Thursday, September 01, 2005


I was going to make a long explanation of CrankyLiberal’s ( comment to me about his censoring my opinions on his blog, but the simple fact is: CRANKY DENIED HE CENSORED MY COMMENTS THEN ADMITTED HE CENSORED MY COMMENTS.

One of my comments Cranky called abusive and censored is on my August 22, 2005 NewsGnome Blog “THE DUMBEST BLOG POST I’VE EVER READ.” If you want to read really abusive comments on Cranky's blog, read what Catharine Amanda (one of his regular contributors) called my children and me that he didn’t censor. She called my daughters prostitutes and me a child molestor. The problem with my comment really wasn't that it was abusive but that it made Cranky look so stupid.

His comment (to NewsGnome about his censoring) is pasted in-toto below.

Cranky Liberal said...

Of course he [meaning NG] fails to point out the deletion of comments came months after he accused me of doing [sic], even when his comments were so prominantly [sic] posted on my site. Or [sic] that the comments that were deleted were after I warned him that abusive comments would not be tolerated. But yeah [sic] I censored him finally. Whats [sic] the problem with that? He wanted to be censored and he was. Private property rights and all [sic]. I don't have to allow a stranger to trash my house, I don't have to allow someone to trash my site.

Feel Free [sic] to delete Rand. You know you want to.

8/31/2005 6:59 AM

Please note that Cranky is using my first name. I have not necessarily tried to hide my name but he has gone to great lengths to hide his, which is just another example of fiberal hypocrisy. He even posted my name on his blog but again is unwilling to identified himself. Posting someone’s real name on a political blog is an effort at intimidation because it opens you up to all sorts of Internet crazies and Cranky is fully aware of this threat and did it anyway. It's the real reason he hides his own name. When someone, like Cranky, does everything he can to hide who he is, I wonder what he is hiding.

PS: From the “Lynch-Guide to Grammar”: “Sometimes, though, you may have to quote something that looks downright wrong. In these cases, it's traditional to signal to your readers that the oddities are really in the original, and not your mistake. The signal is "[sic]": square brackets for an interpolation, and the Latin word sic, "thus, this way." (Since it's a foreign word, it's always in italics; since it's a whole word and not an abbreviation, it gets no period.) It amounts to saying, "It really is this way, so don't blame me."


Anonymous said...

They don't even hear what other people have to contribut because what they believe is what is right. Then they resort to name calling.

NewsGnome said...

What I also find interesting is that they use the worst kind of language possible when talking about conservatives, then complain when someone is even remotely critical of them.

They love to dish it out...but sure don't know how to take it.

Anonymous said...

It's hopeless with them.