Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We Americans have the right to maintain our culture. New immigrants who came here legally have historically been expected to join our “melting pot” and adopt our cultural concepts of self-reliance, work ethic and diverse interaction, in addition to joining in the concept of responsible self-government. It has served us well now for two-plus centuries.

But, now we have an influx of people whose allegiances are not necessarily those of previous immigrants. They are here “for the money” which is returned to their families elsewhere. The sheer number is staggering, and in Los Angeles those new “illegal” immigrants have begun to demand that the southwest part of our country be returned to Mexico. This secessionist cause is led by La Raza. Having been born and raised on the East side of Los Angeles I have seen first hand the decline of many of the areas I grew up in.

Some areas near East Los Angeles Junior college from which I graduated, are controlled by gangs. Police are afraid to patrol many of those areas. Yet, there is a demand that, that area be return to Mexico, a country floating in a sea of elitism and corruption. Would you really want to trade the Mexican system for the American system of government?

I believe Americans have the right to demand that our own culture be maintained and politicians have a responsibility to see to it that our melting pot stays boiling, and not to allow the establishment of a mosaic of conflicting cultures, ethnic ghettos, and racial divides.

The Congressional actions on the current immigration bill will have created an America that will be unrecognizable in 20 years. The cauldron of glue that has held us together in prior generations, will have been shattered and a fractious, disunited and dispirited America will be all that’s left, and the dream will have died.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


MSNBC attempted to write a “fair” piece about political financial contributions of reporters, editors and journalists to the left or the right. Typical of MSNBC, they qualified their statement by saying that a 9 to 1 ratio meant that newsrooms across the country lean to the left.

How in heaven’s name can you call a 90% ratio in favor of the leftist point of view merely leaning? It is in fact a total vindication of the accusation that news media members are so totally biased to the left they are incapable of judging what is unbiased.

The claim in the article is that the reporters do not allow their opinions to influence their writing. That’s impossible because any person writes based on their own subliminal view of the world, thus Americans are leaving the leftist mainstream media in droves because they see the “writing on the paper” and it’s very slanted, subtle though it may sometimes be.

Ninety per cent of the editors are leftists who evaluate the writings of leftist reporters. Just what do you expect their evaluations to be....fair. No!! They too view the fundamental values in the same slanted way as the reporter and read the “fair” version of any story the same way.

Of course, MSNBC attempts to claim their’s is only a small sampling of the more than 100,000 reporters at media organizations, but I doubt that it would change by more than one or two percent if all were polled.

Here is a perfect example of how liberal biases at MSNBC are used by liberal editors on the very article discussing biases and how it claims that biases can be kept out of the reporting.

Subtitle: Politicking allowed at Fox and Forbes, banned at ABC and New York Times

It is common news fodder that Fox and Forbes are considered conservative editorially and that ABC and the New York Times are considered liberal.

But note how the title makes it appear that the conservatives organizations allow politicking while the liberal media “ban” politicking. If ever a news media organization encourages political opinion in news stories, by selection of subject, cause and spiking, it’s the New York Times. By the way, the NYT is paying a huge financial price and it only going to get worse. I predict that within 5 year the NYT will be half the paper it is today if it continues on it’s liberal road. People see it, and are voting with their feet, mouse and wallet.

The liberal mainstream media bombard us daily about diversity in race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. So how about some DIVERSITY of political thought in the NEWSROOM? But a liberal editor will naturally lean to the job applicant that most obviously mirrors his own inherent opinions. It’s an insidious cycle. One thing liberals cannot tolerate is diversity of political thought in the newsroom...never mind the editorial page, because Americans easily discern the difference. Mainstream newsrooms must, at all costs, maintain a one-sided all-out bend to the left to keep control by fiat, since they can’t maintain their power by strength of argument.


Saturday, June 16, 2007


Would you attend Duke University if you were a college-aged white male. A group of “professors” signed an ad that, in effect, added to the accusation that the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty of the charge of rape.

