Sunday, December 22, 2013


Barack Obama has been a difficult person to evaluate.  I've been unable to really say what it is about him that makes him seem so unappealing.  His policies have been disastrous to everyone and the constitution.  He's been haled as a magnificent orator.   I agree he is a good teleprompter reader.  As for his oration, it is incredibly repetitious and numbingly boring. 

But even that isn't his problem.  Those who know him say he is gracious and friendly.  To me his appearance is just the opposite.  He appears aloof and not engaged in reality as though he is above the mundane elements of life.

So what is his problem.  For me it is that he is totally humorless.   Obama is about as funny as a vomit sandwich.  Reagan used his unending variety of humorous stories like a razor on his opponents and Americans loved him for it.  Reagan was naturally and personally engaging with his humor when he needed to be. He honed his skills with the addition of his infectious smile.  When Obama smiles it's as though his apotheosis is at hand so his photograph must make him appear visionary which winds up being the opposite.

But Obama is just the opposite of Reagan too.  He acts as though everything he says should be chiseled in stone.  Since he has no humor and he doesn't know how to use it to connect with average Americans his communication skills are negligible.   He is not a good orator. He is a humorless dredge.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I am reminded ad nauseam that the world is warming and it's my fault but I deny it and blame you.  I'm just following in Barack Obama's perpetual  Bart Simpson routine (I didn't do it, nobody saw me and you can't prove anything.)  I find a problem with this.  A few days ago, the coldest temperature in recorded was posted.  A mind numbing 135.6 below Zero in Antarctica within the last few of days.  The previous record was about 128.8 below.  Can you imagine what the wind chill would have been? 

December's storm that is still affecting the county and has set a ton of cold records across the USA.   In Australia, there have been record high temperatures while the frigid cold here .  The truth is, that record highs and lows are an incredibly misleading  way to track climate change.   The latest "global warming" hyperbole is that we're going to have 30 years of horrible ice storms all over the world.  Geeeeze, can you climate guys get your stinking act together even once in a while?

Every year, record highs and lows are recorded all over the earth and have been since records have been kept.  There is, in fact, no time on earth even before recorded history that has not experienced climate change.  The difference today, is that Al Gore has been able to capitalize on this bovine  and racked in millions while living his thousand-person carbon life-style, to which I wish to become accustomed.

And while contemplating how I could follow in AlGore's (space intentionally deleted in name) footsteps and pocket those same millions I was perusing Google Earth.  I discovered that if you put the island of Papeete just about dead center of your Google Earth picture, it becomes apparent that the earth, from one perspective, is very nearly all water on it's surface and we humans are not nearly as smart as we think we are.  Temperatures recorded on satellites above ocean surfaces have remained relatively  stable and  have added to the questionable veracity of climate modeling to date.

The "global warming" modeling by so-called climate geniuses has been incredible inaccurate.  The predictions by those models have been unendingly forecasting massive and continuous cataclysmic hurricanes for the past several years.  Just recently, it was reported that this year's number of hurricanes and there intensity has been one of the fewest and least damaging in recent history.  So much for those computers and their programmers.  Huge financial government grants can turn any scientist's head.

Monday, December 09, 2013


It is beyond my comprehension how completely ignorant young people are today.  Barack Obama has just about destroyed your job market.  There aren't any jobs when you get out of college.  If you didn't go to college, there aren't any blue-collar jobs because of increasing minimum wage demands or because of illegal immigrants have already taken them.  Why is it that high school students can't find summer work?  Care to guess my opinion?

If you want free medical care, check your premiums and deductables and the fact that they're much higher.  If you don't like that, how about a nice fine for not joining the Obamacare disaster while the IRS confiscates your federal tax return to pay your fine if you don't, provided you just might be one of the lucky ones who has a job and might get a return.

Job participation is a record low compared to historical figures.  Obama regulations have killed hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Obamacare will kill hundreds of thousands more.  Then Obama and his the Union buddies want to increase the minimum wage to a "livable" wage. 

If you ran a business to sell fix professional racing bicycles and you hired a kid fresh out of high school who can barely keep his pants up or a girl who's got her face glued to her Facebook account and is only worried about her BFF, would you pay either $15.00 per hour?  If they're directly out of high school, which level entry jobs are frequently made up of (or more frequently illegal aliens) you'd be broke in six months because they lack the experience to benefit the business.  A person has to be able to contribute to the bottom line like everybody.

