Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Are you getting as tired of the global warming lies as I am? We have been told ad nauseam that global warming caused by man is responsible for more and nastier hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is claiming that “La Nina” is coming and will increase the threat of more hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Which is it MAN or is it NATURE? Scientists can’t even tell you what causes La Nina or El Nino yet they’re two of the major causes of weather fluctuations and doom and gloom GW prognosticators still don’t know why.

But folks, the tide is turning and it’s against the concepts preached by global warming alarmists. The more shrill and dogmatic they get the more obvious the cracks in their science become.


Friday, February 23, 2007


For those of you who believe that we can sit down with a so-called normal Muslim and talk out our differences are nuts not to mention Islamofacists. Just consider what a father in Britain did because his daughters were becoming too “WESTERNIZED.”

Remember this was a “normal” Muslim practitioner of Islam. He burned his four daughters and wife to death by pouring gasoline throughout his house and setting it on fire.

This is the kind of thinking with which the West is supposed to discuss reality. It is not possible given the kind of bizarre reality in which the Muslims apparently live.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


l. Stocks are at record highs.
2. America is at full employment levels.
3. Fiberal Geffen reveals that the Clintons have been lying all this time.
4. Outlook for federal budget substantially brighter.
5. Tax revenues rising much faster than spending.
6. Federal deficit shrinking to half size since 1970.
7. Federal budget could achieve balance in next few years.
8. British giving Iraqis control shows stability in many areas.
9. Robust productivity growth in the economy continues.
10. Cracks are appearing in Global Warming science.
11. CBO says nation's public debt of GDP forecast to fall.
12. Consumer confidence has remained strong.
13. Studies say housing slowdown has hit bottom.
14. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are fighting.
15. Polar Bears under threat is a lie.
16. Indian Glaciers are not shrinking.
17. Iceland ice pack is thickening.
18. Antarctica not doing what climate models predict.
19. Bush had the single highest week pole rise of any president in history.

Now the good news.

1. Democrat women say Hillary not divorcing Bill for continually cheating on her, a political positive.
2. Al Franken has decided to run for the senate.
3. Air America went bankrupt but some fool actually bought it.
4. John Murtha is said to be running congress behind the scenes.
5. We voted to take away armor and equipment from our American Troops in Iraq.

Forget the last four...They're not as positive as I first thought.

Well, I’m sure that there’s some good news besides Bill continuing to cheat on Hillary, and I’m sure we’ll be able to find some soon.


PS: OK. I lied about being a Democrat

Friday, February 16, 2007


I was watching James Woods new television show “Shark recently which was blatantly anti-Christian.” As with other typically liberal shows, the bad guy was a committed- Christian Judge who was a closet homosexual and who murdered his wife.

This is a favorite scenario for Hollywood script writers. I’ve seen it a half dozen time at least with the same anti-Christian closet homosexual script. Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order Criminal Intent and any number of “who done it” shows all anti-Christian who are closet gays.

There are two interesting issues. First, Christianity is the only religion that can be criticized. Woods script was blatantly anti-Christian and he delivered his lines with relished venom. Secondly they also illustrate these producers are rabidly anti-homosexual with Gays apparently having a proclivity to become murderers if they’re openly Christian and closet gays. But it’s more important to disparage Christians, in anyway possible.

These kinds of shows have not featured Muslims, where their religion is besmirched in every way possible with fathers and brothers murdering sisters in honor killings. The charges are always deflected for Muslims because it would be political incorrect. Jews,Scientologists, Hindus or Buddhists are given a pass....only Christians seem to be the target for the fiberal Hollywood left. That’s because many writers are Jews and they don’t write negatively about themselves, big stars are Scientologists. It just wouldn’t do to get them angry. Muslims would just as soon shoot the writers. Hindus and Buddhists are too far off the American norm so that leaves Christians.

If this sounds bigoted, so be it. It’s the Hollywood writers and producers that have made it that way.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Have you ever noticed that when liberals want to do something, they engage an often obscure and usually esoteric study designed and formulated to support whatever position they want to advance.

Once the study is done, it’s presented to the liberal mainstream media which actively disseminate it for the left. They’re then off to the races in promoting the idiocy de jour that is fiberalism.

UNICIF has rather arrogantly decided it knows how to define happiness in children, and has ruled that Britain’s children are in last place in the happiness category. Interestingly enough, Britain has some of the strictest rules against almost all forms of disciplining of children in the countries to which it was compared. The study reads that “Britain lagged behind on key measures of poverty and deprivation, happiness, relationships, and risky or bad behavior, the study showed.” (Newsmax) Is it any wonder? When children are totally undisciplined they have risky or bad behavior and have no motivation to do well.

Of course, this study has nothing to do with children, and has everything to do with the UN attempting to influence English politics by trying to put Tony Blair out of office.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The moment of truth has been reached in the war on Terror in Iraq for the Democrat Congress, both representatives and senators.
It has been determined that Iran has entered the war in Iraq supplying Shiite Militias with deadly bombs and targeting Americans, according to the New York Times.

During the 2006 campaign, Democrats literally proposed nothing about what they’d actually do. Now a decision has to be made. I want to know what exactly they’re proposing with Iran’s entry into the war on terror on the side of the terrorists.

