Sunday, September 30, 2012


Wednesday's debate will hinge more on the demeanor of the candidates than on the issues.  Each has their positions well in hand.   The question is how they will each respond to questions that make them squirm.  This is where Barack Obama may have trouble.  His history has been to storm off when he gets a question he doesn't like.  He will not be able to storm off the debate forum. Obama thinks he king not president, which is a problem.

Of course moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS will be pitching the Snurf Balls to Obama and the hard balls to Mitt Romney.   If Romney can get under Obama's skin (please don't give me a bunch of crap that this is a racist comment) and irritate Obama from the get go, Obama will be in for a long night.

Obama gets very testy when challenged.  Lehrer wouldn’t think of challenging Obama so Romney has to.  It has been reported that Obama has a visceral hatred of Romney, probably because Romney made his money the old fashion way, he earned it through hard work and intelligence.   He didn't write books way before he did anything so big donors, like Soros's of the world could buy them by the ton to funnel money to Obama without suspicion.

He will have a difficult time defending his record.  The question for Romney is will he have the guts to say what needs to be said out loud and not be cowed by the fact that it's not a racial attack when  Obama's record is scrutinized, despite what NBC, CBS, ABC, the NYT and WaPo will claim whenever there is the slightest criticism of Obama's policies that gets traction.

Romney will also have to present his course of action  with specifics and do it in the few-minutes-format of a debate which can be very difficult.  Voters aren't worried about Romney's likability as much has feeling confident that he has the plan to get America working again.

Romney, though, has the Mormon problem.  It's not the religion part, it's his training in the pastoral service of his church.  He is averse at criticism or being directly confrontational which he'll have to be to beat Obama in the debate. That's when Obama get aggressive and hostile which will come across to voters and they won't like it.

Friday, September 28, 2012


The decision by the New York MTA to restrict “material” that they might foresee as inciting or provoking violence or breach the peace can be restricted or removed: so much for freedom of speech.

What is such an affront to anyone who still believes in America is that this decision encourages anything that could be deemed by Muslims to be inflammatory as unacceptable thus allowing Muslims to control anything posted on the MTA sites.

Unfortunately, it seems, only Muslims get violent when they “feel” insulted even by stupid cartoons.  Conversely, since most religions that constantly see vile admonitions by Muslims to kill Jews, Christians or Sikhs, tend not to get violent over minor and even some not so minor insults, don’t have the same freedom of speech as Muslims, unless they start rioting and killing people over trivial provocations.

The MTA action has become an open invitation to Muslims to be violent over what they construe, no matter how insignificant, to be insulting.  What if there was a poster on a subway wall that invited parishioners to Saturday or Sunday services beneath or near a mosque.  Muslims could easily claim offense and threaten riots forcing even innocuous advertising to be removed.

Thus, Muslims with their seemingly constant violent tendencies would control MTA advertising simply by their threats to riot over anything.  And the MTA is caving big time and all the time and once again the American Constitution takes another blow with the Obama apology administration.

Muslims do not extend the same respect to other religions.  Even Indonesia, the frequently touted religious tolerance leader of Islam, is killing Christians, Jews and any religious organization that don’t “submit” to the will of Allah.  Well Allah is anything but a peaceful “God” it seems.  CONVERT OR DIE, isn’t peaceful or tolerant.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


It wouldn’t have mattered what Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney would have put on his tax returns, Democrats would have twisted it into a pretzel to look as bad as possible.  But the hypocrisy of their actions contradicts their own demands of the wealthy.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama lead the liberal choruses demanding that the rich pay more in taxes. Warren Buffett says he can pay more taxes and the wealthy can pay more taxes.

Now we have Romney actually paying more taxes than required and what do these choir directors do?  They pillory him and say he’s manipulating tax returns for political purposes.  

Well the idiots who lead the Democrat party are shooting themselves in the foot.  Romney has a wonderful talking point about his taxes. 

He should say, you have demanded the wealthy pay more taxes.  I paid more taxes and you criticize more for doing what you demand.  Mr. Obama, as a wealthy person, did you pay more taxes than you were legally obligated to pay?  NO!  You used every possible loophole to avoid paying taxes.  So you actively chose not to pay what you demand that others pay. 

What would you call that?

