Monday, October 31, 2005


Hint: it isn't the Republicans

Why is it that Democrats are always the ones who bring
up a person's race, color, ethnicity, or sex? It’s actually very simple.

It is because they have no political ideas and their agenda amounts to,
how can we hate Bush today. Thus, Democrats pit the civil rights
of one group against the civil rights of another.

Just read what the main issue with President Bush’s Samuel Alito
Supreme Court nominee is....his Italian heritage. The President could
have nominated a black woman or a Hispanic man, except, the
Democrats announced they would stop the first Black woman
or Hispanic man with a which party is really the party
of inclusion... the Democrats? I think not!

In other words, Democrats focus on America’s differences in order to gain
power. All they do is obstruct, delay, filibuster, impede.
A bankrupt party with a bankrupt agenda.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


You Buffett a liberal?

A comment on my blog took exception to the fact that I called Warren Buffet a liberal pointing out that he owns lots of American businesses and his father was a GOP Congressman.

Liberal “Politically, he seems to be a liberal. In the late 1960s, he became involved in abortion rights issues and worked to integrate Omaha's segregated country clubs.”

The American Enterprise Online By Bill Kauffman: Congressman Buffett’s son, while revering Pop [his father] as a tower of integrity and honesty, seems not to have inherited the old man’s libertarian streak. Warren Buffett is a liberal Democrat whose favorite political causes are legalized abortion and population control.

When determining a person’s politics....FOLLOW THE MONEY! The following list speaks for itself.

WARREN BUFFETT Political contributions:

Data Provided by the Federal Election Commission as of 10/24/05 –starting in 1985

Democrats: $41,000 (total of 20)

Tom Daschle, (D) $2,000
Nancy P Thompson, (D) $2,000
Benjamin E. Nelson, (D) $2,000
John F Kerry, (D) $2,000 (president)
Erskine B. Bowles (D) $2,000
Wesley K. Clark, (D) $2,000 president
Tom Daschle, (D) $2,000
Bob Graham, (D) $2,000
Tom Harkin, (D) $1,000
John D.Dingell, (D) $1,000
John D.Dingell, (D) $1,000
Richard J Durbin, (D) $1,000
Hillary Rodham Clinton, (D) $1,000
Hillary Rodham Clinton, (D) $1,000
Mel Carnahan,(D) $1,000
Shelley Kiel, (D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey,(D) $1,000
Bill Bradley, (D) $1,000
Russ Feingold, D (D) $1,000
Pat Moynihan, (D) $1,000
Dorothy Lamm, (D) $1,000
Chris Dodd, (D) $1,000
Peter Hoagland, (D) $500
Pat Moynihan,(D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey, (D) $1,000
Peter Hoagland, (D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey,(D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey, (D) $ 1,000 president
Richard Lamm, (D) $1,000
Peter Hoagland, (D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey, J(D) $1,000
Bob Kerrey, (D) $1,000
Nebraska Democratic State Central $500
Nebraska Democratic State Central $500
Nebraska Democratic State Central $500

Republicans: $6,900 (total of 4)

Christopher Shays, (R) $2,000
Christopher Shays, (R) $1,000
Tom Osborne, (R) $300
Tom Osborne, (R) $300
Christopher Shays, (R) $1,000
Tom Osborne, (R) $300
Christopher Shays, (R) $1,000
Nancy Kassebaum, (R) $1,000
Bob Dole (R) $1,000 president

I rest my case.


Just don't ask Billionaire Buffett to pay more taxes!

Fiberal hypocrisy is always fun to see when it involves money, because fibs are always the ones who want to tell everybody else to pay more taxes. A recent example is Warren Buffett, CEO/president of Berkshire Hathaway. Billionaire Buffett is a notorios tax and spend liberal supporting Hillary Clinton’s brand of commie-con semi-socialism and funding a variety of liberal support groups.

In a letter to his Berkshire shareholders courtesy of, he wrote "Writing checks to the IRS that include strings of zeros does not bother (me). Overall, we feel extraordinarily lucky to have been dealt a hand in life that enables us to write large checks to the government."

You would think that with that being the case, and he being the second richest man in the world, he wouldn’t worry about the IRS taking a few extra million from him. But low and behold, the man, who thinks we should all pay more taxes, sued the IRS for demanding he pay a measly $23.1million dollars of his money. Berkshire earned a profit this past year of 2.81 billion dollar and the $23.1 represents about 8/100's of one per of that profit of just last year. And that doesn’t count the whole company value in the multiple billions... or the profits since the case started back in 1990. To Billionaire Buffett it’s mere pocket change.

