Thursday, July 29, 2010


What’s happening with TIME Magazine? Suddenly the magazine that has been promoting liberalism and related causes for eons is writing articles that actually have an honest appraisal of the news, without the heavy leftist slant. It even threw a left-handed complement at Rush Limbaugh, albeit they had to call him a name: “obnoxious anti-environmentalist” before they reluctantly agree with his assessment of the Gulf oil spill.

Slight detour: One comparison to the amount oil spilled into the gulf compares to two 12oz cans of Foster’s beer being dumped into a football stadium full of water the size of the Coliseum to give you an idea of the amount of oil compared to the amount of water involved.

I wanted to say TIME had to look truth in the face and be honest, but I don’t think that’s the reason they seem to be adjusting their editorial evaluations. Liberal dogma, which they preach, has been killing their magazine, and I think they are actually realizing that honesty could increase their readership. In other words, they’re trying, begrudgingly, to report accurately. In truth, it’s a matter of survival for TIME.

They are watching conservative publications and web pages thriving while TIME is withering. They’re only one step behind the essentially defunct NEWSWEEK. Reality is a harsh teacher. Maybe TIME is actually learning the lessons of real journalism. Maybe too, “Journolist” made them realize just how off track they had become.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I Know What Kennedy Really Did at Chappaquiddick
"Citizen Byrd's White Sheets"
George Soros is "Gone with the Money"
"Obama of Arabia"
Bill Clinton in "Angel in a Blue Dress"
"Barney Frank's Basement Dairy"
Sandy Berger in: "From Here to My Underwear"
Robert Torricelli in: "It's a Wonderful 'Gift'"
Jesse Jackson in: "Birth of a Love Child"
Eliot Spitzer's "Close Encounters of the Ninth Kind"
John Murtha, Jr. in: "Guess Who's Coming for Bribes"
Marion Barry in: "Snow White and the Seven Hits"
Webster Hubbell stars in "A Place in the Cell"
Jerry Springer in: "My Fair Prostitute"
Joe Biden stars in "VP without a Clue"
Obamas's White House is: "The Twilight Zone"
"Rahm Bent Over the Cuckcoo's Nest"
Al Gore in “Midnight Massage Boy.”
Keith Olbermann in “All the President’s Man”
“An American in Purses” with Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid warps “The Grapes of Math”
Chris Dodd is "Dancing in Your Pain."

Friday, July 02, 2010


It isn’t too often that we can see perfectly the reason for the disaster that afflicts us. Today that reason is painfully obvious. It is Barack Obama. Here is his picture just so that you’ll know who is destroying the constitution, taxing us into bankruptcy and destroying capitalistic democracy.