Thursday, August 25, 2011


Americans have wondered why the recovery has stalled, why there is so much fear and trepidation and most important why Americans and businesses are not spending and the economy not growing. It’s simple really. EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR OBAMA TO LEAVE so they can get their real lives back.

Once that monumental anchor Obamaism is removed from the American economy, the unprecedented weight of his excessive regulations, a sensible tax and fiscal policy, and strength with honor are returned to America and most important...we dump the worst president for the past 5369 years, I believe the America’s economy will lead the way to one of the biggest boom periods that the world has ever seen.

But that’s just my opinion, what the heck do I know, I’m just an American Senior Citizen who’s lived through thirteen presidencies.

Here is my ranking of those thirteen presidents.

#5369* Barack Obama: Worst destroyer of the Constitution, American way of life and economy ever. Women swooned and the world collapsed into chaos, division and hate, led by his hate of America. (I couldn’t remember any further back that wasn’t Genghis Kahn and he was better than Obama)

#5368* Jimmy Carter: Smartest presidential dunce America’s ever had and without a shred of common sense. But he was very nice if you are/were a Palestinian terrorist or needed a neighbor to swing a hammer. Note of caution: never asked him to add 2 and 2 or deploy rescuers.

#11 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Did an amazing job with Civil Rights and the worse with everything else including Viet Nam and the alleged war on poverty for which we are still paying.

#10 George W. H. Bush: “I just wanted to serve my country” He forgot there is more to being president than a suit and tie and that words like “no new taxes” have meanings.

#9 George W. Bush: He could be best of the worst, but revenge and a desire to be liked got in the way.

#8 Richard Nixon: As a president he did some great things such as China detente, but he forgot he wasn’t a dictator like Mao Zedong and assumed “no one” would ever hear those tapes recordings.

#7 Gerald Ford: Ford did one thing right but it cost him everything. He pardoned Nixon which allowed America to move forward. His worst fault was to think he could reason with Democrats, an intellectual impossibility.

# 6 Franklin Delano Roosevelt: He was the most unsuccessful president who is thought to have been one of the most glaringly successful of all the presidents. He did two things right, he created confidence in the people where there was none at the beginning of the Great Depression but attacked the Constitution while trying to pack the Supreme Court. His policies failed to correct the depression and after eight long years of his administration unemployment figures were still 14%. War War II, contrary to popular opinion, did not end the Great Depression.

#5 Bill Clinton: Johnny Cash sang it best. “Everybody Loves a Nut!” Bill was the most immoral, skirt chasing, zipper in perpetual down position scoundrel that women loved, except for his wife, of course” that America has ever known. His greatest accomplish was to do what Newt (the person with a real brain) said, and was and has been highly rewarded for doing so.

#4 John Kennedy: When everybody thinks you’re the King of Camelot you can do no wrong. Unfortunately, a little of Lancelot got into Kennedy’s briefs along with Marilyn Monroe and he almost got America into a nuclear war because of the babes he bedded. Jackie was a saint, unfortunately a liberal saint.

#3 Ike Eisenhower: All he ever did was win the greatest war ever fought, build the nation’s greatest road system, supply Americans with real peace for a while, and was a pretty good painter too. Don’t you long for the tranquility of the 1950s? It was a great time to be alive…Little Richard and Elvis in one generation……WOW!

#2 Harry S. Truman: Harry was the best average man that ever lived. He made the most impossible but necessary decision since Abraham Lincoln and saved more lives than any president who ever lived, both American and Japanese. Knew exactly where the buck stopped and didn’t triangulate about anything.

#1 Ronald Reagan: Probably the most brilliant constitutional practitioner and thinker America has ever known with the possible exception of founding father James Madison. He understood the spirit of the Constitution with the same understanding as George Washington. Reagan makes Obama look like a law professor who had enough devoted students to fill a bathroom toilet stall who couldn’t define the concept of a fart.

There’s the story folks. I’m WAITING FOR OBAMA TO LEAVE, so we can get back to the America of Reagan, Eisenhower and Truman.

Foot Note* Neither Obama nor Carter deserves to be named a top 13 presidential list, therefore I have chosen to list them in comparison to where their ranking more accurately reflects their leadership qualities.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Warren Buffett is a cheating hypocrite. He is demanding that others pay higher taxes while, as reported, he is avoiding paying taxes because he leaves his money in his corporation to avoid paying capital gains taxes. Undoubtedly, Buffett applies nearly all his expenses, with the exception his small house he has lived in for nearly his whole adult life, to his corporation Berkshire-Hathaway.

Buffett likes to brag that he pays fewer taxes than his secretary. That’s because he pays himself a small salary, less than she gets meaning he doesn’t have to pay earned income taxes, but doesn’t pay capital gains. In effect he is cheating the government that he demands that American pay higher taxes.

Buffett has indicated he will give most of his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation when he dies which means that the federal government will get basically nothing in taxes from his estate.