Berkshire won the case and the IRS (read: the American People) has to repay the 23 million plus we taxpayers now get to pay interest on 23 million for more than ten years to the Billionaire Buffett who says you and I should be paying higher taxes. Why did he bother demanding the money back if he thinks paying higher taxes is so great.....HYPOCRISY....from the left. Like the rest of the left, Buffett only wants everybody else to pay more taxes, he doesn’t mean himself.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DENY AND LIE....The CrankyLiberalPages Mantra

NewsGnome has come across and interesting blog. Posted by permission:

by JFF

A secret report estimates that the “CrankyLiberal” has received more than $273- thousand dollars in funds from the likes of George Soros and Peter Lewis through Moveon.Org. via the now defuct ACT went through $260-million dollars in the last election with only one low-level elected official to show for it and part of the spoils were direct to CLP.

Unidentified sources revealed the Florida based-CLP is an extension of the DemocratUnderground and Moveon.Org. funded by the extreme fiberal left on an ongoing basis. The blog which originated as by a 34-year-old tecnocrat, has a small but vocal cabal of posters. Non-believers are routinely censored.

The fundamental concept, according to anonymous informants, of the blog is to provide a forum to promote unsupportable anti-Bush accusations via their main method of argument which is to “DENY and LIE.” Allegedly several operatives have been used to promote the idea including several trained in the Goebbels-technique to promote the Clinton wing of the party by keeping the lie alive.

At least one source, who asked not to be identified, has claimed that petulant and always vindictive Hillary Clinton is heavily involved in the site. Citing the example of the avalanche of hate being directed at New York Times Reporter Judith Miller by the left, the source said it’s obvious Hillary is behind the scenes pushing the vengeful CPL attacks .

Hillary wants to discredit her, in what can only be described as a convoluted and bizarre plot to strengthen the credibility of James Wilson, now under attack by even the Washington Post.

More on this story in the next post........NG

Saturday, October 22, 2005


NYT-the paper of deception!

How convenient for the New York Times. Now, after defending Judith Miller and her jail time, the Times is suddenly saying it’s her fault.

It also sounds to me like the New York Times is in full “CYA” mode because they know their constant barrage of invectives aimed at the Bush administration were made up out of whole cloth to perpetuate their “anti-Bush agenda.”

The poisoned agenda of the Times has destroyed any credibility that newspaper once had. Is there anything that it writes that can be trusted anymore. The list of inaccurate and biased-agenda driven tirades just gets longer and longer and they’re all simply a manifestation of their own dishonest reporting to advance their fiberal cause.

The NYT no long deserves the name “Paper of Record.” That should be changed to the “Paper of Deception.”

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


New ROVE Revelations Could Destory The World...

The revelations about Karl Rove today are astounding. They reveal much about the architect of the BUSH political successes. The Iraqis had an historic vote for a constitution: NOT IMPORTANT to AP! The threat of another hurricane hitting Florida: NOT IMPORTANT to AP! Iran and North Korea are building nuclear bombs and missiles: NOT IMPORTANT to AP! What is important are the new ROVE REVELATIONS!

What are they? Well, here’s what 100-thousand dollars worth of reporter and photographer came up with.

When Rove’s wife raised the garage door to prove to reporters (camped in front of his house) that his car was gone as was the presidential advisor, the AP photog snapped a photo of the contents of his garage and then the reporter went to work describing it in minute detail . (How would you like to have a horde of Republican-hating slimy-salamander reporters at your front door everyday.

If an assassin came to finish off Rove, would the slimers try to protect he and his family, NO, they would be loading their camera and getting out their note pads. They'd be salivating at the prospect of photographing and filing their reports and pictures of the blood and guts. These are the kind of people that are camped on Rove’s front door)

PS. Rove’s garage looked like 95 percent of the garages in America–a ladder, boxes and some paint cans...and for this AP is paying the big AP a joke or what!

With all the important news that exists in our world....Hey ASSOCIATED PRESS.....Get a real job!

Monday, October 17, 2005


The Associated Press does it again. Pasted straight from Yahoo headlines...