Today, Mike Nifong was disbarred because of his action against 3 white male students at Duke University as a prosecuting attorney. He had previously resigned as Prosecuting Attorney. The group of 88 professors who signed the ad are just as guilty as Nifong.


Duke is a racist university UNTIL THESE PROFESSORS APOLOGIZE, it just happens to be racist against white male students. Here’s the list of racists professors:
* Stan Abe
* Benjamin Albers
* Anne Allison
* Srinivas Aravamudan
* Lee Baker
* Sarah Beckwith
* Paul Berliner
* Tolly Boatwright
* Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
* Jack Bookman
* Matt Brim
* Bill Chafe
* Leo Ching
* Elizabeth Clark
* Rom Coles
* Michaeline A. Crichlow
* Kim Curtis
* Roberto Dainotto
* Leslie Damasceno
* Ariel Dorfman
* Laura Edwards
* Grant Farred
* Jeffrey Forbes
* Mary M. Fulkerson
* Erin Gayton
* Jehanne Gheith
* Margaret Greer
* Michael Hardt
* Erik Harms
* Joe Harris
* Kerry Haynie
* Karla Holloway
* Bayo Holsey
* Mary Hovsepian
* Sherman James
* Alice Kaplan
* Keval Khalsa
* Ranjana Khanna
* Fred Klaits
* Claudia Koonz
* Robert Korstad
* Pedro Lasch
* Caroline Light
* Marcy Litle
* Ralph Litzinger
* Michele Longino
* Wahneema Lubiano
* Anne-Maria Makhulu
* Tamera Marko
* Paula McClain
* Louise Meintjes
* Sean Metzger
* Walter Mignolo
* Alberto Moreiras
* Cary Moskovitz
* Mark Anthony Neal
* David Need
* Diane Nelson
* Jocelyn Olcott
* Charles Payne
* Charlie Piot
* Ronen Plesser
* Maureen Quilligan
* Jan Radway
* Tom Rankin
* Marcia Rego
* William Reichert
* Deb Reisinger
* Alex Rosenberg
* Marc Schachter
* Stephanie Sieburth
* Laurie Shannon
* Pete Sigal
* Irene Silverblatt
* Joshua Socolar
* Kristin Solli
* Helen Solterer
* Fiona Somerset
* Roxanne Springer
* Rebecca Stein
* Kenneth Surin
* Susan Thorne
* John Transue
* Maurice Wallace
* Priscilla Wald
* Kathryn Whetten
* Robyn Wiegman
* David Wong
* Tomiko Yoda

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


You might be surprised at the numbers....!

How many military deaths were there during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, which included two wars, although Clinton refused to accept that there was a terrorist war that had been declared against America. Clinton was in a state of denial and ignored the terrorist war despite 6 major terrorist attacks against American targets. The Clinton’s second war continues today even though Clinton promised to have American soldiers out of Kosovo/Bosnia in one year. There was not exit plan so we still haven’t exited.

George W. Bush’s administration was faced with 9-11 and the terrorism war that Clinton failed to confront.

According to one report from Defense Department records (Snopes.com has yet to confirm these numbers) however here are the comparisons between Clinton and Bush on all military deaths so far including wars and otherwise.

Clinton Administration: 7499 military deaths from the first year of his presidency to the end of it.
Bush Administration (approximate to date): 7386 military deaths from the first year of his presidency which includes Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
sacrifice has been enormous. In the time period from the invasion of
Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost a total of 3,140
soldiers. In the past few days, the death toll in the death told in Iraq has
reached more than 3,500.
As tragic as the loss of any soldier is, consider this: below is
a list of deaths of soldiers while actively serving in the armed
forces from 1980 through 2004:

1980 2,392
1981 2,380
1982 2,319
1983 2,465
1984 1,999
1985 2,252
1986 1,984
1987 1,983
1988 1,819
1989 1,636
1990 1,507
1991 1,787
1992 1,293
1993 1,213
1994 1,075
1995 1,040
1996 974
1997 817
1998 827
1999 796
2000 758
2001 891
2002 999
2003 1,410 534*
2004 1,887 900*
2005 919*
2006 920*
* Figures are Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring
Freedom fatalities only

