Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It is just days until the Iowa caucuses. The battle had boiled down to Gingrich and Romney. I have been lean toward Gingrich almost from the beginning based on his intellect and what he did in the 90s. He made Bill Clinton successful. His "Contract with America" one of the most successful political plan ever developed.

His proposals have been constant and seemly inexhaustible even when he needs to shut up. Therein lies the problem. He is accused by his critics of never having an unspoken thought. My biggest criticism is that he is the worst kind of Mercurial. He is brilliant, no question. Is he also excessively compulsive.

I've had enough with the Mercurial/narcissistic Barack Obama. I want some stability. One of the greatest lines Ronald Reagan made famous after Jimmy Carter's scatterbrained and frenetic jumping from issue to issue during his administrations was: "We will stay the course."

What that line meant to me was that even though changing the economy didn't happen instantly with Reagan's policies, he was confident enough to stay the course. From that point on, Americans realized that we no longer had to suffer through the weekly changes of the Carter Administration and could start to plan our lives with some constancy.

That's what we need now. Therefore, I am endorsing Mitt Romney. He has established what he wants to do for America, not Massachusetts and the individual political requirements of that period and state.