Sunday, May 29, 2005


There is a sickness on our college campuses. It is manifesting itself through the worst kind of hate speech. Today the Oregon University Daily Emerald published a column titled “Ten Reasons Not to Kill President Bush” by Jennifer McBride. Thus campus hatred is magnified by Ms. McBride and perpetuated by irresponsible journalism professors.

Has free speech degenerated into this? One would hope that journalism professors would provide adult supervision but apparenlty they've totally abdicated their responsibilities. Is this really what parents want their children to the University of Oregon to learn? I'd be willing to bet University of Oregon journalism professors encouraged this kind verb-twisting suggestion that an American President be assassinated.

The left finds nothing wrong in this kind of speech. But If I were to proposed an article entitled “Ten Reasons Not to Kill Hillary Clinton” you can imagine the Michael Moore Democrats crawling out from under their personal rocks to suggest I be drawn and quartered.

As a parent are you willing to pay the University of Oregon your hard earned money to indoctrinate your children with this kind of hate? Even if you’re a Democrat would you remain silent if this were directed at a national Democrat figure? Is this the level of discourse we really want to encourage in College.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Former Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry D-MA says he has signed and turned over to the Navy his SF 180 form authorizing the release of his military record to the public. I won’t believe that until ALL and I mean ALL of his records have been made public, which I doubt will every happen. Everything following “United States Navy Form SF 180" will, I'm sure, be fully redacted. I’ll even bet the lines “between the lines” have been redacted.

Kerry promised Tim Russert 110 days ago, January 30 that he would sign and submit SF 180 but didn’t until now, mAybe. Democrats had a field day with Bush's record even finding “false documents” to attack him. Bush signed his 180 form years ago. Despite repeated demands all during the 2004 Presidential campaign (not by the mainstream media I remind you) that Kerry allow an examination of his military records, he dodged ducked and diddled. He ultimately simply refused to approve the release of his records other than those selective few listed on his Internet site.

The much easier questions to answer is: Why?’s taken him this long to find a mole in the Navy records department sympathetic enough to deep six any information critical of his performance or actions. In other words, don’t look for the truth in any of the records the Navy releases.

President Bush won’t be of any help either. He and his cronies will pull the same stunts they always pull, such as they did at the David Rosen trial (withholding a critical audio tape evidence from the jury.) Or their stifling of a thorough examination of Bill and Hillary’s theft of White House furniture when they left (not to mention the pardongate scandal) and stopping cold a complete investigation of Clinton’s staffers who damaged and trashed the White House and Air Force One. What kind of zoo are they running up there anyway?

Friday, May 27, 2005


I have decided to identify today’s “girls” who walk around with short blouses and low cut jeans as “Donuts.” Why, because they all look like they have a donut of fat wrapped around their hips.

Some have really big donuts and some not so big...but they do all really look like a roll of fat. In some cases, it can be an ugly sight to behold. In addition, the pants usually look kind of dirty and one is never sure from what.

I don’t like to see the style, if you can call it that, in restaurants because it look so unsanitary. The less than svelte versions must have no shame or apparently don’t look in the mirror carefully especially from the back.

I have four daughters, who would have hogtie their Dad to be seen in what has got to the definition of "Hooker Chic." So if you parents want to allow your daughters to go out looking like you should be giving quotes for an hour of their time in a motel room, I don’t have much respect for your judgement.


Law and Order's creator and executive producer Dick Wolf today attempted to censor Tom Delay’s criticism of Wolf's cheap shot at Delay in one of his shows.

This is nothing new for Wolf. Using his characters to slam Republicans and conservatives has been a perpetual feature of all his shows. The bias gets really tedious especially because the negative comments about conservatives seldom have anything to do with the story.

So here’s to Dick Wolf who demands “free speech” for himself but not Delay, who has every right to complain. How typical of Wolf and Hollywood, “I have free speech to say anything I want but you conservatives don’t.” And Heaven (sorry Dick if that's too politically incorrect for you) forbid if conservatives complain about your biases. Poor little Dickie simply can't handle what he likes to dish out. Obviously little Dickie needs a candlelight vigil hummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Wolf's shows have been getting real stale lately anyway. I’m sure I can find something else to watch besides the Law and Order bias machine.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I read that Barbara Boxer is suggesting that John Bolton’s senate vote for US Ambassador to the UN be delayed yet again. The Democrats delayed the vote in Pricilla Owen’s judicial nomination for four years. Why don’t we just stop the world while the Democrats completely gut the next 3 ½ years of the Bush Administration.

Then we could have the R.I.N.O., linguini spined, Neville loving, crumble-king seven who all think they’re really the voices of true moderation just shut down the whole congress.

I voted for Bush and these turncoats just flushed the Republican victory down the toilet. Lets list their names and burn their traitorous actions into our memories....JOHN WARNER, GEORGE VOINOVICH, SUSAN COLLINS, LINCOLN CHAFEE, MIKE De WINE, LINDSEY GRAHAM, and the worst of them all JOHN McCAIN.

Let us never forget these seven Republicans when election payback time comes.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Freedom has been “endowed by our creator.” Liberty is what individuals and governments do with that freedom.

