Tuesday, September 13, 2005


America as we knew it is dead. With the media’s help fiberals have politicized every aspect of American life.

If you’re a white conservative...you’re a racist.
If you’re black Democrat...you’re a victim.
If you’re a black Republican...you’re an Uncle Tom.
If you’re a conservative...you’ve no right to an opinion of any kind.
If you’re a liberal...you’re the only one with compassion.
If you’re conservative...you hate the poor.
If you’re fiscally responsible...you’re repressive.
If you drive an SUV...you’re destroying the environment.
If you eat...you’re starving the poor in third world countries.
If you want to be warm...you’re stealing energy from the destitute.
If you want to be cool...you’re forcing elderly Frenchmen to die.
If you want medicine...you’re empowering big pharmaceuticals.
If you’re a Republican and breath...you’re polluting the air.
If you’re a parent and preach waiting til marriage...you’re a sexual repressive.
If you oppose abortion...you want to kill women.
If you support personal responsibility...you’re a Nazi.
If you make you children do chores...you’re a slave master.
If you free the oppressed...you’re a warmonger.
If you defend your country...you’re spit fodder.
If you want an originalist judiciary...you're destorying the Democrat power base.
If your 12-year-old daughter wants an abortion...you're not allowed to know.
If your name is BUSH...you're always wrong about everything.
If you're a fiberal...hate is you're primary political agenda.

Are you getting as tired of Democrats and the Mainstream media
biased accusations as I am? This is the America Fiberals are trying to foist on
the rest of us. I for one am fighting it tooth and nail.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better myself. Well said and unfortunately so true.