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Cranky Liberal has been using his "pen" to try to stop the Iraqi War, but now he's finally using his head. NG

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When Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 he got it wrong. He assumed that books in the future would be banned and burned. But today we know that “Fahrenheit 58" (The approximate temperature at which ink begins to dry most quickly) is the book he should have written.

It’s not books that are being burned today, its the words that are being taken from them daily. There are many words that we can’t say, can’t write, even in literature, and are not even supposed to think. (The French are even worse, they’ve eliminated whole dictionaries full of words in their country. No wonder they can’t even think anymore!)

Here are just a few of the old ones and a few new ones:

“N” word: (n....r) see, I’m not even allowed to write the whole word.
“C” word: “Christmas” eliminated from America for the season.
“G” word: “girl” There are no such persons only ladies no matter what the age.
“W” word: “women” Have you ever noticed that when the word “men” is used the grammatically corresponding word describing “women” is not women but “ladies.” Most notable in sports: It’s the Men’s and “Ladies’” long jump.
“M P” words: “melting pot” (ok two words) but it’s now the wrong definition it’s both politically and culturally incorrect and the new word describing America is “mosaic,” the first step in dividing the county. Guess the “melting pot” got too hot.
“I-A” words: Illegal Aliens is no longer acceptable...they must be referred to as “Undocumented Workers.”
“B” word: “Baby” is becoming a cancer on the butt of abortionists. Pre-birth human entities are now either an “unviable tissue mass” or “viable tissue mass.” A “tissue mass” whose whole wiggling body has been born up to the head is now called dead in late term abortion clinics.
“B” word: “Black” No: African American! If blacks aren’t blacks anymore, why are white people still called “white people?”
“W” word: “winner” No one is allowed to be called a winner anymore because it would be offensive to the loser which is just as offensive. Nobody wins or loses, we just play the game.
“C” word: “Christian” probably the worse word in the list. You can get killed calling yourself the “C” word, especially in Saudi Arabia.

So, George Orwell “1984" was more correct than Bradbury because the books are still here, they’re just filled with words we can’t say.

Monday, November 28, 2005


With Saddam's trial, I'm reposting this look at his regime.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Because of questions about my figures regarding the number of dead as a result of Saddam Hussein’s actions during his regime, I’ve decided to give you my facts and sources supporting my calculations. It is simply an addition and division problem which apparently liberals are either incapable or unwilling to figure out. Quite frankly I find their demands that I back up these figures intellectually lazy because they should know them. Again a simple math problem.

In fact, based on the posts on blogs, liberals seem incapable of even understanding how to ask the question to get the results. My results are listed below. These figures are listed and include a variety of sources from mostly liberal sources. Since liberals always take the worst or highest number of deaths possible, I have chosen to follow their assessments always taking the highest number estimated.

Liberals may disagree with these numbers but then they’d be disagreeing with themselves. The total number includes deaths of the Iraqi war, since it is a fact that these deaths too can be attributed to Saddam and increases the daily average of deaths caused by him during his entire regime and even after.

Saddam Hussein takes power on July 16, 1979. On March 19, 2003 when the war started and he was effectively out of power. Therefore he was in power a total of 8639 days.

IRAN- IRAQ PROTRACTED WAR 1980-1988 claims 1.5 million war dead during this protracted war instigated by Saddam. Source:

Moreorless claims the death toll from the I-I war at “approaching 2 million. Source:


Estimates range from 300,000 to 500,000. It is not assured that all of Saddam’s mass graves have been uncovered so the count could go higher. Sources: various national and international newspapers


International Physicians report Gulf War I calculates that 113,500 died during in the bombing or as the result of the after affects which Saddam ignored. (estimates of dead Iraq soldiers were not found and could have been as high as 25,000 or more) bringing the total to as high as 138,500. Source: “How Many Dead Iraqis” 2-25-03


KURDISTAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Iraq: In the Kurdish town of Halabja Saddam’s gas attacked killed up to 12,000 Kurds in just three days. Conventional and chemical attack on other towns in Kurdish areas are estimated at more than 100,000 in all Kurdish areas. Source:


United Nations imposed and President BILL CLINTON enforced sanctions to force SADDAM to comply with several UN resolutions....Bill Clinton maintained sanctions while he was president from 1992 to 2001. It’s estimated that during that period 500,000 civilians died because of the sanctions which Saddam ignored allowing his people to die. In fact he was skimming humanitarian aid money from the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, and from which the highest ranking officials of the UN were personally profiting. Source:

TOTAL COUNT 3,238,500 DEAD thanks to Saddam!

