Friday, September 30, 2005


It’s expected that President Bush will nominate a replacement for Associate Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor next week. Since Democrats will attempt to bork any nominee he names, I hope he moves directly to face down the hatemongering Democrats. I want to see them filibustering a black woman or a hispanic man. It will show what they really are.

I say force the Democrats to put on full display their dishonesty, lies and deceit. All will begin to understand that if a person is a minority, thinks for him or herself, is not a fiberal ideologue and or fails to show obeisance to Ralph Neas, the left will crucify that nominee despite minority status.

I would like America to see the bitterly partisan Democrat-left on full televised display with all their hate and venom. It will become painfully obvious that Democrats are not the party of inclusion, diversity and compassion they claim to be.

My selection would be either Janice Rogers Brown or Miguel Estrada. Both have a common element in their history. They’re both self-made successes. They understand that it takes dedication and hard work to succeed and know that trying to buy your way out of poverty does not work. They each recognize when the left is spewing its specious but flawed demands.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Mainstream Media Does Worse Job Than FEMA During KATRINA

In the early hours of Katrina the Mainstream media was very quick to blame President Bush for “delays” in reacting to the category five hurricane and instantly accused Michael Brown of FEMA of incompetence.

But I think it’s time to examine just how poorly the MAINSTREAM media did it’s job reporting the 90-thousand square miles of disaster. Here are just a few of their problems. These are critical issues that had direct impact on the rescue effort.

* Media: reported 10,000-to 25,000 deaths.
* Fact: media 90% to 240% wrong.

* Media: reported stacks of dead bodies in the Superdome.
* Fact: media 100 % wrong just six people died.

* Media: reported several murders in Superdome.
* Fact: media 100% per cent wrong, not one murder occurred

* Media: reported multiple rapes in Superdome.
* Fact: media 100% wrong and can’t verify one rape.

* Media: reported massive violence in the Superdome.
*Fact: media massively over estimated extent of violence.

* Media: inaccurate reports of violence in some neighborhoods caused rescue delays
* Fact: media claims of shooting stopped unarmed FEMA volunteers from going into some areas.

* Media: maintained reports of death, for political reasons
* Fact: of 6 Superdome deaths 4 were natural, 1 was a suicide, 1 accidental. Not one murder.

* Media: reported blacks ignored in rescue efforts.
* Fact: media failed find one example of rescue efforts halted or delay because of race.

* Media: reported that FEMA failed to enter New Orleans during early hours of rescue efforts.
* Fact: media failed to report that Gov. Blanco personally delayed FEMA for 24 hours.

* Media: quickly reported FEMA’s imperfections.
* Fact: media excused Mayor Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco’s faults and incompetence

The list goes on and on. In comparing the quality of reporting in the media to the so-called slight delay in the rescue efforts by FEMA, FEMA wins hand-down. The media was massively inaccurate and politicized.

The media’s record was abysmal and incompetent causing deaths and delays. When the inevitable commission is established to investigate the difficulties faced by FEMA....I suggest that at least half the commission’s time be spent examining how the media’s false reporting had on complicating the rescue effort.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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All I hear from Fiberal blamers is that FEMA should have responded faster to Hurricane Katrina. The picture to the left is a road in Texas after Rita hit. Only a quarter of a mile of the road is visible. Now suppose you’re the FEMA director and you’ve tried to get helicopters up and delivering supplies and rescuing people. But they’re small with limited payloads.

The Governor of the state demands that you wait 24 hours while she puts on her makeup (which didn’t help). The Police chief tells you there is rioting and shooting, he is incompetent and his men abandon their posts. The Mayor spends his time in front of camera blaming everybody but himself and demanding instant solutions to 90 thousand square miles of devastation.

But you need massive amounts of aid to a place at the other end of this road requiring a convoy. This road is five miles long. Other roads on which you must drive are another 20 miles. You must remove 25 miles of trees, houses, glass, cars, trucks, buses, bodies, dangerous downed electrical power lines that can kill in an instant, gas lines that have broken and are spreading natural gas that could be ignited with every spark of the power lines. You have five miles of flooded debris filled streets to go through.