European descent (white) 69.12%
Hispanic 12.5%
African American 12.3%
Asian 3.7%
Native American 1.0%
Other 2.6%
Now, the fatalities over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom
European descent (white) 74.31%
Hispanic 10.74%
African American 9.67%
Asian 1.81%
Native American 1.09%
Other 2.33%

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The following is one part of a series of exchanges between NG and a blogger on BringItOn. I don't do posts on BIO very often, but it's fun to occassionallly comment because mostly all you get are sycophants spouting typical BIO tripe: "it's such a wonderful post. I'm a greeny and I just love everything you write. And I agree with everything you say." It's enough to gag a magot...! Issues discussed: forcing companies to go green, wind power, single pay health care, our booming economy, tax increases and of course the new Democrat Culture of Corruption, now hidden behind closed doors.

Forcing companies to go GREEN: All actions have unforeseen consequences. It’s the nature of life and reality. Ford has made some unbelievably dumb moves, and Bill Ford and the family have been at the center of them. He’s tried to go green and it’s cost Ford plenty. But as I said, it’s the contracted union health care costs for retires that will doom them. If the Union accepts their one-time fee proposal, it could save the company. Let the unions deal with the problem they created.

Windmills for power generation are visual pollution: TRPA, the regulatory agency for Lake Tahoe, eliminated flights of hot air balloon flights over the lake with the justification they were visual pollution and they were a lot better looking than windmills. In addition to that, PETA is complaining because windmills kill birds. You guys are going to have to get your priorities straight....do you want ugly windmills that generate power and destroy the view and kills birds, or not?And I disagree that there is any space in the world where windmills would not offend someone...even the left’s precious Kennedy Clan sued to stop wind mills.....typical hypocritical NIMBYs. We want green power, but not if we have to see it.

Pollution is killing everybody: Ya know, I read your “exact correlation” regarding pollution and my jaw drops to my knees. But I know, that you as a liberal are required to say that it affects kids. Quoted right out of the Democrat permanent talking points. I’m just surprised that you didn’t include women. “World Ends Tomorrow, Women and Children Hardest Hit.” It's such a cliche it’s almost not worth answering. “Some” pollutants....I love the caveat. Children get sick from pollution but so do adults. I read an interesting story today about Chernobyl. The animals and the forests are taking over the area...and your leftist scientists claimed it would be a wasteland. UN scientists predicted 4000 deaths as a result of Chernobyl...today there have been 60 (50 were those who went into the site directly). Of course it’s not perfect but the flora and fauna are doing much better than predicted. Which once again proves that scientists don’t really know half of what they’re absolutely sure of.

Democrat Spenders and the NEW Culture of Corruption: Please, I don’t know how old you are but you must have forgotten that the Democrats were in power for 40 years racking up huge deficits and not a peep from liberals. Now that it’s a Republican administration, suddenly the deficit is bad. PLLEEEAASSE!!!. So you think that China, would attempt to crash our economy. That’s an interesting question...they do have lots of our debt. But if they crash our economy, they’d crash their own because we are their biggest customer by a mile. It’s like a doctor killing his patients. They may be sick, but that sickness is paying his bills. I don’t like the deficit, but again if the green stupidity of trying to stop America from becoming energy independent would just end, it would be cut in half instantly. And isn’t it interesting that Democrats campaigned on cussing out Republicans for earmarks and corruption (and the Republicans deserved to lose on those issues alone) but now the Democrats are not only ramping up earmarks, they’re hiding them by allowing them to be inserted into bills behind closed doors. You got just what you wanted...you got rid of the “Culture of Corruption” that was out in the open, but now you have a “Culture of Corruption that’s hidden behind closed doors that we can’t even see or control. Is that really what you Democrats wanted or expected? Same ol’ Same ol’!!! Does Reid, Jefferson, Feinstein, and Murtha mean anything to you? They are the definition of corruption.

