Thursday, June 30, 2005


Judicial decisions have been coming back to haunt fiberals. The left has fought to have activist judges installed, fighting with vitriolic venom any attempt to seat strict conservative constructionist judges.

With the fiberal USA Supreme Court justices suddenly ruling as they have, the blood of fiberals has been chilled and their effort to legislate from the bench, the chins of the leftists are dragging on the ground wondering how this can this happen. This is definitely NOT what they had in mind.

Rush Limbaugh’s medical records available through a fiberal court....which means everybody’s medical records are now fair game. THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!
Ten Commandments...Yes you can, no you can’ confusing a decision ever rendered by the “Supremes” and fiberals are stupefied. THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!
Journalists have to reveal their sources or go to jail. Liberal judges can’t do that.....They did just that! THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES
Five liberal Supremes, essentially confiscated the property of every private property owner in America! THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!

In each of these cases, it has been the judges put there by the left who’ve caused the very severe heart burn fiberals are suffering. What the leftists are now discovering is that the “activist judge” problem has become a two-edged sword. It is they who are now being sliced and diced and they’re don’t like it.

Obviously, there’s a problem for fiberals and quite frankly they don’t know how to deal with it. Their comeuppance is delicious to behold and richly deserved.. This is just several more items in a long list of recent setbacks for the left. It’s about time they see what their views have wrought.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.
9-11 and Iraq are connected.

case closed!


Item #1

Project 21 reported on WND makes a point I wish I’d made. The recent Supreme Court decision will hit poor Blacks the hardest in the long run. Low income properties are the target of city councils and county officials to control “blight.”

The truth is that, that property will be the target of seizure by local governments reducing low income housing putting even more pressure on American Blacks. Or put it another way, the fiberals on the US Supreme Court are racists targeting Blacks.

Item #2

The economy is growing at nearly a perfect rate...3.8% in the latest reporting period. Not too fast to fuel inflation, not too slow to stop job growth and keep productivity growing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


With so many issues for today I can’t cover them in detail today, so I’ve decided to make a quick list.

1. Five members of US Supreme Court shred the US constitution destroying the concept of private property. Constitutional amendment called for. 5-new justices needed. These five judges are the kind of judges you get when you compromise judicial intellect for political expediency.

2. Hillary Clinton threatens networks to force total censorship of Edward Klein’s “The Truth About Hillary” book. No outrage from ACLU about the first amendment.

3. The fiberal bloggers and mainstream agree and censor Edward Klein. It’s alright to censor a book critical of the Clintons, just not Bush or any conservative.

4. Mainstream media, with the exception of Lou Dobbs (CNN), have colluded to censor Klein and his book and that includes FOX.

5. Barack Obama trashes Abraham Lincoln that gave slaves their freedom and perserved the Union. Barack Obama is nothing more than a black racist.

6. Google censors Anti-Clinton ads. No fiberal outrage at censorship.

Sadly, there are a dozen more major issues but I have things to do before I sleep.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Reposting since I'm talking a break. In the June archives is the explanation of what the MENSA challenge is.

Please check previous post "ACCEPTING THE MENSA CHALLENGE" for a definition of the MENSA rules.

I apologize in advance for sort of getting stuck on Democrat as the base word. So this post wouldn't be too long, I have listed only a limited number.

(n) definitions: (1) Democrats whose primary activity is to complain about Republicans and/or Bush or any Republican, or Republican President. Example, nearly all Democrats (2) a Democratly transmitted disease as in STD’s. Highly contagious; only one known cure: begin thinking for yourself and resign from the Democrat Party.

Democrap: (n) All information disseminated by Democrats.

Demorat: (n) definitions: (1) democrats who turn on democrats. Example Joe Biden dumping on Howard Dean’s comments. (2) Democrat whistleblower who reveals the truth about Democrats to Republicans. Example: Joe Lieberman.

Demobrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat who acts like a spoiled child. Example Ted Kennedy (2) the poor unfortunate child of a Democrat.

Demofrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat college fraternity (2) Democrat who fraternizes with his Republican enemy.

Semocrat: (n) Democrat who can’t make up his mind to be both liberal and stupid, or change his/her ways and begin thinking independently.

Femocrat: (n) Democrat who is female, anti-male, violently pro-abortion, with feline tendencies with regard to claws.

Remocrat: (n) the Democrat responsible of reaming out Demofrats who consort with the enemy.

Kemocrat: (n) Democrat who takes drugs to be able to stomach Democrap.

Lemocrat: (n) Democrat who blindly follows right over the cliff. Lead Lemocrat, Howard Dean.

Memocrat: (n) Democrat who disseminates voluminous memos attempting to explain Democrap.

instibute: (v) the immediate actions of Republicans when getting rid of that which liberals have just instituted.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Tomorrow we’re celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We’re having a party and our seven children with our 14 grandchildren plus my sister and a young man we’ve fostered for many years, are here.

