Friday, July 29, 2005


Ever feel like you just can’t win? Here are a few examples of why we sometimes feel that way. “Planting trees can create deserts, lower water tables and drain rivers, rather than filling them, claims a new report supported by the UK government.”
Now we can’t even plant trees!

TIMESONELINE: “THE abortion rate hit a record high last year, according to government figures published yesterday that also show a sharp rise in terminations to girls aged under 14.” (UNDER 14) “As recently as last month, NASA had been warned that foam insulation on the space shuttle's external fuel tank could sheer off as it did in the 2003 Columbia disaster - a problem that has plagued space shuttle flights since NASA switched to a non-Freon-based type of foam insulation to comply with Clinton administration Environmental Protection Agency regulations.”
So it really is Clinton’s fault after all! “The Commerce Department’s latest reading on GDP showed the economy growing at an annualized rate of 3.4 percent. While economists had expected GDP growth to come in at 3.5 percent...”
OH!!!! Heaven forbide...the growth rate was 1/10 of one point under what was expected...what a failing economy that is....! By the way which the NYT? “Americans are now at the lowest level of personal savings in history. During the Reagan era, we saved 12 percent. Today, we save less than one percent. Individual Americans are more in debt in 2004 than ever in our history… personal bankruptcies are at an all time high.”
Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed! NG

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Third time is even more fun. I’m again accepting the Washington Post’s Mensa Challenge of changing one letter in a word then redefining it to fit the new spelling. I’ve either added one letter, subtracted one letter or changed one letter. In one case I’ve just added a new definition of the word.

depunk: (n) dedude with tattoos and piercings who’s trying to date your daughter; (v) as in “to depunk” ridding your property of depunks trying to date your daughter.
depunking: (v) act of getting rid of dedudes with tatoos and piercings.
nutshell: redifinition (n) that which a baseball players wear to protect the “family” jewels.
assleep: (a) what happens to your butt when listening to fiberal bloggers on their podcasts ranting about how much they “Hate Bush and/or Rove.”
bloguing: (v) bloggers arguing back and forth on their blogs and comments.
wiberal: (n) whining liberal as in Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY
tiberal: (n) tipsy liberal, as in Ted Kennedy
hemocrat: (n) democrat with a serious case of hemorrhoids caused by having to sit through Bill Clinton’s endless speeches.

For more of NewsGnome’s MENSA fun go to the June 11, 2005 and June 12, 2006 posts.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


“I have a four year-old and I do wonder what I will be faced with on the sexual front when she comes of age. But, like my parents before me, I will do my best and I will fail on some issues….like my parents before me.” Blogger LiberPaul posted on “”

DEAR LiberPaul,

I have four daughters and three sons. Big family. Among my children, valedictorians college and high school, awarding winning sculptor, successful business woman, awarding winning chef, two authors, American Soldier who defended American freedom in the middle east and helped give freedom to Afghanistan and Iraq, a scholarship winning college student and fashion model.

Having been through this experience four times, it is not just with what you’ll be faced, it’s with what you and she will be faced when she hits the pre-teen years and beyond.