By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press Writer 29 minutes ago

The nation's murder rate declined last year for the first time in four years, dropping to the lowest level in 40 years. Experts said local rather than national trends were mostly responsible.

The rates for all seven major crimes were down and the overall violent crime rate reached a 30-year low, according to the FBI's annual compilation of crimes reported to the police.

Ol' Sniffen needs to sniff out straight reporting and quit making personal judgements hiding behind "UNIDENTIFIED" experts. Who are these experts? What is their agenda. What is your agenda SNIFFEN. Had this story occurred during the Clinton can bet your bottom dollar "Sniffy" would have played it to the hilt as Bill Clinton's success.

Of course, Sniffy doesn't want any credit for leadership to go to President BUSH. It's written right into the AP style book page 3..."Thou shalt not write any stories that may put President George W. Bush in a positive light." It’s also the first commandment of the AP "rewritten" versions of the Ten Commandments. Notice how he casually said "first time in 4 years" which is a second defense against positive endorsement of BUSH. WILL IT EVER END AT AP?

Hey, AP, when are you going to turn yourselves into an honest, non-biased, real wire service?

Sunday, October 16, 2005


The most democratically important vote in the history of Iraq has just concluded. The initial report is that the constitution passed and that the Iraqis now have a constitution. The delegates worked negotiated and compromised their differences just as the US Delegates did in writing the US Constitution. Yes there was an effort to scuttle the vote by some Sunni clerics. The effort failed, but the constitution and the people of Iraq succeeded.

Was this hailed as a great success by the Associated Press NO! Had they reported the vote as a success, it would have been favorable for President Bush, and AP couldn’t have that. It was reported by AP as the Sunnis falling short in defeating the constitution.

Reporter: Lee Keath, Associated Press Writer
Headline: Sunnis Appear to Fall Short in Iraq Vote

Notice it wasn't a headline praising the success of the vote but finding the negative of the
Sunni failure.

First Sentence: “Iraq's landmark constitution seemed assured of passage Sunday after initial results showed minority Sunni Arabs had fallen short in an effort to veto it at the polls.”

Notice the absolute negativity of the sentence rather than the success of the passage. It was though as the reporter was unhappy with the result that the Sunnis failed to destroy the constitution.

Second Sentence: The apparent acceptance was a major step in the attempt to establish a democratic government that could lead to the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Notice: “The apparent acceptance....” again it reads as though Keath is unhappy about the Sunni failure “....was a major step in the attempt to establish a democratic government that could lead to the withdrawal of U.S. troops.” Next Keath mentions, as in passing, that it’s a major step in the effort to establish Democracy not for the success of the Iraqis, and then immediately says it could lead to U.S. troop withdrawal.

If Keath had been writing about voting approval of the American Constitution he probably would have written that “Royalists failed in their effort to stop the approval of our constitution in the 13 colonies which went to war against Great Britian.”

Writing like this from AP is common. It is biased, focuses on the negative at a time of great hope and possibility. Shame on the Associated Press’ biased and prejudicial reporting.


Hearing Bill Clinton would make a magot puke.

I’m tired of hearing Bill Clinton trashing President Bush on foreign soil
and trying to cozy up at the same time. He doesn’t deserve to be heard
on anything.

Fiberals always say Conservative attacks on Clinton’s putrid presidency was just about sex. Well, it wasn’t. Thanks, in part, to the National Review on Line and some of my own items, here are some reasons to tell Bill Clinton to SHUT UP!

Paying nuclear blackmail to North Korea - they now have Nuclear weapons.
Siccing the FBI on Billy Dale - destroying the reputation of an honest man.
Siccing the IRS on conservatives organizations - using IRS power to destroy.
Siccing IRS on citizens who disagreed with Hillary - destroying regular Americans.
Defending partial-birth abortion - stabbing partially born babies in the brain to die.
Keeping D.C. kids trapped in rotten schools - refusing DC kids vouchers.
Draft-dodging - admitting to hating the military and dodging the draft.
Firing all the U.S. attorneys - installing hundreds of Clinton cronies against tradition.
Renting Lincoln bedroom for campaign funds - utter disrespect for American history.
Apologizing to whole continents - with no moral authority or right to do so.
Making state troopers pimps - turning public servants into a hooker pickup service.
Making Betty Currie a pimp - forcing an otherwise honest black women to lie.
Hush money for Hubbell - getting payoff bucks to stop Hubbell’s testimony.
Gutting the military - making it almost incapable of defending we Americans.
Ostentatiously carrying Bible - picture-op, Bible never opened by Clinton.
Mogadishu disaster - Clinton’s lack of preparation set in motion Osama bin Laden.
“Ignorance” of Rwanda genocide - first “black” president abandoned African blacks.
Selling missile guidance system to China - it will eventually cost American lives.
Promise to taking the troops out of Kosovo in a year- American troops still there.
Failure to respond to six major terrorist attacks - clueless about terrorism.
Keeping intelligence agencies from sharing information - allowed 911.
Stealing historical White House furniture for his house - defines his charactor.