It’s a madhouse around here. The kids have flown in or are driving in from Mexico, Connecticut, Virginia, Utah, California, Michigan and Arizona.

Help, Help they’re all over the place. How do I get out of here? Well, maybe I’ll wait until Saturday because I get to be the big poobaugh when the family picture is taken. Maybe I’ll blogoff for a couple of days off.


New Zealand is coming face to face with the costs of the Kyoto Treaty. Cyber News service, reports that instead of earning carbon credits, as touted, taxpayers will have to shell out nearly a billion NZ dollars to pay for it. The realization has startled the left-leaning residents who tend to brag about their “green” credentials.

The pressure is on from New Zealanders to rethink the approval of the enormously costly treaty. If the costs go up as they usually do, the Labor government who approved the treaty may be looking for jobs.

New Zealand’s current deficit is the worse in 19 years. Implementing Kyoto would increase that deficit by 10% all by itself. Think what the costs would be for America if Kyoto were implemented here. Comparing the two economies could cost America more than 1-trillion dollar. Are we ready for that, plus the lost jobs that would inevitably follow?


News rooms across the nation have elevated polls to almost mystical status. Because of that, polls themselves have become almost meaningless. The latest McCain-Hillary poll has McCain beating Hillary in all major categories with an overall lead of 11 per cent.

Zogby Poling, you may remember, blew the last election by a mile, and then cried crocodile tears rationalizing his effort to influence a Kerry victory. And while it’s utterly stupid for Zogby to push his polls for a desired result, it does illustrate how pointless poll results have become.

The major media have created polls to justify preconceived notions while attempting to create the news instead of just reporting it. The more they’ve done this the less they’re trusted. Voters in particular have become more sophisticated about how questions are worded and asked. I haven’t run a poll to write this post, but my gut tells me that people no longer trust polling as in years past.

Finally, with the advent of so many polls and with every aspect of politics influenced by them, they no longer hold sway over voters. Those polled frequently now give false answers to many polling organizations skewing them even further and making them even less valid. Can’t say as I’m too upset about this.

Bill and Hillary Clinton lived by polls. Their lack of leadership reflected a dependence on others to tell them how to “lead.” Hopefully, those days are over. If Zogby is correct, which is way to early to determine, I’d consider that a good thing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The term “neo-con” is used pejoratively by the left to describe conservatives. Their implication is to link it to neo-Nazis thus casting the worse kind of connotation a fiberal can make. Witness the use of Nazi by Dick Durbin against our own Soldiers who are fighting and in harm’s way.

His specific intentions were calculated to cast the worse possible aspersions upon our American Soldiers. It was willful, premeditated and perverse. He deserves no respect. His apology is too little too late.

I have decided to coin a new word, as pejorative in its connotation, as I can make it using the same rhetoric from the left in their use of the term “neo-con.”

The word is “Commie-con.” Its reference resides in the old anti- war movement of the 1960s and 70s, now in residence among the environmentalists, anarchists, and latest incarnation of the “blame-America-first crowd. The “con” specifically refers to “con-men” not conservative.

So the definition of “commie-con” is: a communist/socialist who has drifted into the environmental/animal rights/anarchist/blame-America crowd using confidence methods of criminals. In the future, all my references directed at the left will refer to it and them the individuals as “commie-cons.” If the left can call me neo-con I can call them commie-cons.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Little Dickie Durbin’s half apology today is too little too late. Democrats should dump him as one of their so-called leaders.

The dismal state of Democrat "leadership" is astounding. Just think, Durbin and Dean! Two peas in a bean soup.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


(NGN) Damascus - Mysterious deaths in Syria, have panicked some villagers between the town of Day az-Zawr, and the Iraq-Syrian border. The area is north of the Al-Burghuth Salt Flat and east of the Khabur River and north of the largest wheat producing fields in Syria. Unconfirmed reports say as many as 5 to 7 villagers have died of the illness, and others are said to be exhibiting symptoms of varying degrees similar to those who have died.

The cause of the deaths, yet to be determined, has spooked authorities, and created a demand for answers by locals. Because of rumors that possibly some of the gases stockpiled by Saddam during his regime were moved to the Salt Flat area prior to the war, the fear, say villagers, is that if gas canisters are stored in salt mines there, the cause of the illnesses and deaths may be leaking containers.

Syrian officials are said to be finding it difficult to get the necessary gear to equip search teams ostensibly, because they’re not exactly sure what to prepare for. One official indicated that level 7 protective gear is essential simply because “We don’t know what were dealing with.” Officials have also recently clamped down hard on news organisations attempting to find out more about the situation.

One Kurdish local claimed the symptoms and deaths were like those suffered by Kurds under Iraq because one of his relatives died in Halabja, under the Saddam regime.

