Wednesday, January 31, 2007


China has been completing a coal-fired power plant about every three days since early 2004.

China does not have the pollution scrubbing equipment on their coal-fired power plants as does America.

China is not a signatory to, nor country required by the Kyoto treaty to meet its strict pollution control requirements.

China will have more than 500 new coal-fired power plants within 5 years.

America is to blame for China’s pollution from their coal-fired power plants. It’s all perfectly logical from an environmentalist/global warming freak’s point of view because America has failed to sign the Kyoto Treaty so all of China’s greenhouse gases are America’s fault. It’s so obvious?

Check out the bar chart at the bottom of this December 2004 Christian Science Monitor article New coal plants bury 'Kyoto' by Mark Clayton. It makes it so clear why America is causing China to create more greenhouse gas than the US or India for that matter, if you think like a global warming alarmist.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Fiberals are at it again. They accuse their adversaries of doing exactly what they are doing themselves. For example, the Union of Concerned Scientists are accusing critics of man made global warming of being paid by oil companies to promote anti-global warming sentiment.

The fact is that the members of UCS, who is anti-anything conservative, get their funding from liberal organizations like the PEW foundation, Energy Foundation and other organization whose roots were formed in the anti-capitalism 60's and 70's.

Typical again of the hypocrisy of the left, blame your critics of what you’re doing yourself. Check it out on CNSnews.

Here’s a joke that wrote itself during Hillary Clinton's campaign stop. A questioner asked Clinton with her limited experience, what she would do with the evil men in the world, she paused and the whole place erupted in laughter....she didn’t say anything...but obviously the answer should have been divorce.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Racism against whites is rampant in, of all places, the Congress of the United States of America. A white congressman (democrat no less) was told in no uncertain term that he would not be welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus. White congressman Stephen I. Cohen D-Tennessee who represents a heavily black district, promised to join the caucus because he felt he owed his constituents representation in that caucus.

Using that precedent I think that other organizations should also be allowed to exclude blacks from organizations who don’t want them. If the congressional racists at the very heart of our government can discriminate by race, so can all other organizations.Of course, even other blacks are excluded if they are not sufficiently liberal don’t toe the racist line.

More black racists display their true “color.” Maybe it's time to set up a White Congressional caucus in which black are not welcome.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


If you could afford it and
If your son were white,
If you were economically successful,
If your son were gifted athletically,
If your son were academically talented,
If your son were accepted into Duke University,
In light of the anti-white male biases of the
Gang of 88 Duke professors
Would you allow him to matriculate at Duke?

Can Duke University really be considered
an honest university?


Redford owes America’s children an apology!

Robert Redford is demanding an apology for President Bush’s effort to stop the murder of Americans by taking the fight to the middle east in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of the streets of America. Bush has been totally successful of not having one person killed because of terrorist effort in America.

However, Redford ever the fiberal hypocrite that he is, is not only environmently raping the mountains around his Sundance Ski Resort, he is showing films at his film festival featuring the film rape of a pre-teen actress, Dakota Fanning, and praising the film as art. We are owed an apology from Redford for his sick film festival that promotes sexually prurient attacks on children. A fact that begs the question: is Redford justifying child molestation by promoting this film? Is there nothing too sick for Redford to promote on film?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It’s has become very apparent that racism is alive and well at Duke University. WHITE RACISM.

I would not recommend sending any student to Duke University if that student were
white. It’s a racist institution, and obviously a big percentage of professors are racist against white students.

Being a “white” in a university in which a Black professor gave all white student in
a class I was in, no higher than a “C” I know the specter of white racism by blacks and apologists of white racism. His back!

I would suggest avoiding Duke University at all costs, unless of course you are a person of color, because you will not receive a fair education.


Monday, January 15, 2007


I find it very interesting that Fiberals have touted the Cuban medical system as one of the best in the world.

If that is true, why did Fidel Castrol go to Spain for medical care. Do I smell more hypocrisy coming from the left.


Saturday, January 13, 2007


Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer’s detestable comments about Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice reveals the hypocritical, mean-spirited and nasty side of feminism and Democrat hypocrisy.

