Sunday, May 31, 2009


“I am a white European-American male. The decisions I make are more intelligent, benevolent, empathetically valid and infinitely superior to those made by any other racial, ethnic, religious, color or gender identified person.” My name is Adolph Duke Sotomayor.”

Is this statement offensive? Ask yourself why. What is it about these words that are so blatantly anti-American and anti-U.S. Constitution? What does it say about the fundamental thinking of this individual? Would you make a similar statement? Would you want a person whose belief is that her empathetic opinions about law and issues, supersede the Constitution, more than 230 years of precedent and the fundamental thinking of our founding fathers? If so, you want Sonia Sotomayor as the next Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your dichotomy is that if you believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, you believe that it supersedes all other laws, and eliminates, by design, the personal whims and latest pop-culture phenomenon espoused by any Supreme Court Justice.

Is this the type of Justice you want making decision about you, your family, constitutional issues and country? Would the fact that your color, ethnicity orientation or gender could be counted against you in decisions rendered by this justice, make you question her qualifications to be a member of the United States Supreme Court? Is this not the very definition of putrid racism and everything America stands against? Is this not the very judicial temperament and thinking of Sonia Sotomayor? Sixty-percent of her rules have been overturned by the supreme court. That’s a D- in anybody’s grade book and yet she is touted by Obama as a great legal mind. I think NOT!

In defending his nominee, Sotomayor, President Barack Obama said she has the “quality of empathy, of understanding and identifying with people’s hopes and struggles” and Obama encourages the use them when making decisions on the Supreme Court not the strict rule of law.

This is an unprecedented leap into the abyss of prejudicial law making. Once that leap is taken, there is no more Constitution. In one simple sentence, Obama, demolishes the fundamental law of the land and makes the United States Constitution null and void. Now, according to Obama, decisions are to first be put through the strainer of feelings, empathy and hope...NOT through the rigorous stricture of Constitutional law that founded America.

Now we will have a supreme court who will make laws by their current feelings, the whim of the day, the color of your skin, your ethnicity and their mood at the time. There will be NO reference to the standard by which we have lived for 231 years.

A supreme court justice swears an oath: “I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as (title) under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

Sotomayor’s statement that a Latina woman would make better decisions than a white male, eviscerates the oath that she would take, namely, to administer without respect to persons, rich or poor while being impartial. How can a Justice be impartial when she has shouted her intention to discriminate against white males and very partially rule in favor of those who are not white males? And what about her decisions when it comes to brown against black, yellow against red or Hispanic against anyone else, since she is inserting her personal prejudices into her decisions?

Is this really the kind of American Justice we want? What if the next president chooses that “white European-American” as a Supreme Court justice nominee? Under Obama’s definition, he would be a perfectly acceptable candidate. According to Obama he could ignore the Constitution and implement his “feelings” just as Sotomayor wants to impose her “feelings” into the law.

There is something horrendous that’s happening in Los Angeles. Hispanic gangs are targeting African-Americans to forced them out of Hispanic communities. Killings of innocent black children have occurred in this murderous effort. Since Sotomayor is Hispanic and has announced that she will vote her biases, who will fare better in her decisions between Hispanics accused of murdering blacks to implement “racial and ethnic cleansing in predominately Hispanic communities?” If I were black, I would wonder.

Sotomayor has condemned herself. She has made decisions that will deny Americans the right to bear arms, which is in the second amendment of the very Constitution which she is supposed to swear an oath to uphold and defend.

Which is it America, the rule of law or the rule of empathetic feelings as law?

Friday, May 29, 2009


*Barack Obama said America is broke and he’s still spending.
*Obama’s administration is taking over GM and sending Chrysler into bankruptcy.
*The economy is tanking with a 5.7 negative growth rate.
*Unemployment is climbing daily.
*Housing is tanking.
*Foreclosures are way up.
*North Korea just put its finger in Obama’s eye.
*Iran announced it’s creating more plutonium for bombs at a faster rate.
*Obama’s nominee to the supreme court, Sonia Sotomayor says Latina women are better than white men.
*Obama’s nominee also says citizens don’t have a right to own guns.
*ACORN, whose been charged with voter fraud in several states, is conducting America’s census so they can count the same liberal 156 times.
*Obama says China and other countries can pollute more than America and it’s OK.
*Obama stops forest road building with will create a fire potential that will destroy millions of acres during fires.
*Sotomayor’s membership in the racist La Raza, same as membership for white males in KKK.
*Take over of GM is another step on Obama’s race to socialism.
*Pravda says American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed.
*Oil prices are explode along with gas prices.
*Energy production in America is a on steep decline.
*American’s are losing their jobs at a near record pace.
*President can now fire executives at will if they take taxpayer money.
*United Auto Workers are agreeing to huge concessions thanks to Obama.
*Obama ignoring nuke blast of North Korea including intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Yes, it’s been an amazing last several days and Americans still love Obama’s policies. I’d like to thank those of you who voted for Obama. I’m sure you’ll love your new honoraria: comrade!

And I used to think I lived in a democratic America...well, that’s what a public education gets you.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Congratulations to President Barack Obama. On the one hundredth day of his presidency, there was such a joyous outburst of excitement the press could hardly contain itself. They drooled over him. They fawned over him. They licked his boots, again. The groveled before him. It was wonderful.

And well they should, Obama has set an amazing record. As a liberal, he has out-liberaled even Barney Frank, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi put together.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Obama himself said on Saturday May 24th on C-Span, “We are out of money now.”

So once again, congratulations to our amazing president. He’s set many firsts. This is another one. He spent all our money in just 124 days. Remember that date May 24th, 2009. We're out of money, any bets he'll stop spending now that he's announced America is broke?

Monday, May 11, 2009


Barak Obama has issued orders for so many spending increases, bank hand outs and tax increases it amounts to a war on American Democracy. He has marshaled his forces for a declared war and announced his intention to spend America out of Constitutional Law and into socialism.

During ‘s George W. Bush's administration fiberals demanded that he announce his exit strategy for the Iraq war. Well I want to know Obama’s exit strategy to his war on America. How is he going to get America back on a firm financial footing and out from under the mountain of debt he is creating...while our great great grandchildren will be living in servitude for their entire lives!



Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well, Barak Obama has attempt to usurp so much power in his alleged presidency, that individual states are being to assert their right of sovereignty. Texas announced theirs. Oklahoma is in the process.

Colin Powell blurts out that the Republican party is near death. Ya know, that’s what they said about Republicans before Jimmy Carter was elected. Four year later it was a different story. Obama is going down the same path, taking control of the economy is ways no one ever thought possible and make our children to our great grandchildren indentured servants..

But Obama’s results will be the same as Carter’s and the principles of the Republican Party will be reasserted. Jeb Bush wants to dump Ronald Reagan. I want to dump on Jeb Bush and Powell. Republican Reagan principles are still as valid today as they were when he was elected. Obama will prove that for those too stupid to have voted for him.



Q. Number of times terrorists blew up American facilities while Bill Clinton was president

A. Six

1993 - The first World Trade Center bombing
1995 - Attempted crashing of plane on White House
1995 - Oklahoma City bombing
1996 - Khobar Towers bombing - Saudi Arabia
1998 - U.S. Embassy bombings Kenya/Tanzania
2000 - USS Cole Bombing - Yemen


Q. What's the number of times terrorists blew up American facilities while George W. Bush was president?

A. One

2001- World Trade Center attack.