Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The Stock Market is voting on its prediction on the election...the DOW is down. It will continue to go down if Obama is elected. If you have stocks, and Obama is elected, lets hope you will have liquidated.

There is only one positive I see in the possible election of Obama in this time of financial crisis....he won't be able to do 25% of what he thinks he can do. The biggest negative, two Supreme court judges will be appointed in the next 4 years and if he has a veto proof congress, you can guarantee that he will pick two appointments to the left of Ruth Bader Ginsburg...the worst judge to have been approved in the last 75 years.



Anonymous said...

are you a columnist or a journalist?


I don't like to be offensive, but you're recent hatred has been more obscene than the profanity you refuse to publish.

I filled out my absentee ballot today.

I didn't vote for Obama. I voted against you, against Sarah Palin, against my roommate Tom and against a friend of mine named Chance.

I have really tried to respect you. I really have. And I know you won't believe me, but I originally considered you smart and wanted to discourse with you.

But the pure hatred that you, and the other three people I've mentioned have shown, the pure inability to actually talk about issues, caused me to vote against the person you all support. I can not ethically vote for anyone who is supported by such a wide spectrum of people with anger and/or ignorance.

NewsGnome said...


What do you think blogging is? I have already told you that I write provocatively to encourage response..........that's what a columnist does! I was a journalist. Now I blog. Read the blurb under NewsGnome…it reads, MY OPINIONS ABOUT THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE….I REPEAT…MY OPINIONS!

This is going to be a long response so quit now if you get your feelings hurt easily.

I have seven children. Among them is a nationally recognized university valedictory candidate, a high school valedictorian, a university department summa cum laude winner, an award winning chef at one of the top restaurants in our state, a national award winning bronze sculptor, a soldier who has put off her schooling to become an engineer and defended your freedom and mine in a war zone, and a mom who won the most prestigious scholarship in her high school class for her kindness to other students and has decided to provide love and foster care to abused and neglected children along with her own children and home school them. I know what my children have done, what have you done? Am I proud of my children…yes....but more, I'm astounded at the quality and quality of their successes. A father doesn't always realize their potential…and is too busy raising, trying to feed, house and clothe them. Your comments frequently make me wonder if your father praised your accomplishments, which you no doubt have. As an only child you have little against which to compare yourself.

I've read of your ad nauseam self-proclaimed intelligence, but again, as I've said before, "don't tell me you're smart, show ,me," because I haven't seen much to indicate it yet. I find little or no compassion in your writings, only criticism of those you consider to be inferior to yourself. That having been said, I'm going to write two responses to your comment. The first will be as I would have written to one of my children. The second will be my emotional response to you're very hateful comment. You may want to avoid reading my emotional response. Take your pick, each are equally valid in my opinion.

Fatherly response
Lonely, it is no surprise to me that you chose not to vote for McCain given your comments on NewsGnome. But I am very surprised at your motivation. You've admitted that you voted for "whoever" out of spite for your roommates and a blogger who you don't even know. That is sad. Politics is a blood sport, yes! It is also the foundation of our system. We don't get it right every time. But as has been said, Democracy is the worst governmental system ever created, except for every other government system.

You wonder and bemoan why you have few friends. Have you ever considered that you constantly refer to yourself as smarter and more intelligent? It gets very tedious. Do you think that a person who projects that type of arrogance will have lasting and meaningful relationships? Apparently, you don't consider anyone good enough to be your friend.

Unlike you, I'm not constantly worried whether or why people may or may not like me. It's simply is not a priority for me. But for you, it seems to be an inescapable theme. The answer is within yourself and is projected in every word you say and write. You have a lot to give but you demand more of others than you give of yourself, and the trade is not worth the effort to the other person. Instead of looking down your nose at your perceived weaknesses in others, try taking one week and never utter a critical statement of another person you perceive as inferior. Take one week and find one person that you consider smarter than yourself who may not think as you do and complement him/her. There is only one reason you constantly find fault in others with whom you is because you don't like what you see in the mirror every morning? For that, I am genuinely sorry because I have truly enjoyed our discussions, and I truly believe you have too. I disagree vehemently with many things you've written but I like you still.

Emotional response.
You are simply are not as intellectually smart as you perpetually and repeatedly proclaim in your written posts and comments. Because you claim that I am obscene because I have opinions contrary to yours doesn't not make it so. I think your original comments in your first response to my global warming blog were extremely offensive, yours and your "young friend." But that doesn't count…right?

I know why you have few friends. You constantly define yourself as being smarter than everyone else…believe me you're not, but you "exude a holier and smarter than thou persona."

To equate political differences as obscene I wouldn't call intelligent. You accuse me of hatred but don't define it. You accuse me of failing to talk about issues but don't identify them....would those only be the issues YOU consider important? How do you know those people at a McCain rally who said unacceptable things are not Obama plants? Obama's spinmeisters were sure ready awfully fast whenever anything was said. Where did the recordings suddenly appears from? Was someone in the crowd an Obama supporter with a handy recorder? He has done this type of thing to Hillary and McCain before. Remember when he got press for having women faint in front of him so he could call for help. Sort of like the arsonist who starts fires so he can call for help and be considered the hero…or Messiah!