Others in the region, who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals, claimed that Damascus was dragging its feet. One local farmer raised the fear of widespread dispersion because of winds and potential contamination of the Syrian wheat crop.

Because the arid area north of the wheat farms is sparsely populated, it’s difficult to pinpoint the site from where some believe contamination is coming. Local authorities have quarantined the dead until protective gear is available to conduct autopsies. Syrian Army officials have also cordoned off a 60-square kilometer area but while a precise location was not given, it was believed to be some 80 to 100 kilometers northeast of Al Mayadin. No reason was announced for the closure.
NGN Special Reports© 6-19-05


ILLINOIS SENATOR DICK DURBIN IS A TRAITOROUS-BENEDICT-ARNOLD PIG. If the voters who elected him don’t demand an immediate and on-his-knees begging apology for despicably demeaning American Soldiers, they are PIGS too.


USA-CIA Director Porter Goss revealed in Time Magazine that he has an “excellent idea” where Osama bin Laden is hiding. With the effort to kill Americans generally and President Bush specifically, I propose the hiring of 5000 individual assassins to get bin Laden. The 50-million dollar bounty is already in place. The only question should be payment on C.O.D. (confirmation of death.) We already know bin Laden is doing everything he can to assassinate all things American.

The so-called “Arab Street” is highly overrated. Muslims are killing Muslims much faster than they’re killing so called Infidels and there’s nary a peep from the “Arab” street. It’s apparent that the mood of Iraqi Muslims against the foreign Muslim invaders is coalescing into hatred for them.

As these Islamic foreign crusaders continue their murderous ways, the Iraqis are turning with a vengeance on these foreign Muslims and will forcibly end their barbarous mass-murders of Iraqis civilians. It’s also becoming apparent that the alleged hatred against Americans is subsiding, if it ever really existed in the general Iraqi public in the first place. But hatred is certainly focusing now on foreign Muslim insurgents, and the Baathists of Saddam.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


President Bush’s chief political advisor Karl Rove has to be the most brilliant political party operative in the history of mankind.

First, he forced Howard Dean to call the GOP the White Christian party, which immediately blew up in Dean’s face.

Then, he tricked Sen.Dick Durbin D-IL into calling American Soldiers fighting a war Nazis and now little Dickie is finding his constituents are fuming and he’s falling over backwards backpedaling.

Finally, he pressured Democrat Senate Minority leader Harry Reid D-NV (the MINO) into blaming the “right-wing media” for quoting Durbin with precise accuracy and then Reid immediately complains about that very accuracy.

I’ll tell ya, Rove is a surreal genius in tricking gullible Democrats into saying things that will help elect Republicans. It’s just sad that the Democrats are simply unable to resist his wiley ways. They’re can’t be that stupid.............can they? They seem so unfit for the challenge.

Friday, June 17, 2005


This has been a horrible couple of weeks for Libs and Dems. Consider the following.


Senator Dick Durbin D-IL on the senate floor demeans the horrors of the holocaust by comparing it to some less than life-threatening interrogation procedures in Guantanamo calling our American Soldiers “Nazis.” The Anti-Defamation League demands an apology which Durbin refuses to give while continuing to slur both Jews and the sons and daughters of middle Americans.


Rep. Charlie Rangel D-NY on a radio talk show compares the freeing of Iraqi citizens to the murdering of 6-million Jews, Gypsies, Christians and the mentally and physically challenged. Again the ADL demands an apology which Rangel, like Durbin, refuses to give. Rangel then immediately retaliates essentially accusing ADL director Abraham Foxman of racism.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was exposed on a billboard, no less, for killing 10-thousand animals in the past few years, while criticizing anybody and everybody else for doing exactly the same thing. Their procedures for murdering animals were no more humane than any other organization.


Then yesterday the Associated Press reported that two Norfork-PETA employees were arrested for animal cruelty and then crassly dumping the bodies of the dead animals in a dumpster that didn’t belong to PETA.


Not to be out done, environmentalists are set to allow killing thousands of Barred Owls to “save” the Spotted Owl, because the more hardy Barred owls are taking over Spotted Owl habitat. If the test of killing Barred owls is successful, then as many as 10-thousand could be killed. Where is PETA?

Also, consider the UTTER hypocrisy of the owl controversy . Just a few years ago, a HUGE, and I do mean huge, battle took place in Northern California and Oregon on Spotted owl habitat.


Environmentalist accusation, however dishonest, almost destroyed the entire timber industry because they claimed Spotted owls only lived in “Old Growth” forests. It was an unadulterated lie. But what the hey, it got thousands of timbermen fired. For environmentalists, that was a big success.
BUT, it turns out, cutting old growth wasn’t the culprit at all. Spotted owls live in places other than old growth forests, and the real culprit to their demise is the Barred owl. Go figure!!!!! The ultimate effect was that environmentalists forced the outsourcing thousands of American jobs to other countries.


