Thursday, October 31, 2013


Americans are now free to accuse a black president of lying!

This week has seen a monumental change in America.  There is no more fear of criticizing Barack Obama.  Until now everyone seemed to live in total fear of accusing Obama for anything even when his scandals were blatant, death-causing and damaging to our country and constitution for fear of being called a racist. 

Democrats, liberals, and wild-eyed leftists were always quick to name-call anyone a racist for any criticism of Obama or his anti-American policies. 

This week that's changed 180 degrees!!!  Obama has been so totally dishonest in telling us to our face that a person could keep their insurance even with the introduction of Obamacare that fear of calling him a liar , even if he is still black, is no longer of concern .  People no long fear the "you're-a-racist lie perpetrated by Obama's leftist Democrats.

This has nothing to do with race.  It's now about your wallet!  But, because of Obama's bald-faced lies, the fear of criticizing a "Black" president  doesn’t have the ramifications it formerly had.  The truth is out.  Obama's imperial presidency has done this to itself, especially led by Obama himself.
Power corrupts, absolute corrupts absolutely and Obama thought he had absolute power. This week he found out he doesn't!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


MSNBC has finally, after years of aggressively refusing to tell the truth about Barack Obama, discovered that he is actually Sergeant Schultz of…"I know NOTHING" fame.   The erstwhile (yes erstwhile because it certainly isn't a news organization now, it's a propaganda arm of the Obama administration) and alleged news organization has suddenly recognized that Obama doesn't know anything about anything that he doesn't want to know anything about. 

He has a MAMMOTH case of plausible deniability until it's reported on news organizations he deigns to recognize as news organizations, even if their news credibility is negligible. Then he is awestruck that this terrible thing has happened, that he didn't know anything about, and he is terribly concerned.  

Unfortunately, MSNBC and it's cohorts in the mainstream media have actively failed to inform Obama through their omissions of news stories that Obama needed information about so he was unable to evaluate the  policies that he was promoting in his speeches.  Some might ask why Obama wasn't getting the information from his secret czars or cabinet secretaries. 

As MSNBC finally reported, Obama "didn't know anything."  The cable news service did a truncated version of the  "I found out about this from the same news stories you heard them from" montage. Of course, Mika was dutifully outraged.  The number of statements covering all of the issues including Fast and Furious, Solandra,  Benghazi,  Obamacare's disastrous rollout, IRS targeting the Tea Party, conservative groups and private individuals, NSA spying on Americans and seizing news organization records and wiretapping world leaders weren't all of the scandals in his administration.

Obama has been labeled the "BY-STANDER PRESIDENT."  And so he is.  He certainly is completely disengaged, at least from governing.  He is in and only in full money-raising mode and does it continually.  If he put half as much effort in actually running the government as he does in raising money, maybe, just maybe, he might hear more about the disaster that is his presidency.  

Friday, October 18, 2013


Stories that are surfacing on Obamacare's roll out keep getting worse and worse.   Average couples who have health insurance and their families are learning the truth about the real cost of the Affordable Care Act. They have been hammered by increased premiums and deductables.   Many simply can no longer afford health care through private insurance companies.

Some yearly premiums have skyrocketed.  One such middle income family saw its premiums go from about $6000 per year with low co-pays and no deductables to $10,000 per year and deductables of $12,700.  This couple is not alone.  This same scenario is playing out all over America.  The anger is becoming palpable.

Here are sources of the angst that is beginning to bubble up:

·         Bad information from the very sources who are supposed to know.
·         The disaster that is the sign up debacle is creating a frustration level that will exceed even the worst DMV line.
·         Computers can be very frustrating for inexperienced users so the actual number of signees is tiny. Having been bitten once, many won't try again. 
·         The jack-booted Internal Revenue Service thugs will be working overtime taking refunds from taxpayers.  When the IRS starts taking tax refunds, especially from young taxpayers, I shudder to think of those consequences.
·         Delays in approvals have just begun.  It will be an ongoing
·         Those who have difficulty signing up on line won't believe Obama would fine them when it's not their fault that the Obama ACA doesn't work if they haven't signed up for some kind of health care..
·         Many who assume they've registered and have insurance, will be shocked to find out they missed one tiny box on the signup sheet and are not covered.  Most likely, this shock will be when they need it most, and they'll be out in the cold.
·         Voters who kissed Obama's shoes will now find out what "What's in the bill" really means and they are not going to be happy.
·         Obama Supporters who think they have insurance that they can afford and going to face deductables that will stagger them will still leave them with no way to pay the deductables.
·         College students with their new degrees, who sang the praises of Obama, will have to use precious resources to pay their fines or premiums, and then discover that the jobs that Obama promised too will be 28 hours-per-week menial burger flippers.
·         The really poor among us will be shattered to learn that the hope and change they were promised will be a sham and thirty million will still be without insurance, and the insurance that is available will be worse than before.
·         When children want their elderly parents to have the best possible care, they will be "Death Paneled" to die without care but with Obama "pills" to alleviate pain.
·         The economy will slow even more.  Growth will be nearly non-existent with fewer and fewer ways to make it grow.  America will continue to slide into irrelevance and those who praised Obama will spew vitriol.

And for all his efforts Obama won't be able to blame this one on Bush. As it was proven in the recent “SHUTDOWN” Obama owns Obamacare lock-stock-and-barrel and Republicans will be in a position to say “We Tried.”

For the next year, the anger now growing, will burst into the open. 

Friday, October 04, 2013


Over time, I've struggled with trying to find a really apt description in just one word defining Barack Obama and his deepest self.  From his nose in-the-air arrogance to his terminal intransigence and imperial dictations none of the words I've used seemed to sufficiently describe his true nature with it's hateful connotations.

With the shutdown of the government, it has finally become very apparent.  He is a very SPITEFUL man.  He has become "the dreams of his father."  As a committed communist, his father hated Democratic capitalistic freedom.  Obama is continuing that dream of hate, and it's been manifeste in his vengeful spite.

OBAMA IS PURE SPITE.  He has infected the entire Democrat Party with it.  Harry Reid has announced that he doesn't care about children with cancer.  The pain of others is only important when it services the socialistic agenda of Obama's Democrat Party.

He will not talk to anyone who is not ready to capitulate fully with his demands.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," yells Obama.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," screams Reid,  "we do not care if it causes pain to the American people.   Spite, Spite, Spite!!!