Saturday, January 31, 2009


Barak Obama said that if we “talked” to Iran it would improve our relations with the terrorist country. He offered to talk to Iran and its response to the offer:

Iran's Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency: IT PROVES AMERICA IS A FAILURE.

It doesn’t prove that America is a failure, it proves that Barak Obama is the most clueless, inexperienced, loser of a president this country has ever elected. How stupid can Obama get. Obviously, it’s only the beginning considering his terminally ill-conceived robbery of the American people he calls a stimulus package.

And finally, the Congressional conservatives have found the intestinal fortitude to say NO! NO! NO! Lets hope they don’t get undermined by the likes of John McCain.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Marie Antoinette was alleged to have told Frenchmen “let them eat cake” when there was no bread to eat. She may not of said it, but Barak Obama certainly said let them eat steak at a White House dinner for special guests.

Obama, in the midst of what he is calling the beginning of a depression, is in effect cavalierly saying to Americans “let them eat steak.”

Obama’s White House dinner recently served WAGYU STEAK... $53. per pound in a New York Butcher shop. This is arrogance at a monumental Marie Antoinette level. While Americans are facing what he himself says is an economic disaster and Americans are homeless, Obama and his minions are eating the most expensive steak in the world.

This is Barak Hussein Obama’s Marie Antoinette moment! It’s sick. This is a huge Obama mistake and reveals his complete disconnect from real Americans.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Through the entire campaign for President, Barak Obama delivered a message of hope and change. He was positive and encouraging for more than 60 million Americans.

Now that he’s president, all I hear is doom and gloom and things are getting worse and worse and it’s going to last a long time. Is he so ignorant of the nature of the presidency that he does not understand that his words, especially the president’s words, have meaning? I’ve never heard such negativity from a president.

FDR at the lowest point of the beginning of WW11 said “the worst thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That was a positive message. Obama apparently doesn’t realize as long as he preaches recession and depression, that’s what American will hear and that’s what America will get.

Obama has a serious vision problem. He needs to look past his innate hatred of America and find positives to encourage Americans to move forward, but how can we be look forward to a positive economy when what he says is such a downer?

Monday, January 26, 2009


Barak Obama’s economic stimulus package is an abject failure. It has not stimulated the economy and he himself has said that the economy is going deeper and deeper into depression, even with him at the helm.

Obviously, Obama’s perpetual and constant doom and gloom scenario is what is pushing the economy down. I, of course, totally support the president. I just don’t support his policies. It is sad that he has been so wrong on everything and his proposals are too little and too late.

Lest you don’t like my conclusions about Obama’s failures, just consider Harry Reid’s pronouncement that the Iraqi surge failed before it even started. I’m just following his example of prognosticating the future with no evidence. It’s a liberal practice I am adopting in criticizing Obama. I think that’s only fair.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


The big Media hemorrhage today is what Rush Limbaugh said in an interview with Sean Hannity about whether he wants Barak Obama to succeed or fail. Rush made it very clear that the question is “IF” that means turning America into a European socialistic government-controlled system, the answer is NO!

Every American must ask themselves if he/she wants Obama to succeed be they Democrat, Republican or otherwise . I think it would be more accurate to ask the question if you’re a conservative or liberal. If you want socialism, as Obama’s first steps indicate he is going to take, you will undoubtedly be rooting for his success. If you are a limited-government conservative, you will be rooting for his failure. There is no in between.

Obama is plunging America headlong into socialism. Should we be surprised? Hardly, but to claim that it is somehow unpatriotic to hope that Obama succeed is to deny all principles conservatives stand for. I find that as repugnant as self-defined liberals find it when they claim they were labeled unpatriotic if they didn’t support the war...there is no difference.

If we allow him to go as far as he wants. It will be a different America than our founding fathers envisioned, and that includes Abraham Lincoln who although not around at the beginning, was a founding father. Obama could easily be described as an “unfounding” father. Ultimately, it isn't about saving the economy, its about saving a free America

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Do not believe the weather reports, thermometers, mountains of snow, sub-zero temperatures, wind-chill factor, frost bite or any other false information being foisted upon us by GW deniers on plunging global warming, it is in fact getting warmer. Once again, NewsGnome has gone to great lengths to find the truth.

Ice cores have proven conclusively that the snow, ice and snow flakes were, in fact, colder during the little ice age that they are now. The only conclusion that can be draw from these startling facts is that today’s ice, snow and snow flakes are warmer that they were then.

A city by city composite evaluation of snow flake temperatures taken from those that are falling from Detroit to New York is that the flakes falling today are .0037 degrees warmer than those that fell during the last little ice age.



You’re Welcome!


Thursday, January 01, 2009


The oft repeated phrase “power corrupts and absolute corrupts absolutely” is about to be applicable again. Barak Obama is going to have more power that any president since LBJ a Democrat and we know how disastrous his presidency was. He faced an ongoing war when he took office. The economy was straining under the ware costs. A huge anti-war campaign disrupted nearly every aspect of life. Ultimately, under President Richard Nixon, America cut and ran, leaving former allies to die at the hands of the Communists. In addition a domino affect precipitated the “Killing Fields” and millions died.

Today we have a very similar situation. A Democrat is taking the reins of power in the time of war. He has promised to cut and run. The question is can the new Iraqi government handle the potential threat from terrorists. If it does fail, whose fault will it be, George Bush who did everything he could to establish a strong Iraqi Democracy government or will it be Barak Obama’s fault who says he will pull our troops out. At the moment the Iraqi’s are doing well. What will happen with Obama’s less than enthusiastic support.

Our current economic problems have been triggered by policies put into place by Congressman Barney Frank D-MS in combination with Senator Chris Dodd who threatened banks with law suits if they didn’t make loans to unqualified borrowers thus eliminating redlining and exacerbated by Clinton and his appointments of Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Daniel Mudd and James Johnson at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, all Democrats . That means that a similar scenario is facing Obama. A war he must win but doesn’t want to. Economic pressures he simply doesn’t understand and vitriolic leftists who are getting very nervous about Obama’s willingness to dump them for the solution de jour instead of far left ideologue orthodoxy.

Millions could die if Obama fails to secure Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel and Palestine is a can of poisonous worms and Obama has hinted at his Arab leanings. He is also faced with what amounts to near absolute power. With America’s problems he may not be able to wield his absolute power with care. Obama has already flashed a huge ego with imperial tendencies. Could it be he will be a repeat of LBJ and will Americans again pay a huge price of his absolute power?