Including Iraq War the number of dead is 3,266,500

IRAQIBODYCOUNT’s highest estimate for the Iraqi war is approaching 25,000 to 28,000. They include persons killed by insurgents, encouraged by Saddam.

Using these figures Saddam’s average daily body count was 378 dead per day for every day he was in office. Had he been in power for the entire two years of the Iraq war and you extrapolate the number of those who would have died during that time, the figure would be 275,940 using the daily average of deaths. Had Saddam gotten nuclear bombs, put them on SCUD missiles and fired them at Israel, these number could have been infinitely higher. That's TEN times more than IBC estimates of those killed up to now. Via the insurgency, Saddam continues to murder his own people.

Prior to the Iraq war, a U.N. humanitarian-aid specialist leaked a confidential report which claimed that the number of civilian casualties could be 500,000. No supporting information was given by the specialist in the report. Source: THAT IS 20 TIMES THE ACTUAL COUNT. It is so typical of UN incompetency and prognostications.

I certainly do not wish to minimize those killed during this war, most especially our brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom for Iraq. But these numbers do illustrate the truth about Saddam Hussein who was a killing machine.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Democrats and fiberals predicting doom and gloom for President George Bush are failing. With no plans of their own, they will continue to twist in the wind. Their effort to steal Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America will fail, as will their cute little nasty phrases which are not a substitute for substance.

Any comedian will tell you timing is everything. Fortunately, President Bush has had some of the best timing of any president despite what D and G Democrats claim and has faced more major catastrophes in a shorter time than any president in history. The worst problems of his administration have occurred during the first year of the first term and the first year of his second term. Both were horrendous periods of time, but everything now is on an upward rapidly improving curve.

Time is on his side. Even with the elections coming up, he’s in a good position. By next Thanksgiving, the war will be winding down, the economy will be humming, stock market strong and Americans will be feeling very satisfied.

* The stock market will continue to be around the 11-thousand level and probably go to 11,300, a level during the Clinton hot air bubble economy, although this economy isn’t full of hot air as was Clinton’s economy.

* Interest rates will level out and remain stable for a couple of years stabilizing housing with slightly slower growth.

* The Iraq insurgency is being rendered leaderless and the so-called Arab-Street anger will shift from the US toward Zarqawi as we have already seen. Coalition troops will begin to head home.

* The Iraq Sunnis, so they won’t be left out, will vote in significant numbers and finally find the value of democracy. With fits and starts, democracy will succeed in Iraq while pressure will be placed on other middle eastern Islmac tyrants.

* Employment will remain at nearly full-employment levels.

* Unemployment will stay low.

* Immigration will get the attention it deserves bringing the Republican base back to strength.

* Scotter Libby and Tom DeLay will be exonerated causing apoplexy for the wild-eye left now in charge of the Democrat party and take away ammunition from their arsenal.

*Howard Dean, will be replaced as party chair because he is a failure, causing a deep split between the angry left and America’s real Democrats.

*Karl Rove, will continue to cause major heartburn for fiberals everywhere and the far-left rhetoric will get even worse, if that’s possible.

*Hillary Clinton’s effort to be everything to everybody will fail because she can’t lie nearly as well as her husband. Mark Warner will be the Democrat nominee for president in 2008 and he will face George Allen.

All the trash talk by fiberals and the cranky fiberals, and Cindy Sheehans will have been for naught because in the end there are two issues on which campaigns turn...Wallets and Wars.

Bush is winning both.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005



Dick Wolf, the Jewish producer of LAW and ORDER never wastes an opportunity to belittle the beliefs and values of Christians. Yet in another case of anti-Christian bias on “Law and Order: Special Vicitims Unit” Wolf directly attacks Christians. The episode “Rockabye” as the summary reads: “runaway teenage girl is found badly beaten, doctors discover the beating killed her unborn child, and detectives begin to question the father” is a blatant example.

This episode is a study in bias and anti Christian bigotry. First of all, even the Yahoo TV listings summary is incorrect. The girl is NOT a runaway. Her father bought her ticket and put her on the bus and she had a place in NY to stay.

