Tuesday, March 04, 2014


With America's foreign policy an utter failure it is horribly scary to contemplate that Barack Obama insouciance is fomenting World War III.  But, with his apotheosis in the minds of his obsequious sycophants, he will dither until Vladimir Putin with the Chinese, Iranians and other states try to  divide the world once again.

In discussing the world's precarious and explosive situation with my wife, she made the precise point of what Obama's doing regarding his foreign policy.  She said: "he's voting present."  What an absolutely astute truth!  He is voting present, just as he frequently did as an Illinois state senator .

His "failure to launch" on Syria, despite his "red line" threat, embolden Iran.  They continue to make nuclear grade uranium, develop missiles and threaten Israel.  China saw Obama's weakness and is now closer to war with Japan [and potentially Taiwan] over territory than at any time since World War II.  Putin heard his message that he'd have more latitude after the elections and understood that Obama could be rolled…the taking of Crimea by armed force is just the first step in what could be a wholesale rebuilding of the Soviet Union.  Other eastern European countries know they're now under threat. Thank you Mr. Obama.

He's refusing to even address the foreign policy issues that could kill billions.  Barack Obama proves once again he is beyond naive in understanding geopolitical issues.  Mitt Romney told him. Sarah Palin told him and all he did was mock them.  Now the "chickens are coming home to roost" to quote his favorite so-called "Christian pastor," and it's because of  Obama's policies, or lack there, that illustrate his voting present on the world stage and it's cost.

He is allowing the balkanization of Ukraine.  His decision on American energy restrictions have slowed our development of oil and gas fields that could have easily forced Russia to be much more circumspect with regard to their oil pipelines to Europe.  Domestic decisions do have an impact on the world.  Geopolitical decisions obviously have an impact on America and her interests.

Putin fully knows he has a strangle hold on the European oil supply with at least  seventeen oil pipelines going into those countries through Ukraine and that they will be in fear, causing them to fail to stand up to his thuggish geopolitical behavior.  Obama is not only voting present, he is completely impotent.