Tuesday, July 25, 2006


If ever the irrelevance of the Nobel Peace Prize was demonstrated it was in front of a group of Australian school children. Betty Williams, 64 of Ireland, was awarded the peace prize after collecting signatures for a petition to end violence in Northern Ireland.

What did Williams say to the children at the Brisbane City Hall Earth Dialogues forum: an Australian newspaper quoted her as saying: "Right now, I would love to kill George Bush."

Along with one of the biggest murderers in the world, Yassar Arafat who ordered the murder of as many Jews as possible, also received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Check it out!


It is becoming more and more apparent that the mainstream media and let us identify who were talking about, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN television news departments, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times The Boston Globe, The Seattle Intelligencer, the Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters and The Associated Press are blatantly anti-Semitic.

Aside from their everyday anti-Jewish reporting, their effort to impose a moral equivalency between Hezbollah’s indiscriminate targeting of innocent Israeli civilians and Israel's targeting of Hezbollah military targets, is proof of their anti-Semitic views.

Just consider the ridiculous concept of a demanded Israeli measured response. A tit-for-tat response as it were. There are about 1 billion Muslims in the world and 15 million Jews. So if you use simple mathematics, for every 1.5 Jews killed by Muslims, to reach the measured response suggested by these so-called newspapers, 100,000 Muslims should be killed. Now that would be an exact measured response. How about these same so-called journalists criticizing the Hezbollah for targeting civilians. Never happen.

But what the hey, these biased anti-Semitic media bass-turds, failed every math course they ever took. What would they know about fairness in determining a measure response.

Saturday, July 22, 2006



For years global warming fanatics have blamed man for all the alleged global warming. Nothing else could be to blamed, their story goes. It’s MAN’s fault, PERIOD! But, a new NASA study says the greatest influence on the projected global warming has been the sun...NOT MAN.

Well, well, it seems GMers are about to get a huge helping of crow. The NASA study, published in Science Daily, indicates that scientists can now begin to calculate a trend of higher solar radiation that has been increasing during periods of solar inactivity and warming the earth.

Lead author of the study, Richard Willson, a researcher affiliated with NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University's Earth Institute, New York, reports the trend over 24 years of collected data, has indicated a .05 per decade increase in solar radiance during quite sunspot activity.

Oh, right, it’s George W. Bush’s fault. I keep forgetting, the sun is retaliating against him for invading Iraq, and wants him to make him look bad on alleged global warming. I’m just wondering how Al Gore is going to spin this one to justify his movie “An Inconvenient Lie” oppps... “An Inconvenient Truth” which isn’t truthful.

Read it for yourself: IT'S THE SUN!
Hey Cranky Liberal, alias Tom Baker posting on Bring It On, I told you back on August 22, 2005 that you were wrong about global warming. You said peer review was the same as science fact, a ridiculous state too stupid to even laugh at. Willson proved you were wrong then, you are wrong now. So go suck and egg and kiss Al's tush, for whatever good it does you. Mayby you just like the smell.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Sometimes there are examples of the total bias of today’s media. James Taranto of the WJS Opinion Journal On Line has a brilliant example of media bias so obvious, even the idiots who call themselves liberals can see it, and I can’t pass it by...it should be spread as widely as possible.

The mainstream liberal media deny their biases but as Aldous Huxley in “PROPER STUDIES” said: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

Even if those facts are ignored by the self-anointed alleged purveyors of truth – America’s media elites, they are still the facts.

WSJ-OpinionJournal On Line (7-21-06) opinionjournal.com
Great Moments in Journalism
From an Associated Press Washington dispatch:

"We'd love to have a cease-fire," White House spokesman Tony Snow said. "But Hezbollah has to be part of it. And at this point, there's no indication that Hezbollah intends to lay down arms."

The AP headline? "U.S. Opposed to Cease-Fire With Hezbollah."