What the Jewish Wolf does, is set up a scenario so blatantly prejudice, he is doing nothing more than what Nazi’s did creating crimes ex post facto to kill Jews. Just like Hitler, Wolf sets up a “strawman” (Christian of course) and makes his actions dictate the story.

Girl gets pregnant.
She has given an oath in her “Christian” church not to engage in sex before marriage.
She breaks her oath “the Golden Promise” which is subtly belittled by script dialogue.
Wolf makes sure you understand she is a Christian by showing her singing in the church choir.
Of course, the boy who got her pregnant is also a member of the choir and has also sworn the oath.
The girl uses a ruse (looking for colleges to attend) to trick her father into allowing her to take a trip to New York.
The trip is really to get an abortion since parental notification in her state is a requirement and she is portrayed as being too afraid to tell her father.
Wolf sets up the “strawman” father by establishing that he is a callous father because he kicked his first daughter out of the house when she had sex, thus setting up the younger daughter’s fear of her father doing the same to her.
The boyfriend goes to New York too.
Initially, the boy is portrayed as wanting her to get an abortion and beats the girl until she loses the baby.
The girl has the boy beat her stomach to kill the child because it is to late for a legal abortion.
Wolf’s script then insures that the description of the baby is “fetus” because to label the baby, “a baby” would anger his feminist friends.
Of course, Wolf has the father immediately reject his younger daughter.
Again, by implication Wolf demeans the Christian concept of forgiveness and love.
Wolf also by implication, tars all Christian fathers with hate and malice.
Next Wolf attacks the concept of abstinence for teenagers.
He has Richard Belzer, also a Jewish actor, delivers a long demeaning rant about the failure of abstinence and attacks those who even suggest it, much less try to practice it.
Wolf then has Christopher Meloni deliver a poorly written and inadequate defense of abstinence.
Wolf’s depiction of the hateful Christian father is deliberate.
The abortion clinic is portrayed as a false clinic set up by right-to-life zealots.
Wolf has the “fake abortion” clinic Doctor purposefully and illegally delay the time the girl can still have an abortion until its too late.
Of course, the doctor is also the bad guy along with the father, and by BLATANT implication Christianity.
And I didn’t even get into the side plot of a liberal judge recusing herself because of her feminist pro-baby-killing biases.
Even as the prosecutor, actress Diane Neal, talks to the feminist pro-abortion judge, she has to give her pro feminist-pro-abortion bona fides so she doesn’t offend pro-abortion feminists.

The anti-Christian elements of this episode are amazing in their scope and hate.

Wolf likes to claims that his stories are “ripped from the headlines.” That is only partially true. They’re only ripped from the headlines when a story justifies Wolf’s far-left liberal agenda. If the headlines don’t fit his agenda, the stories are changed to make sure that liberal orthodoxy is followed. I’m sorry a good man like Fred Thompson has forfeited his principles for Hollywood money.

Just consider:

l. Would Wolf, and his other Jewish writers and producers, have set this story in a strict Hasidic Jewish religious community and portrayed the father as a hateful Jew as he did to this Christian father? NO!
2. Would Wolf and his other Jewish writers and producers Ted Kotcheff and Neal Baer, write a story attacking the practice of honor-killings of Muslim girls and making Islam his primary target as he did targeting Christianity in this case? NO!

In this one episode, Wolf:

attacks Christian fathers!
attacks abstinence and those who advocate it!
attacks parental notification!
attacks Christians and Christian values!
advocates murdering unborn babies!
criminalizes people who oppose abortions!
belittles personal Christian efforts to keep promises!
promotes and excuses teenaged promiscuity!
promotes feminist licentious values!
perpetuates the definition as unborn babies as fetuses!

These types of attacks, in Wolf’s “hate-Christians” world, happen all the time. The attacks are sometimes subtle but they appear constantly throughout Wolf’s scripts. What right does this Jewish person have to perpetually attack Christians and their beliefs.

I’ve been a fan of Law and Order for years when politics and religion are left out. But finally the constant barrage of anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-American tenor and tone of the show have become too much to bear.

Just consider how totally skewed and dishonest Wolf’s portrayal of the “Minutemen” was in a recent episode on Law and Order. Wolf does it all the time. Wolf and his other Jewish producers have exceeded even their own bounds of perpetual bigotry and Christian hate.