It requires a minimum of a backhoe to move the trees...but this scene is repeated a thousand times over hundreds of square miles. The demand is that you have all these tree, power lines, trucks, cars and houses moved out of the way in 24 hours without endangering the rescue workers to allow the convoys to get through.

I get so sick of the complaining Fiberals who of course do everything perfectly. They would claim they would have moved all the debris along with the dangerous gas and electric threats at the snap of the fingers. The problem comes when they, in the form of Bill Clinton, did a much worse job than FEMA did in New Orleans with much less area to cover and no water to pump out. Clinton’s FEMA took a total of two weeks just to get to some of the affected areas of a Florida hurricane during his administration.

So the truth is that Fiberals are so political in their assessment of natural disasters, they are not just anti-American, they are anti-truth, anti-people and rejoice in the death and destruction because they see the pain and suffering as a path to political power. They make me sick.

The reality is that the disaster relief was incredible. Incredibly fast and amazingly the number of deaths was less than a fifth of the worst predictions...a wonderful success...not perfect but amazing.

Three cheers for the heros of Katrina...and the continuing work that is going on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Or, How corrupt can you get? just ask Jefferson........!

Even in the annals of political hyperbolic hypocrisy, some examples stands out far and above others. Such was the case of congressman William Jefferson D-LA in the congressional committee hearing today on the problems during Katrina.

This utterly corrupt congressman (named so by the attack dog liberal-Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-CREW), had the total gall to accuse former FEMA director Michael Brown of irresponsiblity in handling the response to Hurricane Katrina.

This is the same congressman who diverted a national guard helicopter from rescuing people during Katrina to save personal valuables from his house in New Orleans from looters. That action should exclude him from being allowed to ask Mr. Brown or anyone at FEMA any question about anything. He is corrupt and dishonest. But then he’s a fiberal Democrat and what do you expect fiberal Democrats: honesty? Sorry, that’s a contradiction in terms.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


The world’s leading climatologist, Barbra Streisand, has declared a “Global Warming Emergency.”
Quick, evacuate the earth.
Get on the next rocket to mars.
Move to Greenland where the ice is melting and there are no more than 2 or 3 hurricanes per century.
Establish a moon colony to save the children.

I feel so much better that now I know with her amazing intellect that she’s declared a global emergency. Shut down all television shows, eliminate the film industry, dump the recording industry. It will save billions in gas and help clean the air with less power needed cleaner and much less morally-polluted air.

Sound like a good idea to me.


I DEMAND to know why the
American government does
not respond perfectly to
any and all events that
occur in the world,
especially to those events
that affect we Americans

Friday, September 23, 2005


Since it's now a given fact, established by rabid media and global warmists that Presidents who fail to sign environmental treaties cause hurricanes, I wondered which president had caused the most...turned out to be: SURPRISE, SURPRISE - President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Ran across this interesting fact last night. There were 4 category-5
hurricanes during a 13 month period (Sept. 60 to Oct 61) Kennedy’s presidency. He failed to sign one environmental treaty. I didn’t hear one complaint about the hurricanes being his fault from the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr., environmentalist non-excellence. As a matter
of fact, scientists during the Kennedy years were worrying about a new ice age.

Where’s the blame for his anti-environmentalist activities such as cutting
taxes and failure to sign environmental treaties. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm....Robert?

Many centuries ago the Vikings once tried to settle Iceland when the glaciers had receded.
They built a settlement with the expectation of a new colony. But guess what, their climatologists were unable to predict that the ice would return, advance and
they and their settlement would die.

Thursday, September 22, 2005



The International Monetary Fund is demanding that we raise taxes at one of the most difficult times in the history of America. I can’t imagine a more irresponsible idea. Just consider the difficulties that have occurred in the last 5 years.

