Thursday, November 21, 2013


The filibuster rule has been killed in the US Senate by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democrats.  The cloture rule is dead, dead, dead so Barack Obama's highly partisan's judicial appointments can be approve by the constitutional "advise and consent" rule.  If the Republicans do take the senate, it will allow Republicans power to stop all appointments by the Senate. 
Actor Jimmy Stewart went to Washington as Mr. Smith.  The character Mr. Smith filibustered and then was hanged for treason when Nevada Democrat Reid  yanked the latch on the gallows trap door this morning to effectively end the filibuster rule. A rule codified in 1806 in U.S. Senate rules.  

Ironically, Reid rose to filibuster in 2003 and doubly ironic is that Harry Reid filibustered  President George W. Bush judicial  nominees,  Miguel Estrada, a Hispanic immigrant for the D.C. Circuit, Janice Rogers Brown, a highly qualified black woman from the California Supreme Court  and William Pryor.  It could easily be concluded that Reid is anti-minorities based on his effort to filibuster and stop the appointment of these two minority judges.

In the "Mr.Smith goes to Washington" story, the filibuster was an effort by the character, Stewart, to stop the appointment of a corrupt stooge of a George Soros-type political power broker.

Reid was a panty-waste though when it  came to filibustering .  All he could muster was about eight hours.  U.S. Senator Ted Cruz hung in there for more than 21 hours in his recent filibuster.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I was disappointed when Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama.  I have been lamenting the fact that Romney would have known what to do to get the economy really rolling while Obama has been hell-bent on destroying it.  Romney tried to warn us.  But most Americans refused to believe that a president would really want to impose socialism on America.

As a conservative, I was not totally happy with all of Romney's positions, but had Romney won and he repealed Obamacare, Obama blind supporters would  never have believed and refused to even realized just how disastrous  Obama's signature legislation and the concept of socialized government medicine and personal medical care would have been to all Americans most of whom blindly accepted the Obama lie and even today refuse to see. It is ironic that Romney was probably the most prepared person to ever assume the presidency and Obama the least which has been made painfully obvious by his actions.

But God, in his infinite wisdom and mysterious ways, knew that the aggressively ignorant, self-indulgent and low comprehension Americans would not have believed Obama's socialist deception if it didn’t' hit them right in the face or perhaps specifically in the wallet.   Free medical care is the most expensive care ever created.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee deserved to be thanked.  They tried to warn us, but even the "Republican Leadership" criticized them.  Where is the apology Mr. McCain, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell?  Now even McCain has turned on a dime and is calling Obamacare a disaster claiming that it should be repealed.  Where, Mr. McCain, were you when Cruz and Lee were saying the exact same thing…..fighting for your own power not for the American people.

It's clear that the web page disaster is only the tip of the iceberg.  Individual insurance plan cancellations are in the process of affecting at least five-million Americans.  Obama claim "that that's only five per cent" attempting to depersonalize the affect. He's dismissing the pain it is causing those five-million Americans.  But just wait until the eighty-million Americans who have their group insurance cancelled next year.  Wait until more and more American will lose their doctors.  Wait until the lines in waiting room are two to three hour and emergency room waits  are eight to ten hours.  It already happens in southern border emergency rooms.

There is no doubt that an effort will be made to force doctors to take Medicare patients.  Obamacare is all about force, for patients, doctors and hospitals.

 It is painfully obvious Obama knew that Americans would lose the medical insurance they liked, but not only that, but doctors, speedy medical service and then have to face the prospect of death panels.  Unfortunately, while Obamacare is showing how bad it is to the average American, liberals are apoplectic that it is failing.  What they've demanded for generations is proving to be a millstone around their necks and they just may destroy America in the process.

 Charles Krauthammer is right.  It will only get worse and by the time this socialized health mess is cleaned up, America will come to hate even the intimation of socialized anything…especially socialized health care and liberals will be hiding under rocks for years to come.  In the meantime, low-comprehension voters will still be claiming that conservatives destroyed America not their beloved Obama.  They will remain clueless.