Monday, September 12, 2005

NewsGnome’s HEROS OF HATE #2

Naming the "Blame Crowd"

KATHLEEN BLANCO: Louisiana Governor blaming President George BUSH while she was refusing the delivery of RED CROSS relief supplies for the victims in the Superdome because she was afraid that more displaced people would come for help.

C. RAY NAGIN: New Orleans Mayor for blaming everybody but himself, even though he failed to put into operation the disaster preparedness plan practiced only a year before Katrina. Now he’s using race as an issue to deflect blame from his own incompetence.

SEAN PENN: Actor, for loading a boat fulls of sycophants to “save the children” and just about drowning everybody in it when he screwed up by not plugging a hole in the bottom of the boat. He made sure he had his cameraman in the boat...but not room to rescue children. In his first effort to rescue someone he screwed up and has the gall to blame everybody else for not acting perfectly. And, here is one of Hollywood's anti-gun heros carrying a shotgun in New Orleans. What's he going to do shoot the survivors?

KANYE WEST: Rapper who justifies murderous lyrics against police and women, but ruins an effort to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina by turning it into a bash BUSH campaign.

MARY LANDRIEU: Louisiana senator who is using the pain and agony of the victims of the Katrina tragedy for her own personal political gain rather than just doing everything necessary to help those in need.

JESSE JACKSON: so-called “Reverend” for attempting to extort cash out of the worst natural disaster in American History.


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All the usual suspects.