Thursday, December 28, 2006


The German Government has implemented a plan that gives native German women $33,000 per new birth. Germany’s birthrate is 1.37/1000 well under the replacement rate of 2.1 necessary to maintain a stable population. Low birth rates exist in most European countries, with Italy being the lowest. Russia’s population is declining so rapidly with it’s birthrate that it could be half Muslim by mid-century.

These figures illustrate an incredible irony created by feminism and their evangelical fervor for abortion. It has preached anti-birth so virulently giving birth has become a feminist's greatest sin. Perhaps the 6th commandment should be expanded to read “Thou Shalt Not Kill or have babies.” As a consequence, women in “socially advanced” countries are having fewer and fewer babies, while immigrants, be they from Islamic countries or Latin American countries who don’t have the same stigma attached to pregnancy and birth, are literally breeding feminists out of existence.

The even bigger irony is that some of these immigrant cultures are often bitterly or mildly anti-feminists and if through sheer numbers of births come to power, will eradicate feminism. It’s a fact that will have been brought on by feminists themselves with their utter intolerance to women choosing to be nurturing mothers.

Certainly, the TV program “The View” would be different in an Islamic world. Can you imagine BaaBaa WaaWaa in a full length burqa? Or, Rosie O’Donnell...well, on second thought, diarrhea-mouthed Rosie, as a lesbian, would probably be six-feet under as per Islamic law. It is very interesting that the very feminists who are demanding and implementing their chosen “rights” are aborting themselves into oblivion. Finally, something on which we can agree.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It’s been revealed that Bill Clinton’s National Security advisor Sandy Berger stole classified documents from the National Archives and stashed them outside under a construction trailER so he could retrieved them later.

The documents were apparently involved with Bill Clinton’s Osama bin Laden policy. What did Berger take? Did he destroy it? What do the documents reveal about Bill Clinton? Why did Sandy Berger risk a major crime to hide Clinton’s actions about terrorism? The American people have a right to know.

If this were Condi Rice years after Bush’s administration, Would she get a slap on the wrist like Berger got...certainly not.

Tom Harper and the paid cadre at would be demanding her hanging. Once again. Fiberal hypocrisy on parade.

Berger will even be allowed to return to using the National Archives from which he stole the material.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Hillary says she won't believe President Bush any more. But just think how many times she believed the lies of her hubby...Bill Clinton, a convicted liar. Isn't it interesting what this woman will believe.




Senator Olympia Snowe
Senator John D. Rockefeller
US Senate
Washington DC December 18, 2006

Dear Senators Snowe and Rockefeller,

I am astounded and dumbfounded at your “open” letter demanding that a company and individual scientists give up their free speech rights so you can stifle descent to so-called human-caused global warming. At one point in history, the “peer-reviewed” truth was that the world was flat. The Catholic Church tried in vain to stop the release of contrary, but true, scientific fact. You two senators have become the Catholic Church of the dark ages in today’s world. Perhaps a similar letter should be written to stifle the free speech of those promoting unverified and so-called human-caused global warming because the science upon which it is based is not nearly as sound or factual as you would have everyone believe.

During the 1960s we were told to expect a new ice age. Senators then didn’t demand that scientists stop their descent to the issue later proven totally inaccurate. In the early 1970s Paul Ehrlich claimed that there would be a population bomb that would destroy the world by 2000. That wasn’t true either but all were free to give their opinions about his conclusions which were obviously false. Scientists in the 1950s predicted that we would be out of oil by the turn of the century. Here we are past the turn of that century and we have more oil than ever and more is being found constantly despite senators like you who do everything you can to stop drilling and discovery making America as oil dependent as possible. What is your motive for your actions?

When I read of your open letter threatening a legitimate company from practicing the constitutional right of free speech, I wonder about your commitment to that freedom contained in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Why are you attempting to destroy our freedom of speech? You complain about the patriot act taking free speech, while at the same time speaking out the other side of your mouths demanding that someone else’s free speech be eliminated. You are hypocrites personified.

What other speech would you like to stifle? Would it be my right to criticize stupid senators? Or the right to practice ones faith? Or the right of media to present it’s opinions with which you may disagreed? I find you both too dishonest and unworthy to be senators. You both swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. I call upon you to resign immediately for the crime of trying to destroy the Constitution of the United States of America.


Sunday, December 17, 2006


Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are celebrating the wonderful Islamic world these days...although al-Zarqawi with his 72 virgins could be said to be looking down...and feeling wonderful at what they’ve wrought.

Saddam taught Muslims to kill Muslims at the rate of 450 per day during his administration.
Osama is happy because for every Muslim killed, 500 or so, an American is killed. An acceptable ration in his warped mind since one American life is worth killing 500 Muslims for.

Abu of course, looking down from his perch on high, is happy because everybody is dying, Muslims, Americans, Jordanians, Jews, Palestinians, Australians and British to name a few.

Allah must be proud of his three children and their successful reign of murder.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Oh, those scientists...they are so incredibly smart they’ve solved global warming. Just today, Rutgers University environmental scientist Alan Robock said a small nuclear war could create a global cooling and even maybe an ice age. Snowboarders would like that, but farmers in Siberia wouldn’t. If small countries with low yield nuclear devices were to launch nuclear bombs at each other in a regional conflict, it would have an impact all over the world.