"Rockabye" 11-22-05
When a runaway teenage girl is found badly beaten, doctors discover the beating killed her unborn child, and detectives begin to question the father.

Cast: Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, Tracy Marrow, B.D. Wong, Diane Neal, Tamara Tunie, Keri Lynn Pratt, Skipp Sudduth, Annie Potts, Fred Dalton Thompson, Judith Light, John Patrick Medori .

Producer(s): Dick Wolf, Ted Kotcheff, Neal Baer.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Common Sense, a politically conservative publication at Stetson University, published a picture of a gay-pride flag with an almost transparent question mark over it. University officials pressured Common Sense not to distribute the inaugural publication containing the picture.

So the first amendment is trashed on the possibility that the picture “MIGHT” be interpreted as hostile to homosexuals....I repeat, “MIGHT” be hostile!

Compare that to New Jersey Warren Community College English professor John DALY’s real hate speech. In trying to stop a freshman coed who had invited an Iraqi War hero to speak on his campus, wrote in an email to the coed, Rebecca Beach: "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." College officials said he had freedom of speech and won’t criticize him.

What if I suggested: “Real freedom will come when students in college turn their guns on commie-con English professors trying to force indoctrinate students with hateful liberalism.” You can bet that same college professor would be calling that hate speech and demand I stop.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Associated Press claims it's covering the Iraq war fairly and completely. It constantly reports the tally of US Soldiers who have died in the conflict, both in battle and accidently.

I want to know when AP is going to start constantly tallying and reporting the number of Iraqi Muslims killed in suicide bombings by other Muslims? AP's reporting is more favorable to Zarqawi than to Iraqis trying to free themselves from terrorism. I want to see the number of Muslims killed by al Qaeda's Zarqawi in banner headlines displayed for the Arab world to see. But AP is so warped it won't report the truth.

AP reporters and editors make me sick. It's no longer a news organization, it's a flack machine for murderers. I wonder how AP reporters justify being flacks for murderers.

Why does AP want American soldiers to die? Everything AP reports on the war says it wants America to fail. Would AP have reported WWII the same way? No, because the reporters back then were honest, with honest editors, not the bunch of shills-for-hate we have today. AP continues its sickness.

TIME magazine is capitalizing Democrat but NOT Republican. Check out "Getting the Lowdown on Iraq" By SALLY B. DONNELLY TIME on line.

Friday, November 18, 2005


The fiberal agenda dominating all facets of most mainstream media outlets and the bias has destroyed the credibility of the newspapers, magazines, radio and television outlets.

Jayson Blair, Bob Woodword, Judith Miller, Mary Mapes, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, John Seigenthaler, Katie Couric, Paul Krugman, Mike Wallace, Walter Cronkite...........the list is endless that are examples of destroying their own honesty to promote a liberal agenda.

Newspaper circulationis going down the toilet. ABC CBS and NBC with their cable versions are not trusted. The Bob Woodward coverup is the perfect example of the media in general and the Washington Post editor hiding critical information about knowing Valerie Plame’s name of the dishonest media types trying to destroy the BUSH administration by hiding information that would have exonerated Scooter Libby, an indictment that never should have happened.

As a former journalist/TV anchor, the bias that is so prevelant and pervasive, everything these so called honest journalists is a contradiction in terms. The mainstream media is now a formal arm of the Democrat party and fiberal sycophants. The media as we knew it 50 years ago is dead.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Science has once again proven fiberals are blind, deaf and really dumb. Whenever using the issue of “global warming” to criticize Republicans, fiberals always define all global warming as man caused, and tolerate no other reasons. However, a study by A. Kilcik, a physicist, published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, reveals that warming of the earth is directly related to solar activities, and that man’s involvement is miniscule if any.

The study compared solar activity and temperatures in America and Japan from 1900 to 1990. Solar activity correlated directly to climate changes, and that increases have occurred prior to industrialized America. In addition, a warm spell similar today's occurred in mediaeval times. Guess there were too many barbeques back then. Even if they wanted, environmentalists couldn’t affect global warming up or down. But they are just so full of themselves they think they can.

And once again Cranky Liberal's conclusion “that scientific consensus is scientific fact” becomes the definition of stupid. Palaeontologists have believed that herbivore dinosaurs did not eat grass because no grass fossils had been found prior to 55 million years ago. It was an accepted scientific fact based on Cranky Liberal's theory of consensus. The only problem is that grasses have now been found in the dung of dinosaurs 65 to 70 million years ago. So once again scientific consensus is NOT scientific fact.

