Friday, April 19, 2013


I keep wondering if the resident of Watertown and surrounding areas who have been told to go home and lock their doors to protect themselves from a bomber are wishing they had guns.  What if the Boston bomber, who has been identified as armed and dangerous, tries to break into their houses and the police are a mile away, what can they do?

He's got a gun, you've got a steak knife.  Who do you think will win that one……Just sayin'. 




How long ago was it that the Islamist Imams began calling for Caucasians to become Muslim bombers to thwart detection.  Well folks here they are bombing and aiming to kill Americans.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


It is a fair question to ask about three proposed arguments now in Congress "gay marriage", guns and immigration:  Do the proposed solutions to these issues solve them? Simple put the answer is NO!    

While all three are MSM media promoted issues, they certainly are not the most important issues concerning the American people who want good jobs, a growing economy and a strong defense.

Does allowing gay marriage, severely restricting guns or allowing unlimited immigration really help America? No! What they will do though is what Roe V Wade has done for Abortion, create a perpetual battle over each issue.  None will stop the divisiveness each present but only serve to expand the rancor. 

Gay Marriage: With gay marriage it isn't what happens if gays are allowed to marry but what happens to the definition of marriage.  The short answer is any type marriage becomes allowable using the "gay marriage" argument that it's all about love.  Thus the concept of "love" is the defining rule of marriage.  By that measure, a person could love his dog and that would be right allowing him to marry the dog, goat, sheep or child.  A mother or father could marry their son or daughter to avoid inheritance laws.

 Muslims do it all the time promoting the marriage of 9-year-old girls to men in their 20's or older or permission to have four wives.  Is that what America really wants, totally unrestricted marriage? Muslim's also have arranged "30-day" marriages and then divorces in India and other counties so they can avoid the accusations of using prostitutes.   The hypocrisy of their use of young women makes a joke of Islam.

Since "love" cannot be seen, quantified or accurately evaluated by definition you could marry anything or anyone. 

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

Guns. None of today’s proposed gun legislation in states and on Capitol Hill won't stop any of the horrendous attacks perpetrated on the innocent?  Diversion is the excuse to confiscate guns.  Aim at high capacity magazines, demand unnecessary background checks and target "semi-automatic" rifles.  It is feel-good legislation worth nothing. 

What this will do is erode the 2nd amendment and leave both women and men defenseless, not just from criminals but particularly from our own government. 

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

 Immigration.  Once passed immigration "reform" will be more of an invitation for whole new waves of illegal immigrants flooding over the border, on boats or planes.  Perpetual waves of new illegal immigrants with the latest "reform" plan to "solve" the latest immigration problem year after year.  This, while black Americas will be those hardest hit by illegals scarf up lower paying jobs robbing the poor and teenagers looking for summer work. Obama apparently doesn’t care.

Immigrants who came the right way will pay the price.   And once again, this legislation cheats legals and the problem of a secure border will be neglected and ignored while Americans along the border will suffer every day because of illegal politicians in Washington failing to do their jobs. It will never end.

Legislation that will not do what it is supposedly designed to do.

And liberal politicians will again be the idiots whose tales are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.