This is just one of millions of examples of left-wing media bias.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Note to NEWSGNOME readers: this is a rather long post. But it is really very funny to me. I've posted a story that has to be tongue-in-cheek I'm sure. I then responded in an email. I'm curious how many questions it might bring up in your mind. NG

By the way, we missed Jump Day....Sorry!

From: abc11tv.com

Artist claims giant jump could save the planet

(7/18/06) - Hans Peter Niesward, from the Department of Gravitationsphysik at the ISA in Munich, says we can stop global warming in one fell swoop -- or, more accurately, in one big jump.
The slightly disheveled professor states his case on WorldJumpDay.org, an Internet site created to recruit 600,000,000 people to jump simultaneously on July 20 at 11:39:13 GMT in an effort to shift Earth's position.

Niesward claims that on this day "Earth occupies one of the most fragile positions in its orbits for the last 100 years." According to the site, the shift in orbit will "stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogeneous climate."

The Man Who Wasn't There

Niesward's theory has at least one major flaw: Niesward doesn't really exist. He is a character created by Torsten Lauschmann, a German-born artist living in Scotland. Lauschmann -- a live performer, filmmaker, DJ and photographer -- may be best known for his work "Misshapen Pearl," described as a "phenomenological investigation of the streetlamp's function in our consumer society."

Lauschmann's multimedia approach has allowed him to explore a wide variety of subjects, including butterflies, paparazzi photos and, now, a flash-mob experiment.

In 2005, Lauschmann encouraged scientists and bloggers from around the world to discuss World Jump Day.

"He thought it would just circulate among friends, but it quickly seemed to morph. Within weeks it was global -- people in Australia were talking about it on the radio," said Neil Mulholland, a reader in contemporary art theory at Edinburgh College of Art. "The more it was discussed, the more people joined the site, and it crashed several times."

The site now claims to have just under 600 million jumpers registered for the cause. But will people jump out of environmental activism or a commitment to the bizarre? Is the jump as important as the buzz it's created?

The Anti-Jumpers

Members of the online environmental site treehugger.com have been debating not only the physical possibility of the jump's promise but the morality of its outcome.

Some believe it's risky to alter Earth's orbit, while others fear the jump will make the Gregorian calendar obsolete because of the length of Earth's new orbit. Others doubt the ability of the world's population to synchronize an event like this.

The folks at madphysics.com have constructed an anti-World Jump Day manifesto, complete with equations drawn up to dispute the validity of Niesward's -- or Lauschmann's -- theories.

Supposedly based on "seismographic recordings ranging from impacts of comets to the simultaneous movement of the audience at the 2002 World Cup Final," the site uses graphs, bell curves and diagrams to support its hypothesis and directs the user to several prestigious science and environmental sites, none of which mention World Jump Day or support any of its assertions.

One word of caution: The site tells those of us living in the eastern part of the United States to jump at 6:39:13 because we are five hours behind GMT, but that is not true in July. Because of daylight savings time, Lauschmann has a part of the United States jumping an hour early.


Slow News Day

to news.director
"Artist claims giant jump could save the planet"

It must have been the slowest news day in the history of abc11tv.com to
run this story because I'm pretty sure we've already passed April 1st.

In truth, this is really the funniest story I've read in a long time.
The lengths to which you can take Niesward's theory (Lauschman) are
endless. However, it does unequivocally prove that "global warming"
has fried the brains of more people than I care to imagine. I'm
confident that there are thousands of GWers out there who believe
every word.

Now, since we're having some fun with this story, 70 percent of the
earth is water and therefore does not provide a jumping surface. On
the critical day and time in question, is there a land mass that will
be exactly opposite the direction we want to move the earth so we have
a place for our "jump." (remember "for every action............"?)

Secondly, are we all supposed to go to one side of the earth to get a
one direction jump? Have calculations been made precisely how high
to jump so the exact orbit can be obtained? I'm not too spry any more
so I may only be able to jump about 12 inches, do you think that will
help? Finally, do we all have to jump at the same time or do we have
to land at the same time for this to work. These are a few of the
important questions that came to my mind. I'm always up for a good ole
college try.

