Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Journalism is suffering mightily in the effort of news organizations to Barbiize the "talent."  It's no longer about presenting the news with journalistic skill, it's how short can the skirt be, how plunging the neckline and how closely does the anchorette look like Barbi either blond, brunette or redhead?

I'll be the first to admit that a beautiful woman turns my head, but the journalism element is hard to take when I (as a former journalist) know full well that there are some really excellent  female journalists out there who can really report with clarity and without bias and who don't have their heads thrust fully up Obama's behind.

No one is accusing Candy Crowley of being in the "Barbi" brigade, but then Candy Crowley is as profoundly and tediously left as Michael Savage and Ed Schultz are tediously yet profoundly off the wall. Crowley's problem is that she simply won't admit that she is biased in the extreme with her head thrust fully, as described in the previous paragraph. 

There is, of course the other example on non-Barbiism…..who graced, or to tell the truth, demolished my television screen for 50 years, Helen Thomas.  Sorry ladies, she was one ugly woman.  Actually, I'm still not totally convinced yet she was human much less female.  Unfortunately, she, like Crowley, was a hopelessly committed leftist.  But, I digress.

Lately, I've been catching clips of local female news anchors and reporters from across the county.   Frequently, the stories have been political in nature, but the Crowley/Thomas biases were not evident, other than in the choice of stories which were probably made by a faceless producer anyway.  Most of the women were not in the top "Barbi" echelon but were and are excellent reporters.  I do not have to have "halos" around my women's faces to appreciate the quality of their thinking.

The cable news organizations are the worst, with Fox in this case leading the way.  On "The Five" you have to have the "newsbabe" in the shortest skirt and longest hair with the tightest fitting material with the most leg exposure sitting on the outside of the group flaunting sex to the max with directors making sure the shots get  as much of that skin as possible. 

There is no question that men are officially two-headed.  Take that as I know you will.  But when it comes to my news appetite please can't  I have my news presented by the least biased, most observant,  good writing female reporters (in addition to male reporters)  instead of a never ending flow of the current "Miley Cyrus" females newscasters.  Pretty Please!!!!