Re: tax increase. Another tax on the rich. The top 1 per cent of income earners pay 35% of all taxes. The bottom 50% pay 4% of all the taxes. I used to think Democrats were just stupid doing everything they could to kill the golden goose, but now I really think that it is a total case of class bigotry, class envy and an all-consuming covetous greed. Obviously, you and I are on different planets on the economy. Reagan’s economy was one of the longest running economic booms in history. It took GWalkerB to kill it by caving into lying Democrats (who promised to cut spending but didn’t) to raise taxes. I don’t think liberals will ever understand economics. Bill Clinton’s economy would have tanked if the Republicans hadn’t taken over the house two years after his election and provided him with some sound budgeting, and Clinton caving on nearly every economic issue. One problem: the convicted liar Clinton's economy was a bubble or liar’s economy. WARNING! WARNING! The AMT is coming for you middle-income money.

Bush economy better than Clinton: I don’t know what you’re economy you’re looking at, but today’s economy is now officially better than Clinton’s with the longest running continuing increase since the 1950's. You said that you had grandchildren and were a psychotherapist (if I remember correctly). If that’s true, undoubtedly your retirement account has stocks. You’d better pray they grow, because Social Security won’t be around to provide much in your future. The Democrats started spending your future 50 years ago...now it’s gone...and all there is are a bunch of IOU’s. You can’t eat IOUs. A running a household budget like this administration, is just what the Democrats did for 50 years. I will agree that Republicans over spent and got no help from Bush. Of course, Clinton didn’t have 911, Katrina, Rita, Afghanistan, Iraq, al Qaeda and the war on terror...all he had to fight was a blue dress and a pair of thong panties....go Bill... oral sex isn’t really sex, and is isn’t is!

I would suggest, as a friend, that if the Democrats win the White House, move your stocks to bonds. Fiberals will take us into recession as sure as Reagan brought us out of the worst economy of the century, thanks to that towering intellect, Jimmy Carter.


Saturday, June 09, 2007


I can see the headlines on fiberal women’s blogs now...HILLARY IS GOING TO WIN, BECAUSE A FILLY WON THE BELMONT. I think Hillary is showing just what kind of “take no prisoners” politician she is....she’s eating her own... Democrats who have the stupidity to run against her.

If I were Obama, I’d arrange for food testers, rubber gloves and baked mail. Hillary is bringing in the big gun, so to speak...Bill, if she can get him to keep his pants up. It’s hard to run with your pants around your ankles. More than one criminal has been caught when his low rider pants tripped him up.

Obama’s becoming a real challenge because he’s raising money as fast as Hillary. This is great, Democrats spending money on losers.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


By burying the Muslim terrorist plot to blow up JFK airport on their 37 page, the New York Times as proven that it could care less about the people
of New York, and care more about not giving President Bush credit for
thwarting another attack on America to kill our people.

This is really sick, perverted stuff that the NYT did. The editors of the
Times are willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans to get a Democrat
elected. I keep thinking that we’re going to hit bottom in the cesspool
the Times is swimming in, but the editors just keep swimming deeper and deeper. YUK.


Sunday, June 03, 2007


I can't take it any more...I'm going to get on my sailing ship and leave. Hillary is proposing a complete socialization of America. Half of the American people would rather spend $5 per gallon than use the natural resources we have already. I don't live in John Edwards world, darn it! Bush went off the deep end and is turning America to Mexico North with all it's corruption, and I can't speak Spanish, the new official language of America. Global warming is causing an outbreak of toe fungus that is taking over America. Joe Wilson is criticized for lying to a Democrat committee and they actually censured him. Terrorists were planing to blow up JFK Airport and the Bush Administration is criticized for tapping the phones of these killers. Oh what is America coming to....I haven't got a clue.

But there is one truth. Fiberals aren't stupid...they're totally and completely insane.