Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dead: Comity, humility, humor, honor, intelligence, listening and hearing are the first deaths in Obama's War on America.

Casualties: Rahm Emanuel is first and will be gone soon. He has been a "dead fish" adviser to Obama and has to go to save even the least bit of comity at the White House so it can work with congress. Emanuel has already faded into the far background. Look for him to announce that he is headed back to the Chicago fish market.

Tim Geithner is next. He was the missing man when Obama launched a full-out war on the banks. Geithner is't quite as stupid and tone deaf as the ever nose-in-the-air Obama. Nor is he so arrogantly narcissistic as Obama, who thinks it 's all and only about him.

And though officially Ben Bernake isn't a member of the Obama administration, he might as well be and his policies have been an utter disaster in helping to create jobs and stability on main street America.

So say good bye. Rahm, Tim and Ben. But even with these three gone, narcissistic arrogance is still the center piece that controls Obama's thinking…along with trying to destroy America and our Constitution.

Obama has no heart…or to quote Sabrina, he's the world's only living heart donor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Barack Obama for his contribution to the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. His policies, his arrogance, his condescension, his complete mis-reading of the American people with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been pivotal in starting the return of America to real democracy and the re-enthronement of our Constitution.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I don't think there was ever a time that being wrong has made me so happy. Obviously, the pollsters got it right. Maybe, just maybe, sanity will return to real Democrats not the Obama Constitution busting left, right after they get all their blaming rhetoric out of their systems.

Look out California, here we come. Anyone for a cup of tea? I might be able to find a bag or two. Don't drink it myself, but I'll share.


The election is not over in Massachusetts as I write this post. However, as much as I want Brown to win

I think he will lose by a point or two. My reasoning is simple: those Democrats who claim they'll vote for him-- won't.

I call it the "in the privacy of the voting booth syndrome. " What I mean is that when a voter who has been a democrat all their lives gets into the secret ballot booth, they cannot bring themselves to actually repudiate their own history of voting. Even if they don't believe in the Democrat candidate, they may even detest that candidate, but they cannot bring themselves to vote anything but Democrat. It's a sickness.

I hope I'm wrong. But I fear I'm not. Democrat herd loyalty is miles deep and years wide. Besides, Democrats can overcome a one point difference in their sleep using their tried and true double vote plan apparent in the Florida and Minnesota elections where votes were manufactured as needed.

But even if Brown loses, the rest of the country has seen that two candidates, Hoffman and Brown, who espouse conservative values, not Republican values, were far stronger than anyone predicted. Looking forward to November.

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a reminder that George Soros is deep in the middle of a political campaign to elect far-left liberals to fill state offices of secretary of state in the coming elections. This office, in most states, is considered non-partisan and therefore most voters vote for the person.

Soros underhanded plan is to get stealth candidates who are committed to his anti-American, socialist agenda but are flying under the radar of voter vigilance.

Why does Soros think this office is so important, it’s because the secretary of state in States, is the one counting the votes and choosing which votes are tossed out. Remember the Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris who followed Florida law but was over ruled by a highly partisan Florida supreme court, which was ultimately over ruled by the United States Supreme Court.

When Soros realized this, that the secretary of state counts the votes, he adopted the Joseph Stalin concept: “It’s not how many votes there are, it’s who counts the votes.” Secretaries of the various states, COUNT THE VOTES: Thus the Soros “Secretary of State Project” to bring them all under the liberal umbrella.

Soros then launched his own websites and is paying for others which promote the Secretary of state project such as,, media matters and his Open Society Institute which helps fund other sites so Soros name is not associated directly with them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here's NewsGnome's prediction in the Massachusetts Senate Race. Scott Brown will win by about 25,000 votes on Tuesday night. By a week from Tuesday, the liberal secretary of state, William Francis Galvin will announce that many ballots have been found and that a bunch of absentee ballots were over looked in the most liberals areas of the state, and the new preliminary count shows that Martha Coakley has moved ahead of Brown by 30,000 votes.

Those darn Democrat polling officials are just so lax when it comes to submitting Democrat voters. It's just amazing.

It goes to show you that those Democrats stash Democrat ballots in case of a close race and they can count them several times to be sure that the number is enough to out vote the real winner, Brown.

If the Democrats doesn't use their George Soros promoted Democrat secretary of state incumbents to skew the election, as in the case of Al Franken where they were able to pull ballots right out of thin air, then they are the most incompetent vote counters in history on election night.