Thanks to the efforts by you and other liberals, your daughter will be told sex is natural and expected by no later than 15, and specifically thanks to people like blogers TOS and StrikeZ, (“Sex is wrong when 12,13 and 14 year olds are having it.” quoting LiberPaul.)
She will be pressured by peers to be sexually active starting in about 8th grade.
She will be told oral sex isn’t sex, thanks to Bill Clinton.
She will be told sex is ok if you use a condom even though condom failure rate is about 10 to 12 per cent.
STD’s won’t happen to her, she’ll believe.
She will be told that anything she wants to do is OK because everybody else is doing it.
She will be told and believe that you as her parent, have no right to tell her what to do.
She will be told and believe that you have no right to invade her privacy, a concept reinforced by her peers.
At about 11 or 12 she will tell you to stay out of her room that you have no right to “go” through her room or things to look for drugs, condoms or the pill, even though you pay for it all, including everything she owns.
At 11-12 she will begin wearing clothing, thanks to the fashion industry today, that make her look like a slut or prostitute.
You will be told you have no right to tell her what to wear.
She’ll be able to get a life-threatening abortion without your notification or permission at 12 but won’t be able to get an aspirin for a headache at school without your permission.
You will be called “totally out of it” if you attempt to even tone down her outlandish dress.
If the current rate of degradation in dress continues, when she’s 14 she’ll be demanding to be able to go topless and maybe bottomless.
You will be called stupid, ignorant, controlling and that you have no right to tell her what to do.
You will worry if she’s beautiful.
You will worry if she isn’t.
You will worry about her feelings being hurt by unthinking adolescent boys saying stupid things.
You will worry about drugs and if they’ll kill her before she reaches 16.
She’ll want a car. Since you and Cranky say you’re well-heeled, you’ll be able to provide one for her.
You’ll worry every time you hear her start it.
You’ll worry about 16 and 17-year-old pierced and tattooed boys driving up to pick up your precious 14-year-old daughter when you know she’s barely past puberty. (That’s just 10 years from now)
You’ll have to decide if you’ll demand that the boys come in and face you before they can take you daughter’s life in their hands.
You’ll want to be part of her life but she’ll resist saying “you’re an old fuddy-duddy” and aren’t worth listening to.
If you’re lucky, your wife if she’s got any decency, will support you in providing standards for her to follow.
Unless, of course, you get a divorce, which is a 50-50 proposition these days.
In that event, all of these problems will be magnified 10-fold.
If you have guts or more importantly brains, you’ll enforced specific unyielding standards.
You’ll have to decide whether you’ll provide rules, curfews, restrictions on where she goes and what parties she attends.
You’ll have to carefully scrutinize friends and acquaintances about which she’ll complain.
Your opinions and concerns will have declining meaning to her.
Peer values will take precedence over yours.
You’ll remember the stupid, cruel and idiotic things you did as a teenaged boy and cringe, over and over and over.

In short, in today’s world, you’ll soon enter that special HELL of fathers who have teenaged daughters and vividly remember their own teenaged stupidity while having that declining influence in their daughter’s lives.

And finally, you’ll have to decide on which hills to fight your coming battles because they will be battles. With today’s moral climate being degraded daily by the forces of Hollywood, the left and the perversion of people like Kinsey, you have a big task. I’m glad mine is over. Yours started the day your daughter was born. Today’s moral climate was created by the left. Now you’ll have to face it, in all its perverted splendors.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Democrat dishonesty was certainly on display on Brit Hume’s show. California Democrat Jane Harman categorically claimed that Karl Rove identified a CIA agent and demanding his security clearance be suspended.

Then on Brit Hume’s show she admitted she couldn't say for sure and admitted that “I can’t know absolutely that it’s not true.” The closest she could come was “reporters got it from somewhere.”

Jane Harman is a liar. She represents the shameful character assassination by Democrats like her of Rove. Hate speech dominates all speech by Democrats now. It has become a party of hate.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Ted Kennedy going to Gitmo to check on whether murdering Muslims were forced to wear women’s lingerie as torture is like asking Bill Clinton to protect young female interns from sexual harassment in the White House. Give me a break!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Voices from Muslim Mosques have frequently been virulently anti-American/anti-Democracy. Also frequently, these voice have been from America Islamic pulpits as well as all over the world. The same is even focused in England and Scandinavian countries who tolerate the hate, as long as it is not directed at themselves. With the bombings in London that has changed.

An Islamic Scholar Hani al-Siba said today in London that there is no difference in Islam between civilian and military targets. Does that mean that in order to defend ourselves we must begin targeting all Muslims?

The question is what will begin moving the minds of the moderate Muslims to cut out the cancer that is so apparently ingrained in all facets of Islam. Islamic clerics have been extremely sparse in their criticism of the violence perpetrated in the name of Mohammad.

Non-Muslims are wondering where will it stop. Is the goal of Islam the total eradication (read ethnic/religious cleansing) of all those who do not convert or are labeled “infidels?” The current path of silence on which “mainstream” Islam has embarked is an extremely dangerous one. Unless they begin to wake up and realize every Muslim, guilty of terrorism or not, is allowing himself and his family to become targets and sheer fear will force normally rational people to act violently for what they perceive is their own self-defense.

