Monday, February 13, 2012


The problem with Barack Obama is that he talks and farts at the same time. Our dilemma is that we can't tell which is which, except that the stench that comes out of his mouth costs everybody a lot more money than the stench from his rectum.

His mouth reads from the teleprompter, his butt from the suppository stuffed up into the place where suppositories are stuffed. But does that stop him….NO! He goes around being his extortionate self ad nauseam


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


America is sick. It's economy and spirit are sick. America has never been sicker and Barack Obama is leading Democrats and Liberals in trying to make it sicker. Obama has given America a cancerous debt and is flushing the capitalistic medication we need to fight the disease down the toilet.

One of the more interesting elements of this year's presidential election is that America is on the verge of bankruptcy and we have a president who is asking us to go into a trillion dollars of more debt to fix it.

On the other hand we have a candidate whose majority of experience has been to take sick economies of a bankrupt world event, a bankrupt state and a host of bankrupt companies cut out the cancer and return them to health and saving the jobs of thousands, even though some jobs were lost in the process.

Is the healing process we face easy or painless, NO! It can be an extremely painful. We have a candidate who has spent his whole life doing just what America needs. The only problem is that America doesn't seem to want to take the chemotherapy. We need to take our medicine. Obama's Hope and Change placebos have made everything worse. Like it or not, Mitt Romney can administer the therapy we need. Obama is withholding the real medicine that will heal America.