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Warren Buffett is a perfect example of front door and back door politics.  In his front door proclamations Buffett invites American citizens to fawn over Barack Obama, to support Obama's redistribution polices of take from the rich and give to the poor.  Buffett even says the rich should pay more.  Of course,  he actively skips paying taxes because he doesn't  generally sell his holdings and take capital gains, for which he would have to pay taxes. 

That is Buffett's front door politics,  His true "back door" politics is completely different.  Buffett is counting on Obama being re-elected and is therefore making the assessment that consumer companies, Johnson and Johnson, Procter and Gamble etc. stock values will collapse in the coming turn down in the Obama's second term.  So Buffett and a gaggle of other billionaires are dumping consumer stocks betting that consumer confidence and the stock market will plunge after January 1, 2013 because of the looming  fiscal cliff.

So what Buffett is doing is telling everybody to vote Obama while he is taking his money and running for the hills.  Berkshire Hathaway has to report major stock transactions.  Take a look and see how Buffett is  using the back door to get out while he can.

Buffett's bluff has been called, though, by the House when it just passed a bill that allows American to voluntarily pay more  taxes to reduce the national debt.  I would bet Warren dinner at the Northwood Inn in San Gabriel, CA that he won't pay more taxes than is required.  He will continue to take as many deductions as is legal.

The crux of the matter, though, is that Buffett is getting out the backdoor as illustrated by his stock transactions while telling the rest of us to blithely step off the fiscal cliff January 1st.

Newsmax points out that not only Buffett is fleeing stocks. John Paulson and George Soros are fleeing.  Soros recently just upped his Gold position by a ton.  What do these Billionaires know that we don't.  Actually, nothing.  We Americans know this situation too.  It's painfully obvious.  If Obama is re-elected, he will finish the job of destroying America's economy.

But it is completely disingenuous of Buffett to preach lies from his rich man's front door and then escaping out the back door with billions taken from everyday Americans who believed his front door lies.  The most dire of predictions say that the stock market could drop by 90%.  Soros is doing everything he can to make that happen, along with Buffett. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Ever since Mitt Romney won the Republican primary, the media, pollsters, and pundits have been pushing results of polls that are patently false.  It's no big surprise that the basic polling data is horribly skewed.  Even many right leaning media pundits are singing the blues.   But Mike Flynn of
Had a very concise and illuminating paragraph that calls into question the fundamentals.

If he is right, and I believe he is, things are not as they seem no matter what the polls say on the surface.

The bond rating of America has just been down graded for the second time.  The middle east is exploding and Islam hates America even more even with Obama as president , we are still losing jobs and America's defense is about to be gutted to a point worse than before Pearl Harbor.  Add the fact that we are stone cold broke with 16 trillion dollars in debt, America is hanging by a thread.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


HOW TO DUMP ON KIDS, Newest reading material for Chicago Teachers

Friday, September 07, 2012


The Democrat National Convention was a disaster.   It will forever be remembered as the convention that Democrats voted against God three times…I wonder if Democrats heard the cock crow on the third vote?

Religious Americans have to be appalled.  The question is: How can a faith-based voter of any religious persuasion still vote for a party and a president who rejects God with a shout?

Jews have reason to be angry as well.  As a Jew who supports Israel you must be petrified that Iran will attempt to destroy the Jewish State. You must come away from this Democrat convention with fear and dread.  It was never more apparent that Democrats are abandoning the fundamental right of Israel to exist and name Jerusalem as the official capitol of Israel.

 Bill Clinton gave one of his famous complements that sounded good at the time, but as you think about it, you realize that it ultimately praises himself and you are screwed, although at the time no one realized it.  He officially said Obama wasn’t up to the job of turning around this economy.

 Obama capped off the miserable event with the worst speech ever delivered by a president seeking re-election I’ve ever heard, and I’m old enough to have heard acceptances speeches from the time of Harry S. Truman.  Even Truman did a better job than Obama, and he never wore a halo.

Worse, after listening to Obama, I wondered if he actually has the same problem that George H.W. Bush had, that he doesn’t want to be president any more.  He simply no longer has any ideas, doesn’t want to condescend to actually negotiate with Republicans or anyone else. He’d just rather than just make decrees from on high to implement his failing agenda.  After listening to him, it is obvious to me that Obama simply doesn’t really want to be president anymore.