And Global Warming is not created by man but by the variations of solar activity, whether global warming wild-eyed alarmists like it or not. I want all you man-caused global warming types to tell me exactly why temperatures during the 1400's were as warm as they are today. You can’t blame that on fossil fuels. You’re not smart enough... ahead prove me wrong.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Fiberal hypocrite liars support opposite decisions. On the one hand liberals are having cows about even the possibility of teaching intelligent design in public school along with Darwinism. They say that you can’t dictate what is being taught in schools if the fibs don’t agree with it.

Then these same fiberals support just the opposite decision of the 9th circuit court appeals that told parents they don’t have any right to stop the school from teaching sexuality to children as young as six and quizzing those same children about their sexuality.

So typical of liberals, schools don’t have a right to teach intelligent design to which some parents object, but schools do have a right to teach sexuality to six-year-olds and the parents don’t have the right to object.

I really wonder how such people can keep diametrically opposed concepts in their minds and defend both with the same intensity. Its a typical fiberal uncontrollable brain disorder. The truth is that fiberals have one brain but two halves that are not connected.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Dean the “DUCK.” So we now know what kind of animal Howard Dean is... no longer the Sasquatch screecher of Iowa. He ducked a face to face meeting with RNC chair Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press. So Dean the Duck is also Howard the Coward.

He has also been a miserable failure at raising money for the Democrats trailing Republican fund raising by a mile. Thank you Democrats for electing him.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005


David Smith’s "Cubi XXVII" sold for 24 million dollars at Sotheby’s yesterday. As a sculptor myself, I’ve studied the piece in some detail.

In a sudden burst of insight, I realized the name of the sculpture was wrong. While it appears to have been created by a drunk kindergartner, it has real meaning when applied to a political party.

I would change the name to “The Fiberal Democrat Party.”

It’s the perfect illustration of Fiberal political perversion.
It’s glitzy yet useless.
It’s loud without saying anything.
It’s excessively expensive but without value.
It’s a distortion of reality while polluting the visual.
It’s parts are ill-matched yet forced together.
It’s a concoction of dissimilar discord.
It’s dishonest in its construction.
It’s flagrantly simplistic masquerading as complex.
It’s hateful without discrimination.
It’s ugly.

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In short it’s a sculpture of a fiberal Democrat. Using the new name it’s a graphic display of FIBERALS.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


LIBERAL VET who demanded I write this won’t read it because he has far-left leanings and liberal opinions (He comments on NewsGnome as LV). He sent me a series of comments he claims are from 60-Minutes editorialist Andy Rooney criticizing America as usual. If these are truly Rooney’s conclusions they are so absurd he is pathetic. Thus I respond:

ROONEY: U.S. is spending 5.6 billion a month in Iraq in a war we should never gotten into. 139-thousand Soldiers are still there and more than 2,000 have died. For What?

NEWSGNOME: FOR WHAT, Mr. Rooney! Obviously to improve the chances of stopping more 911s in America and in the process, plant the seeds of freedom in the middle east as we did in Japan and Germany. Rooney apparently perfers that Americans, both soldiers and civilians, die on American soil instead of taking the war to the terrorist's lair.

As an imperial monarchy, after WWII it was said, Japan would never accept democracy, like Rooney those conclusions were wrong. Japan understands democracy now and is helping establish it in Iraq with both soldiers and money. Rooney actively ignores the fact that Bush has succeeded, we have not had one al Qaeda attack on America since the War on Terror started.

Germany did not attack us. We attacked them without direct provocation. Rooney seems to think that imposing democracy on Germany and Japan was acceptable, but not on Iraq. 157-thousand soldiers are still in Iraq doing an excellent job. Iraqis voted in huge numbers for their new constitution. There are improvements in Iraq every day, and the insurgency is being fomented from the safe haven across the borders of Baathist Iran and Syria.

Rooney demeans the sacrifice of American Soldiers in providing freedom to Iraqis who suffered unimaginably under Saddam, and Rooney could care less about the mass graves, rape and torture rooms or gassing of civilians. Saddam murdered 100-thousand Iranian soldiers with WMD gas.

