Sunday, February 21, 2010


Have you noticed that since the capture a few weeks ago of Mullah Baradar, the Taliban’s second in command and being held by Pakistani forces, suddenly intelligence has been forth coming in the capture of other top Taliban leaders?

Fox News reporter Justin Fishel reports “The intelligence that led to Kabir's capture was gathered from Mullah Baradar, the Taliban’s second in command, who was picked up roughly two weeks ago in Karachi, Pakistan by a joint CIA and Pakistani intelligence operation.”

There is no restriction on water boarding in Pakistan. Is there any question that the interrogation techniques being implemented have paid off big time, saved and will save lives in the future. Is there a better endorsement of the water boarding techniques and the value of getting quick reliable intelligence to capture more bad guys?
Ever wonder what water boarding looks like? Check it out.



The surprising thing to me is the lack of physical force or abuse used. It appears to me to be one of the best ways devised to simply get instant information when necessary. It worked so quickly on Khalid Sheikh Mohammad we saved many American lives with no real damage to Mohammad. If it were your family members and friends who were saves, what would your response be to the use of water boarding? Just think, John McCain wouldn’t have a broken and twisted body because of the horrendous torture by the Viet Cong if they had used water boarding instead.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have decided to create a new word to describe scientists who promote Anthropogenic Global Warming as a forgone fact. These scientist are identified as intellectuals whose scientific pronouncements are unassailable and their conclusions worthy of unquestioned obeisance.

But it turns out not to be so. In case after case, these self-proclaimed deities of climate change have lied, cheated, threatened, squelched, manipulated and twisted the science and skeptics to fit their preconceived plans to rule the world using AGW.

They are, in fact, not intellectuals at all but "intellectoids." That is, persons masquerading as independent scientists but in reality are jack-booted thugs marching in android lock-step with socialistic/communistic wannabes to dictate highly questionable policies to control citizens and fleece their pockets.

So, here's to the intellectoids of science. You are no longer intellectual scientists whose fundamental creed is the essential concept of skepticism, but lock-stepping robotic goons who have abdicated your scientific responsibilities to the likes of money-grubbing types like Al Gore and George Soros, and have stolen taxpayer money for yourself in the guise of government grants while decrying real skeptics for using funds you say are tainted by corporations.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Frankly, I didn't think it was possible to turn the entire country totally around to reject Barack Obama's socialistic administration. I thought it would take years. But in 12 short months, Barack Obama himself has been the best thing that's happened to conservatives and Constitution loving Americans since Ronald Reagan.

It is becoming more and more apparent that his gigantic schemes and arrogant nose-in-the-air personae have made it possible that the conservatives could take control of the Senate and even possibly the house.

If someone had said that though a campaign of education and showing the fallacies of the Obama administration policies would change the whole political landscape I would have said "dream on."

But Barack has come to the rescue and established himself as the one man who can put America back on the Constitutionally conservative course. Thank you, Mr. President.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Katie Couric apparently has been told that her $15-million dollar per year salary is going to be cut big time, take it or leave it and rumors are that she may leave it. She has been third, third, third and third. Let's face it, she's a loser. She's losing money for the network and stockholder owners of the once Tiffany network.

Here's the unthinkable suggestion. Hire a news anchor who is a known conservative and allowing him to bring the far left leaning network coverage back to, at least, the center of the news spectrum. I suggest that since CBS is a corporation, who has obligations to its stockholders, and since it has been obvious that leftist news anchors who've been ensconced from Edward R. Murrow to Walter Cronkite to Dan Rather to Couric, the change they talk about is long overdue. CBS has had 60 years of lefties and their ratings are crashing.

Brit Hume, who has more than enough gravitas, comes to mind. Maybe, CBS could do what their stockholders want, make some money and increase their ratings. It's obvious that FOX news has been showing the old, out of touch, networks how to do it. How about trying to balance news for a change instead of the unending leftist propaganda. Think the unthinkable CBS, think out of the Obama box you're in.