Monday, May 31, 2010


I used to think that Barack Obama was a terminal blithering idiot when it comes to trying to mix domestic and foreign policy. I now see that he is brilliant. What he has done is take his disastrous immigration proposals and mixed in his innate fear of doing anything of significance internationally that might upset our enemies and chosen to go on attack against Arizona instead of Iran.

The fact is that attacking Arizona with the 1500 troops he's sending there is much safer than standing up against Iran. Arizona doesn't have a standing army, is sworn to uphold the US Constitution and they don't shoot back. Iran, on the other hand, has a standing army, shoots back and is developing nuclear weapons and the missile systems to deliver them.

No wonder the Obama has adjusted his foreign policy change who he defines as our enemies. It's a stroke of genius!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not the greatest fan of Mitt Romney, but America's financial system is collapsing and we've got to do something. Of all the candidates out there, he is the only one who has the financial savvy to save our American system. Obviously, Obama's socialistic takeover of America is a disaster. The money supply is shrinking to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Obama wants to rule, not govern. He is the man who would be King!

If you want unemployment, a dawdling president who forgets our veterans and goes on vacation instead of recognizing the brave servicemen and women at Arlington who keep us free with the ultimate sacrifice, pisses all over the Constitution, embraces our enemies and dumps on our allies…then by all means vote Democrat and Obama…because that's what we're getting from them.

I swear 30 per cent of Americans who support the current idiot in the White House are brain dead. His policies are failures. Jobs aren't expanding. Businesses are growing. Obama's enemy list starts with Arizona, but Iran and North Korea are ok. He uses Chicago politics to run the country, and the Joe Sestak bribe to enforce his illegal policies.

Monday, May 17, 2010


If you're a Democrat you've got to asking yourself, "HOW STUPID CAN I BE." Well, the answer is plenty stupid. Nancy Pelosi said that creative types should quit their jobs because the government will pay for their health care.

There is so much stupidity in her statement you have to be brain dead not wonder if she real said that or if it was a Tea Party reporter trying to make her look dumber that she already looks. First, a big percentage creative types are young and are less likely to need a lot of health care than older creative types would. But they all need to eat, have shelter and have transportation.

Does this mean than numbskull Nancy will provide their housing, transportation and food too? I'm telling ya, that to be a Democrat today must make it tough to look at yourself in the mirror because an idiot will be looking back at you if you subscribe to this utter nonsense.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Listening to Barack Obama point fingers at the banks, car companies, hedge fund operators, oil companies, big pharam, bloggers, talk radio and Republicans while at the same time attack others of finger pointing is pathetic.

Is there anything that this "thing" won't say?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am continually amazed at the stupidity of Barack Obama. Gas prices are at well above $3.00 per gallon. So what's his solution to the oil leak in the Gulf….the same solution that he has for everything else, raise taxes.

He proposing tax increases on oil companies. That's great…we can pay $4.50 for gas by the middle of summer. Will that really help stop the oil leak? Will it also improve the job market or continue to destroy it.

From the real reports on the cause, it was not the result of a deliberate effort to cause the leak or even inadvertently allow it. There was a mechanical breakdown. I love Obama's America, start all events with the blame game. Who cares if it doesn’t help, increases gas prices and convicts innocent people, like the cop in the beer summit.

Obama could not be more stupid. Look forward to gas at $6.00 per gallon before this is over.


The Los Angeles City Council has voted to boycott Arizona because of their new immigration law. Fair enough, but I suggest we boycott the boycotter...ALL PRODUCTS FROM LOS ANGELES AND WHY NOT ALL OF CALIFORNIA. Wouldn't it be interesting if Arizona decided to cut of the power buys from them as a reminder that a two-edged sword cuts two ways. Or, cut it off for a week or two....just to get their attention.

California Liberals have been attempting for force the rest of America to accept their socialistic policies and anti-family values. So we should have the right to boycott LA products.

I generally hate boycotts, but this is a way to prove how ridiculous they are. If you don't go to Los Angeles, you can avoid being mugged, murdered or raped, as is happening there and in Arizona. Los Angeles doesn't care about their citizens be attacked by the illegal immigrants who commit these dastardly crimes...and it's only getting worse.

Many more states are contemplating the Arizona law. What is LA going to do, boycott the rest of America.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Turns out that there are some similarities between President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They both nominated totally inexperienced women attorneys and neither have been judges. Obama picked his U.S. solicitor general while Bush nominated the White House council Harriet Miers. Neither have judicial experience. She had done nothing that qualifies her for a judicial career. Even Democrats are cringing at this appointment. She obviously hates the military and like Obama detests America since it's not socialistic.

Unfortunately, She had no judicial temperament to consider. She's as far left as Obama is. She has no judicial restraint in considering the constitutional elements of a case and feels no obligation to implement the law of the Constitution and from what she has written and said and done, she has no compunction in "rewriting the constitution." She doesn't consider it inviolate.

Who should have guessed that Obama was this stupid…well, that is a forgone conclusion shouldn't be surprised..

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Have you ever noticed how much the Obama Regime and his cohorts in the media sound like King George and his minions when it comes to their response to the Tea Party Movement.

To quote Baracle Obama: "We are going to force you to pay for medical insurance whether you want to or not or can afford it or not," just like King George attempted to forced the stamp act on the colonists whether they wanted it or not, and whether they had representation or not.

Poll after Poll during the Congressional vote showed voters didn't want the Obamacare monstrosity, but Obama and his accomplices said "let them eat teleprompter" and like King George shoved it down our throats. Well, America is soon to throw up all over him and the Congress when it comes back up in November.

King George lost the colonies, Obama will loose the House and maybe the senate and his march to Socialism will come to a screeching halt and for the next two years, he can play golf with Tiger and chase skirts…. oooppppps…golf balls and quit trying to impose European socialism on America.