Saturday, February 22, 2014


What is Barack Hussein Obama?  Socialist, Communist, Muslim, Fascist, Anarchist, bigot, racist or is he really an Ameriphope?  Does he really hate America and doing everything he can to defecate on the Constitution and in particular its Bill of Rights?  

His latest ploy to control news rooms with “monitors” and the examination of intent of news media is a direct attack on the first amendment’s freedom of speech and a free press.  As you read the first amendment you realize that Obama is not only attacking speech and press but in a subtle, but no less ominous, way attacking religion.

He has used his Obamacare disaster to attack religious organizations and their religious spiritually held principles essentially forcing a kind of liberation theological atheism on the whole country.  Obviously, what he learned from Jeremiah Wright’s brand of theology is that America is not the land of the free and not that Christ is his savior.  Then comes Obama’s effort, using the NSA and license plate monitors, to control whom you see, where you go and what you may or may not do.  That is an obvious attack on our right to assembly. 

And the final right in the first amendment is the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.  Here, Obamacare is at it again.  The demolition of our healthcare insurance programs with millions of American unable to get the insurance they prefer and no way to challenge Obama’s pell mell  changing of laws inherent in Obamacare.  We have no way to demand redress of our grievances because Obama will not tolerate criticism of his self-assumed “imperial hand of destiny” and his will use the Internal Revenue Service for his ends.  Why not? Bill and Hillary Clinton used it extensively when they were in the White House.

So in short, Obama has obliterated the first amendment to the constitution.  The very amendment that liberals quote ad nauseam that became the rallying cry for the hippies and one of their champions, Mario Savio.  How ironic that the very person who claims to be a constitutional scholar is the one who is attacking its fundamental tenants.

Perhaps, the reason Obama became a constitutional lawyer was so he could try to destroy the constitution with an attack from within.  It appears that his constitutional studies were designed to apply Saul Alinsky’s tactics from “Rules for Radicals” to suppress the very liberties that the ten amendments were and are designed to protect.

Although I have focused on just the first amendment, it is equally true that he has distorted and diminished, as much as he can, the rest of the amendments.

This is the standard that Obama has set.  He can make laws from his White House desk without the approval of congress with his pen and telephone.  He can change laws passed by congress and signed by him at his prerogative and discretion.  Obama is not a president who has followed the oath he took before the whole nation.  He is a president that obviously hates America, thus Obama is an Ameriphobe.
The next question is what will happen when Obama is voted out of office and a Republican or Tea Party candidate assumes the mantel and they chose to attack the left using the same agencies that Obama used to attack the right.  Obama has set the pattern. 

Liberals are just now beginning to see the potential they have allowed Obama to wrought.  As his administration appears to be coming to an "end" in 2014 with the very real possibility of Republicans taking control of Congress,he will begin to see that he will be a very lame duck indeed, but the aftermath may easily be the collapse of the Democrat party as we know it today. Democrats are stepping on the Obamacare landmine.  It just hasn't gone off yet.