Preparations: to get 600-million people in one place at one time is
going to take some planning. Should we bring our own food and

At least you provided a good laugh, so I'm giving you an A+ for some
fun. This story has endless laugh possibilities.

PS: Since the story doesn't name the author I can't say thanks
directly but since this email is directed to the news director, please
give him/her a raise. The writer deserves it. Or better yet, send
this to the Pulitzer Prize committee, it is bound to win first place
in the "environmental category" because I know the committee will
believe every word.


PPS: I will be posting your story and my response on my blog
with full credit to abc11tv.com

Sunday, July 16, 2006


As a former journalist: TV, Radio, newspapers and wire service, I get angry at media outlets who deceive on purpose. If you wonder why the fallacious journalistic headlines or stories drive me crazy, consider the following Global Warming headline and the following story. I am assuming that Associate Press wrote the headline and the story, and Breitbart simply posted it without editing. It is misleading and when readers read just the headline it's easy to assume the article is talking about the whole world , but it isn’t.

It is very angering that a news organization purposefully misleads through it’s headlines and stories, it just isn’t bad journalism which drives me crazy enough, it the fact that it is a lie to promote it’s biased agenda. Journalists who write headlines and stories know readers frequently only read headlines. Read enough headlines and don’t read the rest of the story, and you can get a distorted view. Not every country in the world had the “warmest” on record year, not even close.

“Warmest year on record” statement is also misleading to promote Breitbart and AP’s agenda. Quality records go back a paltry 150 years at most. And even then, the quality of the early numbers are not equal in accuracy because of techniques and temperature recording equipment. So, the “warmest on record” in geological terms is like saying all of climatological history can be determined during a 60 second period of record keeping. I would be embarrassed as a journalist writing such an agendized story.

In his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore says 100 per cent of scientists agree on global warming. That is a flat out lie. But to listen to the APs and Breitbart.coms of the world, the only reason for the alleged global warming is man. Anyone remember the sun. If it’s radiant emissions hitting earth went down by just 2 per it could be catastrophic. Would that be George W. Bush’s fault too?



First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record
Jul 14 1:06 PM US/Eastern


The first half of the year was the warmest on record for the United States.

The government reported Friday that the average temperature for the 48 contiguous United States from January through June was 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3.4 degrees above average for the 20th century.

That made it the warmest such period since record keeping began in the National Climatic Data Center reported.

No state was cooler than average and five states _ Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri _ experienced record warmth for the period.

While much of the Northeast experienced extreme rainfall and flooding at the end of June many other areas continued below normal rain and snowfall.

As of June, 45 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in moderate-to- extreme drought, an increase of 6 percent from May.

Dry conditions spawned more than 50,000 wildfires, burning more than 3 million acres in the continental U.S., according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Worldwide, it was the sixth warmest year-to-date since record keeping began in 1880.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This was forwarded to me from a friend. It always makes me feel good when Jane Fonda is ignored.

"A friend in Sarasota just called; she had just returned from
attending the Sarasota Ballet at our Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall; we were=
all talking at a party last night about "Hanoi Jane" Fonda's cancellation o=
f her appearance at the Hall--which seats 1,800 people--for a program called
"An Evening With Jane Fonda" set for tomorrow night.

The cancellation notice in our local left wing newspaper said it was for "family reasons."

Our friend spoke to the hall's manager after the ballet and asked him why?

He replied with a twinkle in his eye; "Because we only sold 40 tickets!"

That call made my day; hope it makes yours, too."


This story came in the form of an email. I checked the Van Wezel Perform Art Hall schedule, and found indeed the information accurate. I googled "Van Wezel Performing Art Hall Jane Fonda"

An Evening with Jane Fonda: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on Monday, April 3, 2006, at 8 PM. Tickets are $60, $50, $45

Would you pay $60 dollars to see Hanoi Jane? There are "people" who would.


