. No Ray you can’t assure us of anything, even if you happen to be a climatologist yourself, and no Ray it is not like a yelling fire in a crowded theater. It’s more like the guy yelling ICE AHEAD on the Titanic.”

Posted by Cranky Liberal @ 8:06 am | No Comments yet

Note of interest: For all of Cranky's complaints about outscourcing American jobs...he outsources his web hosting to another country despite his Cleveland address. One more typical bit of hypocrisy for the left and Cranky.

My response:

“That’s KIND OF HOW the scientific method works." I’d love to hear what Cranky’s science teacher would say about that gem. SCIENCE IS CONSENSUS!!!!

Using that brilliant logic, the world really is flat because the greatest and overwhelming number of scientists at the time said it was. But then again, that's liberal logic for ya. The difference is that when you fail to use “all” the information, most of which is pure speculation and highly flawed computer models...what can you expect.

Science, no matter what Cranky says, simply cannot predict, the yearly impact of El Nino and La Nina (or even what causes them), volcanic eruptive impact, solar variations, solar flares, precession fluctuations and a whole ton of other variables. But Cranky is just like the flat-worlders.......the scientists say its so because “we've studied it and it's so. Our collective conclusion is that the world is flat!” That's rich....

By the way, using Cranky’s thinking....Global warming scientists conclusions have not stood the test of peer review. Current computer models are woefully inadequate. Did you know for example, that computer models are even incapable of modeling “clouds” in determining their influence on global warming or cooling.

Another interesting piece of information. There is a$10,000 bet on between two Russian solar physicists, Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev with English climate expert James Annan that in the next ten years the planet will cool.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Howard Dean in his "Face the Nation" interview claimed that Women are and will be worse off under the New Democratic Iraqi government. His contention is that Islamic law essentially demeans women, traditionally making them second class citizens because they are “inferior” to men.

There are two elements that scream to be discussed. First are Islamic women inferior to men generally, and are they inferior to women of other beliefs and national origin. Implications from what Islamic clerics and scholars say and write seem to blatantly support the concept their (Islamic) women are inferior.

The National Organization of Women ignores this completely preferring rather to derail the effort to build Iraqi democracy instead of encouraging democracy that confers equality for and of women.

The second element of comparative inferiority to females of other religious beliefs and origin should send NOW and women’s groups into a state of hysteria, but it doesn’t.

What is sad, is that by relegating women to second class citizenship by Islamic law and Muslim tradition, Islamic countries are (stifling education for women) cutting in half their intellectual base toward progress for medical, security and equality for all. But then “equality” has never seemed to be a concept practiced in Islam.

To put it bluntly, Islamic law seems too convoluted to conclude that Muslim women are equal to Muslim men. To suppress half the intellectual base of a “religious” culture seems beyond idiocy. No wonder Islamic artistic, intellectual and educational progress has been truncated.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Surfing the liberal blogosphere makes one thing immediately, if painfully, obvious for centrist Democrats and “traditional liberals.”

The vicious nature of the liberal blog rhetoric, the demand for absolute obedience to far-left orthodoxy, and the requirement that regular liberals adopt both the rhetoric and orthodoxy is splitting the left into two distinct parts not seen in almost a century.

The Howard Dean side of the chasm is beyond loud and drowning out any semblance of moderation or traditional liberal values. It’s an all or nothing mentality.

Cindy Sheehan’s “vigil” is a graphic example. She is a hyperbolic leftist of the 4th dimension. Mainstream media, with nothing else to do, have made her antics daily fodder for the left and her own off the charts rhetoric reflects the extremes of the Dean left.

What is not so obvious is the full-fledged backpedaling liberals and Democrats are having to do so as not to be tainted with the malignant nature of bloggers who force their demands into the forefront of leftists politics and aggressively confront “slackers.”

The chance for change anytime soon is not apparent. The “swing” voters are watching and want no part of the Stalinistic tactics of the blogosphere left. The more the far-left bloggers demand compliance the more they alienate the very voters they are desperately trying to attract to regain power.

What is happening to the left is exactly what they have been accusing the “vast right wing conspiracy” of doing. I’m just glad I have a chance to watch and applaud the left’s self-inflicted difficulties.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Terrible news for Americans:

As a representative of today’s journalism I have terrible news about America and her problems. It pains me to have to report this but we Americans must face the real truth. Here are just a few examples from a variety of newspapers and web pages detailing the awful state of America.

