Sunday, December 22, 2013


Barack Obama has been a difficult person to evaluate.  I've been unable to really say what it is about him that makes him seem so unappealing.  His policies have been disastrous to everyone and the constitution.  He's been haled as a magnificent orator.   I agree he is a good teleprompter reader.  As for his oration, it is incredibly repetitious and numbingly boring. 

But even that isn't his problem.  Those who know him say he is gracious and friendly.  To me his appearance is just the opposite.  He appears aloof and not engaged in reality as though he is above the mundane elements of life.

So what is his problem.  For me it is that he is totally humorless.   Obama is about as funny as a vomit sandwich.  Reagan used his unending variety of humorous stories like a razor on his opponents and Americans loved him for it.  Reagan was naturally and personally engaging with his humor when he needed to be. He honed his skills with the addition of his infectious smile.  When Obama smiles it's as though his apotheosis is at hand so his photograph must make him appear visionary which winds up being the opposite.

But Obama is just the opposite of Reagan too.  He acts as though everything he says should be chiseled in stone.  Since he has no humor and he doesn't know how to use it to connect with average Americans his communication skills are negligible.   He is not a good orator. He is a humorless dredge.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I am reminded ad nauseam that the world is warming and it's my fault but I deny it and blame you.  I'm just following in Barack Obama's perpetual  Bart Simpson routine (I didn't do it, nobody saw me and you can't prove anything.)  I find a problem with this.  A few days ago, the coldest temperature in recorded was posted.  A mind numbing 135.6 below Zero in Antarctica within the last few of days.  The previous record was about 128.8 below.  Can you imagine what the wind chill would have been? 

December's storm that is still affecting the county and has set a ton of cold records across the USA.   In Australia, there have been record high temperatures while the frigid cold here .  The truth is, that record highs and lows are an incredibly misleading  way to track climate change.   The latest "global warming" hyperbole is that we're going to have 30 years of horrible ice storms all over the world.  Geeeeze, can you climate guys get your stinking act together even once in a while?

Every year, record highs and lows are recorded all over the earth and have been since records have been kept.  There is, in fact, no time on earth even before recorded history that has not experienced climate change.  The difference today, is that Al Gore has been able to capitalize on this bovine  and racked in millions while living his thousand-person carbon life-style, to which I wish to become accustomed.

And while contemplating how I could follow in AlGore's (space intentionally deleted in name) footsteps and pocket those same millions I was perusing Google Earth.  I discovered that if you put the island of Papeete just about dead center of your Google Earth picture, it becomes apparent that the earth, from one perspective, is very nearly all water on it's surface and we humans are not nearly as smart as we think we are.  Temperatures recorded on satellites above ocean surfaces have remained relatively  stable and  have added to the questionable veracity of climate modeling to date.

The "global warming" modeling by so-called climate geniuses has been incredible inaccurate.  The predictions by those models have been unendingly forecasting massive and continuous cataclysmic hurricanes for the past several years.  Just recently, it was reported that this year's number of hurricanes and there intensity has been one of the fewest and least damaging in recent history.  So much for those computers and their programmers.  Huge financial government grants can turn any scientist's head.

Monday, December 09, 2013


It is beyond my comprehension how completely ignorant young people are today.  Barack Obama has just about destroyed your job market.  There aren't any jobs when you get out of college.  If you didn't go to college, there aren't any blue-collar jobs because of increasing minimum wage demands or because of illegal immigrants have already taken them.  Why is it that high school students can't find summer work?  Care to guess my opinion?

If you want free medical care, check your premiums and deductables and the fact that they're much higher.  If you don't like that, how about a nice fine for not joining the Obamacare disaster while the IRS confiscates your federal tax return to pay your fine if you don't, provided you just might be one of the lucky ones who has a job and might get a return.

Job participation is a record low compared to historical figures.  Obama regulations have killed hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Obamacare will kill hundreds of thousands more.  Then Obama and his the Union buddies want to increase the minimum wage to a "livable" wage. 

If you ran a business to sell fix professional racing bicycles and you hired a kid fresh out of high school who can barely keep his pants up or a girl who's got her face glued to her Facebook account and is only worried about her BFF, would you pay either $15.00 per hour?  If they're directly out of high school, which level entry jobs are frequently made up of (or more frequently illegal aliens) you'd be broke in six months because they lack the experience to benefit the business.  A person has to be able to contribute to the bottom line like everybody.

Wake up you ignorant dufaces.  You're being skinned alive by Obama and the Democrats and you're too ignorance to even feel the pain. 

The Harvard Poll does give a little hope.  Young people 18-24think Obama should be impeached by more than a majority.  The millennials from aged 25 to 29 are fleeing Obama in droves because they can't find jobs or don't want to pay for everybody else's free health care.   

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?  Next Obama will be tanning your skin you'll wonder what happened.