Wake up you ignorant dufaces.  You're being skinned alive by Obama and the Democrats and you're too ignorance to even feel the pain. 

The Harvard Poll does give a little hope.  Young people 18-24think Obama should be impeached by more than a majority.  The millennials from aged 25 to 29 are fleeing Obama in droves because they can't find jobs or don't want to pay for everybody else's free health care.   

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?  Next Obama will be tanning your skin you'll wonder what happened.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The filibuster rule has been killed in the US Senate by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democrats.  The cloture rule is dead, dead, dead so Barack Obama's highly partisan's judicial appointments can be approve by the constitutional "advise and consent" rule.  If the Republicans do take the senate, it will allow Republicans power to stop all appointments by the Senate. 
Actor Jimmy Stewart went to Washington as Mr. Smith.  The character Mr. Smith filibustered and then was hanged for treason when Nevada Democrat Reid  yanked the latch on the gallows trap door this morning to effectively end the filibuster rule. A rule codified in 1806 in U.S. Senate rules.  

Ironically, Reid rose to filibuster in 2003 and doubly ironic is that Harry Reid filibustered  President George W. Bush judicial  nominees,  Miguel Estrada, a Hispanic immigrant for the D.C. Circuit, Janice Rogers Brown, a highly qualified black woman from the California Supreme Court  and William Pryor.  It could easily be concluded that Reid is anti-minorities based on his effort to filibuster and stop the appointment of these two minority judges.

In the "Mr.Smith goes to Washington" story, the filibuster was an effort by the character, Stewart, to stop the appointment of a corrupt stooge of a George Soros-type political power broker.

Reid was a panty-waste though when it  came to filibustering .  All he could muster was about eight hours.  U.S. Senator Ted Cruz hung in there for more than 21 hours in his recent filibuster.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I was disappointed when Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama.  I have been lamenting the fact that Romney would have known what to do to get the economy really rolling while Obama has been hell-bent on destroying it.  Romney tried to warn us.  But most Americans refused to believe that a president would really want to impose socialism on America.

As a conservative, I was not totally happy with all of Romney's positions, but had Romney won and he repealed Obamacare, Obama blind supporters would  never have believed and refused to even realized just how disastrous  Obama's signature legislation and the concept of socialized government medicine and personal medical care would have been to all Americans most of whom blindly accepted the Obama lie and even today refuse to see. It is ironic that Romney was probably the most prepared person to ever assume the presidency and Obama the least which has been made painfully obvious by his actions.

But God, in his infinite wisdom and mysterious ways, knew that the aggressively ignorant, self-indulgent and low comprehension Americans would not have believed Obama's socialist deception if it didn’t' hit them right in the face or perhaps specifically in the wallet.   Free medical care is the most expensive care ever created.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee deserved to be thanked.  They tried to warn us, but even the "Republican Leadership" criticized them.  Where is the apology Mr. McCain, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell?  Now even McCain has turned on a dime and is calling Obamacare a disaster claiming that it should be repealed.  Where, Mr. McCain, were you when Cruz and Lee were saying the exact same thing…..fighting for your own power not for the American people.

It's clear that the web page disaster is only the tip of the iceberg.  Individual insurance plan cancellations are in the process of affecting at least five-million Americans.  Obama claim "that that's only five per cent" attempting to depersonalize the affect. He's dismissing the pain it is causing those five-million Americans.  But just wait until the eighty-million Americans who have their group insurance cancelled next year.  Wait until more and more American will lose their doctors.  Wait until the lines in waiting room are two to three hour and emergency room waits  are eight to ten hours.  It already happens in southern border emergency rooms.

There is no doubt that an effort will be made to force doctors to take Medicare patients.  Obamacare is all about force, for patients, doctors and hospitals.

 It is painfully obvious Obama knew that Americans would lose the medical insurance they liked, but not only that, but doctors, speedy medical service and then have to face the prospect of death panels.  Unfortunately, while Obamacare is showing how bad it is to the average American, liberals are apoplectic that it is failing.  What they've demanded for generations is proving to be a millstone around their necks and they just may destroy America in the process.