Bill Clinton’s is one of the worst presidencies
ever to have been inflicted on America.

President Bush has done some stupid things. Engaging Bill Clinton to “serve” America in resurrecting the "knee-pad" president's decomposing legacy is one of the worst. Using his father's credibility (George H. W. Bush) to assist Clinton in his rebuilding process makes me question “Dubya’s” sanity. The Harriet Miers nomination makes it just that much worse. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MR. PRESIDENT?

Saturday, October 15, 2005



or a reporter trying to be Wonder Woman.

I once had a big blogument with a poster over the fact that Michael Moore had used editing techniques to twist the meaning of President Bush’s words in his schlocumentary “Fahrenheit 911." The poster was shrill and revealed a complete lack of understanding of film editing. I told him I could tape his every word and movement for a month and using Moore's techniques make him sound like the ultimate Bush lover. He said Moore’s film was absolutely accurate.

Well, an NBC correspondent, AP writes, inadvertently proved my point in her LIVE New Jersey flooding report for the Today show.

The reporter was siting in a canoe on camera. There was no reference point illustrating the depth of the water but it appeared deep enough to require the canoe. In the middle of her report two men walked between the canoe and the camera showing that the canoe was in water no more than a couple of inches deep. The camera distorted the report making it appear as though the flooding in Wayne N.J. was worse than it was at that particular location.

This is a perfect example of how the news media distorts the “pictures” of their reports to justify the agenda of news organizations and make their report appear as “dramatic” as possible, and the reporter as intreped as possible.

Even Matt Lauer could hardly keep a straight face. It was obviously funny, but proved my point about the editing of video tape to present whatever point you want to make, just as Moore twisted his tape editing to put President Bush in the worst possible light.

The reporter’s name is Michelle Kosinski. Thanks Michelle, but don’t look for many more gigs on NBC. When your film lies you lie. I love it when reporters get caught so blatantly distorting the news for their own ends. It happens among fiberal reporters much more than you might think.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Anti-American web sites like and CrankyLiberal are vitriolic in their utter hate for “religion.” Or are they?

Just a cursory reading of their sites reveal an interesting bias: it’s only the Christian religion that fuels their passionate hatred. Could it be that their fear of Islamic retaliation which causes them to self-censor their posts? Isn’t it obvious, they only criticize religions that won’t kill them....that’s perfectly understandable...though terminally hypocritical.

Fiberals justify Islamic oppression of women as “oh that’s” Muslim’s business. We stay out of that. You never see criticisms of those practices on posts from the far left. Even the NAGs walk circumspectly around these issues.

But wait.....Didn’t King Faud last night on “BaBa WaWa’s” even announce that some day women may actually be able to drive real cars in Saudi Arabia...what a momentous day. The Fiberals should be dancing in the streets at the expanding tolerance of Islam. What’s next, that women will be able to breath with out a man’s permission....truly monumental steps forward.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sometimes I wonder if the fiberals and the ACLU got their way and implemented everything they have demanded over the years, would they really like the America their policies would have created. I don’t think so. Is this the America you want to live in?

* Abortions for 11 year-old girls without parental consent.
* Parents fiscally responsible even if other persons take their children to have abortions.
* Girls in the Boy Scouts.
* Boys in the Girl Scouts.
* Active promotion of a homosexual agenda in public schools.
* Unrestrained homosexual recruitment in public schools.
* Elimination of all defined moral restraint.
* Pregnant Down Syndrome girls dying at the hands abortionists like Dr. George Tiller.
* Elimination of the US Military and soldiers.
* Submission to the “morals” and legal system of the UN and it’s radical members.
* Uncontrolled immigration.
* Social funding for everyone, even if they didn’t pay into the system.
* Educational funding even if they got into the country illegally.
* Resident status for college tuition even if you’re in the country illegally.
* Unrestrained pornography.
* Marriage undefined.
* Elimination of any form of religion.
* Promotion of man-boy child abuse in the form ACLU advocacy of North American Man-Boy Love Association.
* Sexualization of young girls through dress and Madonna-Brittany Spears performance examples.
* Sublimation of American National interests to international courts.
* Subjugation of American Citizens to the whims of anti-American international judges.

