Thursday, August 30, 2012


Chris Matthews has used the word racist against conservatives and Republicans so often  it has become meaningless.  Everyone is a racist except Matthews and Obama.  So now, Matthews is calling Chicago racist.

The obsession of accusational racism or killing grandma and medicare, hating poor, and black and brown people in America is so constant on the left, no one believes any of these words except Matthews.

The more Americans ignore Matthew and those liberals like him the more strident he and they become. The more strident he becomes, the more people ignore him.  It's an inevitable downward spiral of his career.  He has become so unhinged he has become irrelevant and ignored. 

It's been said that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's being ignored.  Well Matthews is being ignored big time and he's feeling the loss of love.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Nathan Lane at a fund raiser at which Joe "three letter word: JOBS" Biden  appeared, was quoted as saying:

“I love Nurse Jackie,” Lane said. “She can’t get through the day without Vicodin, Adderall, Percocet, Xanax and Oxycodone, which oddly enough also happens to be the names of Mitt Romney’s five children.”

Isn't it interesting that liberal ideologues like Lane can't talk about their opponents without being hateful and mean.  Since he's being nasty, perhaps he could use most of the black population's vernacular to describe the Obama girls and essentially all women as bitch and ho.  That fits right into the Lane and the left's constant hate speech.

Of course Lane didn't call Sasha and Malia "HO" and "BITCH."  He would never bring the children of presidential candidates into his hateful world and call them names.  OOOOPS....he already did.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I can understand why Andrea Mitchell is so angry at Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate and accusing him that the pick is anti-moms and women.  In her judgment, Republicans now have two men who are and have been faithful to their wives and she simply can't stand that.  Apparently she thinks we need real men like Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner,  John Edwards, Teddy Kennedy, John (Marilyn Monroe) Kennedy and  who can forget Gary Hart and Monkey Business. 

Remember it was Mitchell who fiercely defended and still defends Bill Clinton's amazing definition of  fidelity relating to Hilary.  Clinton is a notorious philander and never seemed to hide his lust.  I've heard an estimate that if Bill Clinton had extra-marital sex once a week from the time of his denial on CBS with Hilary that he wasn't sleeping with Jennifer Flowers or anybody else (not even Hilary) he would have just reached the one thousandth that-woman-bedded mark, and I use the term "that woman" in the same way Bill Clinton meant it.

Mitchell reveals she apparently thinks that men who would cheat on her or their wives are better men.  I'm wondering how many "women" she has provided for Democrat male politicians for who knows what.  Apparently, she doesn't accept the fact that there are men who are faithful and honest.  Makes one wonder how long her husband apparently is cheating on her….oh, there's an assumption that he can still get it up, maybe that why she's so mad.

Monday, August 06, 2012


Monday, August 06, 2012
1:06 PM
Early this morning I had the incredible privilege of watching an astounding feat:  the landing of Curiosity on Mars.  Watching as each  scientist monitored his or her screen.  To hear the events of the seven minutes of terror as they were called out and pronounced successful was amazing.

Did Barack Obama even mention this astounding achievement?  Or did he ignore the success.  What these brilliant people did was prove just how great America is despite Obama's constant apologizing. 

It was wonderful watching the excitement of the men and women who made this extremely difficult process happen.  Then, within minutes, we got the chance to see pictures showing the Curiosity comfortably on the ground after a successful landing . 

Then again, this morning, we got up to see a real-life satellite picture of the deployed parachute.  There are simply not words to describe the thrill.  To compare the success, if this were an Olympic event, they would  have clocked a one-half-second 100 meter dash.  They would have long jumped 3000 feet.  They would have thrown the javelin from London to Beijing's Olympic stadium.

Any one who watched the video on YouTube of the extremely complicated step-by-step process could feel the tension as the ring was jettisoned, the pod entered the atmosphere, the parachute deployed and the control jets fire and finally the sky-crane landing.  All had to work perfectly and it all did.

Don't tell me, Mr.Obama, that America is not great.  What an incredible team of people. Greater than any team in professional or Olympic sports history.  These guys didn't win by an eyelash, they won by a universe.  And America is still the greatest country in the world despite Obama's hate for our successes.

Thank you Nasa and JPL because you let us see the best show on television since the Moon Landing.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


He seems to think that any job creates wealth. It is not true.  What is true is that the teacher gets paid by taking money from citizens, the restaurant, and other business so they can be paid. In effect, the teacher has reduced the income of the business he or she is patronizing.  The teacher gets paid by the government which has taken taxes or the money from the private sector.  It is the only way public sector receives money to pay the teacher. If there is no private sector from which taxes are taken, there is no money to pay the teacher.

Even the student who may gain vast amounts of knowledge, does not create wealth until he puts that knowledge to work.  He risks his time and talents to create something that is valuable in the marketplace for which buyer are willing to pay.  When that person buy's the student has created wealth.  Until the effort to learn is taken, the learning applied to services or products wealth remains dormant.

There is nothing wrong with a teacher or other public servant receiving pay for their skills, but it doesn't create wealth.   Wealth is created when someone makes something that didn't exist before is created and its value is wanted.  A gold coin is worth nothing until a miner searches for the gold, finds it, sells it to a smelter and a coin is struck.  Only then is something created. 

An Ipod or smart phone is nothing until it is created by the labor of an idea, concept, design and production.  The materials used to create these products also create primary jobs which create wealth.
Obama obviously has no clue how the private sector creates wealth.  The government does not create wealth.  Even the roads and bridges he hearlds were paid for my private wealth.  Obama is literally clueless.  What came first the paved roads or the automobile? 

Paved roads were created and paid for by the demand of automobiles in search of better roads.  Money was taken from taxes taken from auto sales and usage.  Bridges were paid for by the demand created by the need  of people to get across the river.  They were taxed in some form, toll or tax, to build the bridge.

Even our wonderful military who protects us in our homes doesn't not create wealth.  It creates security in our homes but it is paid for by our taxes.

Obama is destroying the fundamental value of capitalism, incentive, application of skills and talents and assumes that government is the wealth creator.  He is wrong.