Boxer said Rice was incapable of understanding the price military families pay because she’s a “single woman with no children.”

Yea, that’s about right for a Fiberal Democrat...Boxer is one of those California fiberal feminists...who prove that hate is spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T. Boxer owes Rice an apology....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, January 12, 2007


It’s taken Congressional Democrats about two seconds to begin showing their terminal hypocrisy and breaking the promises made during the campaign.

Pelosi: “Were going to work 5 day a week! Opppps...except for the first day were going to take off to watch a night football game.” A NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!

Pelosi: “No more unethical leaders: I nominate John Murtha for........ oh, and Mr. Franklin wants to thank the members of the black caucus for their standing ovation upon his resuming his seat in congress. He is confident that his cold cash in the freezer bribe money will be swept under the rug.”

Boxer: “I’m a feminist and women have the right to abort their children and I believe that Condi Rice is unfit for her position because she doesn’t have kids.” ......say what?

Reid: “I’m for the surge proposed by President Bush. Wait a second...I’m opposed to the Surge by president Bush.”

Pelosi: “We’re going to get six bills passed in the first hundred hours of this congress. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I only count the hours that I want to count, so it may take several thousand hours to actually get them passed.”

Clinton: “Wait, we haven’t actually really said we’d leave Iraq immediately. It may take several years to leave.”

Pelosi: "We're going to increase the minimum wage and that's final....except in American Samoa which is in my district. The American companies there won't have to pay the minimum wage, because they don't want to."

If you’re having a hard time deciphering the changing positions of the Democrat leadership, welcome to the club. It shouldn’t take long for the wild-eyed leftist blogosphere to see they’ve been had by the Democrats who have immediately began breaking all the promises made during the campaign.

To the you can see what has been obvious to us on the right for eons...fiberals wouldn’t know how to tell the truth or keep their promises if their lives depended on it, which they do. So to the leftosphere...I’m have been had by your precious Democrat leadership.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


And BringItOn’s Tom Baker claims global warming is bad. He claims the preposterous theory that scientific peer review consensus is the same as science fact. But because of global warming, the cost of heating oil is way down, the cost of gasoline is way down and the oil companies aren’t making their huge profits over which BIO fiberals have conniptions fits. So much for his brain power. Meanwhile, Democrats are planning to put oil companies on the global warming hot seat...maybe that’s good since the hotter the seat, the lower the price of and need for, oil.

Less fossil fuels, less global warming. But critical thinking has never been his long suit. However in his defense, he is really good at hating Bush. It’s his main agenda.

The stupidity created by how fiberals have to pretzelize their thinking processes to come to the conclusions they reach is something to behold.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Isn’t it interesting that a Muslim Congressman has been sworn in using the Quran, a book that advocates the forced conversion of infidels or failing that, their death! His followers were screaming Allahu Akbar at his swearing in. He has refused to answer questions by some news organizations whether he will be loyal to the US Constitution or to the Quran. And to top that off, as a Democrat, he is universally hailed by American fiberals and celebrated for bringing diversity to America’s legislative body. Never mind that it was members of his religion who killed three thousand innocent Americans on 911.

Then there’s Mitt Romney a Mormon, who has served as an American State governor, belongs to the Mormon Religion, an American born religion, with a religious tenet in their faith articles to uphold the laws of the land, and he’s the one of which the liberal left is afraid and writing tomes dripping with fear of his election. These are the same pundits who feared Catholic John F. Kennedy’s election and now he’s a fiberal icon who singlehandedly created the American Camelot.

So, you have a congressman whose religious leaders are calling for the annihilation of America, and that’s not a problem and a man running for President whose leaders remind their members through the 13 faith articles to follow the law of the land, and that’s a problem. Go figure.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


Hey Democrats...This Isn't About Sex....It's About Stealing National Archive Materials!