Saddam and his regime were killing people an average of about 400 people per day for every day he was in power with the wars and assassinations of his own people. Rooney is a hateful, selfish-indulgent man who doesn't care about the lives of Iraqis.

In WWII 405-thousand American soldiers died to stop Hitler and Hirohito (the Asian Hitler). Hypocrite Rooney found that number acceptable and that war worth fighting.
In WWII 24-million soldiers and 38-million civilians died. Rooney didn’t complain about those deaths. During WWII an average of 187 American soldiers died every day. During the Iraq war an average of 2.1 American soldiers have died per day up until November 6, 2005. Every soldier is precious, but apparently Rooney thinks the WWII rate of 187 per day is better than two.

And by the way Rooney, in today’s dollars we spent 147 billion dollars a month on WWII because Chamberlain and the French were such cowards. The French surrendered in two weeks when the Germans invaded.

ROONEY: We’ve got to pay for hurricane reconstruction. One way we pay for things is by borrowing and cutting expenditures. We’re cutting Medicare prescriptions, highway construction, farm payments, Amtrack, National Public Radio and student loans.

NEWSGNOME: As if natural disasters didn’t occur during WWII. We handled both then and can now. Rooney is just greedy and wants to hord his money.
Our economy is humming along at 3.8 and that even with
the hurricanes. Unemployment below most of figures during the Clinton years. Home ownership at historic all time highs. Inflation low. Gas prices are coming down. Today the Muslims are giving the French their comeuppance for playing the Chamberlain role.
Cutting Prescriptions: flat out lie...They didn’t exist before BUSH.
Cutting Highway construction: Another Rooney Lie - cuts are in the rate of growth...highway construction is higher this year than last still growing.
Cutting farm payment: Hypocrite...liberals are against farm subsidies then he complains they’re being cut.
Cutting Amtrack: It should be eliminated not cut.
Cutting Public Radio: Joan Kroc gave NPR $200 million. NPR ought to pay for itself. It should be eliminated too.
Cutting Student Loans: Lie again. It’s the rate of growth...and why not make some of those liberals who refused to repay their student loans pay up.

ROONEY: We’re building weapons we’ll never use.
Japan, Italy and Russia are spending very little money on their military while America is Spending $455-billion.
An Abrams tank costs 150 times as much as a Ford Station wagon.
We have 10-thousand nuclear weapons, enough to destroy all of mankind.
Too many officers in the military.

NEWSGNOME: So now Rooney you’re psychic with a crystal ball? You can see into the future and know exactly what we won’t need. What utter nonsense. Rooney certainly didn’t predict 911, how can he predict what weapons we’ll need. It’s always somewhat of a guess. Glad we had the weapons we did in the Gulf War and the War on terrorism. Those who are unprepared for war are perpetually doomed to have it.

The reason Japan and Italy don’t spend money on their own defense is because they depend on America so they won’t have to spend their own money. Stupid Rooney should have said Japan and Italy should be helping pay America for providing for their defense.

Russia on the other hand, has so corrupted its economy it simply can’t afford to spend more. Their own leaders are again robbing their citizens blind but instead of Communist tyrrany it's Russian mafia corruption.

Cost of Abrams tanks: And this is the same Andy Rooney who criticized Rumsfeld for not having enough armor on the Humvees in Iraq. So you’re suggesting Mr. Rooney that we fight wars with Ford station wagons. What an idiot.

Nuclear Weapons: Thanks to Bill Clinton, the Chinese now have missile guidance systems that can guide their nuclear weapons all the way to America. Rooney didn’t complain about Clinton putting America under the threat of these Chinese nuclear weapons. I’m glad we have the ten thousand, China will think twice about attacking us. And that doesn’t even count North Korea or Iran which are both in a mad rush to create nuclear missiles.

China has a standing army of 2.5 million armed soldiers. If we had to institute the draft, we'd have a ready-made command structure with the a trained corp of officers. Taiwan is a war waiting to happen.

ROONEY: Eisenhower was a great general and president.
He quoted Eisenhower: “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. …" Well, Ike was right. That's just what’s happened.

NEWSGNOME: I’m amazed Rooney likes any military man. Of course, he twisted Eisenhower’s meaning beyond recognition. Rooney fails to put Eisenhower’s comments in context of a world threat. Just think of what the French are going through and because of their “enlightened” policies they really have no way to fight the Muslim hate mongers now ripping their country apart.