1. Bill Clinton handed a recession economy to George Bush. Fortunately, Bush understood how to get out of it with tax cuts and we had the mildest recession in history.
2. 2000-election court challenges by Al Gore delayed a smooth transition to a new administration making things more difficult when the first disaster struck.
3. 911-terrorist attacks required a major financial commitment against terror which is on going.
4. Rooting out terror in Afghanistan was and is an on going expense.
5. The threat of WNDs in Iraq set off apoplexy among all politicians...ALL BRANDS...Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between, despite all the hand wringing of hindsight. Action was required.
6. Seven, soon to be 8 (Rita), of the most expensive hurricanes in the history of America have hit during this five year period. (Katrian, Charlie, Ivan, Frances, Jeanne, Allison, Isabel) And don’t pull a Robert Kennedy and claim the signing of the Kyoto treaty would have stopped them. That’s so utterly stupid it illustrates putrid thinking. It is a natural cycle, period. Try the National Weather services for proof.
7. Enron/WorldCom accounting scandals started and were perpetuated during the Clinton years and only came to a head during the Bush Administration.
8. The collapse of the Clinton economic miracle which was nothing more than hot air filling a bubble...that’s why they call it a bubble. It was full of hot air just as Clinton is and was. Seems appropriate that Clinton has had a condom named after him in China....up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon.
9. The Sumatra Tsunami which the world immediately expected America to carry the major financial burden for, which we have. Not like the cheap Saudis, who have made a killing in oil and gave a paltry few million in response.
10. A completely corrupt UN whose leaders stole billions in the food-for-old scheme and that went to the very top of the crooks who run that bogus institution.
11. And one of the worst elements of these horrendous difficulties is the fact, that Democrats, rather than pull together and try to solve the problems, have politicized every one of them making every resolution that much more difficult. They don’t care about America...they care about raw political power.

Needless to say had Clinton responded to the terrorists, responsibly, and not focused all his attention on thong panties, maybe some of these could have been avoided or at the very least reduced. Mogadishu set the tone. Clinton failed to understand the impact. In fact he didn’t have a clue. He was engrossed in “cigars” and blue dresses.

So to read the IMF is calling for America to raise taxes at this difficult time for America is sick. Their understanding of how to handle debt is zilch and their effort to undermine American’s economic success is simply an effort to spread their own misery.

Tell them to stuff it Mr. President. They deserve it.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The following is a letter I wrote to columnist Errol Louis of the "New York Daily News." His column criticized the effort in New Orleans. This is my response to his column. Given the size of Hurricane Katrina, the response, though not perfect, was heroic. He writes as though the rescue effort simply stopped everything. He conveniently forgets about the magnitude of the disaster and focuses on only those in New Orleans. But he was and is absolutely wrong. It was nearly impossible to reach everybody who needed help. But help started and has increased daily from everyday Americans in addition to the Federal Government that is absolutely amazing. The death toll is likely to be a tenth of what was irresponsibly predicted by Mayor Ray Nagin. In point of fact, the relatively few number of deaths is a testiment to the success of the effort. Especially given the roadblocks Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Nagin put in the way of FEMA officials it is amazing all rescuers did as well and as quickly as they did. I'm getting more and more tired of hearing the excuses of Black writers and leaders who refuse to examine their own rhetoric, motives and methods.

New York Daily News The Front Page 9-4-05


Why we couldn’t save the people of New Orleans (column title)

Dear Mr. Louis,

So, all of the people of New Orleans are dead?

I am a white man. I assume that the venom in your column “The ugly truth” on the New York “Daily Front Page” is
directed at me. You say it is my fault for what happened in New Orleans. I haven’t given enough. I
haven’t provided enough money. I haven’t handed over those things for which I’ve worked, to someone else. I
haven’t paid enough for black education. I have never helped the black man.

I come from a lower middle class back ground in Los Angeles. I’m from the East side of LA. I went to
night school, paid my own way to college and got an AA from East LA JC and was graduated from California
State University at Los Angeles. The racial and ethnic mix was wide and deep so I can say that I have had
some experience in diversity. My first real boss was a black man who to this day is one of the men I most
respect in my life. He was not like you. He didn’t make excuses. He didn’t blame everybody else for his
problems. He was the hardest working man I ever met.

But, your column has made me ask the question specifically of you:

What would you have us (as the evil “white man”) do? Do you want all whites to hand over all our money.
Is that your answer? Should we be summarily executed because we’ve only given 8-trillion dollars for the
poor in America of all races, ethnicities and nationalities in the past 30-40 years and it hasn’t helped?