The truth finally comes out. Turns out it was Bill Clinton who pushed Sandy Berger to go steal those documents at the National Archives. Why am I not surprised. Seems like the perfect time to resurrect my special NewsGnome brigade who is so crafty in getting information and conversations no one else seems to be able to get. I am republishing my AtRandom column of a 2005 conversation between Clinton and Berger. It seems so apropos today. NG


Guilty, your honor. That was the plea from Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser Samuel L. “Sandy” Berger. Of what was he guilty you ask, this former National Security Adviser? Well he just happened to wander into the National Archives on two separate occasions and walked out with TOP-SECRET documents highly critical of his former bosses handling of terrorist threats.

Prior to this plea, it was discovered that Mr. Berger’s side of a phone conversation while in the Archives was heard because he had inadvertently left his phone in conference-calling mode broadcasting his entire side of the conversation for all to hear, which was eventually transcribed for the trial.

My clandestine but unimpeachable sources were unable to confirm who was on the other end of the line but they did hear Mr. Berger’s comments and responses. It was obvious that Mr. Berger was taking one in the shorts for the big guy. Based on these transcripts plus testimony from a National Archives guard reconstructing her conversations with Mr. Berger, we have a pretty good idea what happened.

Phone transcripts:

Berger: “Yea, I still have top security clearance.........”


Berger: “Sure, I can still get to the terrorism section...GET WHAT?! I know, I know, it looks as bad for me as it does for you. If I walk out of there with that stuff they could put me in jail!”


Berger: “OK, OK, you know where all my skeletons are buried, but this is serious stuff. I know we’ve gotta protect your wife for 2008. So what precisely do you want?”


Berger: “Got it, but it won’t be easy. Yea, I’ll call you when I’m in and give you a blow by blow.”

National Archives Front Desk.

Officer: “Good morning, Mr. Berger how may I help you?”

Berger: I’ve got to check on some material in the terrorism section in preparation for some congressional testimony.

Officer: “Certainly sir, may I check your identification card. Thank you. I presume you know the way.”

Berger: “Sure do. Thanks!”

Berger: “I’m, in. I’ve signed all the necessary releases. Did you know they make you promise that you won’t take anything out of the Archives without written permission. Yea, I’ve got a brief case but sometime they check those. “


Berger: “Do what! Your nuts! Stuff them in my shorts. Whose going to want to touch them after that. I know you’ve got lots of experience with underwear...but all of your experience is with women’s undies. All right, All right....I getting the papers right now. Some of them are on really thick paper and it’s hard to fold and they make sharp corners. I’m not sure how much of this stuff I can get in there without making it really obvious not to mention painful.”


Berger: “Yea, the officer was a woman officer. Sure, that’s you, women appreciate your “package.” Hey, don’t denigrate the help here or I’ll walk out empty handed. Yea, I’m doing it now....ouch, dang, oh, that smarts, ouuuu, that’s a very sensative area....Don’t push me, my shorts are full. I also got some stuff in the brief case just in case she check that, I can say I just forgot it was there....Right I’m outta here.”


Berger: “I hope you appreciate the risk I’m taking...well you better!”

Berger: “Hi Officer. Here’s my brief case for you to check. “

Officer: “That’s OK sir, I’m sure, as a former National Security Advisor you know it’s illegal to remove anything from the National Archives without written permission. Did you find what you needed to look at sir.”

Berger: “Sure did, everything went fine. Thanks for the help.”

Officer: “You’re welcome sir. Are you sure you’re all right.......”

Berger: “Yes, I’m fine, why do you ask?”

Officer: “Well, I just noticed you were walking a little funny.”

Berger: “No I’m just fine, an old war wound that flares up when the weather turns. Thanks again for your help.”

Back on the phone,


Berger: Yea, that was close....I got it, and you owe me big time for this one buddy. I hope they don’t’ find out or you’ll be visiting me in jail, pal.


Berger: OK, yea, I know, you wouldn’t visit you best friend in jail and you don’t have the right to pardon me. Well I gotta go, this stuff in my pants is starting to chaff...chow.

