Tuesday, October 31, 2006


DEMOCRAT John Kerry calls American Soldiers stupid. John Kerry was an American soldier, therefore John Kerry is stupid....and every other brave soldier fighting in Iraq according to him.

What pathetic, self-serving, derelicts Kerry and the Democrats are. He finally spoke the truth about what he and his party really believe about our American Soldiers, in addition to the fact that he thinks they're terrorising Iraqi women and children.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


To destroy our booming stock market...Vote Democrat!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The fall elections for Republicans will be almost as beautiful of God’s fall creations. Took this picture today from my front lawn. The stock market is skyrocketing, the Democrats are crashing, and Bush’s economy, despite all the difficulties during his two terms, is better than Clinton’s ever was. Life is beautiful. NG

Friday, October 20, 2006


Here are NewsGnome's predictions for the up coming election. In politics, two weeks is an eternity. Most voters don't starting thinking about the election until they get their voter pamphlet and those interviewed by pollsters are lying as often as they're telling the truth, just to flip-off the pollsters. Current baised Zogby, Gallup and a myriad of other polls have been overly weighted to democrat voters in an effort to push momentum toward Democrats.


Republicans pick up one possibly two seats plus, Joe Lieberman, will help Republicans more in the Senate because of the vitriolic attacks on him by Democrats. His victory also illustrates that the Moveon.org Democrats have a lot more bark than bite.


Republicans may pick up as many as four seats in the house. Foley will be of no help to Democrats. Negron will keep Florida Republican.


The Lieberman election is more illuminating than any other race in the Nation. Even with George Soros spending hundreds of millions to defeat the idea of American security, Lieberman will walk away with a win. It will show just how important the war on terror is to Americans.

More important: American wallets. The stock market has set five record highs as of today, jobs are at all time highs, unemploymentat all time lows, 60 per cent of Americans own stocks which are sky high right now, consumer confidence is exploding, unemployment is better than when Clinton was in office, The economy is better than at any time in history and it’s fundamentally a much stronger economy than the Clinton bubble economy.

Voters, vote on two things.

First and Foremost:

American security is the single biggest issue, bar none. Bush has kept terrorists from attacking America since 911. Democrats are still on the wrong side of this issue. Bush wins both ways on this issue. If there is no attack, his perfect record remains in tact. If there is an attack between now and the election, the threat of more terrorism reminds voters who has the best record on national security.



One last item. Despite what any voter says to family, friends or pollsters, when they go into the privacy of the polling booth, and they come face to face with reality and they will always chose security, personally and financially, neither of which the Democrats have offered....Democrats have literally offered nothing to vote for.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Democrats Are Getting Sicker and Sicker......

A DEMOCRAT staff member of the House Intelligence apparently leaked high-level intelligence to the New York Times. This DEMOCRAT is willing to do anything even if it damages America.

This is the perfect example of just how far Democrats will go to win this election. They are willing to sacrifice the safety of all Americans soldiers not to mention we citizens just to win . This “person” and the Democrats will put lives in danger and they do it for political advantage.

And DEMOCRATS focus on Foley, not the safety of Americans. They truly are sick.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Reasons To Vote Democrat So They Can:

* Eliminate tax cuts
* Increase taxes
* Reduce economic growth
* Encourage illegal immigrants to break into America
* Increase minimum wage to eliminate more entry level jobs
* Pass terrorist protection laws
* Ignore terrorist attacks on America and American interests
* Increase punishment for American soldiers who fight in Iraq/Afghanistan
* Subject individual American citizens to international courts and law
* Approve pro-abortion judges
* Sabotage the Stock Market and pension plans
* Increase Democrat hate for capitalism
* Stop private pension contributions to Social Security.
* Cut and run in Iraq, so blood feuds expand
* Encourage implementation of Sharia Law in America
* Provide investment opportunities in burque manufacturing firms
* Turn Iran and Afghanistan over to terrorists for a new staging country
* Eliminate Christianity and encourage Islam and amoralism
* Stop the appointment of Constitutionalists US Supreme Court Justices
* Take more private property through eminent domain
* Implement the “Fairness Doctrine” restricting the free speech of conservatives
* Re-define the first amendment to the constitution allowing only liberal thought
* Allow for the arrest and imprisonment of any individual espousing religious thought within 2 miles of any publicly owned building, land, vehicle or tree. ( I mention trees because trees in the street medians and near sidewalks are owned by municipalities and that would exclude almost all areas within any city limits
* Allow the torture of all conservatives for having opinions that contradict fiberal thought
* Rewrite the second amendment to define all guns owned by private American citizens as assault weapons
* Apply fiberally defined allowable torture such as water-boarding for conservatives and Christians but not terrorists
* Halt efforts to become energy self-sufficient by stopping all searches for energy
* Increase capacity to rely on foreign oil
* Raise gas prices to reduce use of vehicles
* Pressure all teachers, not just the majority, to advance the “we hate Bush” theology
* Criminalize Christmas
* Encourage forced conversion to Islam

If this is the America you want, VOTE DEMOCRAT!