Is the hate to which you refer similar to the bright green Tee-Shirts worn by Obama supporters saying "Palin is a C_nt." Is that the hate?

So I am now your "stupid" no longer consider me smart because I criticize Obama, who is now proclaiming himself to be Robin Hood. What did Robin Hood do? He stole from one group and gave to another. Does that sound familiar…"from each according to his means and too each according to his need." Who said that again? And I thought we lived in a DEMOCRACY.

Do you have the guts to respond?


Anonymous said...

I have the guts and I've written nearly a page single spaced in Word so far, but I'm not nearly done. Just wanted you to know that it's coming.

NewsGnome said...

As another blog says, "Bring It On" maybe we discover the real Lonely. NG

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to sit here and try to defend Lonely personally. It would be unproductive, and he can take care of himself. But i do want to focus on the claims, or opinions you have stated in your last few posts.

It seems that you have taken the talking points of the extreme right and are running with them. To be honest, in this election, i don't think it matters who you vote for anymore. Both candidates have so called "socialist" policy proposals, and both will be severely hamstrung by a recessed economy and a budget out of control on both the spending and tax fronts. But instead of offering constructive criticism, or suggesting solutions, you have essentially resorted to the same plan as McCain has had since 2000.

Make no mistake, McCain is no longer a "maverick". Instead, he has joined the ranks of hte Neo-Conservatives created by Karl Rove and the Bush campaign of 2000. Interested more in narrative and story control than actual policy, the Neo-Cons have figured out that you can win elections by telling a good story, rather than presenting good ideas. I don't like Obama's ideas much either, and i'm probably not voting for him. But at least he has ideas. The McCain campaign has presented no concrete proposals, no real plans to the American people. John McCain has been running for President for almost 2 years now, and I still have very little idea what he wants to do with the country, and frankly, neither do you. That's why all your posts are about how bad Obama is and not how good McCain is. You are doing the exact same thing that Lonely did with his absentee ballot.

You claim in your latest post that the Obama campaign will destroy the Constitution (without providing any evidence to that claim, i'll add). But what good is the Constitution when the fabric of American democracy is meaningless? The McCain campaign, and especially Sarah Palin are deliberately tearing a divide in this country, the same divide that the Bush campaigns did in both of his elections. America is not, in reality, a Red and Blue country. But the Neo-Con election playbook demands that just that divide be artificially created through rhetoric and advertising. It's why you never see positive issue ads from the McCain campaign. The only way to create the divide is to go negative, hard, from the very start. That divide, and the narrative that the Blue states are out to get the Red states is what propelled Bush to both his election victories. McCain is trying the same tactic, but it isn't working. He couldn't make it stick before the eruption of the economic crisis, and now that people are choosing to look at the issues rather than narrative rhetoric, he is stepping up the attacks. There is no possible policy implications to the connection between Obama and William Ayers. Colin Powell put it best just this morning, saying "Sen. McCain says he a washed-up old terrorist — then why does he keep talking about him?" It is the same with your equally pointless attempt to connect Obama with Al Capone. These assertions serve no purpose in terms of policy or what should matter in a campaign.

So perhaps you want me to get to a point. Ok, here it is. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for John McCain for President, even if i disagree with his opponent. The tactics his campaign has displayed are a crass attempt to use narrative and story, style, over substantive political issues. Americans aren't stupid, and they can understand policy issues when they are talked about. But the McCain campaign has, from day one, treated the American people as if they were stupid, "infantilizing," as conservative Peggy Noonan put it in the WSJ. This type of campaigning and the breed of politicians it produces are a stain on the fabric of American democracy. I would have liked to have voted for John McCain, but he has shown that he is not worthy of my vote.

So i challenge you: instead of continuing the constant Neo-Con Blue Scare tactic, explain why John McCain and Sarah Palin are good for this country, without saying anything critical of the left or Obama. If they are so wonderful, give me policy reasons why. Sell me on them. Run the positive ad they have failed to. Hell, you might even change my mind (maybe on McCain. Good luck on Palin, who i haven't even started in on.)

Anonymous said...

I've nearly 4 pages of single spaced response to you and I'm still on my biography, and I'm stopping. Why do I need to defend myself to you? My biography is stellar, I'm a valedictorian from one of the largest highschool's in my state, but doesn't make my top five. I saved a friend from committing suicide this summer, that makes my top 5. I attended one of the most prestigious leadership camps in my state, and on my second day there I found out that my grandmother was about to die from the same cancer that had killed my cousin a few years ago and that I have a high genetic possibility of getting. The next day I found out that she was dead, but I found out from a voice mail because we weren't allowed to carry phones with us during the day. I could have left, I had driven myself there, but was responsible for not only a large amount of written material as well as being one of the lead actors in our presentation, so I put the good of the group before my own and mourned silently for 3 days before I was able to drive several hours to show up just before the funeral started. That dedication to the living makes my top 5. I don't serve the dead, I don't think about how to avenge them, I don't wage a 6 year war to avenge death, I think about how to care for the living.