What would you have us do? Do we ignore the serious problems in the black community that pit blacks against blacks? Do you want us to ignore what appears to be a “black” anti-education bias, fostered not by whites but by
your own culture? You’ve demanded that we ignore black crime. When we increase police presence, you
complain. When we reduce police presence you complain. When O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson (both
extremely wealthy blacks) are found not guilty, you cheer but I believe that in the back reaches of your
heart you too believe they’re guilty.

What would you have us do? Do you want us to ignore the Mayor of New Orleans' failures because he’s black,
and only blame white politicians? Should we ignore Mayor Ray Nagin’s failures to use school buses to help
evacuate people out of the city and applaud his criticism of national officials simply because he’s
black? Are you so intelligent or prescient that you could have predicted all the impossible problems that
had to be faced there and instantly solved them all? If you’re that smart why didn’t you tell the Mayor?

What would you have us do? Was it the white man and not “black looters” murdering, raping and pillaging
against their own black brothers and sisters? Why did your race and culture turn on their own? Was that the
white man’s fault? Is it the white man’s fault that “rappers” music frequently calls for murder and rape?
Is it the white man’s fault that teen pregnancy of unwed mothers in the black community is an epidemic
and the “Reverend" Jesse Jackson, your “religious” black leader is setting the example of having children
out of wedlock not to mention infidelity and yet he continues to be held out by you as a religious

What would you have us do? When the apparently prevalent direction toward education is that it is a
white man’s ploy against the blacks while you then complain about the quality of education. Is that too,
the white man’s fault. What would you have us do? When a DEMOCRAT, I repeat a “Democrat” you’ve described as a “notoriously corrupt" named Edwin Edwards ran for governor the black community voted for him and you falsely imply that Republicans supported KKK leader David Duke when, in fact, Duke was repeatedly repudiated and rejected by Republicans. Should we ignore the reality that Democrats have run New Orleans and
there are a high percentage of black officials, whose first call is, “give us money” with no corresponding
demand for personal responsibility.

The huge tragedy in New Orleans is sad beyond my comprehension. But, you as a black leader, offer no
solutions to problems (not created by the white man) but by a black culture that says if it's white it's bad.
Instead many, if not most, of these problems have been created by the lack of demand by leaders like you
who have focused, not just focused...but perpetuated the “anti-white” hysteria as
a method of excusing your own failures so you can maintain your own personal power.

Having lived and grown up in Los Angeles, I was there during the Watts riots. I watched the burning. I
watched the murder and mayhem, always blamed on the white man, while the truth was black on black pain. I have no doubt you instantly labeled me a racist as you began reading this letter, which is the first line of
defense so you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, is this really all and always the white man’s fault?

I have seen a whole variety of ethnic peoples flourish in America and most have come here with no more than the
slaves did. I noticed in your rant, that you mentioned the scandals and convictions of 14 Louisiana state judges but
failed to mention their race. I do not now the racial make-up of those judges, but was it intentional that
you did not mention their races? Were they all white? Were there black law breakers? It appeared to me
that you were trying to stack the deck. You implied that only “whites” commit crimes against blacks. Your whole column does that.

Quite frankly Mr. Louis, I find your brand of perpetual excuses for the travails of America’s blacks, as “ALWAYS” the fault of the white man, tiresome and dishonest.
Bill Cosby has been working hard to overcome your type of stereotypical labeling of any and all white people and focus on the problems inherent in
American black culture that are caused by blacks but making excuses by blaming everything wrong on the white man. You label Cosby instantly and reject his call for personal responsibility.

You take the easy way out using
Blame, blame, blame. But it sure doesn’t solve anything.
Look in the mirror Mr. Louis. We “whites” certainly are far from perfect, but then so are you.

I have chosen not to sign this because of the way you find blame. I do not intend this for publication, but
I believe it is a fair and honest criticism of your conclusions. I’m confident you’ll label me an example
of your self-indulgent wrath. Unfortunately, you are perpetually focused on the past and locked in the
blame game and it’s to the detriment of America. I’m sad for you. Your column and conclusions suggest that
you don't want to overcome the problems of slavery, you want to wallow in them like Jesse Jackson and the
race card crowd who need to perpetuate racial division to maintain power.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Cindy Sheehan is dumber than a Banana Slug!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Is Islam Committing Suicide?