In the 1800's a woman named Mary Mallon lived from 1869 to 1938. She was an Irish immigrant who was a known “healthy carrier” of Typhoid fever. She spread the disease killing at least three and infecting many others, but never contracted the disease herself. Ultimately, she was quarantined to North Brother Island in 1915 and remained there until her death until 1938.

From that time on “Typhoid Mary” became the symbol of a disease carrier. Since she was of Irish descent, her ethnicity caused untold hardship on many Irish immigrants. Irish Need Not Apply signs were not displayed strictly because of ethnic hatred. Fear also played a part, founded or otherwise.

Today, Islam is becoming the “Typhoid Mary” of our generation. Many carry the disease, but don’t show symptoms, do nothing about it and allow hysteria to grow and focus on all Muslims. If that is not changed by Muslims themselves, Islam will become a religious Typhoid Mary”

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Isn’t it interesting, Bill Clinton can criticize John Kerry as soft on National Security but liberal author Edward Klein can’t criticize Hillary in “The Truth About Hillary.” It’s an interesting form of liberals censoring liberals. It’s true of a blog called Cranky Liberal.

I’ve been bloguing (I’ve coined this word to define arguing bloggers) with ”Cranky Liberal.” In an exchange of emails with him, he accused me of not providing the evidence of the number of deaths extrapolated on a daily basis caused by Saddam Hussein and his regime while in power. He has constantly accused me, as have the 15 or so commenters on his blog, of failing to back up the number of daily deaths caused by Saddam I claim. I did in this blog’s June 4th post “Dead Because of Saddam.” Of course, Cranky chose not to read it because it would have precluded him from claiming I had lied.

His is a technique he and other liberals use constantly. In two other recent incidents of him calling me a liar, I quoted the fact that some 90 percent of the suicide bombers were from outside of Iraq. He immediately called me a liar. I gave him the site showing the numbers posted on a terrorist web page and how the US Military discovered their identity showing some 50 to 60 percent being from Saudi Arabia.

In another instance, Paul Krugman, liberal NYT columnist took $50,000 from Enron for a years worth of advice at the height of Enron’s duplicity. Again he called me a liar. I again provided the evidence. Krugman made nary a peep about the conflict of interest of a journalist being paid by a company and then failing to report the payoff, and the reporter failing to criticize the company during the period he was being paid.

Krugman has written a book in which Cranky claims Krugman takes Enron to task. But read his exact quote about Krugman’s comments. “Go read Krugmans book. Ken Lay and Enron are whipping boys in the first half of the book. It is in my office....” Do you notice how he didn’t say he read it, only that it’s in his office. I suppose I’m supposed to intuit exactly what Krugman may have said. He also promised to provide names, dates and page numbers to me of articles Krugman wrote critical of Enron, but hasn’t.

For Cranky, everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a “D..n” “f..k..g liar. His speech is constantly in the gutter. Yet when you attempt to find his evidence, you’ll find scant reading. He has none. The Downing Street Memo, is a perfect example of liberal’s making mountains out of molehills. Cranky spent lots of time quoting from this so-called infallible source. What he specifically fails to point out is that the reporter used copies of copies with no originals provided to verify. If that sounds like Dan Rather and the Bush National guard records to you...I agree sounds like it to me too.

So when you’re called a liar by a liberal check the fine will be full of obfuscated tripe. Like the vicious attack on Klein by his own kind. Don’t think you can write the truth about liberals even if you’re a liberal and live to tell about it....unless you are Bill Clinton trying to liquidate potential rivals for the Democrat presidential nomination for his wife in 2008.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Is it time to start considering all Muslims and Muslim mosques potential threats to America, Britain and all of democracy? Recorded sermons inside Mosques in the United States and across the world indicate that many imams are saying one thing outside the mosque and quite another inside, inciting anger and hatred among members against “infidels” and democracy.