The far-left “Third Way’s” in-depth study and analysis of the rejection of Democrats in their 2004 election disaster is even worse than their own leaders are telling them.

Here’s a quote from the Study’s “Executive Summary” proving Democrats are in near terminal denial: “Third Way conducted an in-depth analysis of the 2004 election results and found that this self-perception is really self-deception. Rather than being the party of the middle class, Democrats face a crisis with the middle income voters.”

The analysis also revealed middle-class Americans do not consider the Democrat party, the party of the middle class.

We all have bad days but so far it’s adding up to be a bad year for Democrats and it’s likely to get worse.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

NewsGnome’s “HERO'S OF HATE”©

This is the inauguration of NewGnome’s new feature identifying those who’ve earned the dubious distinction of Hero’s of Hate. These are the people whose hate has overtaken their reason and they spew it in all directions. They have earned this scorn by hating America first, blaming America first, finding fault with America first and never criticizing those responsible for their own heinous crimes before finding American responsibility. I wish them nothing of ill both personally and professionally in their effort:

JANE FONDA: for actions leading directly to the torture and death of an American prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam.
OSAMA BIN LADEN: for murder of the innocent, distortion of Islam and perversion of the Quran.
DICK DURBIN: for labeling American soldiers Nazis.
HARRY REID: for using vitriolic-acidic hate speech to dissolve the heart of American freedom and resolve.
ABU MUSAB ZARQAWI: Jordanian crusader for causing rivers of Iraqi blood just as did Saddam.
HILLARY CLINTON: whose bloodlust for the presidency compels her to destroy everyone in her path.
BARBRA STREISAND: for sacrificing sanity for peace at the price of freedom.
JESSE JACKSON: for an all consuming greed at the expense of the poor.
BILL CLINTON: for lowering the moral threshold so children no longer define oral or anal sex as sex: his real lasting legacy.
GEORGE SOROS: for destroying civil discourse by buying hate sites such as etc.
JOHN KERRY: for stomping on the bodies of his dead Vietnam compatriots in his quest for hero status.
TED KENNEDY: for sending a young woman to her death and thinking only of his own welfare while she slowly suffocated in a pocket of air in a car underwater, praying Ted was getting help. After a nap and seven hours later, he called for help.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: for spreading lies about Quran desecration with admitedly no evidence, which lead to the deaths of innocent civilians.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: for labeling Guantanamo a Gulag while excusing Muslim radical beheadings of innocent hostages in violation of all humanity.

Newsgnome will periodically add to the list. I suspect it will be long.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

UNCHARITABLE REPUBLICANS today reports that charitable contributions by Americans have risen to the highest level in history, 1/4 of a trillion dollars for the latest reporting period. One of the reasons, said Henry GoldStein, CEO for “Giving USA” who did the study, was the improvement and strength of the US economy. All this benevolence during a conservative Republican administration, preposterous.

By contrast, during the 2000 presidential campaign, Democrat Presidential candidate Al Gore reported on his federal income tax returns an income of several hundred thousand dollars. His listed charitable contributions totaled about $250. This is 9-tenths of one percent for charitable giving.

What this reveals is that the party of the poor is pretty poor at charitable giving at least Al Gore is. What it proves is that Democrats are exceptionally charitable only with other people’s money.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Hillary Clinton is apparently so angry she is considering suing Edward Klein for a revelation in his new book “The Truth About Hillary” claiming that Bill Clinton allegedly raped her in Bermuda and in the process conceived Chelsea. Since Klein’s credentials are solidly liberal, it begs the questions why and why now.

Being my normal cynical self, I find a ton of reasons why this is just another promotional effort by the Clinton Camp, and a liberal media campaign to get her elected. How you ask could I possible think this. Let me Count the ways:

l. First and foremost, the publicity for Hillary is going to be enormous. This issue will keep Hillary’s name in front of the public for months.

2. It is obviously a preemptive strike by a sympathetic media who will twist this into whatever they want it to be if it helps Hillary.

3. If Klein found this story, it is obviously out there but because he found it others were aware of it. But is it a negative story for Hillary? No!

4. Bill Clinton in effect, can do no wrong! He essentially got away scot free with raping Juanita Brodderick. Undoubtedly, if you assume this story is true, there is not only no negative impact on Hillary,.it’s not a negative for Bill either. Remember sex is a private issue which was firmly established during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal and especially between consenting married adults.

5. What did Carville keep saying? It’s only sex, that’s all that scandal was about. If it was sex with his wife, rape is not even a possibility in the eyes of the NOW gang and fiberal professional excusers of the Clintons.

6. Rape, at least in Democrat political circles, is immaterial, a now firmly established fact when it comes to the Clintons.