Monday, October 16, 2006


Mormon In Name Only (MINO) Harry Reid: I DIDN’T LIE but I’m going to amend my report to the senate ethics committee. If you hadn’t lied in the first place, Mr. Reid, you wouldn’t have had to amend your report!

TIME TO RESIGN DIRTY HARRY! You are corrupting the name of your church, your party and America. We don't need people who are paid by mobsters running our country!

Why isn’t the FBI investigating this?

Ask yourself, “Could I earn a million dollars on land I hadn’t owned for three years?” Or is this just for Democrat hypocrits? By the way, Reid said he also failed to disclose two other land transactions on his prior ethics reports and planned to amended those reports too. Captain Honest!

How many other land deals has Dirty Harry scammed? And the Democrats are saying the Republicans have a culture of corruption...Dirty Harry as the highest ranking elected officer in the Democrat Party and as such is the defacto leader of their party. This is what passes for honesty in the Democrat party.

One last item, apparently, Reid has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff...that's illegal in case you didn't know.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


The 2006 Nobel Prize for Peace went to a man who provided micro loans to start ventures so the extremely poor could improve their lives using capitalism. Who’d a thunk it!

I find it amazingly hypocritical that the capitalist-hating left didn’t realize exactly what they were doing. The people who receive these loans do capitalistic things with the money and are required to pay it back with interest. The amounts are minute by comparison to most business loan, but are appropriate for extremely poor counties.

In story after story, these poor people have used the rewards of personal sacrifice and dedication to enlightened self-interest to benefit not only themselves but those around them by making their own jobs and frequently providing jobs for others.

How could this happen, that it is capitalism that has helped these people more than government hand outs....And one of the men who made this happen received a Nobel Prize.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Harry Reid is a MINO. (Mormon in Name Only). He is also a Democrat and one of the most corrupt senators in the United States senate. He’s also the MINOrity leader. REID SHOULD RESIGN.

Bought property with a person with known Mob ties. He made money on property he hadn’t owned for 3 years...but here read it for yourself in USA TODAY.

If you are a Mormon, you should be irate. Reid has smeared the reputation of the LDS Church, and every member of that Church

*Reid profited from property he didn’t own for three years
*Reid failed to report the deal on his records.
*Reid reported transaction to the IRS only under pressure
*Reid has a verbal handshake agreement with a man with mob ties
*Reid voted in the senate to allow a trade between properties that personally benefitted him.

And one issue that was not reported besides the fact that Spring Valley town board rejected the re-zoning of the property and the Clark County zoning board and the Clark County commission overruled the town board, Reid’s son-in-law was a Clark County commissioner at the time of the re-zoning it was reported. Do I smell a conflict of interest if his son-in-law voted on the issue.

I wonder what Reid’s explanation to his Mormon Bishop sounded like.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


*North Korea explodes what they say is a nuclear bomb.
Democrats focus on Foley.
*North Korea threatens to nuke America.
Democrats focus on Foley.
*Ahmedinejad threatens to nuke Israel
Democrats focus on Foley.
*Syria planning to invade Israel
Democrats focus on Foley
*al Qaeda says attack and capture US White House
Democrats focus on Foley


*Foley sent nasty emails................*Studds got 17-year-old page drunk
*Foley had phone sex....................*Studds raped 17-year old page.
*Foley didn’t touch page................*Studds applauded by Democrats
*Foley resigned in disgrace.............*Studds stayed in house.
*Foley enters rehab..........................*Studds re-elected despite rape.
*Foley’s page of age..........................*Studds page under age.
*Foley no longer in congress............*Studds elected to chairman of committees
*Hastert resignation demanded.......*O’Neill wasn’t even asked to resign
*Crane has sex with female page.....*Clinton oral and anal sex with intern
*Crane resigned house......................*Clinton refuses to resign
*Packwood harasses women............*Clinton harasses many women
*Packwood resigns.............................*Clinton rapes women
*Packwood attacked by NOW..........*Clinton defended by NOW
..................................................*NOW forms "Knee Pads for Clinton" committee
..............................................................*Clinton still cheats on wife
..............................................................*Kennedy cheats on wife
.....................................................*Kennedy drives off bridge killing Mary Jo
.......................................................*Kennedy not held accountable
.......................................................*Kennedy not criticized by Dems
.......................................................*Kennedy re-elected

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Democrats would rather myopically focus on what are, in effect, a bunch of sexually explicit emails, and it reveals an incredibly skewed view of historic threats caused by President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright. The technology used to make North Korea’s nuclear bomb came from Bill Clinton who was willing to give up dangerous secrets to be liked by a two-bit Communist dictator. Amazing!

