Friday, March 30, 2012


If Obamacare’s mandate is found constitutional and Obama is defeated for re-election, I suggest that conservative pass a congressional law to require that every citizen in America be required to buy a gun and ammunition for that gun. It should be at least a 32 or maybe an M-16 with at least 1000 rounds of ammo.

We could even require the more wealthy to purchase everything from machine guns and ammo to tanks. The really big spenders, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet along with other wildly leftists like Google’s Page and Brin should buy F22s or maybe aircraft carriers.

Peter Lewis, the owner of Progressive is a wild-eyed leftist. He could buy a couple of B-52 bombers. That way we can have citizens supply the military might we need just like demanding that otherS supply our medical insurance.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Barack Obama is so ignorant he makes my head spin. He is unfortunately punching well below is weight. He's a lightweight punching like a Smurf.

Does he even like America....?


Is this Trayvon speaking from the grave about how he feels about George Zimmerman?
Is this the Trayvon portrayed by the Main Stream Media?

Is this the George Zimmerman portrayed by the Main Stream Media?
What do these Trayvon Facebook photos mean?
Do we have the full story?

Most used picture of Trayvon

Most used Photo of George Zimmerman

What is the message of the MSM?

Monday, March 26, 2012


Blacks in Florida are apparently wearing T-shirts that read "cracker" of course pejoratively referring to whites. If that's the case, is there any reason why a white person doesn't have the right to call black person "nigger" in the same way "cracker" is being used?

I refuse to not use nigger if blacks don't refuse to use cracker. The implications are exactly the same. The intent of those wearing those T-shirts is to use a racial slur against a white person. It is white racism exhibited by blacks. It is blacks promoting racism not whites. There is a racial divide in this country that is being promoted to raise money for race baiting.

I'm sorry for Trayvon's parents who are being used by the Jackson/Sharpton race baiting whore mongers who are trying to cash in on the tragic death of this young man.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Lets be honest, Sandra is a very active mother Fluker. Using condoms as birth control, would cost a dollar per back flop. Fluke's math claims that birth control costs $3000 for contraception for a three-year law school student. That is $1000 per year.

There are 365 days in a year, meaning that for a woman needing 1000 condoms per year, would have to be having sex at least 2.74 times per day for 365 days per year. That's a pretty active sex life.

Her problem is appetite. She seems to be insatiable. Maybe she should consider cutting back to once per day. But, that's not her only problem….it's her math. In today's era of sexual equality, isn't it fair to demand that her male partners pay at least half for those condoms or $1500 cutting her costs for contraception by half at least? Assuming that her apparently many male partners, with whom she is obviously not actually sleeping, are just as concerned as she is, if not more, wouldn't it be prudent that she demand those partners pay for all condoms cutting her birth control to zero.

If they refused to do that she could have gone to a Target store within three miles of her campus and purchased birth control pills for $9 per month. Multiplied by 12 months that's $108 per year or $324 for the entire of three years of law school.

However, birth control pills does not address the sexually transmitted disease question. Any person who is having sex nearly three time per day is definitely a candidate for contracting an STD particularly since condoms are said to fail at the rate of about 10%.

I keep wondering if these lawyers-to-be have any time to study because in point of fact, it takes a certain amount of time to have sex nearly 3 times a day, unless they chose to have most of their sex on one day, maybe Sunday. Most budding attorneys I've known are always complaining about the amount of study-time required. Maybe these "law students" (sex-students?) are the failing law student.

Sandra Fluke may have passed her law classes, but she "fluked" her math classes in a big way. I would warn any potential clients who needs financial planning, to check Fluke's math skills before giving her a retainer.

NOTE: Is it any wonder, the way lawyers charge, that Ms. Fluke HORrendously over estimated the cost of contraception. No surprise there. There have also been suggestions if she is so interested in having that much sex that she work it out with some of her girl friends to do the strap-on method which should cut down potential pregnancy at least 47% and might even reduce the potential for contracting STDs by, oh maybe, 58% or so.