Talk about taking it in the shorts...literally. Of course, the little slip of the cell phone was certainly costly. Mr. Berger lost his national security status for three years and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. My sources tell me, considering the stuff he was discovered to have taken out, and the fact that some of the material he was alleged to have taken and failed to return, he got off easy, and America will never know what was on those missing papers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Radical Islamofacists have attacked the government in Somolia to turn it into an Islamic/Sharia Law country killing Christians and anyone who opposed them. The IRFs want to forcibly convert all to Islam.

In Iran Islamofacists in the form of the government is planning to wipe Israel off the map according to their political leader.

In India, Islamofacists have attacked and killed Buddhists, Hindus and anyone not Muslim.

In Pakistan, Christians have been killed by Islamofacists simply for being Christians.

In Indonesia, Islmofacists have demanded that in one section of the country everyone be forcibly removed so they can set up an independent Islamic state.

Question #1 Since Rosie O’Donnell is so persuasive with fundamentalist Christians saying they are as bad as Islamofacists and said so on the “View,” could you Democrats get her to go to these countries and talk them out of killing everybody and forcing conversion to Islam? With her huge success with Donald Trump, I know she’d be successful.

Question #2 What are you going to do about these killings and forced conversions now that you’re in power?

Monday, January 01, 2007


Unbelievable IRONIES ON THE LAST DAY coarsening 2006.

Going through any newspapers and you can find ironies on a daily basis. The year’s last few days have been particularly good with amazing liberal ironies from the past year.

While writing this I’m watching Samuri in which Tom Cruise, via the rewriting of history, so he looks as though he’s a successful soldier who he opposed the war against American Indians in the west so he can reinforce his liberal letters.

The arrogant Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Knight Ridder, McClatchy and a host of others are going in the tank while conservative publications are growing, and these self-defined “brilliant” liberal journalists can’t seem to figure out why they’re losing money and readers.

Liberal papers, are firing people, even journalists, while demanding that other businesses quit outsourcing or firing their editor was fired because he wouldn’t reduce his news staff. This editor seems to think a “news”-paper which is losing money doesn’t have to make cuts in the news department.

YOUTUBE and MySpace, leaders in the coarsening of society grew to be worth billions, and yet liberals continue to wonder why Washington discourse has become putrid.

Liberal-hated WalMart ad chief Julie Roehm fooled around with a subordinate, accepting gifts and whose firing was lauded by liberals. Meanwhile, esteemed liberal leader Bill Clinton fooled around with a subordinate, received gifts from her, and liberal men and women praised Bill for doing the exact same what a female was castigated and fire for. I love FIBERALS. Their hypocrisy is so blatant, their blindness to it so obvious.

Liberals feed off sluts of the liberal stage, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan, while praising Maddona for her utter crassness and Christianophobic stage displays.

Liberals bend over backwards pushing hyper-sensitivity for American-killing Islam while making every effort to stifle Christians. Muslims using pages of the Bible as toilet paper is alright for liberals, but don’t you throw the Quran into a toilet in Guantanamo...that would be sacrilege.

Septic-mouthed, self-loathing super-liberal Rosie O’Donnell showed her true colors and displayed her amazing tolerance cutting Bill Clinton, with his infidelity, all the slack in the world. But Rosie called for the head of a young women in the Miss USA pageant, without cutting her any slack because of her obvious youth. I wonder if Rosie would cut her current “lover” slack if she cheated on Rosie, or if Rosie call for her "lovers" head too. Can you imagine how Rosie's screaming would be like if your lovers cheated on her...that would be too rich.

Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would be ethical. Yea Right. Do the names, Reid, Franklin, Murtha, Berger, Newton, Norman Jr., Black, Adkins, Siegelman, Ballance, Chvala, Pfeffer, Reggie, Berry,
Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Conyers, Corzine, Hevesi, Dorgan, Moran, Coleman, McDermott, Berman, Bruno, Menendez, Schumer, Boxer, Thompson, Waters, Mollohan, Campbell, Harkin, Dean, Daschle, Hoyer.....etc., etc., etc. mean anything. Democrats have a very short list from which to pick honest leadership and they ain't on the liberal side.

Liberals are so predictably corrupt. It’s only when they’re honest that one is surprised.