Monday, July 10, 2006


Have you noticed that the Democrat tent is shrinking? Day by day the number of people allowed into the tent is getting smaller thanks to fiberal moralistic orthodoxy. If you don’t believe as we do EXACTLY you can’t come into the tent. Ann Coulter is right, the Democrat left is now a religion of extreme orthodoxy.

Their mantra is as extreme as the militant Islamic fascist radicals. Just consider Cindy Sheehan, that paragon of broad thinking, says Hillary Clinton doesn’t fit in the tent. Joe Lieberman doesn’t fit in the tent. Hubert Humphery wouldn’t fit in their tent. Nor would FDR, Truman or JFK. All three got America into wars which would instantly excluded them from today’s Democrat Party.

As in any extreme organization, extremity breeds more and more extreme versions of itself, a road Democrats are speeding down, like a comet shedding more and more of its mass.

The extremist blogs, with help from Howard Dean, like moveon.org, dailykos.com and democratunderground.com have taken over the Democrat party and are dictating who is a "Democrat" and defining just who is admissible and the list is getting shorter and shorter. And what’s more, the exclusions to the tent are getting faster and faster. By election day you’ll be able to put the whole party into a pop-up 10 X 10.

The old Democrat, big tent, party is dead. They think they'll win a lot of seats in the off year election, but the Democrats are in worse shape than they claim the Republicans are. The American swing voter has never liked the extremes of either party, and in this case the Democrats are rivaling the “White Power Party” in their extremity.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Isn’t it interesting that Ronald Reagan who was so criticized by the left and liberals for establishing a missile defense system they derisively called Star Wars, instead of the Strategic Defense Iniatiative (SDI), was so totally right. As more missile tests by North Korean and Iranian Hitler wannabes are launched, the more intuitive Reagan’s decision becomes. And that doesn’t even consider China, to which Bill Clinton gave missile guidance technology and which now has been turned on America.

The list of major media outlets predicted the worse in their editorial pages, fiberal politicians predicted doom and gloom of the worst kind (of course fiberals predict doom and gloom of the worst kind about everything any Republican does). This is why Democrats and their fake-peace hand-wringing is so threatening to our freedom.

It is now apparent Ronald Reagan was one of the most prescient, visionary presidents America has ever produced.

Japan is begging to help the US build a system to protect them from North Korea, Europe, worrying about the madman in Iran will be next begging for protection. How many other countries are secretly praising Reagan for his foresight, and hoping they can get the protection system without revealing that they really want it?

Thank you President Ronald Reagan.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Democrats are acting as though they're going to win back the house and senate. But sometimes, there are bad days and when the votes are counted and the winners declared, November 8th will wind up being a very bad day for Democrats. What is awaiting them is illustrated in the following pictures.

A small white vehicle has gone into the water and the owner is apparently standing on the bottom of the now upside down vehicle. Democrats will be in the lake upside down when the ballots are tallied.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Treason is not the only sin of the New York Times. In an effort to intimidate Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Vice President "reporter" Peter T. Kilborn of the Times revealed where their vacation homes are and how to get there. They even revealed the specific roads and where a security camera was, where their wives shopped and where they have eaten.

This isn’t a travelog about where people find quiet retreats. It is an effort by the NYT at intimidation and threat. How incredible, that what is supposed to be the world’s greatest newspaper, has resorted to using its pages to menace and threaten the secretary of defense and vice president by revealing this kind of information. For a newspaper this is sick....and the NYT is sick.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate, that the anti-American treasonous NYT Editor Bill Keller and his equally treasonous publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. have their personal retreats revealed, with directions on how to get there, where their wives shops, where their children go to school, where their security cameras are located and publish the information in every white supremisist publication in America. Fair is fair! Remember freedom of the Press?