Monday, June 16, 2008


Open Letter to Mia Farrow:

In your letter to President George W. Bush you demand that he stop the genocide in Darfur. Nat Hentoff of The Washington Times reports extensively on Farrow’s letter to Bush says “I believe Mr. Bush has this capacity within him not only to strengthen his legacy, but more deeply meaningful to him, to answer the renewed call of his conscience and save many thousands of lives in Darfur.”

The hypocrisy of both Farrow and Hentoff is unmitigated. Farrow’s liberal left has demanded that we never go to war for any reason. She and her liberal friends including Hentoff in this case have demeaned, degraded, called into question the intelligence of Mr. Bush at every opportunity and have perpetually and loudly trumpeted Mr. Bush’s alleged ineptitude but are demanded he has the “capacity” to instantly solve the Darfur problem.

Undoubtedly, Farrow was against the war against terror and terrorists. No Big Deal! Who cares, they were only killing Americans. I did an extensive comparison of the number of those killed by Saddam Hussein during his 25 years of power. It turns out, with the wars he started, he was killing an average of 450 people per day. Bush put an end to that. You’ve demanded we get immediately get out of Iraq which could leave the county to Islamofacists.

Now you are saying that America must go into Darfur and save the people there. OK, Miss Farrow, lets go, and let’s, put your sons and daughters in the front lines...and Mr. Hentoff’s sons and daughters, and if they can get beat Lt. Gen. Omar Bashir without the help of the American Congress, without American money or arms and without any bloodshed of any American blood, with the exception of Farrow and Hentoff’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, then by all means, lets go. And I can sit around calling you and Hentoff warmongers and haters.

Do you want American to become the world’s policemen Miss Farrow? Are you suggesting we go to war to do what you demand? Are you willing to sacrifice your own children for the cause. I have a son who is a soldier, and our soldiers get spit on by the likes of you and Mr. Hentoff. Why don’t you ask Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Syria to do the job. They’re nations of the world!

But NO! you, with your hypocrisy, demand America do it. Why don’t you get troops from Zimbabwe, Germany, France, Japan, Belgium, South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan or Egypt to help? Let those countries spend their money and shed the blood of their children....America has done enough.


Friday, June 13, 2008


What do these politicians have in common.

Barak Obama, Democrat Presidential nominee.

Ed Meese, Republican adviser to Ronald Reagan.

Christopher Dodd, CN-Democrat named as potential Obama Democrat VP nominee and chairman of Senate Banking Committee.

Kent Conrad ND-Democrat.

John Johnson, Democrat and Countrywide Chief involved in sub-prime home loans and picked by Obama to Vet his VP choice.

All five received or were involved in special treatment in mortgage home loans. Four of the five are Democrats and still active in politics. The four democrats blamed President Bush for the sub-prime home loans while taking advantage questionable home loans for themselves.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


America uses an estimated 10-million gallons of gasoline per day. Each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil, refines approximately half of each barrel into gasoline. The other half is converted into other products.

Green con artists promote a politically correct lie that Arctic National Wildlife Reserve holds a minuscule amount of oil and not worth drilling for. But until we actually start test drilling and find out what is there, that claim is a lie.

Estimated crude reserves in (ANWR) and surrounding areas (meaning drilling laterally into off shore, under native lands and federal lands) range from95% chance there is 5.7 to a 5% chance there are 16 billion barrels or a mien average of 10.4 billion barrels of crude (figures taken from Wikipedia so take them with a grain of salt although other sources make similar predictions). Given that half of a barrel of crude can be refined into gasoline, there could be as much as 20.8 billion barrels of gas in ANWR alone. The other fact is that there are other areas of Alaska that are still being explored. Russia is going full blast to find oil under the North Pole. What is America doing about in a total state of denial. Had President Bill (my zipper is permanently stuck in the down position) Clinton approved the drilling in ANWR during his administration, we’d be getting a million barrels a day in extra oil now, or about 5% of our needs or just under half what we currently get from Saudi Arabia.

Purdhoe Bay had known reserves of 13 billion and was producing 450,000 barrels per day in 2006. At 21 gallons of gas refined per barrel, that's 9.4 million gallons of gas per day. (Washington Post 6-7-2005). The cryptic comment at the end of the Wikipedia statement reads: "In total, the oil deposits in ANWR contain enough oil to solely support U.S. consumption for 7 months (4.3B estimate) to 2 years (16B estimate)".

Remember, the claim is that if ANWR were the ONLY source of supply for the entire United States of America it could supply America for up to 2 years. That is a huge realization. In 1980, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the [Alaska] Coastal Plain could contain up to 17 billion barrels of oil and 34 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

In 1951 the Bakken Oil Reserves were discovered. The Bakken find covers areas in Canada, Montana and North Dakota and is approximate 200,000 square miles. Up until recently the technology and the per-barrel recovery costs made it too expensive to recover, although one test well has produced 750,000 barrels per year with standard drilling techniques. The estimated amount of oil in the Bakken Reserves range for 2 to 5 billion, to as much as 450 billion...more than all of Saudia Arabia’s reserves. The real question is how much of it is recoverable. The other question is “WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING FOR?”

American thinking is sick. We aren’t thinking any more, we’re feeling...we’ve been fiberalized or Oprahized. We must sound and look as though we care...reality is meaningless. Under the new thought processes, if we look right, sound right, and are green enough, we are right. American industry, including our auto companies are going bankrupt using this type of thinking.

Democrats put a moratorium on the effort to convert oil shale into fuel. Coal liquidization is being thwarted. Oprahized and Al Gore type thinking has made American’s believe it’s possible to convert away from carbon fuel in a matter of a few years. That’s not just pathetic, it’s patently insane. Obama want’s to raise gas prices, cut back on drilling, restrict exploration, tax promising innovation and eliminate carbon plan on $10 to $15 per gallon gas prices.

The sad truth is that America has enough carbon energy (coal and shale oil) to last us for 100 years without half trying, if we are allowed to get it. Maybe when Americans realize the GREEN Kool Aide they're wolfing down won’t give them the fuel they want in the time frame they expect, then they will say this isn’t working and we had better start drilling. By then it may be too late, and our economy will be so dead we won’t be able afford to get our own energy. Why don’t we develop better technology to clean coal and oil emissions and use the fuel God has given us (nuclear, hydrogen and potential fusion) instead of trying to develop impossible biofuels and starve ourselves to death in the process.