Saturday, April 28, 2012


Not since Lyndon Baines Johnson's war on poverty do we have a president who wants to wage war on everything.  Just consider This list

War on Women
War on Osama bin Laden
War on Big Oil
War on big pharmaceuticals
War on Yemen Islamic Terrorists
War on the Taliban
Drone Wars
War on Business
War on charter schools
War on school choice
War on the Constitution
War on Free Speech
War on certain words
War on White Hispanics
War on "innocent until proven guilty"
War on honest transparency
Etc, etc, etc……………………………..

My question about Obama is:  DOES OBAMA EVEN LIKE AMERICA???????

Friday, April 27, 2012


For years we've watched college students demonstrate against fossil fuels, demanding that we shift into  very tenuous  forms of "alternative" energy that couldn't provide power of one-tenth of one percent of the vehicles needed in America and eliminating, immediately the use of oil, coal and gas.  What was their chant?  blood for oil!  Maybe it will change, because now its "no oil or energy for jobs."

Well the college chickens have come home to roust.  Huge percentages of college student fresh out of school with frequently  bizarre and usually useless majors demonstrate in Occupy and demeaned any use of the fossil energy industry. Now jobs are hard to come by because the success of Barack Obama and the demanding greedy students in demonizing that very industry.  An industry without which there are no jobs for them.

Some how these environmentalist college students, usually living off mom and dad or government grants and loans, have fancied themselves immune from the real world of energy elimination.  Well kids, now you know what happens when your leftist, green, ideological crap does not create energy.  You pay the price.  Too bad so sad. 

Windmills and solar panels can't produce the energy you want in sufficient quantities to power transportation.  Now our amazingly oblivious alleged president is attempting to destroy all the sources of energy that could lead our economy out of the Obama Depression.  That energy could have paid off our national debt it's so plentiful. 

It's wonder would have had America's power economy creating job, jobs and more jobs…including high paying with nearly unlimited diversity.  We would have needed the best and brightest minds for the future and we would have been headed to space or into the center core of atoms.  

So congratulations to the college students who lost their way and created their own world of nothing. You and your pathetic idealism-without-reason have succeeded in reducing the use fossils, but you have no job.  Do you too want to crucify the people who do generated the energy you need to create your job?  My reaction to your hypocritical plight…Hahahahahahahahahaha.  Sleep well you useful idiots.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Barack Obama claims he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, implying that Mitt Romney was.  That is a typical Obama lie and campaign distortion.  Romney's father provided Mitt with the opportunity at a first class education, and Romney accepted the challenge and excelled.

The problem was that George Romney gave all his money to Brigham Young University and Mitt and his siblings got educations and a challenge from their father to make something of themselves with their own wits and they did to the highest degree, even to the highest office in the land.

Barack Obama claims that someone else gave him a chance to go to good schools without carefully defining exactly WHO paid for the private school in Hawaii, his Columbia University costs nor his Harvard Law school expenses….so in effect he had everybody else pay for his benefits so he had someone else's silver spoon in his mouth….why is that not surprising given the fact that he likes to spend other people's money.

He may not have had a silver spoon in his mouth at birth, but it's certainly sticking out of an orifice lower on his body now.  He spends lavishly on nearly everything he does, from he and Michelle taking two planes when he and Michelle travel, when they just as well could have used one, the most expensive meals and perpetual parties the White House has seen in years, vacations every two months at horrendous costs and that doesn't even consider what he has spent of taxpayers money on his 5-trillion dollar deficits. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Most financial traders do their insider trading within the buildings of Wall Street. Warren Buffett doesn't have to go that far because he does most of his insider trading within the walls of the White House. His pressure on Barack Obama to kill the Keystone Pipeline so that the oil can be shipped on his railroad he recently bought.

Was this his plan after all. Was Obama getting a chunk of this decision….or maybe he'll get a big chunk when he leaves the White House, maybe a big contribution to his presidential library, or maybe a $20-million gift or so from Buffett for Obama's opposition to the pipeline. Pay to play in Obamaville.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


With Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Black Panthers, Mike Tyson, Al Sharpton and the Black Congressional Caucus essentially calling for what seems like all out race war, it seems extremely prudent, if you are a white person, to arm yourself and look at every black person as a potential threat.

This conclusion is not reached lightly. However, the horribly racist anti-white rhetoric of the black community has race-war written all over it and Caucasians and half Hispanic residents are under that threat. ARM YOURSELVES AND BE READY TO DEFEND YOUR HOMES.

By the way where is the race-baiting organization La Raza? (The Race in English) Where are the defenders of half Hispanic George Zimmerman? They must be scared and hiding under the rock they usually live under.