 Charles Krauthammer is right.  It will only get worse and by the time this socialized health mess is cleaned up, America will come to hate even the intimation of socialized anything…especially socialized health care and liberals will be hiding under rocks for years to come.  In the meantime, low-comprehension voters will still be claiming that conservatives destroyed America not their beloved Obama.  They will remain clueless.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Americans are now free to accuse a black president of lying!

This week has seen a monumental change in America.  There is no more fear of criticizing Barack Obama.  Until now everyone seemed to live in total fear of accusing Obama for anything even when his scandals were blatant, death-causing and damaging to our country and constitution for fear of being called a racist. 

Democrats, liberals, and wild-eyed leftists were always quick to name-call anyone a racist for any criticism of Obama or his anti-American policies. 

This week that's changed 180 degrees!!!  Obama has been so totally dishonest in telling us to our face that a person could keep their insurance even with the introduction of Obamacare that fear of calling him a liar , even if he is still black, is no longer of concern .  People no long fear the "you're-a-racist lie perpetrated by Obama's leftist Democrats.

This has nothing to do with race.  It's now about your wallet!  But, because of Obama's bald-faced lies, the fear of criticizing a "Black" president  doesn’t have the ramifications it formerly had.  The truth is out.  Obama's imperial presidency has done this to itself, especially led by Obama himself.
Power corrupts, absolute corrupts absolutely and Obama thought he had absolute power. This week he found out he doesn't!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


MSNBC has finally, after years of aggressively refusing to tell the truth about Barack Obama, discovered that he is actually Sergeant Schultz of…"I know NOTHING" fame.   The erstwhile (yes erstwhile because it certainly isn't a news organization now, it's a propaganda arm of the Obama administration) and alleged news organization has suddenly recognized that Obama doesn't know anything about anything that he doesn't want to know anything about. 

He has a MAMMOTH case of plausible deniability until it's reported on news organizations he deigns to recognize as news organizations, even if their news credibility is negligible. Then he is awestruck that this terrible thing has happened, that he didn't know anything about, and he is terribly concerned.  

Unfortunately, MSNBC and it's cohorts in the mainstream media have actively failed to inform Obama through their omissions of news stories that Obama needed information about so he was unable to evaluate the  policies that he was promoting in his speeches.  Some might ask why Obama wasn't getting the information from his secret czars or cabinet secretaries. 

As MSNBC finally reported, Obama "didn't know anything."  The cable news service did a truncated version of the  "I found out about this from the same news stories you heard them from" montage. Of course, Mika was dutifully outraged.  The number of statements covering all of the issues including Fast and Furious, Solandra,  Benghazi,  Obamacare's disastrous rollout, IRS targeting the Tea Party, conservative groups and private individuals, NSA spying on Americans and seizing news organization records and wiretapping world leaders weren't all of the scandals in his administration.

Obama has been labeled the "BY-STANDER PRESIDENT."  And so he is.  He certainly is completely disengaged, at least from governing.  He is in and only in full money-raising mode and does it continually.  If he put half as much effort in actually running the government as he does in raising money, maybe, just maybe, he might hear more about the disaster that is his presidency.  

Friday, October 18, 2013


Stories that are surfacing on Obamacare's roll out keep getting worse and worse.   Average couples who have health insurance and their families are learning the truth about the real cost of the Affordable Care Act. They have been hammered by increased premiums and deductables.   Many simply can no longer afford health care through private insurance companies.

Some yearly premiums have skyrocketed.  One such middle income family saw its premiums go from about $6000 per year with low co-pays and no deductables to $10,000 per year and deductables of $12,700.  This couple is not alone.  This same scenario is playing out all over America.  The anger is becoming palpable.

Here are sources of the angst that is beginning to bubble up:

·         Bad information from the very sources who are supposed to know.
·         The disaster that is the sign up debacle is creating a frustration level that will exceed even the worst DMV line.
·         Computers can be very frustrating for inexperienced users so the actual number of signees is tiny. Having been bitten once, many won't try again. 
·         The jack-booted Internal Revenue Service thugs will be working overtime taking refunds from taxpayers.  When the IRS starts taking tax refunds, especially from young taxpayers, I shudder to think of those consequences.
·         Delays in approvals have just begun.  It will be an ongoing
·         Those who have difficulty signing up on line won't believe Obama would fine them when it's not their fault that the Obama ACA doesn't work if they haven't signed up for some kind of health care..
·         Many who assume they've registered and have insurance, will be shocked to find out they missed one tiny box on the signup sheet and are not covered.  Most likely, this shock will be when they need it most, and they'll be out in the cold.
·         Voters who kissed Obama's shoes will now find out what "What's in the bill" really means and they are not going to be happy.
·         Obama Supporters who think they have insurance that they can afford and going to face deductables that will stagger them will still leave them with no way to pay the deductables.
·         College students with their new degrees, who sang the praises of Obama, will have to use precious resources to pay their fines or premiums, and then discover that the jobs that Obama promised too will be 28 hours-per-week menial burger flippers.
·         The really poor among us will be shattered to learn that the hope and change they were promised will be a sham and thirty million will still be without insurance, and the insurance that is available will be worse than before.
·         When children want their elderly parents to have the best possible care, they will be "Death Paneled" to die without care but with Obama "pills" to alleviate pain.
·         The economy will slow even more.  Growth will be nearly non-existent with fewer and fewer ways to make it grow.  America will continue to slide into irrelevance and those who praised Obama will spew vitriol.

And for all his efforts Obama won't be able to blame this one on Bush. As it was proven in the recent “SHUTDOWN” Obama owns Obamacare lock-stock-and-barrel and Republicans will be in a position to say “We Tried.”

For the next year, the anger now growing, will burst into the open. 

Friday, October 04, 2013


Over time, I've struggled with trying to find a really apt description in just one word defining Barack Obama and his deepest self.  From his nose in-the-air arrogance to his terminal intransigence and imperial dictations none of the words I've used seemed to sufficiently describe his true nature with it's hateful connotations.

With the shutdown of the government, it has finally become very apparent.  He is a very SPITEFUL man.  He has become "the dreams of his father."  As a committed communist, his father hated Democratic capitalistic freedom.  Obama is continuing that dream of hate, and it's been manifeste in his vengeful spite.

OBAMA IS PURE SPITE.  He has infected the entire Democrat Party with it.  Harry Reid has announced that he doesn't care about children with cancer.  The pain of others is only important when it services the socialistic agenda of Obama's Democrat Party.

He will not talk to anyone who is not ready to capitulate fully with his demands.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," yells Obama.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," screams Reid,  "we do not care if it causes pain to the American people.   Spite, Spite, Spite!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Dark Clouds Rising, my previous post, outlines the demolition of America by Barack Obama and the Democrats.  In the process of searching for symbols of what is happening under Obama’s administration, I ran across a sculpture by a Carson City, Nevada artist by the name of Matthew Welter.  He calls his latest type of art Fire Inside.

I’ve done some research and he has a sculpture shop on highways 395 and 50.  Apparently, he’s an avid “burner” as he calls himself on his Facebook.  As I understand the term, Burning Man back in the late 80’s, it was about a group of hippies going to the desert and “BURNING---THE MAN.”  The man, in those days, meant just about any kind of authority from the “Pigs” (police) to Washington conservative politicians.  

The Burners built a huge wooden stick man, (sort of a takeoff on the “Wickerman” an ancient practice by Druids--priests of Celtic paganism) who burned it in effigy that may have included human sacrifice.

Since burning is a singular feature of Burning Man, Welter devised a way to burn his sculptures from the inside but before they are totally consumed by fire he apparently douses the fire at a specific point and the statement is made.

Welter seems to be an iconoclast of sorts in the burner community, a free thinker who promotes Liberty as his primary objective.  A rather fascinating gyration given the heavily partisan super-left inclinations usually associated with Burning Man devotees who originally demanded liberty from the man.

But the Liberty Bell sculpture is what grabbed my attention.  As I look at it, it is obviously symbolic, some might say impressionistic.  But its symbolism cannot be denied. 

Welter chose to make the wooden cross-bar across the top, very rough hewn, leaving cut marks and natural elements of the log left very obvious.  The bar is an excellent representation of America in its infancy.  A country forged in the blood and sweat of hardy souls searching for liberty from tyrannical kings.  Out of that cauldron of difficulty came a strong people, a self-reliant people, a totally independent-natured people.  Yes, a little rough around the edges at times, but with a generous nature and an indomitable will.  That is the meaning of the cross-bar in Welter’s sculpture.

