Friday, September 30, 2005


It’s expected that President Bush will nominate a replacement for Associate Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor next week. Since Democrats will attempt to bork any nominee he names, I hope he moves directly to face down the hatemongering Democrats. I want to see them filibustering a black woman or a hispanic man. It will show what they really are.

I say force the Democrats to put on full display their dishonesty, lies and deceit. All will begin to understand that if a person is a minority, thinks for him or herself, is not a fiberal ideologue and or fails to show obeisance to Ralph Neas, the left will crucify that nominee despite minority status.

I would like America to see the bitterly partisan Democrat-left on full televised display with all their hate and venom. It will become painfully obvious that Democrats are not the party of inclusion, diversity and compassion they claim to be.

My selection would be either Janice Rogers Brown or Miguel Estrada. Both have a common element in their history. They’re both self-made successes. They understand that it takes dedication and hard work to succeed and know that trying to buy your way out of poverty does not work. They each recognize when the left is spewing its specious but flawed demands.


Anonymous said...

RE: Your "Why I hate..." articles.

Dear Gnome:

Your profile "Tops of the Mountains" sounds like something I learned in Sunday School as a child. Since Peculiar People are not supposed to hate, I find your titles somewhat disconcerting. Have you departed from your Sunday School teachings.

NewsGnome said...

Sorry it makes you uncomfortable. Hate directed at, what is effect is an inanimate and non-corporeal entity, is not the same as defining hatred of a person. If you think of it as “perpetually exasperation,” which it too long for a headline, that describes my attitude toward an organization that has abdicated its responsibility of honest journalism, in which I have a personal interest.

For example, I detest Bill and Hillary Clinton. Is that the same as hate? I believe Hillary Clinton is personally responsible for a serious medical problem from which I suffer as a result of her use of the IRS in attacking me and other individuals who disagreed with her. For that alone, I could have reason to hate her.

If you’re trying to use your religion to criticize me, be my guest. RE: the name-- In the Robert Young literal translation (LRT) of the bible 1898, he translates Hosea 4:13 as follows:
“On tops of the mountains they do sacrifice, And on the hills they make perfume, Under oak, and poplar, and terebinth, For good 'is' its shade.” That was appealing to me since it referred to a very pleasant description of a place and trees, and being a wood sculptor, I liked it.

Other translations add things to this reference I prefer not to include.

“Peculiar People” is usually a reference to “Mormons” in their jargon. You are also assuming both that I received the same “Sunday School teachings” as you did and that I attended Sunday school at all, which may or may not be the case. Unless you know me personally, you simply cannot make those assumptions. Unless of course you identify yourself which you have not done.

I am a little surprised you posted your comment under my selection for Supreme Court nominee. That reveals something too.

NewsGnome said...

Suggestion: you can also email me through the blog privately. If you wish to identify yourself there it doesn't show up on the comment page. NG

NewsGnome said...

One more comment since this is such an interesting question....what is hate! I grewup in Southern California and had lots of Mormon to know some pretty well even had a fight with one once.

My question to you is what is your opinion of Harry Reid. Do you consider him a "good" Mormon with the hate his has spewed. You worry about a few "hates" against a wire service and this man called our President. Where are your complaints about the M.I.N.O.