Today's zealots drive to shut down free speech through political correctness, demand that race be considered in hiring or admissions through affirmative action, force private property owners to capitulate to governmental "taking" either through eminent domain or environmental regulation or rule, and the disregarding of the second amendment's obvious meaning to allow citizens the right to keep and bear arms all illustrate that the control-freaks of the left are certainly the most amazing purveyors of insidious encroachment of liberty in American history. The danger in the zeal of these "well-meaning” (an oxymoron if every there was one) but without understanding authoritarian practitioners, has been the perpetual destruction of our personal liberty.

Unfortunately, the "eternal vigilance" demanded was thwarted when a tiny group of 14 senators decided to piss on the constitution and make senate rules more important than the constitution's own words.

Despite the fact that 69 percent of Americans (Gallup poll) believe that filibusters are wrong, this cabal of self-indulgent, power hungry, anti-constitutionalists took the law into their own hands. That is a perfect example of insidious encroachment. The tradition of filibustering federal judges has now been institutionalized despite more than 200 years of the opposite tradition and the very next time a Democrat president attempts to appoint a judge...there is no question it will not be forgotten. It is pure and simple devious subversion of the personal liberty of every man, woman, and child in America.


American/Euro anti-Iraq peace-nick war apologists, who would be excusing Nazi concentrations camps to avoid entry into World War II at any cost, have remained strangely silent about the fact that most insurgents now murdering Iraqis are foreigners. No longer, are the “Muslim-killing-Muslim” fanatics primarily left over Saddam Baathists.

Why do these Neville devotes` remain silent against what is obviously an invasion of Iraq aimed at the selective murdering Shiite Iraqis. They complained that American’s preemptive strike was an invasion. But because apparently they find it acceptable for foreign Muslims to kill Iraqi Muslims, what the hey, it’s just Muslims killing Muslims, no big deal, right American/Euro peace-nicks? Just Like Rwanda....just black killing harm no foul, no action necessary.

Just as they would be excusing Nazis of gassing Jews and others in concentration camps would have been none of America’s business this invasion is none of our business. Remember to today’s peace-nicks ALL war is bad. To quote Rand E Oertle’s Peace or Freedom essay on his “Peace without freedom is a euphemism for slavery.” I would add that American/Euro peace-nicks are enforcing slavery to radical Islam by suicide bomber instead of gas chambers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Another day another cave....yes the Republicans have caved again. They simply don't know how to govern as the majority party. What's the phrase Democrats used to get the so called compromise...."We won't filibuster 'except in extreme cases.'"

Would someone please knock the Republicrats on the noggin. Don't they realize that any Republican nominee that is not a liberal in 99 per cent of his or her decisions will be considered an extreme case by Democrats?

This collapse by the Republican major will have ramifications for all of President Bush's initiatives for the rest of his administration. Thanks John. By the way, have you ever thought of moving back to Hanoi?

Monday, May 23, 2005


I’m getting really sick of Republicans cowards, especially John McCain. What a turncoat. I’m surprised that he didn’t start shooting at American planes when he was at the Hanoi Hilton. He’s sounding like a traitor to me. I would seriously question a definition of him as hero, who spits on the constitution.


The US Supreme court today agreed to hear a case involving the notification of parents when a minor child is pregnant and seeking an abortion.

What is so utterly immoral in this mind set of liberals is that you can’t tell parents their child is about to have a life threatening medical procedure but a school must get permission from a parent to give a child an aspirin.

There are two truths that make this stance utterly asinine. The first is that liberal abortion advocates assume every parent is so violent and would cause such a threat to their own child, it would be dangerous to notified them if their child is to undergoing a life threatening procedure, and this even when young women die each year in so-called “safe” Planned Parenthood clinics getting abortions.

The second is that if Planned Parenthood procedures do kill your child, you are still responsible for the medical costs when even when you were not allowed any say in the decision as to whether the procedure was medically safe for your child.

In Salt Lake City, a young woman (underaged) ran away from home. The parents searched for her but have so far been unable to find her. Then a few weeks ago they received a bill from a local hospital saying their daughter had an emergency procedure and the parents were financially responsibility. The hospital will sue the parents if they do not pay.

In yet another liberal mind-blowing demonstration of the liberal mind-bend, the hospital won’t tell the parents what the procedure was or where the child can be contacted, even to find out whether she is alright. They still have to pay the bill without knowing if their daughter is safe or needs more help.

If you stupid liberals out there want to know why conservatives are so angry with your positions on social issues this is a perfect example.

Let’s hope that the Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s of the world will quit lumping all parents into the criminal class when it comes to their own children and return the right to help make life threatening medical decisions for their own children.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


You won't read it in the mainstream media, but 450 top economists support Social Security reform. Personally I could care less I'm too old anyway. For you under 50 look out. When Social Security money runs out and is bankrupted, (remember all that money you thought was in a lock box because Al Gore said it was there) you will have nothing.
Worse, you'll have to work longer, retire at an older age, get fewer benefits, and if you've been financially successful, you will have paid more into the system and the more successful you are the less you will get back. Isn't government great.
But what do economists know anyway. All I know is that my sister-in-law died before she was 63 and my brother died when he was 64. All the money they both paid into the Social Security system was confiscated by the federal government. Their children got zero, zilch, nada!!!
So much for government protecting our retirement money. Had that money been in a private account, my nieces would have received a substantial amount. As it was, Uncle Sam got every penny. That is the very definition of unfair


Senator Harry Reid's alleged "secret" revelation that was meant to shine a negative light on judicial nominee Henry Saad, is the worst kind of cheap shot. Saad can't defend himself. Reid is the worst kind of purveyor of hate speech.