The bell itself is much smoother, cultured, more refined and just enough texture to remind us of our difficult beginnings.  

Then comes the fire inside!  In this piece, it creates the representation of the insidious nature of Obama liberalism.  It destroys from within too. It guts our hard won freedoms in to a black-carbon emptiness with scars on the surface and an empty shell. Gone is our unlimited potential, replaced by subservience. The crossbar, unburned, unblackened, remains yet another symbol of what we once were: tough, resilient, an unrelenting beacon of freedom and liberty to the world.

What is left, as illustrated by this sculpture, is the America as Obama designed it: a severely weakened third world country, where dependence and submission to “THE MAN” is the measure of our fulfillment.  Burning Man has come full circle.  Its original intention of freedom from “The Man” has become the burning and demolition of the American will. 

The Man has won! We are now fully compliant serfs to the liberal left, the very reason that created Burning Man in the first place.   Burning the “wickerman” on the Playa, as they call it, is now the signal that we are bowing to “The Man”!  It’s OK now because the Man is a socialistic liberal. How ironic.

Welter’s Liberty Bell is such an apt symbol.  There were huge sculptures and art on the Playa: many beautiful, some profane, some whimsical and some simply grotesque. But of all the pictures I’ve seen of Burning Man, the Liberty Bell is the best: small in size, huge in meaning.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


Saturday, September 14, 2013
9:54 AM
In my entire life, I don't remember ever feeling as fearful for America as I do now.  Barack Obama and his Democrat minions have succeeded in killing the American Dream. It is dead, dead dead.  I know there are those who preach optimism, but that is a pipe dream.   Dark Clouds are engulfing the America  we know.

Obama set out to destroy our free country by using the very policies that we created to help the poor.  He has, in true Alinsky style, put unsustainable burdens on every man woman and child into the foreseeable future and beyond which he knows will end in the American people becoming utterly dependent on government hand outs.

Social media has turned today's children, who are tomorrow's leaders, into drones hooked not on drugs but on the inanities of a culture whose heroes are the likes of Myley Cyrus, Madonna, Trayvon Martin and Che Guevara while turning the founding fathers into racist old white men.  Youth have been so ill-educated by today's unionist teachers promoting socialistic history and defining America as a hateful nation that it becomes, not the starting point of a bright future, but a launching point to destroy the essence of all that has been created in years past.

What is so unbelievable is just how easily it has been for Obama.  How quickly and meekly we have surrendered.  God and moral behavior have become fodder to mock.  One of Burning Man's most popular constructs this year was called "The Church Trap."  It featured a small church with a leaning steeple (not visible in this photo) tilted up on one end with a post holding it up as though it were a small animal trap. On the pews are questions marks, as if to say why are you here. 
"Church Trap" is an interactive wet dream for the religiously rebellious " according to it's creator , artist Rebekah Waites.  But the much more obvious meaning is don't get trapped in the morality of religion.  That is what our children are being taught...that there is no morality, not in our founding fathers and not in our religious leaders.   Ironically, Islam whose more ardent followers use murder, terrorism, abject subjugation and absolute capitulation or death are not mocked by Waites...only Christianity.  She is, of course, a moral coward because doing the same construct of a mosque just might get her killed.

Of those things I've seen on the internet about Burning Man, only one artist captured the morose direction our country is taking.  A wood sculptor from Carson City.  Matt Welter's display of the liberty bell that had been burned from the inside leaving a burned out bell, creates the illusion of the destruction of the American psyche. It carries an incredibly powerful message (this sculpture may have been from last year's burning man and displayed this year)
Liberty after Barack Obama is finished with it.

Hollywood has been teaching the hatred of all things American in movies and television for generations.
Individual creativity is to be stifled unless of course it demeans and mocks any kind of moral teachings or restrictions.  Total licentiousness is condoned and promoted.  To do anything else at Burning Man and now America, is the worst form of heresy.

Ignorance in the youth of today, promoted and encouraged by Obama and his political opinions, is to force the society into a totally dependent class and the only immorality is to restrict anyone from doing anything no matter how degenerate. 

To demand hard work, adherence to our beloved constitution, uphold the traditions of self-reliance and maintain even a modicum of modesty are called illustrations of the worst in America.  I have no doubt that as the older generation dies the worship of the Myley Cyrus's of the world will be what is left.