Instead of Clinton confronting terrorism and Kim Jong Il, he and Albright nurtured terrorism and a mad dictator with platitudes. Albright was so clueless, she thought giving Kim a Michael Jordan autographed basketball would get him to promise not to use the technology she gave him for bombs. Madame Secretary Albright was completely over-matched by Kim in their negotiations.

North Korean alleged nuclear blast may have been a dud, but Democrats are ignoring the fact that Kim has tried is enough. Will you vote for Democrats who contributed to terrorism and a crazy dictator by failing to act when action was called for? What Democrats want is political power. They are willing to sacrifice under-aged Congressional pages, innocent American citizens and the very freedom of our constitution provides to get it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Is SF Now the Sex Slave Trade Capitol of America?

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi says she’s the one to “drain the swamp” she calls the House of Representatives because of the Mark Foley cyber-sex scandal. This is from a woman who voted for Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds 5 times for congressional committee chairmanships after Stubbs got a 17-year-old page drunk and raped the boy. She should look to San Francisco, her own back yard and clean up the sex slave trade there before she starts pointing fingers at Republicans.

If she's failed to keep the SEX SLAVE trade out of her home town how can she claim she can “drain the swamp” of congress.

SFGate on line has the sex slave trade information in the first of a four part series.

You Democrats have excused every sexual “pecccadillo” by Democrat Congressmen, Democrat President and anyone who is a Democrat. Now Democrats sexually permissive attitude is encouraging the sex slave trade in San Francisco. I have a suggestion for Nancy Pelosi, clean up your own sexual cesspool home town San Francisco, before you start telling everybody you can clean up Congress.

I never want to hear her criticize Republicans again until she cleans up her own house which has turned San Francisco into one giant sexual slave bordello.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Democrats Stifle Free Speech in a Whole New Way

If Democrats take control of congress and implement the “Fairness Doctrine" as they have announced they will, Moveon.org, DailyKoz.com, DemocraticUnderground.com and BringItOn.com , they will soon be forced to provide at least half their Blog space to conservative bloggers.


These radical left “Democrat” front groups provide no space for conservative contributors (not commentors). To meet the proposed Democrat-proposed fairness doctrine, half of their Blog space will have to be turned over to the conservative right. The banshee screams of the far left-wing fiberals will be... “that’s unfair." But it will be their own fault. Controlling political speech is a two-edged sword and the law of unintended consequences will bite Democrats and the looney-clooney-left, right in the butt.

How will this happen? The Democrat stop-free-speech gestapo, has begun defining the expression of one’s political opinion as an in-kind political contribution to political parties and issues. As such, it falls under the control of limited campaign contribution laws.


These far left rabidly anti-free political speech advocates are foaming at the mouth to force conservative talk show political speech from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Reagan and other conservatives to provide equal time to the left. These left wing radicals are the most anti-free political speech advocates this country has ever seen. Their effort to control political speech reminds me of the Taliban. Read George Will in Newsweek.

Attacking the right, will take the form of forcing radio stations to give, “equal time” to left-wing political opinion. Obviously, Air America was a complete disaster from the start, and this is the only way the left can get on radio talk shows. Fiberals have been a total failure on the talk show circuit from the beginning. They can't make it through fair and square competition they have to force it through the courts.

If talk shows can be forced to provide equal time, then far-left Blogs can be forced to provide equal space for far-right view posters. So get ready BIO, NewsGnome intends to take full advantage and demand that we conservatives be given half the space on your Blog.


Monday, October 02, 2006


The party response to two similar incidents regarding one Democrat congressmen and one Republican congressman is very illuminating.

Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds got a 16-year-old page drunk forced himself on the boy and the Democrat response?... three, I REPEAT, three standing ovations from House Democrats and a slap on the wrist. Oh, and those same Democrats reelected him to two more terms after he raped the boy.

Florida Republican Mark Foley is caught sending email sexually graphic messages, with no evidence he even touched the 16 year-old page, and he immediately resigns from congress.

If you’re a Democrat, please explain your double standard. Mr. Foley’s words were despicable enough but apparently he did not rape the page. Stubbs did rape his page. You are politicizing pedophilia, congratulations, you are twisted and sick both.

Democrats are claiming this information has been known for 3 years...of course they just now leaked it to the press immediately after it was impossible to change the name on the Florida ballot for political advantage. Shame on Democrats.

Didn’t James Carville say that when it was just about sex it didn’t matter? The Democrats proclaimed loud and long that when it was sex and you cheated on your wife you could even lie excusing Bill Clinton. Once again, Democrats try to politicize everything, applauding Democrat pediophilia by Studds, and suggesting Foley be shot. How typically Democrat.