Does the bombing that killed 50+ innocent civilians in London 7/7, make you pause when you get on an airplane and see a Mohammad Atta look-alike? Do you hesitate boarding a bus or train, as did the people in Spain, when you see some other Mohammad Atta look-a-like with a backpack in his hands. Are you reticent when a Mohammad Atta look- a-like pulls into a gas station driving a box truck into which you cannot see.

It is not surprising. It’s human nature. The terrorist-murderers are bombing innocent civilians propelling a “Jihad” against "infidels." How long will the patience hold? Citizens of France, Germany and the rest of the world, who’s peoples are not Islamic, are targets of Jihad too. It is a matter of when not if. It certainly appears that the Islamic World at large is complacently allowing their own graves to be dug by Radical Jihadists.

Is this the Islamic answer to the Crusades? The "Crusades" were wrong, of that there is no doubt. But Muslim radicals are making all Muslims targets of hate or mistrust or both. Only Muslims who refuse to allow hatred to be preached in their mosques, decry radical Muslim violence and actively work to catch terrorists can head off the mountain of loathing being generated by their fellow Islamic extremists.

The time is growing short and the answers are unclear but coalescing. Has World War IV already started?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Blogger LiberPaul, (CrankyLiberal Blog) defines liberal thinking in a nutshell.
He proudly proclaims that liberals don’t need no stinking new ideas!
Couldn’t have defined it better myself.
If fiberals truly are thinking this way, conservatives have already won the battle.
His self-proclaimed liberal pillars of “thought” are collapsing.
Social Security will be at bankruptcy door within 15 years.
Medicare will be there in less than ten years.
SS has been a Ponsi scheme from the beginning and still is.
The Endangered Species Act has not saved one species.
New Zealand is ready to rescind its Kyoto signature. Treaty will cost that little country a billion alone.
Barroso: European Commission just dumped the EU air pollution strategy: says job lost cost too high!
Animal rights groups are suing alternative power groups to stop wind farms from killing bald eagles.
Fiberal stalwart environmental hypocrites “The Kennedys” are fighting “windpower” because it’s in their back yard.
Paul Krugman columnist was a PR flack for Enron at the height of its shenanigans and he still promoted that company.
Enron employees were stupid to keep all their eggs in one basket.
Enron is just another word for Social Security in a few years.
40-and-under types who think Social Security will be there for retirement are spitting into the wind.
My brother and sister-in-law paid into Social Security all their lives, died before 65, their children got nothing.
Their whole SS savings was confiscated by our precious fiberal big government.
Had their retirement been in a private account, their children would have received the benefits of their savings.
Liberal pillar of the left the NY Times dropped from first to sixth on the best newspaper list because they’ve become totally agendized and dishonest.
80 per cent of what NYT reports politically is suspect, and I wouldn’t believe 15 per cent of the rest.
Thus, NYT quotes to support a position is extremely questionable at best.
The NYT is as discredited as CBS.

So please all you LiberPaul types out go right on with your self-delusion. I’m sure as the collapse of liberal pillars continues you’ll blame conservative ideas proving that you really are as insipid as you sound.