I pity members of the "social media" world.  They will never know the feeling of freedom that was America's hall mark, and be trapped in a world of obsequious subservience and dependence. How utterly sad. Good Bye my beloved America!

For those who may worry, this is not a suicide note!!! It is Obama's America.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Journalism is suffering mightily in the effort of news organizations to Barbiize the "talent."  It's no longer about presenting the news with journalistic skill, it's how short can the skirt be, how plunging the neckline and how closely does the anchorette look like Barbi either blond, brunette or redhead?

I'll be the first to admit that a beautiful woman turns my head, but the journalism element is hard to take when I (as a former journalist) know full well that there are some really excellent  female journalists out there who can really report with clarity and without bias and who don't have their heads thrust fully up Obama's behind.

No one is accusing Candy Crowley of being in the "Barbi" brigade, but then Candy Crowley is as profoundly and tediously left as Michael Savage and Ed Schultz are tediously yet profoundly off the wall. Crowley's problem is that she simply won't admit that she is biased in the extreme with her head thrust fully, as described in the previous paragraph. 

There is, of course the other example on non-Barbiism…..who graced, or to tell the truth, demolished my television screen for 50 years, Helen Thomas.  Sorry ladies, she was one ugly woman.  Actually, I'm still not totally convinced yet she was human much less female.  Unfortunately, she, like Crowley, was a hopelessly committed leftist.  But, I digress.

Lately, I've been catching clips of local female news anchors and reporters from across the county.   Frequently, the stories have been political in nature, but the Crowley/Thomas biases were not evident, other than in the choice of stories which were probably made by a faceless producer anyway.  Most of the women were not in the top "Barbi" echelon but were and are excellent reporters.  I do not have to have "halos" around my women's faces to appreciate the quality of their thinking.

The cable news organizations are the worst, with Fox in this case leading the way.  On "The Five" you have to have the "newsbabe" in the shortest skirt and longest hair with the tightest fitting material with the most leg exposure sitting on the outside of the group flaunting sex to the max with directors making sure the shots get  as much of that skin as possible. 

There is no question that men are officially two-headed.  Take that as I know you will.  But when it comes to my news appetite please can't  I have my news presented by the least biased, most observant,  good writing female reporters (in addition to male reporters)  instead of a never ending flow of the current "Miley Cyrus" females newscasters.  Pretty Please!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Here are my suggestions for immigration policy.  1. Secure border. 2. double secure border.  3. Require illegal immigrants to apply for and obtain a "red card"  legal status (new type of card) by paying back and future taxes and getting "work-legal."  4. Provide them a red card if they comply.  5. Once they received their red card they may stay in the US for life but may not vote. 6. Children of illegal immigrants younger than 16 may become citizens after they complete citizenship requirements, provided they commit no crimes.  7.  If an illegal has committed a felony they would be required to leave the country. 8. Restrict the immigration of other family members not currently in the US to two persons only.  9. Eliminate all future "anchor baby" options for anyone who entered the US illegally.  10. Treat all college students who have not passed their citizenship requirements and are the children of illegal immigrants as out of state students, unless they attend a college in the state in which they live. 11. Immediate deportation for any illegal immigrant who breaks into the county after an established date with no possibility of any kind of legal status.  12. Restrict the amount of social benefits such as social security, welfare, food stamps to coincide with the length of time the individual has been in the US.  13. Only allow social benefits if the red card individuals have clean records.  Any crime more than a misdemeanor would cause the individual to lose any and all claims to social services and could be immediately deported. 14.  Require they learn and be proficient in English as a second language.  15.  If a child of a red card immigrant is born in the US and the other requirements are met, including and specifically taxes and other social security and medicare payments are paid, then the child could be an automatic citizen.  16. Anchor babies would not be allowed to have family members use their status to enter the US other than as tourists.  17.  Limited-time student visas which are not complied with by an immigrant shall be grounds for for immediate deportation.  18. Criminal activity of any kind of both red card immigrants and illegal would increase potential sentences by a factor of 50%.