7. Furthermore, the NOW gang will fall all over themselves excusing this rape too, while at the same time painting Hillary as a victim. And we all know how Democrats love victims.

8. No other potential Democrat candidate will have anything in their arsenal remotely close to this type of opportunity to dominate the media.

9. Both Democrat attacks from Democrat candidates and even potential attacks on Hillary will be met with vicious accusation of piling on.

10. The sympathy factor for her will be enormous as well. Even conservative women will cut Hillary slack a mile wide.

11. Bill Clinton has proven that in fact that an accusation of rape in presidential politics, with the exception of Republicans is meaningless.

12. Although Hillary will deny this at the top of her lungs, she will be promoting this story for all she’s worth behind the scenes because it gives her the opportunity to appear to those who believe she was raped that she is strong overcoming this.

13. For those who believe this is just more of the rightwing conspiracy, it’s just another reason to support her and Bill.

14. Undoubtedly, the “timing” card will be played by everyone in the Clinton Camp accusing everybody, including potential Democrat opponents that this is an effort to “nip her presidential unbridled ambitions in the bud.” It is, in fact, the exact opposite.

15. By releasing this story now, and first, It will soon be defined as old news, thus the preemptive strike as mentioned before.

16. Other Democrat candidates are silenced before they even get started.

17. No Democrat will be able to say, do, suggest, propose anything critical about any proposal Hillary may make. They wouldn’t dare. Even Republicans are going to have to walk on eggs.

18. The right-wing conspiracy theory, is a terminal red herring. Klein is calculating that this book will eliminate any of the revelations therein, that would or could be used at a time closer to her announcement of candidacy.

19. The same is true for any factor in the book that may appear a priori to be negative. The book preemptively devalues any story related to Clinton’s first senate campaign effectively negating the issue by the time the presidential campaign begins in earnest.

At this time, I fail to see how this is a negative for Hillary in any way. However, it could become a negative if she attempts too hard to quell the story. The sad element is the impact on Chelsea. Anyway you consider this story, the real victim is the Clinton’s daughter. Thanks to a liberal!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Please check previous post "ACCEPTING THE MENSA CHALLENGE" for a definition of the MENSA rules.

I apologize in advance for sort of getting stuck on Democrat as the base word. So this post wouldn't be too long, I have listed only a limited number.

(n) definitions: (1) Democrats whose primary activity is to complain about Republicans and/or Bush or any Republican, or Republican President. Example, nearly all Democrats (2) a Democratly transmitted disease as in STD’s. Highly contagious; only one known cure: begin thinking for yourself and resign from the Democrat Party.

Democrap: (n) All information disseminated by Democrats.

Demorat: (n) definitions: (1) democrats who turn on democrats. Example Joe Biden dumping on Howard Dean’s comments. (2) Democrat whistleblower who reveals the truth about Democrats to Republicans. Example: Joe Lieberman.

Demobrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat who acts like a spoiled child. Example Ted Kennedy (2) the poor unfortunate child of a Democrat.

Demofrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat college fraternity (2) Democrat who fraternizes with his Republican enemy.

Semocrat: (n) Democrat who can’t make up his mind to be both liberal and stupid, or change his/her ways and begin thinking independently.

Femocrat: (n) Democrat who is female, anti-male, violently pro-abortion, with feline tendencies with regard to claws.

Remocrat: (n) the Democrat responsible of reaming out Demofrats who consort with the enemy.

Kemocrat: (n) Democrat who takes drugs to be able to stomach Democrap.

Lemocrat: (n) Democrat who blindly follows right over the cliff. Lead Lemocrat, Howard Dean.

Memocrat: (n) Democrat who disseminates voluminous memos attempting to explain Democrap.

instibute: (v) the immediate actions of Republicans when getting rid of that which liberals have just instituted.

Friday, June 10, 2005


I’ve accepted the Washington Post’s Mensa Challenge of changing, adding or subtracting one letter in a word then redefining it to fit the new spelling. I have, however, carefully restricted my new definitions specifically to the liberals/socialists. Here are a few examples:

kissasp: (n) a rapist who pretends to kiss a woman then bites her lip to control her during sex. Most prominent example: What Bill Clinton did to Juanita Brodderick as she described his rape of her, keep your ice handy.

dipsthick: (n) Democrat National committee chairman Howard Dean who is both dippy and stupid.” Example: Every time Howard Dean opens his mouth.

postulites: (n) liberal Democrat bloggers posters whose posts are intellectually inferior. Example: Liberal posters on Educationalwhisper.

fiberal: (n) A left wing Democrat completely incapable of telling the truth. Example: left wingers posters found most frequently on CrankyLiberal and other left wing blogs.

dasochistic: (a) a condition suffered exclusively by liberal Democrats who gain sexual gratification by inflicting as much physical pain as possible on conservatives. Example: Alec Baldwin’s sexual excitement when he suggested on national television the stoning to death of Henry Hyde, his wife and family. Judging from his actions on stage during the incident, Baldwin may also have had an orgasm right there on TV.

reducancy: (n) a complete and unconstitutional state of obstinance displayed by liberal Democrats blocking American Bar Association defined “well-qualified” Bush judicial nominees.

self-frighteous: (a) the perpetual state of fear in which liberal Bush-haters constantly scare themselves by worrying about everything not controlled by big liberal-socialistic government and in the hands of Bush and Rove.

