Wednesday, March 28, 2007


American Muslims demand religious deference but refuse the same to any non-Muslim American. In Michigan, a group of Detroit Airport Islamic cab drivers have and are continuing to refuse to transport anyone carrying a bottle of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. What if a passenger wearing a yarmulka requests transport, will the Muslim cabbies be allowed to refuse passage? Airport authorities have capitulated to Muslim demands and are allowing the impudent Muslims to discriminate against certain Americans. If that’s the case, the passenger should be allowed to discriminate too. I wonder how long will it be before Muslim cabbies have a right to deny a ride to anyone carrying a bible or other religious book.

I say, let the marketplace decide. If a Muslim cab driver refuses to transport certain passengers, identify those cabs who are allowed to discriminate. Then, if a passenger decides not to use a Muslim driver and demands another cabby so be it. The Muslim driver should then be returned to the rear of the cab line and wait for a passenger who is willing to accept the cabby’s restrictions. I don’t believe it’s right for Muslims to break American law and force their religion on me if I am not allowed to force my religion on them. Apparently, the Airport authority doesn’t agree and allows discrimination. We have Fair Housing laws...why not Fair Cab laws?


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Evan Sayet (writer/humorist/pundit)

Brilliant presentation at the Heritage Foundation by Evan Sayet posted on the Drudge Report. His subject is “How Modern Liberals Thinks.” He also talks about what the dominating control functions of modern “Liberals” are. It is 47 minutes long and worth every second.


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Associated Press officially joined the Jihad terrorist Al Qaeda organization today. In their headlines and in their story of the murder of 7 American Soldiers by an Iraqi car bomb AP praised the resiliency of Sunni insurgents. If there was ever a question about whose side AP is on, this answers it.

Can you imagine the American Press praising the resilience of the Japanese soldiers during the Bataan Death March, or the Nazi’s engineering skills in building the Auschwitz gas chambers.

Read it for yourself: Associated Press praises the murder of Americans

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Reverend Al Gore: Purveyor of Fear

He who predicts and defines a brand of fear is the very one who wants the power to define and dictate solutions to control the victims and targets of that fear.

Three articles recently have predicted that the world is coming to an end in ten years or so. It is impossible to describe just how utterly stupid these predictions are. Actor Ted Danson predicted in 1990 that the oceans would be dead in ten years if we didn’t take actions he proposed. Those actions weren’t taken, and the oceans survived.

Al Gore and his fear mongering isn’t really interested in or care about the climate, nor does he really believe what he preaches. The truth is, it's simply his vehicle to gain power by predicting and defining fear then demanding he be given the power to control the solutions. Just consider how much he’s made in owning a company that sells carbon indulgences. He even bought them from his own company and made a profit on the sale. Thus he controls the victims using the fear and profits from it.

People who believe in the man-caused global warming are going to look like total idiots when the earth reveals the puny arrogance of man...especially those with greengoritis.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Do you believe in “global warming” or “climate change? Have you breathlessly watched as Al Gore in his Oscar winning big lie called an “Inconvenient Truth” spout faulty science and soaked it in as equivalent to the four gospels, Quran, Mao’s little Red Book, Anarchists Anonymous, or anti-capitalist, America or democracy all rolled into one. Well fear not folks, there is another side to the story and Al forgot to mention a few important things that impact the climate...among others minor things like the sun.

Now if you have, have you ever listened to the other side of the story? Do you have the guts to watch the British Channel 4 anecdote to “greengoritis”? You could save your sanity from the demand of fiberal propaganda demanded by the left.

Definition - greengoritis: noun; an infectious disease that renders those infected unable to deny all scientific fact that does not conform to environmentalist demands espoused by Al Gore and a host of “green” scientists (who are trying to keep their research grants from governments flowing in that all-important color “green” cash.)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Back in 1964 the Democrats told me that if I voted for Barry Goldwater America would bomb North Vietnam. They were exactly right. I voted for Barry Goldwater and America bombed north Vietnam.