Bad news on the home front:

* a meager 200,000 new jobs were created in July 2005.
* a sluggish two million new jobs created over the past year.
* sadly, more Americans have jobs today than at any other time in history.
* pathetically in the last two decades the U.S. has created more than 40 million jobs--twice as many as Europe and Japan combined.
* the poor U.S. has one of the lowest jobless rates of all developed nations.
* unfortunately CNN’s Lou Dobbs was dead wrong as he nightly flogged "outsourcing" claiming it was costing Americans jobs.
* unhappily, the Clinton recession was squelched by Bush tax cuts creating the shortest and shallowest recession in history.
* regrettably the collapsing Clinton air-filled bubble economy has been overcome by the Bush real economic expansion.
* sickeningly, American productivity has skyrocketed.
* woefully it must be reported that the Bush Tax cuts worked as they came at the bottom of the Clinton recession and we now, despite 911 and the war on terror, have one of the strongest economies in history.
* regretfully home ownership in America is at an all time high.
* worse, personal income has taken some huge jumps.
* painfully, not only have 3 ½ million Americans found jobs in the last five years, 11 million illegal aliens in America have too.
* gloomily the deficit it plunging and tax revenues are rising even with the tax cuts.

More bad new on the foreign front:

* even France is finally beginning to see the danger in Iran building nuclear bombs.
* lamentably English fortitude and resolve, so evident in World War II, has been rekindled because of the al Qaeda bombings there and the UK announced “we won’t cut and run.”
* waning success of suicide boomers in Iraq is ruining what we’re trying to report there.
* heaven forbid Iraq’s constitution could be ready for a vote one day before the deadline.
* regrettably Palestinians are resorting to strapping bombs to dogs or lobbing mortars into Israel because they can’t find enough suicide bombers who can make it through the wall of protection.
* horribly without a shot being fired, Libya has decided to end it’s nuclear program........

I just can’t stand it any more my friends. We just haven’t been able to turn around this terrible news.

As a journalist, I am crushed. The huge effort we’ve all made to keep America’s bad news at the forefront is failing. And America is failing because it’s succeeding beyond the wildest dreams of those pursuing these terrible policies of success. The mainstay of our profession “DOOM, GLOOM and DISASTER has failed. As comedian/funnyman Dick Gregory has so eloquently put it.....America is the worst country in the history of this planet.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


If there is a single person, other that Osama bin Laden for the tragedy of 911 it is Hillary Clinton. Hillary demanded that Jamie Gorelick be named assistant AG in the Clinton Administration and be placed in a position of power. As a result 3000 Americans are dead. Thank you Hillary.

With that power Gorelick, with her wall of separation memo, disallowed critical life and death military intelligence from being given to the FBI. The information about Mohammed Atta, leader of the 911 terrorists-murderers could not be transferred at a critical time which would have stopped the WTC attack dead in it tracks.

Gorelick also sat on the 911-Commission and said nothing. In fact, she purposefully kept this critical information from the commission to keep the truth about Hillary and herself from being told. It makes the commission’s effort worthless.

Isn’t it suddenly obvious what Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security advisor, was stuffing down his pants to keep it hidden.

It is Hillary Clinton who is responsible, via Jamie Gorelick, and Democrats think she is qualified to be president. NOT!

And you “liberals” had a major wedgy over the outing of a worthless already identified flunky in the CIA. Karl Rove didn’t identify Plame, but Clinton/Gorelick helped cause the death of 3000 American, and that is true.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


"We need a message” Howard Dean, Democrat National Committee Chairman (AP 08-09-06)

The problems is that the Democrats have been spewing their message for 5 years now and it has worked perfectly, at least for Republicans. Here’s their message......

l. We HATE Bush.
2. We HATE Bush’s agenda.
3. We HATE Bush’s speeches.
4. We HATE Bush appointments
5. We HATE Bush judicial nominations.
6. We HATE Bush for bringing freedom to Iraq.
7. We HATE Bush for doing what he promised to do in his campaign.
8. We HATE Bush because the economy is strong.
9. We HATE Bush because his economy is not a dishonest Clinton bubble economy.
10. We HATE Bush because he’s faithful to his wife.
11. We HATE Bush because unemployment is down.
13. We HATE Bush because income is up.
14. We HATE Bush because so far he’s stopped al Qaeda from bombing America again.
15. We HATE Bush because he beats us on everything.
16. We HATE Bush because he goes to his Texas ranch .
17. We HATE Bush because he is the healthiest president in history.
18. We HATE Bush because he works out.
19. We HATE Bush because he hired Karl Rove who always out-thinks Carville “We Hate Bush” Democrats.
20. We HATE Bush because he’s included more minorities in his administration than Bill Clinton ever did.
21. In case you’ve missed the point, Democrats do have a message Mr. Dean and it is “We HATE Bush!”