Islam is a sick religion. It has a full blown cancer growing on it that will surely kill it if it does not act quickly. In Iraq and even elsewhere, radicals have targeted other Muslims and are killing them in unprecedented numbers. Sunni Muslims are attempting to start a civil war with Shiites in Iraq. Is that what Muslims really be killing other Muslims?

“The London Times” reported today one of the sickest stories I’ve read yet by the Abu Musab Zarqawi Al Qaeda led terrorist group. Quoting the “Times:”

“In Tal Afar itself yesterday, where some 10,000 US and Iraqi troops have been engaged in a massive offensive to recapture the ethnically divided town from Sunni insurgents, commanders spoke of the “horrible” abuses they had uncovered. The details were prophetic reminder of what al-Qaeda’s supremacy may bode.

“The enemy here did just the most horrible things you can imagine, in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child’s body and waiting for the parent to come recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parents,” said Colonel H R McMaster, a senior American commander in the town.”

If this report is accurate, Zarqawi and his Al Qaeda followers are sounding more and more like Saddam Hussein every day, and again Muslims are paying the horrible price.

And this is the type of regime that fiberal anti-war peace-at-any-price crowd want to allow to re-take Iraq. If so, they’re just as sick as Zarqawi and his blood thirsty haters. As I’ve written in my essay “Peace or Freedom” “peace without freedom is a euphemism for slavery.”

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


America as we knew it is dead. With the media’s help fiberals have politicized every aspect of American life.

If you’re a white’re a racist.
If you’re black’re a victim.
If you’re a black’re an Uncle Tom.
If you’re a’ve no right to an opinion of any kind.
If you’re a’re the only one with compassion.
If you’re hate the poor.
If you’re fiscally’re repressive.
If you drive an’re destroying the environment.
If you’re starving the poor in third world countries.
If you want to be’re stealing energy from the destitute.
If you want to be’re forcing elderly Frenchmen to die.
If you want’re empowering big pharmaceuticals.
If you’re a Republican and’re polluting the air.
If you’re a parent and preach waiting til’re a sexual repressive.
If you oppose want to kill women.
If you support personal’re a Nazi.
If you make you children do’re a slave master.
If you free the’re a warmonger.
If you defend your’re spit fodder.
If you want an originalist're destorying the Democrat power base.
If your 12-year-old daughter wants an're not allowed to know.
If your name is're always wrong about everything.
If you're a fiberal...hate is you're primary political agenda.

Are you getting as tired of Democrats and the Mainstream media
biased accusations as I am? This is the America Fiberals are trying to foist on
the rest of us. I for one am fighting it tooth and nail.

Monday, September 12, 2005

NewsGnome’s HEROS OF HATE #2

Naming the "Blame Crowd"

KATHLEEN BLANCO: Louisiana Governor blaming President George BUSH while she was refusing the delivery of RED CROSS relief supplies for the victims in the Superdome because she was afraid that more displaced people would come for help.

C. RAY NAGIN: New Orleans Mayor for blaming everybody but himself, even though he failed to put into operation the disaster preparedness plan practiced only a year before Katrina. Now he’s using race as an issue to deflect blame from his own incompetence.

SEAN PENN: Actor, for loading a boat fulls of sycophants to “save the children” and just about drowning everybody in it when he screwed up by not plugging a hole in the bottom of the boat. He made sure he had his cameraman in the boat...but not room to rescue children. In his first effort to rescue someone he screwed up and has the gall to blame everybody else for not acting perfectly. And, here is one of Hollywood's anti-gun heros carrying a shotgun in New Orleans. What's he going to do shoot the survivors?

KANYE WEST: Rapper who justifies murderous lyrics against police and women, but ruins an effort to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina by turning it into a bash BUSH campaign.

MARY LANDRIEU: Louisiana senator who is using the pain and agony of the victims of the Katrina tragedy for her own personal political gain rather than just doing everything necessary to help those in need.