Today the Democrats told me that if I voted for Republicans the war on terror would continue and sure enough, just as Democrats predicted, I voted for Republicans in the 2006 congressional elections and the war on terror continues.

Only two times in my life that Democrats told the truth.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Little interesting oddities abound in politics and such is the case in the Hillary-Barack battle.

Spokesmen for Hillary Rodham Clinton demand that reporters always include her middle name when referring to her in their stories. Obviously, it is an effort to put as much distance as possible between her and her husband during the upcoming presidential primary campaign.

Now, spokesmen for her chief rival are demanding that reporters exclude the use of Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name when referring to their candidate because, they say it will hurt his chances in the upcoming presidential primary campaign.

So, Hillary wants us to use her middle name so we’ll forget her last name and Obama want us not to use his middle name so we’ll forget it’s the same as Saddam’s last name. Don’t ya just love politics.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Only in San Francisco can this level of stupidity and hypocrisy be reached

Well well, the fiberal bastion of America, San Francisco, says it’s OK to burn desecrate and destroy an American flag, but you’d better not tromp on the flags of Hamas or Hezbollah or you’ll be ejected from San Francisco State University. It’s called desecration of Allah by these erudite denizens of dipstickery on the far left coast.

A group of Republican students at that school, drew pictures of these terrorist flags on paper and then stepped on them to protest terrorism, and now SF State is threatening the students with possible expulsion. This is the same fiberal domain where they refused to allow an American Naval ship to establish its home port.

So, San Francisco State, once again, supports America’s enemies who kill us and supports them and their murderous causes, while making it illegal to protest our enemies actions through a simple protest. Typical fiberal.

Check World Net Daily for the whole story.

Definition of dipstickery: a condition afflicting fiberals that makes their thoughts, actions and statements so absurd it is impossible to define the depth of their stupidity.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


How pathetic! Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald did such a poor job in his prosecution of Scooter Libby, the jurors can’t even figure out what Libby’s crime was supposed to have been. Since no one was indicted for any crime relating to Libby's prosecution, how could he be guilty of a crimeless crime. But hate-filled Fiberal Fitzgerald illustrates the hate-politics that drives fiberal Democrats.

The one thing about the Libby trial proves about fiberals is they are vindictive for the sake of vindictiveness. Their vindictiveness was evident in the vicious and rabid attack by Hillary Rodumb Clinton on Barack Hussein Obama, for something another person said. It tells you a lot about how fiberals turn cannibalistic and eat their own when they can’t kill the enemy. Ironically, it's the same situation with Islamofacists. They are having a hard time killing Americans, so they kill their own brothers and sisters. It's a hate sickness that both they and fiberal Democrats have.


Monday, March 05, 2007


When I was under 30 we all said, never trust anyone over 30. Now that I’m over thirty we all say don’t trust anyone under 30. How the world changes.


Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, what’s it been....two months with the Democrats in power? And what’s happening....the stock market is going down the toilet, housing the taking a dump, the increased minimum wage has lowered the number of workers hired, and Hate-ocrats are out to investigate everything in the Administration instead of getting the serious issues facing our government resolved.

Believe it or don’t, there are some glimmers of hope from Iraq with the new policy of cleaning out the idiot terrorists imported from outside the country to cause death and destruction. Locals are starting to identify foreign insurgents in Baghdad and elsewhere in the country. Perhaps, the Iraqis too, are tired of the death squads and would like to live their lives in peace and freedom.

But don’t think that the American fiberal left will stand still for America winning the Iraq campaign. They will and are doing everything they can to have America lose the war and all for the sake of their personal power. They might as well have Osama bin Laden running their foreign policy.

Luckily, so far, the Fibs, haven’t been able to do anything meaningful. The glacial-paced Senate has stifled much of the wide-eyed Pelosi led house. Hillary Clinton’s eyes too are getting just as wild-eyed as Pelosi’s because an upstart half-black and half white guy is showing her for what she is, a bitter, take-no-enemies, would-be dictator with zero personal appeal and a lust for power that matches Adolph’s.

So, despite the fiberal effort at destroying the economic, not all is bad, but sadly, the price we are going to pay is going to be very high.