I’ll post more as time goes along. Suggestions accepted.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


In all fairness, my picture at 24, my
wedding day, No wonder I'm smiling.


Jim Nabors nearly gave up
when he saw this picture of
John Kerry. But at least Jim
can sing, so he felt better. I believe
he's about 24 in this picture

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy

If you’ve called Bush a “loser”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush a “liar”’re a liberal.
if you’ve called Republican’s “two-faced weasels”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush an “a__h__e”’re a liberal.
If you’ve said “Republicans have never made an honest living”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Republicans “corrupt”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Republicans “lazy”’re a liberal
If you’ve called Republicans “brown shirts”... you’re a liberal
If you’ve said Condoleezza Rice is a “tool of white leaders” “akin to a Jewish person working for Hitler”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush a “Dumb f__k” you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush “an uneducated real lying Schmuck”’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Pat Tillman a “Sap” and “idiot” for enlisting in the army to serve’re a liberal.
If you’ve depicted Bush as a mentally disabled-sprinter that included a message on your flier that “voting for Bush is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you’re still retarded”’re a liberal.
If you’ve suggested that Donald Rumsfeld be assassinated against a wall.”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve asked in a column “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinkley, Jr.—where are you now that we need you”.... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve screamed on a television show that a certain congressman along with his wife and family should be stoned to death... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve said that all black”Republicans all look alike”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called your black Republican opponent “A Negro Dr. Kevorkian...foot shufflin, head scratching ‘Amos and Andy’ who wants to maim and kill other blacks for the gratification and entertainment of ...white racists”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve accused Republicans of “drugging Zell Miller”’re a liberal.
If you’ve written “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called a Republican an “arrogant a__h__e”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush “Hitler”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush a “Nazi”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve called Bush “Stupid”... you’ve a liberal
If you’ve called Bush “Dumb”... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve compared Republicans to the Afghanistan Taliban... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve complained that Republicans always play the race card while playing it yourself in elections... you’re a liberal.
If you’ve run televison commercials claiming that a vote for the Republicans would cause “more black churches to’re a liberal.
If you’ve run television commercials during a presidential campaign blaming Bush for the dragging death of a black man in Texas... you’re a liberal.

These are either direct quotes or descriptions of liberal statements or actions.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Congratulations to Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-TN for winning the travel prize in Congress. He was the number one traveler over the past five year, for which there are records, taking a huge 62 trips. That means he’s been making at least one trip a month for 5 years paid for by outside sources.

Of course, he had to scramble a bunch, changing records as old as five years to comply with congressional rules about taking money from Lobbyists. He conned $60,545 for gift travel. Not bad! But even he was a piker when it came to top dog......heaven forbide......a Republican. Way out in first place is Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner,Jr. racked up a whopping $176,718 in travel paid for by corporations or outside groups.

Poor Ol’ Tom Delay one of the big losers compared to the two above. He tied for 120th place based on number of trips. However he did a little better when counted in money terms at $94,568 in five years or under $19,000 per year.

Even Congressional ethics committee members had trouble getting the reporting right.

The Associated Press reports that other late filers who revised their reports were House Democrats Hoyer D-MD, Tauscher D-CA, Gutierreza D-IL, Cummings D-MD and Waters D-CA. One Republican revised his trip filings, Linder R-GA.

Thanks, Kent Cooper PoliticalMoney and “Washington Times’” Charles Hurt for just the facts mam!

Monday, June 06, 2005


Deep throat’s daughter Joan Felt confirms in “The Press Democrat” newspaper that it was about the money! Democrats must be gagging that a Democrat newspaper confirms it always was about the money.

Maria Shriver stops author with a book about Arnold from going on the “Today Show” and Katie allows it. I guess NBC is too afraid of Maria’s Kennedy connections. Isn’t Democrat censorship fun?

Non-profit PEW Charitable Trust trashes its founder’s written goals by spending 20-million to buy congressional support for campaign finance reform. So, PEW CEO Rebecca Rimel is spitting on the memory of the founders while advancing her own liberalism, in direct contradiction of the founder’s wishes. No wonder John McCain was so enthusiastic about campaign finance reform...visions of dollar signs danced in his head.

Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA left Delay in the dust finishing number-one in filching funds from lobbyists for trips abroad. Go get those lobby bucks Maxi....!

Sen. Joe Biden D-DL says the National Democrat Committee Chairman doesn’t speak for the Democrats. The question is: “Does Dean or doesn’t Dean?”

Ultra Liberal Bill Moyers says the American Dream is dead or at least “flat on it’s back.” Didn’t I read somewhere that American home ownership is now the highest in history. Bill certainly knows how to turn or is that twist a phrase.

Some Californians are pushing for assisted suicide while at the same time wanting to spend 15 million to put up suicide prevention fence on the Golden Gate Bridge. No wonder Californians are confused. (big thanks to

for this gem.

And eat this one liberals....AMNESTY's American head William Schultz admits he has no evidence on anything at Guantanamo but makes inflammatory accusations that cause deaths. Does that mean that Amnesty International is guilty of murder by accusation?

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Because of questions about my figures regarding the number of dead as a result of Saddam Hussein’s actions during his regime, I’ve decided to give you my facts and sources supporting my calculations. It is simply an addition and division problem which apparently liberals are either incapable or unwilling to figure out. Quite frankly I find their demands that I back up these figures intellectually lazy because they should know them. Again a simple math problem.

In fact, based on the posts on blogs, liberals seem incapable of even understanding how to ask the question to get the results. My results are listed below. These figures are listed and include a variety of sources from mostly "liberal" sources. Since liberals always take the worst or highest number of deaths possible, I have chosen to follow their example and always take the highest number of dead estimated.

Liberals may disagree with these numbers but then they’d be disagreeing with themselves. The total number includes deaths of the Iraqi war, since it is a fact that these deaths too can be attributed to Saddam and increases the daily average of deaths caused by him during his entire regime and even after.

Saddam Hussein took power on July 16, 1979. On March 19, 2003 when the war started, he was effectively out of power. Therefore he was in power a total of 8639 days.

Iran-Iraq Protracted war 1980 to 1988 claims 1.5 million war dead during this protracted war instigated by Saddam. Source:

Moreorless claims the death toll from the I-I war at “approaching 2 million. Source:


Estimates range from 300,000 to 500,000. It is not assured that all of Saddam’s mass graves have been uncovered so the count could go higher. Sources: various national and international newspapers


International Physicians calculate that during Gulf War I 113,500 died during the bombing or as the result of the after affects which Saddam ignored. (estimates of dead Iraq soldiers were not found and could have been as high as 25,000 or more) bringing the total to as high as 138,500. Source: “How Many Dead Iraqis” 2-25-03


KURDISTAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Iraq: In the Kurdish town of Halabja Saddam’s gas attack killed up to 12,000 Kurds in just three days. Conventional and chemical attack on other towns in Kurdish areas are estimated at more than 100,000 in all Kurdish areas. Source:


United Nations imposed and President BILL CLINTON enforced sanctions to force SADDAM to comply with several UN resolutions....Bill Clinton maintained sanctions while he was president from 1992 to 2001. It’s estimated that during that period 500,000 civilians died because of the sanctions which Saddam ignored allowing his people to die. In fact he was skimming humanitarian aid money from the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, and from which the highest ranking officials of the UN were personally profiting. Source:

TOTAL COUNT 3,238,500 DEAD thanks to Saddam!

Including Iraq War the number of dead is 3,266,500

IRAQIBODYCOUNT’s highest estimate for the Iraqi war is approaching 25,000 to 28,000. They include persons killed by insurgents, encouraged by Saddam.

Using these figures Saddam’s average daily body count was 378 dead per day for every day he was in office. Had he been in power for the entire two years of the Iraq war and you extrapolate the number of those who would have died during that time, the figure would be 275,940 using the daily average of deaths. That's TEN times more than IBC estimates of those killed up to now. Via the insurgency, Saddam continues to murder his own people. Had Saddam gotten nuclear bombs, put them on SCUD missiles and fired them at Israel, these number could have been infinitely higher.

Prior to the Iraq war, a U.N. humanitarian-aid specialist leaked a confidential report which claimed that the number of civilian casualties could be 500,000. No supporting information was given by the specialist in the report. Source: THAT IS 20 TIMES THE ACTUAL COUNT. It is so typical of UN incompetency and prognostications.

I certainly do not wish to minimize those killed during this war, most especially our brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom for the people of Iraq. But these numbers do illustrate the truth about Saddam Hussein who was a killing machine.


Apparently the cradle to grave welfare system isn’t doing too well in Europe. The Italian Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni is suggesting a referendum to bring back the Lira. The Dutch and French voted down the European Union’s proposed constitution. Other countries are sure to follow. The Germans are facing more than 12 per cent unemployment and want Gerhard Schroeder out because he wants to economize and cut back welfare, increase incentives for work and investment. Germans are saying no, we want more welfare.