The biggest difference between Bill Clinton and George Bush is what they each did with the challenges they’ve faced. Clinton faced a slow economy and created a bubble economy and it burst and went into recession. He was confronted with terrorism-he ignored it. He faced a pair of thong panties and focused on them for most of his second term.

We know what George Bush had done so far. He will go down in history as a president who has faced difficult situations like Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Truman and Ronald Reagan and rose to the challenge. Clinton was not successful at anything until the Republicans took Congress and straightened out the economy. We know Clinton rose on several occasions but it was not to the same kind of challenge.

It’s not the message Mr. Dean, it’s the record. The truth is you have no message. NG

Sunday, August 07, 2005


In light of the London bombings, I felt it was necessary to propose some changes to the Patriot Act.

Since liberals have been calling Bush and everyone in his administration liars, which would have to included Kerry, Clinton and a slew of Democrats because they believed and said the same things about WMDs and since universities are forbidding the US military the right to recruit on their campus, and CBS and NYT have written factually false and misleading information in time of a declared war on terrorism giving aid and confort to the enemy, I’ve decided to propose to AG Alberto Gonzales that he add the following sections to the Patriot Act and implement them immediately.

Patriot Act Additions:

Section I

A. It is hereby proposed that any person, entity, organization, group, convocation or bodies of any kind that:

l. willfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States;
2. willfully cause or attempt to cause, or incite or attempt to incite, insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States;
3. willfully obstruct or attempt to obstruct the recruiting or enlistment services of the United States;
4. willfully utter, print, write, publish or send by wire or wirelessly any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States or the Constitution of the United States;

B. And it is further proposed that any employee (example: Joe Wilson) or official of the United States Government who commits any disloyal act or utters any unpatriotic or disloyal language, or who, in an abusive and violent manner criticizes the Army or Navy or the flag of the United States shall be at once dismissed from the service;

C. Thus, whoever shall by word or act support or favor the cause of any country or terrorist group with which the United States is at war or by word or act oppose the cause of the United States therein and defined in the above 5 examples, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000,000 or the imprisonment for not more than twenty-five years to life, or both.

Section II

When the United States is at war, the Postmaster General/Attorney General shall upon satisfactory evidence apply Section 1 penalties to:

1. any person or concern that is using the mails, emails, faxes, copies of any variety thereof in violation of any of the provisions of this Act;
2. all mail, emails, faxes, or copies of any variety thereof shall be returned to the postmaster, ISP or fax sender at the address from which they were originated or stamped "Mail to this address undeliverable under Patriot Act" plainly written or stamped upon the outside thereof.

Section III

All communications using land lines, wireless connections, satellite relays or electronic devices including, but not exclusive to, cell phones, computers, fax machines, wireless or wired communication devices be subject to all the provisions of these additions to the Patriot Act.

Section IV

That by the determination and discretion of the president, any person so doing, as defined in these provisions, be jailed until said conclusion of the declaration of war at which time judicial determination can be rendered.

Don’t you think these should be the law of the land? Just in case you didn’t know. The majority of these proposals came straight from the Sedition Act of 1918 proposed by DEMOCRAT President Woodrow Wilson, passed by congress and singed into law by Wilson. Many were jailed with no trial and no objection by the press at the time was uttered. Obviously, since it was a Democrat, I think we should take a page out of his book for the War On Terror.

I have updated the language, added technical relevance but essentially the language and concepts are pasted right out of the Sedition act enacted by Wilson.

Monday, August 01, 2005


LOL......The height of liberal hypocrisy has been reached. Helen Thomas, the antique White House gossip columnist who said if Dick Cheney runs for President she’d kill herself, is sniveling in the corner. I think Cheney ought to run just to prove her normal every day brand of hypocrisy because she’d pull an Alec Baldwin every time.

But poor baby Thomas is unhappy that her “I’ll Kill Myself” words got printed. She’s gotten a taste of her own medicine and doesn’t like it. She prints the worst kind of gossip as though it’s absolute fact about President Bush, Karl Rove and any Republican so now she’s angry because “The Hill’ printed her “off the record” stupidity.

How many time has Helen Thomas published something said off the record...what...50, 100 a thousand times?

As “The Hill” Editor Albert Eisele has said “no body has thinner skin than reporters” and Thomas' is the thinnest of all. Is there a better reason to have Cheney run?