Thursday, May 19, 2016

Muslims vs the World

I ran across this you tube video of Russians vs Muslims. It is extremely disturbing. It is NOT intended for children. I do not recommend watching it if you do not have a strong stomach. The problem is that it is symptomatic of something that appears to be happening all over the world. Many Muslims, who claim there's is a religion of peace, have not been peaceful. Extremely few Muslims speak out against the cancer that is destroying their own religion...radicalism. They're assuming that there will not be a backlash. BUT! Swedish citizens are burning down Muslim refugee camps to limit the number of Muslims moving into that country. Denmark is freezing the number of Muslim refugees it will take. British citizens have been violently defending British girls who are attacked by Muslim immigrants for their dress or other alleged violations of Islam. Angola has banned Islam from their county because of the hateful violence.German patience is at an end and Merkle is sure to be voted out because of her decisions on Muslims. Videos of these few examples are easily found on You Tube. Muslims are offending people around the world with their hatred-filled attacks demanding that infidels submit to the will of Allah. The truth is Muslims cannot fight the whole world no matter what they may think. Attacks on citizens of counties into which Muslims demand immigration will not long wait for peaceful acquiescence in their new homelands. And, it's for sure that the same attacks that have occurred in Europe, Africa, Asia,and elsewhere will create a massive backlash in America if they occur here. Islam must begin policing itself if it wants to survive.