Friday, January 27, 2006


Liberals Use Censorship To Stop Conservative Comments

Saying they didn’t like my personality and calling me offensive, the big liberal blog, Bring It On, has chosen to censor my comments off their blog. So I guess, they only want to “Bring It On” if you agree with them. If you read their posts, the number of conservative comments is miniscule and are discouraged by the liberal responses.

One would think that just to be able to argue their points they
would include a conservative or two.

Cranky Liberal to NewGnome in an email:

“I'm writing to advise you that your presence has been deemed offensive by the administration of the Bring It On! It is our judgement that you are in violation of our written policy therefore you are no longer welcome to participate on our property. Please consider this notice served.”

Offensive? Just a few examples taken from BIO:
...“Republitards”... The Bastard
...Laura Bush is a “murderer”... The Bastard
...what the “f**k is the Preznit”...The Bastard
...“f**k no...Jet
...wake them the f**k up!!!!...The Bastard me a dumbsh*t...PhiloTBG

BIO Policy #4 Comments/diaries that are abusive, offensive, contain profane or racist material or violate the terms of service for this blog’s host provider will be removed and the author(s) banned from future comments.

Isn’t it interesting that my personality is in question when their own contributors break their own policy and Cranky and Dr. Not-Forbush, fail to follow their own policy. Cranky regularly breaks his own rule #4.

Dr. Forbush in BIO’s mission statement writes: “....sometimes speaking out isn’t enough. And that’s when we say, ‘Bring It On.’”

If you’re going to use the name “Bring It On,” you’d better be ready live up to the name. Obviously, Dr. Forbush and those on BIO are not.

Here is a little informal count on the comments on BIO:
Jet 12 comments: 12-liberals 1-conservative commenting out of 11 liberals.
Dr. Forbush: comments: 29 comments 2 conservatives commenting out of 24 libs. The comments to the conservatives are frequently blatantly offensive.

This is mostly how the comments go on BIO. The other point is that the other contributors on the blog comment on each other’s posts. So again they’re talking to each other and the number of posts are significantly fewer than claimed. I estimate that nearly 50% of the commentors are BIO contributors, not separate liberals from off site. It substantially distorts the numbers they claim of 10-thousand comments.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Came across a new BIG “fiberal” blog calling itself “Bring It On” and challenging conservative writers to participate. Some of the posts are filled with profanity, typically vapid liberal logic, but mostly, it’s about hate. As a full-fledged sarcastic conservative, I posted on it.

One of the contributors was none-other than CrankyLiberal who quickly began censoring everything I wrote on his posts because he doesn’t like me or anything I write. So much for the big challenge...“BRING IT ON”...they couldn’t even bring it off, when someone actually disagreed with them.

I posted the following on "Bring it On".....on every contributor, but of course Cranky’s will immediately censored it off his BIO “composts” in less than 2 minutes

“Bring It On” is a terminal farce. You challenge conservatives and liberals to comment, then poor little wimpy Cranky Liberal gets his feelings hurt because he can’t handle a sarcastic conservative and doesn’t like my sarcastic opinions, so he “censors” all my comments off his personal posts.

So much for the big bad “Bring It On.” You can’t even bring it off. I’m sarcastic, but unlike “The Bastard” (self-identified) I didn’t call the first lady a “T**t and a murderer.” You want offensive, that’s offensive.

If BIO is going to challenge conservatives to participate, why allow Cranky to censor posts with which he may disagree, dislike or both. I suggest BIO change it's name to “Don’t Really Bring It On.”

They can’t handle it. NG

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


+43 million dead! 33-years of ROE V WADE! How many Mozarts, Einsteins, Newtons, Da Vincis, have been flushed down the toilet?

Was the person who was destine to end AIDS, create clean energy, stop cancer, eliminate birth defects, create new music, end war, take us to the stars...put in a dumpster behind the nearest abortion clinic?

The theory that women should have unlimited control of their bodies
a specious argument. They don’t have the right to insert heroin into their arms. Several methods to prevent pregnancy exists, making abortion a solution for the lazy, inept or a murderous form of birth control. Big abortion money corrupts all.