*George W. Bush Poll number are up again. Above 50, for those who run their lives by them.
*Hillary Clinton fails again. Can’t get Olympics for New York despite her flaunted brilliance and political skills.
*Nancy Pelosi cheated on travel reports paid by lobbyists and re-filed reports late: ”don’t delay indict Pelosi.”
*Economy continues growth at nearly ideal pace of 3.8 per cent.
*June retail sales shoot up making things look great.
*Cranky fiberals continue to obfuscate with their “I Hate Bush” rants.
*If it’s not a hate crime to burn a Bible, why is it a hate crime to flush the Quran?
*New originalist-constructionist judge will be approved for the US Supreme Court before the start of the new session.
*Conservatives primed and ready for court battle with a huge war chest to fight the borking of the Bush nominee.
*Democrats/fiberals will pay a huge price for a supreme filibuster if they chose to put their head in that guillotine.
*Al Franken listed 37th on list of 100 people screwing up America. “ Frankly speaking” Franken isn’t that good. But he did screw the “Talkers Banquet.”
*Fiberal Democrat California lawmakers don’t care that illegals are costing the state 9 to 10 billion per year while their deficit in the state balloons costing taxpayers dearly.....Glad it’s their state and not mine.
*Love or Hate Rush Limbaugh: if you don’t want your own medical records on the front’d better pray the Florida court restricts their use.
*Men.....get circumcised to reduce contracting AIDS from infected women.
*The French take one in their Olympic shorts, while Chirac offends the British and Scandinavians as he does everybody, AGAIN. He’s just an offensive kind-a-guy.
*HOORAY for England, our stalwart ally in Iraq....they get the 2012 Olympics, Good for them...they’ll do a great job.
*Fiberals think any Bush nominee to the right of Ralph Neas is an extremist nominee so It doesn’t matter who he nominates. By definition, a Bush “nominee” is an extreme nominee.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Amazing! Unbelievable! Astounding! Are the scientists who hit Tempel 1 some 90+ million miles away expert marksmen or what. Three big cheers for Michael A’Hearn from the University of Maryland and his “deep impact” crew.

Right on the 4th of July no less!!!!! What can be said except it was sheer genius. Has to be the best Fourth of July fireworks ever. I even feel inadequate cheering them on.

Monday, July 04, 2005


There once was a country, whose leaders were untimately oppressive, its soldiers using deadly force and intimidation against its people, committing egregious atrocities against them. This roguish nation invaded it’s neighbors going to war, killing both civilians and soldier in great numbers. Lives, property and honor were taken at will by a self-indulgent dictator and his acolytes.

Sadly, a select few within the country who had enjoyed the power of dictatorial favor, opposed freedom and took up arms themselves to stop the freedom movement. They worked to quell the freedom by sedition.

The rogue nation used mercenary tribes to control and kill those who would not capitulate to dictatorial edicts and will. Despite being under the boot of constant and vicious threat and with the help of a friendly county from a different continent, they trained and fought to obtain their freedom.

With that country’s help, liberty was realized, free elections were proposed and a government began to form. But difficulties ensued and legislators bickered and fought over every issue. A minority complained about being under represented and demanded their rights be protected and their voices heard or they would withdraw their support.

The people who wanted to be free were Americans. The dictator was English King George III. France was the friendly country. The Hessian storm troopers were the hated mercenary tribe and the minority groups were small states demanding rights.

The Articles of Confederation failed. Almost 10 years after the declaration of freedom, bickering to create the Constitution was intense. Finally it was ratified and America was born.

Liberals today are actively trying to sabotage the successful creation of a democracy in Iraq. They see everything as a failure. They see no progress. They demand withdrawal before it’s even reasonable. They cheer the murdering Muslims of Al Qaeda and Zarqawi hoping for the failure of George W. Bush, the failure of America and the failure of democracy in Iraq. This because they believe Iraq’s failure would return them to power in America.

They care nothing for the freedom and liberty of the Iraqi people. Liberals, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are preforming the same function in America that Zarqawi and his Saudi invaders are performing in Iraq attempting to destroy from within. How sick to offer democracy on an Iraqi blood alter for personal power.

God Bless American, and the brave soldiers who have given the ultimate price for freedom for the People of Iraq and America. May God also bless the families who have paid the awful price of a son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Tom Cruise is an excellent actor, as long as someone else puts words in his mouth.

His unprovoked attack on Brooke Shields proves one immutable fact. He should never open his mouth when the words are coming from his very befuddled brain. His interview with Matt Lauer made him sound utterly idiotic. He was intellectually flummoxed. How many times did he say "Matt, Matt, Matt." The sum total of his response.

While not a follower of Brooke Shields or particularly a fan, I respect her. I do not respect Tom Cruise. He has shown his true colors in this vicious attack against someone who has had to face difficulties. Scientology is a terminal JOKE!

No wonder Nicole Kidman divorced him. He's an idiot. Keep him out of your head, Katie Holmes, he's dangerously close to delusional paranoia. I cold suggest he see a shrink, but you know Tom........unfortunately.