Monday, August 25, 2008


Why does Chris Collingsworth of NBC news hate America. He was a successful athlete. He earned a great deal of money. He’s on television as a commentator earning even more money.

The following is a paragraph from Paul Weyrich on NewsMax.

"Sportscaster Chris Collingsworth asked Bryant why he would give up his summer to play with the American Olympic team when he could be earning big bucks at home. Bryant said that when he got the Olympics uniform he spread it out on his bed and gazed at it for a long time. He said, “Our country, we believe, is the greatest county in the world, and it’s given us so many great opportunities and it’s just this sense of pride that you have, that you say, you know what? Our country is the best.”

Collingsworth was not expecting that sort of comment. Taken aback, he asked Bryant if such pride isn't a relic of a bygone era."

These are the kind of reporters on NBC generally both in the sports department and the news department. They hate America. They simply can’t understand why someone would be patriotic in America. So to Chris Collinsworth...why would anybody think you’re worthy to kiss the souls of the boots of the soldiers that keep you protecte.d. Cheers to the patriotic to America Kobe Bryant. Thank You Collingsworth, Go to Hell! And be quick about it. Hell is Iran...go there, you’ll love it with your attitude and we’ll be glad you’re gone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Democrats CLAIM we “can’t drill our way out of the oil crisis,” which is a flat out lie. I know we can’t “alternative energy” our way out of the crisis. Less than two per cent of our energy is obtained from wind and solar so they’re so far down the list of supply possibilities for the next 50 years its impossible. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that to supply Manhattan with wind energy it would take a wind farm the size of Connecticut, so T. Boone Pickens has his head in a place where the son doesn’t shine.

The Truth is that we definitely CAN drill and convert coal our way out of our dependence on foreign energy. That doesn’t mean that oil won’t be expensive, but we could be a net exporter of oil to China and get some of our money back and at least we would have a way to cut our trade imbalance with the Chinese. If we don't go after our own oil NOW, in ten years gas could easily go to $10 to $15 dollars per gallon, then what would you do for a job? The American economy will die on the vine and your job with it.

Believe the lie if you want, but believe too, you'll be killing America too.

So when you hear the Democrat Lie...We can’t drill our way out of’s just that, a lie


Monday, August 18, 2008


If you ever wondered how stupid “greenies” could be, you have to read the August 18th
Wind Jammers column on the Opinion page of the WJS. The hypocrisy of their stand and the sheer idiocy cannot be over stated. If they keep this up, they will destroy the American Economy without half trying, and Obama is one of them.

Tip of the hat to WSJ for illustrating the utter frustration of dealing with people who only feel and refuse to think.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


If there was ever a time to say NO to having an inexperienced rookie for a president, now is the time. Barak Obama simply does not have the critical foreign policy or legislative experience to handle an issue such as the Russian/Georgian conflict which could easily erupt into a world war.

I don’t like John McCain much, but at least he has the right kind and depth of experience at a crucial time. I say no to an Obama gamble. The future of America is certainly at risk. 143 Days in the US Senate is simple not enough time to gain the experience to lead America. Obama wants to surrender in Iraq just as we are winning. He has no clue what to do in Georgia/Russia conflict. He proposes socialistic solutions to America’s problems. He would put North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Syria on the same plane as America. We simply cannot afford that lack of experience.

I vote NO on OBAMA

Saturday, August 09, 2008


For the life of me I can't figure out why everybody
is concerned about John Edward's affair with a bimbo.
Haven't we already settled this once and for all during
the Clinton bimbo eruptions which Hillary totally ignored
or defended or denied. And didn't Clinton get off the
lying to a federal judge and impeachment because it was
just sex and not one Democrat Senator went to or read the documentation
provided by the investigators housed in a special room in the
Capitol especially for their eyes only revealing what Clinton
actually did?

James Carville ended the question when he said it's
just about what...everybody lies about sex!!!
And it didn't stop Bill Clinton not only from being
elected or breaking the sexual harassment laws by
fooling around with a 21-year-old intern who was
an underling...pun very much intended...or get him
convicted during impeachment.

Remember, sexual improprieties by Democrats are totally
acceptable...and totally unacceptable by any Republican.
Case settled!

Get Over it. Who cares if Edwards did it while his wife is dying of
cancer and he is lying...It's just sex, Thank you James baby.


Friday, August 08, 2008


We are winning the war in Iraq. Peace is breaking out all over. The Iraqi government has collected oil surplus profits of about $80 billion dollars which are NOT being using to help finance the rebuilding of it's own country. They're still using American Taxpayer money. Iraqi leaders say they are aiming to pump about 4.5 million barrels per day soon....that's almost twice what Saddam was pumping and could ultimately bring a trillion dollar windfall profit to Iraq coffers.

That much oil will increase world supply and lower prices. You haters have said that the Iraqi war was all about oil but we have not confiscated one barrel to repay Americans who have so far paid totally for freeing their country from tyranny and oppression, from rape chambers and from torturous murder rooms and rebuilding infrastructure.

Here's the challenge question for you Bush haters. Now that the war is being won, peace is returning and Iraq is rejoining the real world, do you demand that some of the huge windfall oil profits Iraq is now collecting, be returned to the American tax payers who footed the bill?