JESSE JACKSON: so-called “Reverend” for attempting to extort cash out of the worst natural disaster in American History.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Is race really a factor in the Katrina recovery?

On today of all days, I can’t help but think of the reaction and effort that went into the rescue of the victims of 911. They were people of all races, ethnicities, religions and countries . Then I think of the actions and response of New York Mayor Rudy GIULIANI not wasting his time blaming the terrorists or government, but doing everything he could to solve the problems faced by that terrible disaster brought on by men of hate. I think the most important thing Mayor Giuliani did was to be everywhere giving encouragement, aid, cutting red tape, and perhaps of all these important things hugging the bereaved in this unthinkable tragedy. America opened up her heart, energy and wallets.

Then I think of the terrible natural disaster in New Orleans and the mammoth response that is occurring there, a different Mayor emerges. Was and is the response perfect, no. Nothing could have been perfect. The scope and devastation of this disaster overwhelmed everybody. But the reaction of New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin was remarkably different. He knew in advance it was coming and essentially did nothing. Even though he had a plan in place he failed to aggressively activate it.

Now he’s blaming everybody but himself. It’s white racists, anti-poor bigots, failure of the Louisiana Governor or the federal government. IT’S NOT MY FAULT he proclaims on television! That’s not true. He failed to implement the emergency plan so it was his fault. America has opened her heart, energy and wallets to help. In the long run, the amount of money and effort to help the Katrina victims will far surpass that given to victims of 911.

What a stark contract in Mayors. One mayor was tireless in helping 18 hours a day. No blaming others, no race baiting, no TV interviews for self aggrandizement. The other blaming everybody for a natural disaster, claiming race played a part in the rescue effort and of course attempting to capitalize on the death and devastation by attempting to shift the blame from his own incompetence.

Is race, in particular, involved? Sadly, the answer is yes. Ray Nagin is a racist. Not just racist, he is horribly inept and ungrateful as well. He is and has been doing a poor job helping the citizens of his city. While all of America and many countries are helping, Nagin is looking to blame. Look in the mirror, Mr. Nagin. You’ll find the start of your problems there. Why not go to work as Mr. Giuliani did and quit blaming others?

Friday, September 09, 2005


The National news media and all media are doing a terrible politically-focused job covering Katriana. They have politicized the problems to the maximum extent and as a result, their coverage is biased, but even worse it is failing to tell the story of the successes.

It has also cost lives. Because of the total focus on New Orleans and the alleged racial bias there, more effort at one area while other areas, just as hard hit and devastated and some even worst because whole towns were leveled, had to fend for themselves. The focus on the “race card” in one area to the detriment of other areas is media coverage at it’s worst.

Yes racism played a part in the response. If you were white, you were discriminated against. If you were white, you don't get a mite. The Media’s second by second coverage of New Orleans, catered to an incompetent mayor and a corrupt governor, creating, perpetuating and practicing a whole new brand of racism.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Beyond Absurd

"Who would you allow to die first if you were the rescuer?"

Everyone is calling for an investigation into the Federal response to Kratrina disaster. The claim is that the government was too slow in responding. NBC’s John Siegenthaler said the response was “too little too late.” If it’s too late then we don’t have to respond. Is that what you’re saying Mr. Siegenthaler? What an absurdly stupid statement for a so-called network news anchor to make.

The slow response claims are absurdly dishonest. No government on earth could have responded any faster or with more dispatch and effort.

Why would I stay that, because the extent of Katrina was so enormous that it would be impossible. The National Weather Service said the impact areas of the storm covered 90-thousand square miles hundreds of cities and towns not to mention scattered rural areas. Just think of that! I want you to respond instantly to every crisis caused by Katrina over a 90-thousand square miles area-- INSTANTLY! It’s idiotically absurd at the least.

No, I repeat, NO government agency could have provided assistance to an area that enormous in the time demanded. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans not a combination of both including the Greens, Libertarians or who ever you want to add. It was an impossibility.

The absurdity of New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin and Louisana Governor Kathleen Blanco's statements are unforgivable in light of the huge efforts made by the rescue workers. To politicize this disaster by the absurd fiberals like Hillary Clinton is more than shameful, it is detrimental to America, all because she drools to be president. What a pathetic excuse for a leader she is.