What’s interesting about all this is that the cultures most likely to suppress womens “claimed right” to abortion are taking over by sheer numbers. Native Italians, Russians, former Russian satellites, Scandinavians, North Americans, Germans and French populations are declining precipitously. Numbers of births and immigration of Islamic populations in these countries are skyrocketing. Some projections indicate in about 35 to 50 years, much of Europe could be half Islamic. If that happens, abortion will be forbidden by Islamic law using the Islamic legislators duly elected in the EU.

America’s birthrate, excluding illegal immigrants, of all races is below replacement rate. Illegal immigrants whose major religious affiliations tend to be anti-abortion could help end abortion via their voting power.

So what does this mean? Abortionist are losing the numbers war and will eventually lose their demanded right to abort their babies. An amazing paradox.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Thank you Democrats for electing Howard Dean as your chairman.

The Republicans have raised five times as much as the Dean Democrats, despite his alleged big “Web” wallet.

Ha, Ha, Ho Ho....Howard Dean has got to go. Have you noticed how quiet he has suddenly become. I think he’s been told:

“SHUT UP,’re ruining the party.”

He’s gone the instant a Democrat begins to dominate the nomination.


Well, Well, Well, Thank you fiberals for helping to outsource
more American jobs: 30-thousand General Motors jobs and 30 -
thousand Ford Jobs are being outsourced. The vast majority of the
60-thousand jobs are in America as are the plant closures....and why here?
because the Unions have failed to grasp reality in today’s world and are
helped and abetted by fiberal DEMOCRATS.

I know non-American corporations all over the world
are cheering you fibs on. They really appreciate your constant
criticism of all American corporations as greedy crooks. They
also appreciate the mass of regulations and rules you fibs demand be
put on American corporations not required by the foreign corporations.

Suddenly the UAW has some serious problems on their hands.
Their demands are costing tons of American jobs which is costing
Union membership reducing its power. Trying to “dictate” America’s
economy is a lot harder than Unions thought, ooopps sorry, unions
don’t think, they just demand more money and benefits.

Keep it up fiberals. Continue making it impossible for American
Corporations to compete world wide and there will be no jobs in
America at all, with the exception of hamburger flippers, which will
go too because without a job, who can afford a hamburger.

You’re getting rid of steel, cars, computers, software, clothing,
furniture and just about everything else. Now in MARYLAND, they’ve
imposed an 8% tax specifically on WalMart. That means, WalMart
customers will instantly have an 8% increase in the costs of things
they use every day. By the way, did you know that WalMart’s profit
margin is only 3%? Those greedy SOBs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if WalMart just packs up, shuts their doors
in Maryland and leaves. Thanks fibs you just cut 20-thousand Maryland jobs.
Good work!

Certainly politicians in Maryland have every right to tax WalMart however
they see fit, but they can’t force Walmart to remain in Maryland.

There now......doesn’t that make you American cranky liberal types feel so much better knowing you’re helping to destroy yet another American corporation with the added benefit of eliminating American jobs?

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Finally got my butterfly finished. It's 24" tall, 19" wide 18" deep, with the actual butterfly wing span 25 inches.

Just a break from the political blogosphere. Comments welcome, if you're a nice person.


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Friday, January 20, 2006


Fortunately, nothing George Clooney says is worth listening to. I heard some noises at the Golden Globes supposedly from the "Looney One," but Clooney's foot was so far down his throat not only was it not worth listening was mean-spirited and typically Cloonasty.

So, since we're shining the light on Looney for a totally inappropriate remark that essentially attacked a person's name, his father is Looney Clooney the Liberal Loser, thanks in part to his son Looney Clooney the Cartoony Duffus.


Thursday, January 19, 2006


I'm told Reid is a Mormon. How do you justify supporting this crook?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


If you read my NEWSGNOME blog, I’d like to ask you to post an anonymous answer on comments to the following question. Do not identify yourself. You can use a handle if you wish...I use NG when I comment. I’d appreciate your response. You can also send an email by clicking on the letter next to the comment but you do have to include your email address if you do that.

If America had suffered one terrorist attack in which at least one American died on American soil every year since 911, would you consider the wiretapping of phones without a judicial warrant of Americans talking to known al Qaeda numbers legal?

Please answer yes or no or add a comment. You can even criticize the question if you don’t like it, but if you do, you have to provide your own question.