Immigrants who have immigrated to America by following the proper procedures would not be subject to these rules. However, if an illegal immigrant can provide accurate and true documentation of special intellectual talents, independent financial means not obtained in the US and complies to all of the elements of the aforementioned rules, they would have an opportunity to have a ruling on a case by case basis.  This element would be similar to rules currently applied in Mexico.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


According to testimony, Trayvon Martin allegedly went out of George Zimmerman's sight. Zimmerman went looking but, shortly after that Trayvon came out of dark and hit Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose. Even Rachel Jeantel, the prosecutor's witness has said Trayvon struck Zimmerman.

With that said, in interviews after the trial Jeantel also said she told Trayvon that Zimmerman could be a "gay rapist" and apparently told him to watch out.  If she was telling the truth, what her warning did was set Trayvon on edge who felt he had to defend himself. She, in effect, established a very negative frame of mind in Trayvon.

Intent frequently, is the motivating factor in determining events.  It is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that it was, in fact, the state of mind in Trayvon that caused him to act the way he did. Was that Zimmerman's fault or Jeantel's?

Friday, May 17, 2013


What is the difference between Richard Nixon and Barack Obama?  Nixon could play five musical instruments.  Obama can dribble. What's the difference between Richard Nixon's IRS and Obama's IRS. 

Did you know that being able to play music improves a person's mathematics ability.  Is that why Obama can't add 2+2=4?  

Friday, April 19, 2013


I keep wondering if the resident of Watertown and surrounding areas who have been told to go home and lock their doors to protect themselves from a bomber are wishing they had guns.  What if the Boston bomber, who has been identified as armed and dangerous, tries to break into their houses and the police are a mile away, what can they do?

He's got a gun, you've got a steak knife.  Who do you think will win that one……Just sayin'. 




How long ago was it that the Islamist Imams began calling for Caucasians to become Muslim bombers to thwart detection.  Well folks here they are bombing and aiming to kill Americans.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


It is a fair question to ask about three proposed arguments now in Congress "gay marriage", guns and immigration:  Do the proposed solutions to these issues solve them? Simple put the answer is NO!    

While all three are MSM media promoted issues, they certainly are not the most important issues concerning the American people who want good jobs, a growing economy and a strong defense.

Does allowing gay marriage, severely restricting guns or allowing unlimited immigration really help America? No! What they will do though is what Roe V Wade has done for Abortion, create a perpetual battle over each issue.  None will stop the divisiveness each present but only serve to expand the rancor. 

Gay Marriage: With gay marriage it isn't what happens if gays are allowed to marry but what happens to the definition of marriage.  The short answer is any type marriage becomes allowable using the "gay marriage" argument that it's all about love.  Thus the concept of "love" is the defining rule of marriage.  By that measure, a person could love his dog and that would be right allowing him to marry the dog, goat, sheep or child.  A mother or father could marry their son or daughter to avoid inheritance laws.

 Muslims do it all the time promoting the marriage of 9-year-old girls to men in their 20's or older or permission to have four wives.  Is that what America really wants, totally unrestricted marriage? Muslim's also have arranged "30-day" marriages and then divorces in India and other counties so they can avoid the accusations of using prostitutes.   The hypocrisy of their use of young women makes a joke of Islam.

Since "love" cannot be seen, quantified or accurately evaluated by definition you could marry anything or anyone. 

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

Guns. None of today’s proposed gun legislation in states and on Capitol Hill won't stop any of the horrendous attacks perpetrated on the innocent?  Diversion is the excuse to confiscate guns.  Aim at high capacity magazines, demand unnecessary background checks and target "semi-automatic" rifles.  It is feel-good legislation worth nothing. 

What this will do is erode the 2nd amendment and leave both women and men defenseless, not just from criminals but particularly from our own government. 

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

 Immigration.  Once passed immigration "reform" will be more of an invitation for whole new waves of illegal immigrants flooding over the border, on boats or planes.  Perpetual waves of new illegal immigrants with the latest "reform" plan to "solve" the latest immigration problem year after year.  This, while black Americas will be those hardest hit by illegals scarf up lower paying jobs robbing the poor and teenagers looking for summer work. Obama apparently doesn’t care.

Immigrants who came the right way will pay the price.   And once again, this legislation cheats legals and the problem of a secure border will be neglected and ignored while Americans along the border will suffer every day because of illegal politicians in Washington failing to do their jobs. It will never end.

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

And liberal politicians will again be the idiots whose tales are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.