I could go on...I don’t want to live in an America designed by fiberals and the ACLU. It would be like bathing in a sceptic tank with a honey bucket for soap.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005




Below is a list of donors giving relief efforts and money for the disastrous earthquake in Pakistan that may have killed 30 to 40 thousand people and left millions homeless and hurting. The list is taken directly from the UK’s Independent OnLine report.

Do you notice who’s missing from the list...The greedy Hugo Chavez of Venezula whose country is raking in billions from oil sales. Where is Saudia Arabia. They are a totally Muslim (not to mention stingy) country failing to help fellow Islamic state Pakistan. Where is Russia. Where is Belize, France, Germany, the Netherland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Spain, Syria, Iran, India, China, Japan....where are the billions from them? The rest of the world demands America not act as the policeman of the world, just the one who hands out all the money! Is it to little to late, as NBC’s John Seigenthaler is fond of saying, just because it is impossible to provide instant relief half a world away?

America has been spinning from two major natural disasters of our own within weeks of each other, not to mention the effort to keep radical Muslims from blowing up our country. We have given billions to the monstrous Indonesian tsunami. It’s time for the rest of the world to step forward...where are they? Since Islamic countries don’t want Americans on their soil...I think it’s time for them and the rest of the world take to the major responsibility in this disaster. Let the UN do it. They’re such a paragon of virtue and care and so efficient....let them get the money from these countries, before they come demanding and accusing at America’s door. Better yet, why don’t we get some of the billions Kofi Annan’s son and other UN officials stole from the food-for-oil fiasco to help the victims.

Donors so far:

Britain: £1m
United States: £50m plus helicopters
European Union: €3.6m plus aid workers on the ground
United Nations: $100,000
Kuwait: $100m
South Korea: $3m
Malaysia: $1m
Australia: $4.2m
Sri Lanka: $100,000

The world doesn’t want our help....OK lets not give it to them....let others do the leading this time. We’ll sit back and criticize their inadequate efforts.

Fed up......NG

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Black Racism White Racism

If there was a white caucus for politicians to which a black politician could not officially belong, would that be racial discrimination? Yes!

If there was a black caucus for politicians to which a white politician could not officially belong, would that be racial discrimination? No!

Stacy Campfield, state representative R-Tennessee, applied for membership in the state’s house black caucus. Campfield asked for the membership to “assist” him in representing his black constituents. The caucus refused to approve his membership. Campfield, who is "white", says it’s because of the color of his skin.

Tennessee house black caucus chairman Johnny Shaw said he thinks Campfield has other motives as he denied a white man official membership in the black caucus. So what was that the 14th amendment said again? If you’re black you can discriminate, if your white fly a kite....that doesn’t sound quite right.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hillary Clinton and her lawyers are doing everything they can to hide the results of an investigation into former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros. Why, because the investigation by Independent Counsel David Barrett was expanded to include abuses by the Clinton Justice Dept. and the use of IRS audit attacks of organizations and citizens.

Consider: every single woman who made any accusation against Bill Clinton was audited, more than a dozen. What are the odds of that. Hillary had Bill appoint her personal friend Peggy Richardson as IRS Commissioner, and when any woman accused Bill or any person wrote a letter to the editor critical of Hillary’s socialized medicine...within weeks that person would be audited. That was my case and several others of which I became aware. The IRS audited two years of my returns and manufactured a justification for the audit

The attack caused a major medical problem for me. I wish I could sue. It was a year’s worth of pressure, constant attacks and bizarre accusations by a particular agent, a woman, like Hillary and Peggy. Finally I demanded an appeal after a wild conclusion by the agent. The IRS appointed a second agent, a male, and my case was suddenly settled within a hour an a half. I owed a whopping $312, not the more than the grotesque $17,000 that the previous attacking agent with her Hillaryorized agenda, claimed.

Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal reveals that for the first time in history, the IRS has been investigated using grand jury subpoena powers. That’s what Hillary, her attorneys and cronies in Congress are trying to suppress. Will Barrett’s investigation be made public, not if Clinton can squelch it. The reports been done for more than a year. I believe the report, which has been finished for more than a year, will reveal personal attacks on conservative organizations and individuals by the Hillary controlled IRS.

If this were a report on conservatives, the fiberals would be screaming at the tops of their lungs to make it public. But as dishonest as Democrats are, there is, of course, no such demand.

Friday, October 07, 2005


What is racism?

During the 60's I attended a University in Los Angeles and as a journalism/polysi-prelegal major took a required “Journalism and Libel” class. The university was a very racially diverse campus. The course professor was just graduated from a “name” law school also in Los Angeles. He had not passed the bar so in the mean time he was “teaching” to earn money.

I never missed a class, did well on the assignments and tests, but when the grades were passed out I received a “C.” Needless to say I was upset. As a reporter for the school paper I mentioned my pique to other student reporters and it instantly became an animated discussion in the school newsroom. As it turned out every other person of my race also received the same grade... “C.” I had an 3.6. Those of different races or ethnicities in the department revealed they’d received “B” or above.

Nothing that could be done according to our faculty advisor on the school paper. The grade stood and kept me off the dean’s list that semester.

The professor had a smirk on his face when I confronted him on the issue. It was obvioulsy payback time. It was also the “60s” and Vietnam and the growth of a new label: “evil white man.”

The Professor was Black. The University was California State University at Los Angeles.

Upon graduation, I applied for a job at the NBC-TV-owned station in Los Angeles. With a recommendation from a great professor in the Journalism Department, I was able to secure an interview with the station news director. After introductions, I sat down. He said our interview would be short. I presented my resume and experience. He looked at me and what he said is forever burned into my brain. He said, “Son, you’re the wrong color, the wrong sex with the wrong surname.” I was a white male. Interview over.

Again I ask. What is racism?


The sad truth is that under the current political climate in Washington it is impossible to pick the “BEST” nominee for the US Supreme Court. With the Democrats, anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin is an extremist.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a former ACLU attorney, is as far to the left as Janice Rogers Brown could be considered to the right and yet Ginsburg got more votes than John Roberts. Rogers deserved this nomination. Miers doesn’t. I’d like to see the Democrats go on TV and demonstrate their penchant for diversify by attempting to vilify an ABA well-qualified Black woman.

With people like M.I.N.O Harry Reid, you don’t get the best you get the least, period. The quality of the nomination is not even in biased and sick is that.

That America is forced to pick minimally-tested nominees just so they will get passed a terminally biased Democrat hate machine because their is no paper trail, says a lot about the quality of the Democrat leadership

Monday, October 03, 2005


With Miguel Estrada and Janice Rogers Brown available........

Mr. President:

dumb! dumb! dumb!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


NYT Cuts Its Own Throat

The liberal left invariable quotes the alleged “holy grail” truth in America: “The New York Times.” Liberals, like crankyliberalpages quote the NYT as though it has no agenda, no bias or that there is no question about any word written therein. Apparently flaws of the “paper of record” are getting more and more obvious and demanding the question: “Is the New York Times still worthy of the title “paper of record?”.

An article in Editor and Publisher illustrates just how dysfunctional and dishonest the “Times” has become. Ultra-leftist Paul Krugman wrote in his column that NYT vote recounts of the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore gave Gore the win which is absolutely the opposite of what the vote recount showed. But Krugman didn’t repeat the lie once he did it FOUR times.

George W. Bush won every single vote recount by every organization, liberal or conservative, conducted-- period!

His persistent lie forced the Public Editor of the New York Times Byron Calame, to change the “Times” policy which is now listing column corrections on the Op-Ed page. Finally Krugman corrected his error after the revelation on the Op-Ed page.

Then there’s the case of Alessandra Stanley a New York Times reporter who wrote Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera "nudged" Air Force relief worker out of the way so his cameraman could film him helping load a 78-year-old Katrina victim into a rescue helicopter. Problem was that the full tape of the incident was available for viewing and "Times" Stanley fabricated the whole story expecting not to be caught. Of course the legal threat by Rivera helped them make the correction.

These are not reporter mistakes. They are agenda driven efforts to undermine the Bush Administration and cast aspersions on FOX News. That is the insidious dishonesty of it.

And I have even mentioned the Jayson Blair story. My judgement is that the New York Times has abdicated its right to the title “paper of record.”