Thanks, NG

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Ireland on-line reports that American actor George Clooney
actually said:

"Kerry asked me to ride on his train - he had a train going
cross-country after he was nominated and some actors went
on board. I called him and explained that I couldn't do it. I'd
hurt him. I'd actually caused him harm at the polls."

It is impossible for me to comprehend the massiveness of Clooney’s ego in order to make such a statement. It is self-absorption taken to a level never ever contemplated before.

NOTE: Mr. Clooney, we really don’t care about your opinions
nearly as much as you think we do. Please, buy a house in
Ireland and stay there.


Saturday, January 14, 2006


Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha the so-called
Democrat Vietnam war-hero has been using his “hero” status to beat
President Bush over the head about Iraq.

But did you know that Murtha has never released his own military
records so his alleged two-purple hearts can be scrutinized,
evaluated and examined to determine whether he deserved them?

Maybe he’s not the hero he claims to be.

Sound like John Kerry? What is it with Democrats and truth.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Dingbat is "Stuck on Stupid" see below:
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Thanks, RC


Merkel’s Germany, France and American Democrats have claimed America has done everything wrong with Iraq.

So lets let the Frano/German axis of incompetence handle Iran and its nukes. We Americans can sit back and play armchair statesman telling them everything they’re doing wrong. They’ll fail to get adequate UN authority and have a totally inadequate plan. But before demanding that before we Americans or anyone else use our bombers, money and soldiers to do the job, let Fry/Germs save Iran from itself since if they don’t seem to like the Idiot Iranian Imams and their mass death wish.

Americans can critique the mess the A of I will undoubtedly make and we can shout their failure was that they didn’t get that final 527th UN resolution threatening “stern” action if Iran didn’t dismantle their nukes, as the last straw.

France’s wine is and was always grossly over-rated and German cars are losing to better competition.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Democrat Senator John Kerry categorically stated that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction on one day and on another day a couple of years later stated he Saddam absolutely did not.

Why would we believe him now when he’s talking about nuclear weapons of IRAN? He’ll just change his story if it suits him just like the story he made up that was his “heroic” career in the US Navy. Anyone who believes Kerry has got to be nuts.

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - U.S. Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said on Thursday that Iran was making a dangerous choice in pushing ahead with its nuclear ambitions.

"Iran has made a dangerous and silly decision of confronting not just the U.S. government but the entire international community," Kerry told reporters in the southern Indian technology hub of Hyderabad during a visit to India.

The “Swiftboat Vets” got it exactly right! Kerry is a liar when it suits him personally.

But that’s the Democrat way! Say one thing one day and the opposite the next day. Consistent honesty has never been their strong suit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Democrats in the Senate remind me of the Taliban.
They are the personification of HATE.

If you’re a Democrat, your leaders are teaching you
HATE. It is now the main issue of the Democratic party.

What a repellent performance the Democrats put on
in the Alito hearings showing what they’re really made

They are so filled with the moral cancer of hate they
will harvest the hate they’re sowing. It will be soon. It will be
pervasive and it will be deep.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Slashing tires and stuffing ballot boxes by DEMOCRATS

Four paid operatives of the Wisconsin Democratic Party slashed the tires 40 cars of the Republican Party get out of vote fleet of cars. A fifth slasher helped but was not paid by the Democrats. The “Milwaukee Five” are starting trial to see if they’ll go to jail for trying to stop Wisconsin Republican Wisconsin from voting.

Here are the DEMOCRATS who slashed tires to stop Republican voters from voting in Wisconsin.

SOWANDE AJUMOKE OMOKUNDE: the son of DEMOCRAT-Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore (Why am I not surprised that a Democrat Representative would promote this kind of activity?)

MICHAEL PRATT: the son of former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt and leader of Kerry’s campaign team in Milwaukee. (again, why am I not surprised that a Democrat Mayor's son would slash tires with a political goal)


JUSTIN HOWELL: a 20-year-old Racine native.

LAVELLE MOHAMMAD: (I’m getting really sick of people named Mohammad. Don’t Muslims have an ounce of originality?)

The MILWAUKEE FIVE are charged with criminal damage to property, a felony with maximum sentences of 3 1/2 years in prison or $10,000 in fines.