Now isn’t that just perfect. It would solve the Al Gore global warming problem, lower the sea level, eliminate the countries who started the war and everything would be hunky-doory. Thanks’ve done it again. Everybody understands everything perfectly now that you’ve explained it.

By the way, a UN global warming science group has now downgraded the impact of global warming by 25% saying that their statistics gathering was somewhat, shall we say, less than accurate. And here I thought they never made a mistake. Why, Cranky Liberal over on said that scientific consensus (peer review) is the same as science fact. Who woulda thunk that scientists would have ever made a mistake, certainly not Cranky.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I’m beginning to wonder who is reading my blog. On the Wednesday the 6th I posted a response to the “IRAQI CHAMBERLAIN CAPITULATION STUDY GROUP” conclusions. In the first paragraph I compared the situation in Israel/Palestine to the Sunnis/Shiites in Iraq. My conclusion and I quote directly from my post: “Iraq is destine to become another Israeli/Palestinian tit-for-tat killing field, as being demonstrated by morally and spiritually bankrupt Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and prodded on by Iranian mental midgets.”

Well, lo and behold, today Saturday December 9th three days after I posted, Agence France-Presse (AFP) quotes Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh speaking to the annual summit of Gulf leaders as saying: "most dangerous for the (Palestinian) cause is the conflict among brethren," he said in a reference to the differences between Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah faction and the Islamist Hamas movement that have blocked the formation of a unity government.

In Iraq "a brother is still killing his brother," Abdullah said of the tit-for-tat killings between the Sunni Arab former elite and the ruling Shiite majority.

King Abdullah (or the AFP reporter) apparently agrees with my blog that the threat of Muslim Islamofacists turning on Muslims is a bigger threat than America or Israel, although he probably wouldn’t put it in those words but would blame President Bush for instigating Muslim cannibalizing their own. Just consider that we now have three Muslim countries where they’re killing each other as ferociously as they love to kill Jews. That does not bode well for the world....neither Muslim nor non-Muslim.

Of course the king nor the reporter used my mental midgets quote, and maybe I’m getting too full of myself, but both the actual statement and the context is certainly similar and makes one wonder.


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Today’s historians have ruled George W. Bush a failure because of his pivotally amazing success. Historians judge him for problems in Iraq. A more critical evaluation should be: how did he handle his primary and all consuming constitutional duty here at home after 911? That duty was to defend America and her citizens from attacks from abroad at all costs.

The fact is, he has done so with 100 per cent efficiency and thus the judgement he is a failure. That left critics, pundits and historians free to unlimited criticism but they are using the wrong criteria. Had terrorists been successful in killing 10-thousand more Americans, there would be no argument against the Patriot act, no accusations against the NSA phone program, no question about following the money trail where ever it led, and Democrats would not have won the house and senate.

Because President Bush has been so successful in keeping the terrorists from attacking on our shores, as is and was his penultimate responsibility, the fiberals have been left unfettered to criticize anything and everything he has done in America, Iraq and the rest of the world. They feel safe to do so, with no fear of reprisals from Islamofacists operating in America.

I find this amazingly ironic, given the stupendous economy, terrorist-free American streets and jobs for anybody who wants one. Perhaps tomorrow’s historians will have more honest, unagendized evaluations. Contemporary historians of President Harry S. Truman had an equally jaundiced view of him in his day, Today of course, Harry’s a hero. Perhaps today’s historians should look themselves in the mirror and ask, “have I honestly evaluated George W. Bush?” They don’t do it because they are not honest. They have an agenda to push. Ultimately, like Truman’s historians then, today’s historians are destine to become the goats of truth.


Democrats Take Power, Who Will Pay the Price?

On this December 7, 1941, one of the most significant days of American history, Remember Pearl Harbor Day, I have a question.

What if America had decided that three years after we began our response to Japan, we decided to quit the fight. There were many mistakes during WWII, starting with misunderstanding radar in Hawaii on December 7, and many more before we got to Midway. But it didn’t stop us. Democrats and Republicans joined together. America prevailed.

Today, Democrats have divided themselves from fighting the war on terror for the sake of obtaining power. They are calling for the end of the war on terror. This generation of Democrats, has decided to quit the fight before the end of the war.

The Great Generation of World War II has degenerated to the cut and run generation. In truth, today’s generation would rather pretend it's fighting global warming than save America by fighting terrorists. Global warming doesn't shoot back, so its a safer war for Democrat tastes. They don't like the real truth of violent Islamofacists.


PS> Here is something inspiring. The exact opposite of Murtha and Pelosi and Reid.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


If George Bush follows the “Iraqi Chamberlain Capitulation Study Group” suggestions, Iraq is destine to become another Israeli/Palestinian tit-for-tat killing field, as being demonstrated by morally and spiritually bankrupt Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and prodded on by Iranian mental midgets. Millions of American soldiers may, one day, be forced in a future of perpetual wars brought on by the worst religion is the history of mankind and by Democrat blindness to truth. We win now or fight this Islamofacist terroristic war again and again.