Be very careful how you answer this because if you claim that a portion of that oil money should be returned to America, you will be hypocritically demanding exactly what you castigated Bush/Cheney for....fighting the war for oil. You must answer that any oil Iraq pumps and sells and the profits it reaps with high oil prices, must specifically NOT be given to America to repay us for our rebuilding their war torn county and providing their new freedom.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have been wondering how to express my FEAR of the election of Barack Obama and his liberal/socialistic solutions to America’s governmental needs. Then I got this email from my daughter-in-law and it explained exactly the problem with liberal/socialistic government solutions. This is exactly the type of government agency service and medical care we will have all over the country if Obama and a veto proof Democrat Congress is elected and controlled by big unions. Good Luck America...STOP THE WORLD I WANNA GET OFF.

Hi Everyone-- Just thought i'd share my exciting day with you....

Im glad I have learned to love Philadelphia BEFORE I had to register my car! Because if not, I don’t think I would have lasted a week.

So, since the tags on my car expired on July 31, the super on-the-ball-gal that I am, decided to register my car on Aug 1. (you know, to beat the long lines and avoid the DMV for as long as possible).

So I packed the kids up and left by 8am to beat the crowds. i was told by a friend to go to a car service station where they could do the emissions, etc and also the actual registration. So i arrived right on time only to find out that I had to go to a different place since i moved from out of state. so I put the kids back in the car and drove to the next place where I was then told I was in the wrong place, but I could walk a few blocks to the correct location.

SO the kids and I walked and were greeted by an extremely questionable crowd outside the door of the building. Of course they were all outside waiting for it to open... so we waited and waited until 9 am and then all entered like little rats at feeding time.

after waiting in that line, the man explained to me that i had to have a PA driver's license in order to register my car in PA. Oh, that was news since my friend told me she was able to do it without a PA license--(at the first place we went) but ok, i was still in a decent mood. so the man told me the address of the "best" place to go.

I should have asked him what his definition of BEST is.

so we get in the car and head to the BEST location which is in the heart of philadelphia-- right in China town and about a half hour drive from where I was. (mind you it was about 9 miles away, just a lot of traffic). Of course we get there and there is absolutely nowhere to park. I drove around in circles for about 15 mintues and finally found a 1 hour metered parking place about 3 blocks away. hmmm...why would they only have 1 hour parking places by a DMV??? So we get out of the car, put my $ in and told the kids we needed to hurry since we only had one hour.

the first thing we were greeted by was the profile of a bare bum --a homeless woman peeing on the side of the rode. that was special. then we walked on by the bus station where a ginormous woman in a white dress and headphones was dancing seductively while looking into the mirrored doors of the station....hmmm

we arrived at the license center, waited in line, and when we got to the front we were told that we could not pay with cash or credit card but that we had to have a money order.....OH OF COURSE!!! WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!? So she told me where I could go to get a money order "right around the corner there is a jewelry store who sells them". Ok.

So we left, and started wandering around looking for this jewelry store... I know i am in a questionable neighborhood because there is a police officer on just about every corner. we look and look and walk and walk and dont find it. then I see a bank! yeah! so i wait in line at the bank-- which took 10 minutes. When i get to the front the ever so kind woman explains that since i am not a customer of the bank, she cannot sell me a money order. I then began to beg her. she was cold as stone. She referred me to the jewlery store down the street that sells them.

So we all start walking again. Remember that this is summer-- about 90 degrees and 500% humidity, i am dragging two kids who are hungry, bored, and want to go home-- and I am about 10 months pregnant and my feet are bursting out of my shoes with water retention.

We finally find the "jewelry store" which i honestly didnt see any jewlery, but a small Western Union sign on the roof. (clearly out of sight since we were walking under the roof..) and headed back to the DMV. Luckily the process went somewhat quickly and as they called my # I realized that I only had 5 minutes to get back to my car. So i told her and she quickly took my money, etc.

I still had to wait in a different line to get my picture, etc... but I could leave and come back.
OK! LETS GO KIDS! on another walk for 3 blocks, back to the car (next to the scary bus stop) to put a few more quarters in.... and then walk back! of course when i got there I was 2 minutes late and had a big "VIOLATION" on my windshield. a ticket. Shocking.

You can only imagine the rest... me waiting in line again... wiping the tears away so they can take my picture, the kids are still hot, hungry and having a very "boring" day. Yes, very boring...

So we left with absolutely no time to go back and actually get the car registered... it was noon already-- 4 hours from the time we started, and I had a doctor's appointment at noon. SO i arrived 1/2 hour late for my appointment, entering in to a waiting room so full of people the girls and i could not sit next to eachother. (of course we have state insurance-- which we are VERY grateful for, but you do get what you pay for). THere we waited 2 1/2 hours for my appt which took 5 mintues (blood pressure looks good, baby seems fine, you need to watch your weight....NEXT TIME I WILL GOT TO THE Local pharmacy and have them check my blood pressure and I will call the doc if i get worried!). and of course even at the drs. office we get to pay for parking so i paid the $5 parking fee (luckily we got out before the next 1/2 hour charge) and went home.

A day of "work" and still my car is not registered... the car is still full of books to return to the library and things to mail at the PO (more government institutions)... but we are all too grouchy to care...

However we are grateful that we are all healthy and alive...and that the government doesnt run the 7-11 where we got our slurpees in record time.

This is what you get with OBAMA government of liberal/socialism. As for me...I don’t want it...but if Obama is elected it is exactly what we’ll get.
Is this what you want?