If saving America were left to the Rooneys of the world, we’d be speaking German or Arabic. NG

Saturday, November 05, 2005


With the French rioting spreading into the non-Muslim areas
I’m wondering if the average Frenchman is wishing he had a second

If this were happening in our country, with what has become the religious hate
machine known as Islam which was burning our cities and killing our people,
at least we would have a chance to defend ourselves.

These so called Jidhadists were so courageous that they
poured gas on a woman and set her on fire. If this is what is being
taught in Muslim Mosques they are a very sick people.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Recommendations to the French... follow the example of your previous
WWII war heros.

After two weeks of riots....



Some US House Democrat members are just dumb...others are so utterly stupid, its amazing they survived to adulthood.

For example: Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) said
"The president has failed to nominate a woman or a Latino," constituting "a betrayal of the legacy of the trailblazing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor."

Isn’t it interesting that Ms. Solis' party said that if President would have nominated Janice Rogers Brown or Miguel Estrada they would have BOTH been filibustered.

Solis is STUCK ON STUPID. Get a life, or more importantly, get a brain and tell you’re party to get one too. NG


Sergey Brin and Larry Page founders
of GOOGLE are hypocrites of the worst
kind. Their fundamental dishonesty is on

While they’re telling us to buy hybrid cars to
save fuel and the environment they buy a 767
wide-body Boeing to fly around in. Guess a
hybrid didn’t have enough room.

If this isn’t a sick example of excessively conspicuous
consumption on a grand scale by a couple of PIGERALS
I don’t know what is.


So, the French are having their own 9-11. May I suggest that
America totally ignore their problems....since they’re all self-imposed. We
don’t really believe that you’re having riots and that the fundamentalists
Muslim hate mongers are really shooting at you.

Sorry Frenchies, We don’t believe you should go to war, even if it’s with
your own citizens.

Isn’t payback delicious?


When it comes to personal violence, it’s the wild-eyed fiberals
who set the standard.


Al Franken in a TV skit smashes a guy with a stool ...FROM THE BACK...
while his fiberal friend kicks the guy when he’s down. These are the
guys you want to vote for? Talk about the lack of judicial temperament.

George Clooney attacks a British security guard at a restaurant without
provocation because the anti-war "star" is slightly inconvenienced. This while promoting his film calling the “McCarthy” hearings violence against Hollywood.

How many times has Sean Penn, who carries a gun but preaches
anti-gun rhetoric, attacked people and been arrested for
illegal possession of a gun? Is his true persona revealed in
“Mystic River?”

And of course the perpetual anti-gun diva Rosie O’Donnell has
her body guards carry guns without permits.

These people are representatives of the so-called party of peace. No, just
more examples of the “Heros of Hate.”
Does it never end?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


BOYCOTT ABERCROMBIE & FITCH...Why isn't the NOW gang critizing the company for degrading teen girls?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


David Bernstein, director of the Long Island Institute of Archaeology at Stony Brook University is a Cranky Liberal type of “scientist” in "scientific consensus is scientific fact" to quote Cranky. Thus the world is still flat.

If scientists say the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Secret Hint: it’s just rain.

Hillside erosion at the Indian Island County Park (now there’s an insensitive name if there ever was one) revealed an ancient Indian burial ground, exposing bone fragments and other artifacts.

Mr. Bernstein’s conclusions... "such discoveries are a clear sign of the impact of global warming." The implication is that it’s man-caused, of course. When the MSL goes down as it inevitably will, will that be man’s fault too? Of course it will. Environmentalists will have stopped all manufacturing and man will have died off for the most part, and the sea level will increase and environmentalists will scream "see, it's "man's" fault because he didn't put enough greenhouse gases in the air."

So, erosion has been taking place on earth for what, 4-billion years...thus the earth has been warming since that time? Please Mr. Bernstein, engage your brain before engaging your mouth. There was erosion even during the ice age Mr. Scientist Bernstein. Hey Bernstein, ever been to the Mississippi. There’s a city there that just about got blown away built on eroded soil.

Here’s a chart of sea level changes courtesy of - heaven forbide: EXXON, an oil corporation.

Please note the level of the sea 250-million years ago was about the same as it is today. NG

Question for today: if environmentalists eliminate all human beings from the earth and it returns to its pristine condition, will there be anyone to enjoy it?