Despite the fact that America is labeled the great Satan by Islamists, when the next world war breaks out, America will not be the lone target. Once more, Britain, Germany, France (in as state of perpetual surrender) Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia (currently in a state of denial and in the process of returning to dictatorship) and a variety of other countries will be targets, simply because they will be told to convert to Islam and subject themselves to radicalized imams or face elimination.

Radical Islam will perpetually become more and more radical. That’s its nature. The question will be: who can out-radical the most radical, until finally Islamism will collapse and strangle itself. At least lets hope so. Even now, one of the most radical -- Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is being criticized by even more radical Islamo radicals for attending a parade in which he watched women parade who were uncovered in the Islamic tradition.

Ahmadinejad himself, has revealed his stand against Israel that will be extended to the rest of the world, that is if he doesn’t shoot himself in the carotid first. Muslims, already in absolute fear of radical Islamofacists, will continue to remain silent and watch their freedom and progress die. It’s amazing to compare some of the issues Ahmadinejad is promoting and spouting to the conclusions that can be drawn from William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

The most interesting is that it will be the average Muslim who will lose the most if Ahmadinejad wins and America allows Taliban type Wahhabi radicalism to rule their world. With this in mind, I cannot envision a world where nuclear bombs will not be used first by Islamofacists, so decisions by Democrats on dismantling our missile defense system will be crucial. If you read the effects and aftermath of thermonuclear explosions, you’ll find they sound very much like Armageddon, earth being bathed in a holocaust of fire.

Altogether now...let’s cheer...the 14th Century is back...long live burqas. Boy would it relieve my vision to see Rosie O'Donnell in a full length burqa. It would sure improve TV scenery.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Democrat Plan

Since the Democrats want to destroy big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big tobacco, fast food, big industrial plants, big car manufacturers, big box stores (specifically WalMart mostly to kiss the ring of union officials), eliminate green house gases (read stop traveling by cars) and stop space research and give the money to the poor, lets consider exactly what these actions would do to the average American, the same idiots who voted for Democrats in the recent election and failed to consider the consequence of their vote.

So Americans...lets all do what the Democrats want.

1. Cut your travel by, trains and planes.

Stop going to motels, hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations.
Getting rid of hospitality employees will further cut greenhouse gases.
Oil company employees will have to stay home.
Supply company, fortunately will be out of jobs and using less gas.

2. Bankrupt big Drug companies.

You can cut their profits and eliminate new drugs at the same time.
You won’t have to got to the’ll be dead.
This will reduce the need to have expensive hospitals and all their expensive employees.
The lost of employees will reduce big Drug companies greed profits and still cut greenhouse gases.

3. Fast food

If you quit traveling you can help bankrupt McDonald’s and their employees.
You can lose weight while eliminating fat producing companies.
Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC and Church’s will go under reducing employment.

4. Greenhouse Gas producing industrial companies

In this case Al Gore is pressuring companies to leave America...think “Inconvenient Truth.”
Can you say...outsourcing these terrible companies?

5. WalMart

STOP shopping at Walmart we can bankrupt them too and eliminate several million jobs.

6. Stop military intelligence and help destroy America.

Keep this up to eliminate jobs, greenhouse gases and these bad companies all at the same time.
America will be much better. What a great Democrat Plan. Thanks.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


America didn’t start the terrorist war, and thanks to DEMOCRATS, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to finish it either.

Here’s my prediction. If we fail to win this war, terrorist attacks on America will kill us in our own streets, as the terrorists are killing innocent civilians in the streets of Baghdad. It’s interesting that historic Babylonia (now Iraq) was one of the cradles of civilization and will likely become the creator of the crematorium of civilization as we know it.

DEMOCRATS will be to blame. I predict at least one nuclear bomb will be set off somewhere in America within 5 years. DEMOCRATS, again will be to blame. DEMOCRATS will end every effective intelligence gathering opportunity with their policies making America vulnerable at the worst possible time. They, of course will still be blaming George W. Bush. DEMOCRATS will gut the missile defense program, again leaving us vulnerable when Iran and North Korea will just be getting their missiles ready to launch, and we won’t have any defensive capabilities to shoot them down.

THE REASON....DEMOCRATS live in a parallel universe that doesn’t exist in our real universe. Americans must learn which direction Mecca is. The Muslims, say it and the Democrats say it. It must be so. I trust I’ll be dead before than time.

DEMOCRATS care about one thing, remaining in power and that’s all they care about. They just need to learn to rule from the prayer rugs...which they’re in the process of doing. If the price is the blood of a million Americans on American streets, so be it. If their solution to the terrorist crisis should prevail, I’ll give America about 30 more years of existence, if that long. It might be advantageous to learn the Koran, weave a prayer rug, and dig a nuke shelter.....suggestion: dig the SHELTER FIRST.

But, maybe there is hope. I’ll give ten to one odds that once in power, DEMOCRATS will do exactly the opposite of what they’re proclaiming from the roof tops today. I don’t think they’ll like the idea of imams giving them their talking points.