Add to that the Everest-sized mountain of job controls, environmental regulations, employment restrictions for hiring and firing, higher and high welfare costs with fewer workers, a huge drop of the Euro against the Dollar and demand for fewer and fewer work hours and you have the makings of a collapse of monumental proportions that will impact America.

One of the under-reported elements of Europe’s problems that compounds these factors is a population decline that forces fewer and fewer workers to pay more and more of the welfare costs. Italy’s birthrate, for example is 1.4 per thousand, Germany’s is 1.7 and similar numbers plague other members of the European Union.

Just to maintain a stable population the birthrate must be at 2.1 per thousand. Even America's birth rate is below replacement rate. The only alternative is immigration. France is facing a big problem with Islamic immigrants because they are refusing to assimilate into the culture as is true in the Scandinavian countries. One report indicates that some portions of French cities occupied by these immigrants are not patrolled by French Police out of fear. The French have ceded defacto control of parts of their cities to residents of other countries.

If you want to know what America would be like under the complete control of liberal forces just look to Europe. We too could be on the verge of collapse.

Friday, June 03, 2005


In the process of exchanging “ideas” with liberals, I’ve found they don’t believe my sources and I don’t believe theirs, so the primary function is just an intellectual exercise. What I’ve discovered too is that, if a liberal web site with its blatant liberal biases, doesn’t conform to the liberal preconceived prejudicious the left attacks it with the same vitriol as they attack conservatives.

It’s most apparent when Iraqi war casualty numbers are given, those numbers are universally rejected. A liberal web site tabulating those killed, claims more than 24,800 have died in the Iraq fight for independence. Liberals universally claim “hundreds of thousands dead”

Saddam and sons were responsible for the deaths of an average of about 350 people for every day he was in power. Here’s the hypocrisy of the left: Were Saddam still in power for the approximate 730+ days since the war began, 255,500 more, mostly of his own people, would be dead at his hand.

So the liberal argument is that the unfortunate deaths of 24,800 in a war of freedom, is worse than the murder of 255,500 by Saddam. To put it another way, roughly 34 people have died per day (average including the skewed IBC figure since it includes suicide bomber murders) during the two years of the war as opposed to 350 per day under Saddam murderous dictatorship. The insurgents will be defeated and their reign of death will end. So I ask, which is worse?

Thursday, June 02, 2005


A “Martyrs List” posted on a web site attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and analyzed by the US military indicates most of the MURDER-MARTYRS are Saudis, Syrian, Kuwaiti, Palestinian, Afghani, Libyan and evenFrench (not surprised with the French.)

I’m wondering if Jacque is getting a cut of the suicide money? It could replace his income in the discredited oil-for-food fiasco. Just change the name and call it blood-for-food program.

I suppose we must take this with a grain of salt because Zarqawi also said he wasn’t wounded.

Only 9 per cent of the murder-martyrs are from Iraq. It thus becomes obvious that Iraq has been invaded by a foreign hostile force where are the voices of the NYT, ABC CBS NBC, Washington Post LA Times flailing away at this preemptive attack by foreigners.

Where is the anti-war crowd when you need them. They’re nowhere to be found. I guess they consider Muslims murdering Muslims is OK as long as the Muslim dies in the dirt of Iraqi and the murders are Islamic.

Tip of the hat to the New York Post and Niles Lathem. Good article...”What Insurgency?” 6-2-05


This is just a vote of support from a Republican to the Democrat National Committee, urging you to keep Howard Dean on as national chairman.

His warm personable style, soft spoken demeanor and "big tent" inclusion have proven invaluable for fund raising for the Republican party.

Sorry you Democrates aren't doing too well in that department. So again, I urge you Democrats to "KEEP HOWARD."

Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Thanks to the liberal media for crowning W. Mark Felt a hero for illegally giving secret information to Washington Post reporter Robert Woodward leading to the destruction of a president.

This crowning now gives any FBI agent or other federal agent the title “HERO” for passing information to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s secret documents, Hillary’s illegal fund raising activities or any other information found in FBI files, ala Harry Reid (M.I.N.O) who poisoned the well against federal judicial nominee Henry Saad, using raw FBI files.

So now, we can use raw FBI files to attack any Democrat we want to destroy. Again, a big thanks to the mainstream liberal media for making this a heroic act. Secret FBI files are fair game for conservatives now.

The truth is that the materialistic Felt family are looking for money and it’s taken them this long to overcome the guilt Felt had. Felt’s daughter did it for the money. That's a fact. At his age now, we was finally unable to withstand her demands. She saw the dollar signs and knew she had to keep up the pressure, she wanted the money before The Washington Post wouldn't get it.

Felt had a legal procedure to provide this information to federal investigators. W. Mark Felt isn't a hero, he's a criminal who broke federal law, the FBI rules and his oath.