I detest people like Clinton, Nagin, Blanco whose soul purpose is to politicize a disaster for political gain. A pox on their houses.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Dummy in a Boat

The fiberal lefties have been using the Katrina tragedy in the south to bash Bush. So what else is new? It simply doesn’t matter what he does, it’s wrong. However, every so often hyper-critical fiberals get a chance to prove just how utterly stupid they really are.

Such an incident occurred to Sean Penn, the perennial “hate American first” icon of the left. It seems the “brilliant” actor went to New Orleans to “save the children” launching his boat into the flood. However, instead of a cape and tights, this “super hero” was wearing a flack jacket, a baseball cap, and his ubiquitous person photographer so his super-deeds could be recorded for humanity. Turns out that may not have been such a good idea.

In what has to be one of the most illustrative moments of this terrible tragedy and the difficulties that everybody faces at the sheer enormity of the task at hand, Penn launches his boat to do his “super hero” duties and forgets to put the cork in the bottom of the boat and immediately the boat starts sinking.

There is the great Hollywood “super hero” going to “save the day” and “rescue the children” nine days after the hurricane hit and the idiot forgets to plug the hole in his own boat and is forced to use a red plastic cup to bail out his boat to save his own butt.

Bystanders jeered from the shore calling “where are you going to put the children? There were so many people in the Penn entourage that there was no room in the boat for the children he was going to rescue.

Many-a-time I’ve wished I could say to Mr. Penn....PUT A CORK IN IT it has real meaning. And the rest of you mean-spirited fiberals sitting on your computer butts criticizing everything being done to save people, PUT A CORK IN IT, you’re not as perfect as you think you are.

It’s not as easy as it looks Mr. Penn, when there’s only “one take” and no stuntmen.

Tip of the Hat to the "Herald Sun" Biloxi 9-5-05

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I was going to make a long explanation of CrankyLiberal’s ( comment to me about his censoring my opinions on his blog, but the simple fact is: CRANKY DENIED HE CENSORED MY COMMENTS THEN ADMITTED HE CENSORED MY COMMENTS.

One of my comments Cranky called abusive and censored is on my August 22, 2005 NewsGnome Blog “THE DUMBEST BLOG POST I’VE EVER READ.” If you want to read really abusive comments on Cranky's blog, read what Catharine Amanda (one of his regular contributors) called my children and me that he didn’t censor. She called my daughters prostitutes and me a child molestor. The problem with my comment really wasn't that it was abusive but that it made Cranky look so stupid.

His comment (to NewsGnome about his censoring) is pasted in-toto below.

Cranky Liberal said...

Of course he [meaning NG] fails to point out the deletion of comments came months after he accused me of doing [sic], even when his comments were so prominantly [sic] posted on my site. Or [sic] that the comments that were deleted were after I warned him that abusive comments would not be tolerated. But yeah [sic] I censored him finally. Whats [sic] the problem with that? He wanted to be censored and he was. Private property rights and all [sic]. I don't have to allow a stranger to trash my house, I don't have to allow someone to trash my site.

Feel Free [sic] to delete Rand. You know you want to.

8/31/2005 6:59 AM

Please note that Cranky is using my first name. I have not necessarily tried to hide my name but he has gone to great lengths to hide his, which is just another example of fiberal hypocrisy. He even posted my name on his blog but again is unwilling to identified himself. Posting someone’s real name on a political blog is an effort at intimidation because it opens you up to all sorts of Internet crazies and Cranky is fully aware of this threat and did it anyway. It's the real reason he hides his own name. When someone, like Cranky, does everything he can to hide who he is, I wonder what he is hiding.

PS: From the “Lynch-Guide to Grammar”: “Sometimes, though, you may have to quote something that looks downright wrong. In these cases, it's traditional to signal to your readers that the oddities are really in the original, and not your mistake. The signal is "[sic]": square brackets for an interpolation, and the Latin word sic, "thus, this way." (Since it's a foreign word, it's always in italics; since it's a whole word and not an abbreviation, it gets no period.) It amounts to saying, "It really is this way, so don't blame me."