What should their punishment be for attempting to keep voters from voting?

On top of that, Kerry won Wisconsin by 11,384 votes. 10,000 election day voter registrations could not be verified for accuracy and truthfulness.

The liberal Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel reported 1,200 Milwaukeeans voted giving invalid address and also reported that there were 7,000 more votes cast than there were voters in Milwaukee. Could it be that President Bush actually was cheated out of a victory in Wisconsin because of DEMOCRATS stuffing ballot boxes.


Monday, January 09, 2006


Writing on behalf of Cranky Liberals everywhere, I’m angry and I’m not going to take it any more.

Our Goal of kicking Tom Delay out of the Republican leadership has been achieved....but the Stock Market went to 11-thousand for the first time in 5 years: THIS IS RUINING MY DAY!

A paltry 100,000 Jobs were created in January but the revision shows 100,000 more jobs were created than originally thought for November for a total of 300,000 new jobs bringing the two month total to 400,000 -- just what economists predicted: I HATE IT!

Unemployment has dropped to 4.9 per cent, better than most months of the Clinton hot air bubble economy: SOMEBODY’S COOKING THE BOOKS.

Iraqis voted in numbers 40-per cent higher than Americans...and we aren’t threatened with death to vote: IT’S A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY

The Downing Street Memo was a dud! WE’VE BEEN DUPED AGAIN!

Terrorist haven’t killed an American on our soil since BUSH started the war on Terror! THAT’S A CRIME!

The Valerie fiasco went down in PLAMES...Scotter Libby will skate and the New York Times and Time Magazine will pay the price: ROVE MADE US DO IT!

The national security leaks by the New York Times and Risen’s book could put Journalists in Jail for treason: I’M SEETHING WE WERE GOING FOR A BUSH IMPEACHMENT

Forty of 45 Democrat US senators, including minority leader Harry "the M.I.N.O" Reid, took money from Indian tribes at the direction of “Republican Lobbyist” Jack Abramoff: IT HAS TO BE A REPUBLICAN SCANDAL, IT’S NOT FAIR.

And thus it goes for the Democrats lead by the paragon, penultimate, paramount of judicial temperament--Howard Dean, the stumbling and bumbling Harry Reid along with the wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi.

With these examples of Democrat leadership, is it any wonder that even the ashtray throwing, vindictive screaming, expletives deleted spewing, cheating husband enabling and vengeance seeking Hillary is looking good.

Sorry all you “crankys” out there. Maybe you’ll get lucky and only lose two senate seats and 5 house seats in 2006.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Does Islam really believe that beheading teachers who educate girls and women is a beheadable offense?

That’s the reason given by the Taliban for beheading Afghani teacher (who taught girls) Malim Abdul Habib, while they forced his wife and 8 children to watch.

If so, Islam is a religion of hate and murder, Mohammad is a prophet of hate and murder and Allah is a god of hate and murder: thus Allah is evil.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


British Journal "NATURE" Proves It!!!

An article on global warming that occurred 55-million years ago in the British journal “NATURE” says the warming occurred in a short period of time and caused a shift in ocean currents.

Two scientists, hired by “CrankyLiberal” to prove that the warming was caused by the failure of President George Bush to sign the Kyoto Treaty, Flavia Nunes and Richard Norris of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, said: “the information was confirmed by measuring carbon-10 isotopes from 14 cores taken from four ocean basins.”

Based on scientific consensus and Bush's failure to sign Kyoto, the global warming 55-million years ago, is obviously his fault and therefore, since he was around to again refuse to sign the treaty, it proves positively that Bush is the oldest man ever to exist.

It’s called scientific consensus. Thanks again Cranky, the earth is still flat.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The definition of words in the war on terror has been taking a real beating these days. For example: What do you call a foreigner who sneaks into another country, builds bombs, targets innocent civilians and even commits suicide in the process of killing as many citizens of that country as possible.

In Iraq these foreign bombers are insurgents, not terrorists, as they would be described anywhere but Iraq. Those who bombed Spain, London, New York and Bali were and are terrorists. NOT IN IRAQ!

Only in Iraq does the American mainstream media, starting with the New York Times, call these Iraqi terrorists everything but terrorists.