You Democrats have remained silent on what you will actually do. Do you have the guts to actually say now? Are you going to cut off funding for a cut and run strategy or are you going to confront and act in the face of a direct attack against American interests.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


WHERE ARE THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS? ....Eating crow no doubt, served by their elected hate-ocrats. Nancy Pelosi is asking for a bigger military jet than any other speaker before her to transport herself, family, friends and LOBBYISTS...yes LOBBYISTS to San Francisco.

At a time that “SUPER ENVIRONMENTALIST” Al Gore is flying around on private jets as are most celebrity environmentalists continuing to expose their monumental hypocrisy, Pelosi is the queen of hypocrisy.

But of course, the excuses will flood the fiberal blogs. It’s only conservatives who are required to be environmentally sensitive...fiberals are immune.

You environmentalists, doesn’t it get just a little tedious, having to make excuse after excuse for your fiberal leaders who spit on your environmental sacred cows?

In Pelosi’s world, size does matter. Is she using her demands for a huge fuel-burning jet as a phallic symbol of her “position.”

More perpetual hypocrisy by FIBERALS and typical.


Sunday, February 04, 2007


Would pulling out of Iraq would end the Islmofacist's terrorists war on America? To listen to the Hate-ocrats you would think that it would. But all it would do is shift the battlefield to the streets of Europe and America and eventually the whole world.

Hillary Clinton is sounding more and more like Richard Nixon. To quote the former first lady "You have to have 60 votes to cap troops, to limit funding to do anything. If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will." Amazingly, she actually believes that by ending America's involvement in Iraq it will stop the terrorists war on America.

The sad part is that more American deaths will occur in America. When America cut and ran in Vietnam, an estimated 3 to 5 million more people died, thanks to Communism. The killing didn't stop, we weren't there to stop it. Fortunately, at the time, the Communists in South East Asia didn't have the capacity to attack us on our own soil.

Today our enemies have that capacity and its growing every day. And everyday the left says ignore the nuclear capabilities of Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia and the rest of the world's wild-eyed Islamofacists. The deaths of Americans will happen in America and Hillary Clinton and her Hate-ocrats will be the ones who bring it to our streets. Here's how it will happen:

1. Islamofacists will soon demand separate states in France, followed by Germany and the Scandinavian countries. With native European and Russia birthrates at all time lows, Euros won't have either the capacity nor the will to stop it. The Chiaric/Chamberslains will attempt to appease in every way possible as they always have. The question then becomes: Will Americans have the stomach to stop it?....the answer will be a resounding NO! This time, France will be taken over. Once an Islamic state within France with Sharia Law is established, it will be expanded to include all Europeans and it will be either convert to Islam or die. Radical Muslims will flood to Europe because there will be no one to stop them.

2. So-called moderate Muslims will continue to be quiet and sit by and watch as their opportunity for real freedom is destroyed by their own religion-of-hate. They'll be totally devoured by Taliban-type rules imposed on all women, including the elimination of all competing religions, by death if necessary.

3. Once the American's former European allies have been defeated from within, American radical Muslims will come out of the closet, or Mosques where their preaching has been to teach violence and hatred of American values. As they have been doing all along. Hillary and her politically-correct-cadres will have silenced all voices of decent in this country against even the radicals in America. Islamofacists will use the resources of Europe to Attack America.

4. Suicide bombings will become as common place in America as they are in Baghdad. Again, Hillary will be president, and like her husband before her, she will call it a "police matter." The terrorists will have won and it will only be a matter of time until all Muslims will be radicalized by force. "Converts" will also be forced into the battle against the infidels. Yesterday we saw it with Hitler. Tomorrow we'll see it with Islam.

5. A choice to use of nuclear weapons will be rejected to fight the radicals because of environmentalists. Their argument will be, of course, better to be Islamic than hurt mother earth. They will say: " The Muslim radicals, are after all, promoting our goals of the elimination of a technologically advanced society." Radical Muslims want to return to the 14th century and to today's environmentalists that's just fine. No nuclear power, less global warming, save the animals (those not used in ritual sacrifice), it sounds good to the Earth Firsters.

6. Capitulate, appease (until the Islmofacists take over) and deny. It's the same scenario Hitler used with a few twists, only this time, America will not be prepared to respond because Hillary will have gutted our military, our will and our ability to defend ourselves.

7. The final choice will be all out nuclear war, or conversion to Islam. In today's world I suspect, Americans will accept the latter. The battle of Armageddon has begun. A group of "celebrity environmentalists" recently announced that the world has ten years before it's destruction caused by Global Warming. But the heat they’re talking about, the fiery war of doom that could easily start in earnest in that amount of time, will have been started by the nuclear explosions launched by Islamofacists and responded to my other nuclear powers, and that will definitely be man-made global warming.

Now where did I put my wife's burqa?

Friday, February 02, 2007


Hillary Clinton at the Democrat National Committee winter meeting showed herself to be the same as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. She said, in response to the record profits of oil companies “I want to take those [oil company] profits to put them into alternative energy.” Isn’t that the very definition of Communism? The government confiscating the profits of private companies? That is exactly what Chavez is doing, turning his Venezuela into a communist state? Hillary wants to do the same thing.

Do you own stock? Do you received income from that stock? Does your stock help pay for your retirement or do you buy stock as part of your retirement plan?

If you knew that a “President” Hillary Clinton was going to confiscate the profits of a company, would you invest in that company?

Hillary has shown herself to be a communist and this announcement that she plans to nationalize America’s oil industry proves it!