Buffett has three children. To get around paying taxes on money he gives to them, he established three foundations one for each of his children Howard, Peter and Susie. He then gave each of the foundations at least one billion dollars and made the children CEO’s of their individual foundations. It is not reported precisely, how much each of the children earn for their work as CEOs, but nearly all of their activities, including their homes, vacation homes, and the rest of their toys can be charged to the foundations as foundation expenses and they would not have to pay taxes on those items.

So while Buffett demands that others pay higher taxes, he chooses not to. Don’t you think that’s a little hypocritical on Buffett’s part?

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Eleventh Court Appeal ruled that Barack Obama can’t force Americans to buy medical insurance through his Obamacare mandate. This issue will go to the US Supreme Court who may decide that Americans can be forced to buy medical insurance.

If the justification for forcing the purchase of medical insurance is to “save money,” that same justification can be used to reduce government spending on the Military.

Switzerland requires each of citizens to have a military weapon and ammunition in their home to act as the country's army. Using the Obama forced purchase of medical insurance we can also force all American citizens earning various amounts to buy military weapon they must buy based on income:

· $00 to $2000 per month must purchase an M-16 rifles and 25 bricks of ammunition. Body armor is a personal choice. All residents are required to have at least one M-16 in all homes.

· $2000 to $5000 per month to provide one of the following in addition to their M-16: 10 RPGs.

· $5000 to $10,000 per month --three options. RPG ammunition of 100 units or 50 boxes of caliber machine gun ammunition, or 25 tank shells of various calibers, in addition, of course to their M-16 rifle.

· $10,000 to $25,000 per month will have the option to purchase anti-aircraft ammunition and guns, rocket launchers or bazookas.

· $25,000 to $100,000 per month will be required to provide a tank, troop carrier or rocket launching vehicle.

· $100,000 to $1,000,000 per month must have 1 to 10 air drone predators for both sea launch or land launch.

· $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 per month must have a series of 3 cruise missiles or a stealth fighter.

· Above $3,000,000 and all billionaires will have to buy an aircraft carrier, a nuclear submarine or B-2 bomber.

If Americans can be forced to buy medical insurance, they can be forced to directly purchase our military needs and reduce that budget down to nearly nothing. The options for each home are endless as to which weapons Americans can be forced to buy.

This could go a long way of reducing American over spending by the Obama administration by taking advantage of Obama’s method of forcing Americans to buy medical insurance.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


The liberal mantra is that the people need to "speak truth to power." However that mantra only applies to one side of the political spectrum. If you are a conservative the mantra is "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT" to power. Nowhere is that more evident in the Barack Obama so-called press conferences. It was extremely apparent just how stifling even the liberal media has been to helping liberals squelch conservative questions and even making the effort to close media events to conservative media outlets.

It's certainly not a surprise. Another example is that a conservative attempted to question the responsibility of Democrats on the downgrading of American credit ratings. Representative Dick Durbin D-Ill. was asked a question by William Kelly, a freelance reporter for various conservative media outlets, was attacked by other Chicago MS media type Jim Anderson, News Director for the Illinois Radio Network. Anderson also was quoted by Kelly on his blog as telling Kelly: “You’re not allowed to ask questions during a press conference,” bleated Anderson. “We are going to have you thrown out by the cops,” he said, running interference for Durbin. In addition to doing news for the Illinois Radio Network, Anderson apparently moonlights as an unpaid member of Dick Durbin’s staff.

As a former journalist, I resent vociferously, the anti-first-Amendment" hypocrisy of Anderson. Turns out, Kelly wrote that Anderson moon-lights for Durbin as an unpaid adviser. The hypocrisy is obvious but Anderson is a turn-coat on honest journalism, which seems to be standard-fair for the media these days when it comes to their defense of socialistic liberal policies promoted by Obama and Democrats.

It is a sad day for America that the former "Watchdogs" of government have become the "Lapdogs" of liberal politicians and there is no longer free press, but open season by Anderson-like journalists who have been pissing on the Constitution for years and America is paying the price of an a dishonest media.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Both Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan faced bad economies when they took office. In Reagan's case it was massive inflation, bad consumer confidence and the Jimmy Carter malaise. The economy was dying. There is no question that the policies of congressional democrats and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were disastrous.

Where the problems come is in what the two presidents did. Reagan cut taxes, did all he could to encourage business. Obama has done the exact opposite.

The results of the two presidents are startling. Consumer confidence under Obama is terrible. Jobs are gone. Taxes are going up. Inflation is getting ready to go back to Jimmy Carter levels. And worst of all, our credit rating was lowered for the first time in history.

What economy would you rather have now. Obama's or Reagan's. I know what I'd rather have and it doesn't start with a zero.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Michelle Obama has announced a name change for her husband. She said he's been working so hard and getting gray hairs for all his effort and he deserves some TLC.

I think his middle name needs to be changed to a more America sounding name since Hussein has so many negative connotations. Her choice instead of Hussein….Hoover. I think that's a good sounding American name (YOU KNOW HOOVER DAM AND ALL) and it's so appropriate to his handling of the economy, she said.

So in the future, He will now be known as Barrack Hoover Obama. Sounds right to me.