My name Lonely has nothing to do with being Lonely. I came up with the title Lonely Artist Club for a series of short stories I wrote a few years ago and i thought it was a great title, so I've kept it as an internet handle. Maybe people didn't comment on my site, but most of the people I know and interact with and love on a daily basis, don't use internet blogs.

Do I think I'm smart? Yes. Do I think I know everything? No. That's why I spend so much of my time reading and acquiring new knowledge. I earnestly hope that every day I'm smarter than the last day. When I commented on your blog, I said hate and/or ignorance. I was referring to hate with you then, but i'm not sure anymore. When I say ignorance, I refer to my roommate and my friend who both brag about having not read a single book or newspaper since they graduated from college 2 and 1 years, respectively, ago. When I say ignorant, I mean the inability to try and learn. I'm tired of them treating McCain-Obama as if it was the same thing as every other election, because each is a separate ordeal, and I refuse to be locked into the misconception that every election is the same.

You say you knew that I would always vote against McCain because of my comments. Would it surprise you (or would you even believe, or are you even capable to believe that I voted for equal numbers of democrats and republicans on my ballot?). I doubt you can understand this because you re even more cocky than I am. You look down your nose more than I do. You accuse me of not understanding that your blog is a column designed to provoke but at the same time you assume that what I write online is 100% the real me. You fail to realize that just as you claim that your column is an opinion piece, that I am not as combative in real life as I am on the internet.

Your kids have great achievements and I applaud you for that. My father loves me and has complimented me on several occasions, but yes he hasn't praised me for every achievement. He raised pigs to support his way through school, and through his intelligence and work ethic he has risen to basically run one of the largest hispanic owned corporations in America - and that is truly achievement since he is the highest ranking person to not be latino or have an MBA, and he's the only corporate employee to survive three takeovers to now be considered the US expert on a particular type of meat processing problem. He gets up at 4 every morning, is in the office by 5 and gets home around 6, and is asleep by 10. He also spent 10 days a month in a third world country, riding around in a bullet proof car to turn a failing business investment into a giant profit every month of about 5 years of my adolescent and teenage life. So no, he wasn't there to talk too much, and even if he was, we value completely different kinds of work. But he respects what I have done and he has told me so before.

And he, at the age of 54, is the oldest male that I'm related to. His father and uncle were dead before I was 10, as well as my mother's father and two uncles. We have bad hearts and I've spent my entire life hearing my dad say that he's going to die before he reaches 60, and constantly regretting that he's spending 12 hours a day slaving away for someone else who shows up once a week to make more in a 6 months than my father has made in his lifetime.

So forgive me for being idealistic, but I was raised to die at 60. And I've spent my entire life being told that I was brilliant. And there's a reason for that.

Regardless of your beliefs, your generation has caused these problems. You all have fucked up everything for me and for your children.


Anonymous said...

One final thing:

Why do I look down my nose, why do I feel that I'm so much more smarter than others? Part of it might be because my entire life I've been told by everyone that I'm brilliant. But most of it is because I'm sacrificed nearly everything for intelligence.

You've had your 7 children. Relish in that. Be a great father and have amazing children. Enjoy your grandchildren and brag about them all give to them.

But for love you have sacrificed. I haven't and I will not. I don't care if I become the loneliest person alive, but I have dedicated myself to knowledge, and every sentence, every minute you dedicate to bragging about your family is another minute where I am willing to learn more. And I do believe that others are smarter than me. If I didn't believe that, then I wouldn't spend so much time reading. I wouldn't look for additional viewpoints and ideas. I would have never read another entry of your blog if I didn't originally think I had something to learn from it.

You may live a more fulfilled life than me. You might and probably will have a better family and will be surrounded by people who love you. But that doesn't mean that you will be smarter than me. What time you sacrifice to birthdays and weddings, I'm willing to give to knowledge and that's because I care more about the common good than I do about myself. You are willing to sacrifice for you family alone, but I look beyond that.

Forever Lonely

NewsGnome said...

To Rob at the ATX

I posted my response where it belongs, on my "hanging by a threat" post.


Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. I am a Texan. I voted whole heartedly for Bush in 2000. I voted again with some hesitation in 2004. I would not vote for him again if there were not limits on terms.

After reading in depth as much as I can stomach on Johnny and his adversary Obamer... What either candidate calls facts are simply opinions and speculation, which upsets me to no end. Never the less, the speculation Obama makes has far fewer gaps than that of McCain.

I hate to say it, but the campaign that is being run is going to force me to be blue in a red state.

NewsGnome said...

W.....your comment doesn't ring true. You're an Obama supporter and like many who try to claim they are "red" staters but sound like the Democrat seminar types. I disagree...about the gaffes. Obama and Biden are hands down winner in the stupid comments department...57 states....he doesn't even know how many states there are? And Biden is a comics wet dream with the crap he is spouting. "If Obama is elected he will be tested like JFK in the first six months" which assumes that Obama is a weak sister and McCain would not be attacked because they know he would respond. So we have to worry about our families because of Obamas inexperience. That's as really good reason to vote for him.