Thursday, October 16, 2008


ACORN is trying to demolish the Constitution through voter fraud and Barak Obama is behind it. He was their attorney, teacher and financial supporter in Chicago and supported giving them $500-million dollars through the bailout plan. In effect, he is using taxpayer money to destroy the constitution by registering voters many times. Did he use this same tactic to derail Hillary Clinton? I would suspect he did?

What Obama supporters don't realize is that what he is doing can and will be done by others because he has created the template to game the voting system of America. Votes in America are for sale for a pack of cigarettes and an Itune. Yes, American will collapse from within because of the tactics of Obama and his supports.

Our constitution is hanging by a thread.


NewsGnome said...

What, no "hey dude" Rob? Your comment sounds suspicious like the alter-ego of Lonely. What was Lonely doing writing to his own blog so he could have at least one comment? Your post is almost totally pointless….you've parroted the Democrat talking points, you accuse me of parroting the Republican talking points….yadda, yadda, yadda……. Why don't you try some original thought once in a while. The ACORN threat is one of the worse our Constitution hasever faced because it's from within and it is an arm of Barak Obama's campaign.

Just the other day 200,000 pre-election registrations were found in Florida, from heavily a Republican area filed by an organization calling itself "TO ASSURE AN HONEST VOTE." The Florida Sec. of State, a democrat, is outraged and is demanding an investigation since Florida is such a critical state. But I think it is simply a tactic of the Obama socialists to stop Republican voters.

ACORN on the other hand has registered at least that many in Ohio…one of the voters more than 70 time alone. Since voting is the linchpin of the Constitution that is the point of my comment about the Constitution hanging by a thread…something you wouldn't understand since being honest in your political views is not in your nature.

Obama identified himself with Christ saying he was a community. But Christ didn't organize in Chicago with a terrorist as a helper…like Obama did. But Obama did organize in Chicago with strong arm tactics just as Capone did and the Daley machine does today. That must have hit a nerve…right Rob?

So McCain is not worthy of your vote which means Obama is. The candidate that has run the dirtiest campaign in history, taking 35 million dollars in illegal foreign money, registering dead people, dogs and Mickey Mouse along with the whole the Green Bay Packers team even if they didn't live in Ohio, all the while criticizing McCain because he physically can't use a computer because of his torturers destroy his shoulder sockets. And you say McCain is using dirty tactics. Get real! And I haven't even mentioned the dirty tricks and campaign you commie/cons have used on Sarah Palin…of course you're anti-female…which is obvious, as is Obama with his tactics against Hillary and Sarah. You demand I give you policy reasons…why? you're not going to vote for McCain no matter what I write so what's the use.

You're stuck in your tiny little liberal world and you're not capable of thinking outside that box where you so surely belong. However, I actually agree with something Biden said today. Our enemies perceive that Obama would make a weak president and they will test his resolve within six months, be it Russia, Iran, North Korea of al Qaeda. Of course, this is just Biden making excuses so he can claim "I told you so." So, defined by Biden, you want a president that will invite attacks on America because he is a weak sister. Add to that his total lack of experience in foreign affairs, an anti-military preparedness nature, a hate America first mentality, a capitulate at the first sign of threat and his propensity to raise the white flag of surrender first and you have his foreign policy.

How many dead Americans will it take before we realize the terrible mistake we made if Obama is elected, which I predict is not as sure as you think. It will be a lot closer

Thomas Sowell had a great piece on Palin today…pointing out that she has more experience and qualities than Obama and she's the vice presidential candidate…and Sowell is a whole ton smarter than you'll ever think of being….Lonely is the one who wants to perceive himself as smarter than the rest of the world which is easier said than done.

And to accuse McCain as being the only candidate who has runs negative ads, which are none-the-less true, is ludicrous. Obama has been doing it since he stabbed Hillary in the back and poured anti-coagulant into the wound. I re-read your first comment on my blog. Fat chance that you'll vote for anyone who isn't a flaming commie/con.

Anonymous said...

1) McCain spoke at an ACORN co-sponsored rally in February 2006:

So were they anti-constitutional then?

2) Can you really complain about threats to the constitution after the Bush administration....because that's been so constitutional.

3) Your response to Rob is the most incomprehensible thing I've ever seen you write. I really hope you were tired or under the influence of something. I would hate to think that you lost your edge to the point that you can't write a sentence without a flowering of typos.

4) Rob is actually a libertarian. He and have gotten into about 50 fights during the course of our friendship and we agree on few things, but we do agree on our dislike of Sarah Palin and John McCain. I attack McCain from the left while Rob attacks him from the real small government right.

You can't actually engage in his arguments and you respond to him by simply accusing him of using Democrat talking points without actually engaging in his arguments.

I await your unsubstantiated responses. Tell me I'm wrong just because I'm left of you. Tell me that I shouldn't bother critiquing you because this is an opinion blog. Post another chain letter as if it were fact, then follow that up by complaining about how horrible the news industry is today, without providing any evidence except that you don't agree with them.

Go ahead and tell me that I think I'm smarter than everyone, but as you type those words realize that you are just as haughty as me.

Anonymous said...

oh, i see, so you don't like well thought out, well written arguments against your outlandish statements? fine, i'll post it on my blog.

NewsGnome said...

McCain is the lesser of two evils in my opinion, but I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him. Mainstream news media bias is not even a question. I've chronicled that ad nauseam in previous blogs. Even Letterman and Leno tell 7 to 1 jokes about McCain and Palin (usually vicious) as opposed to Obama and Biden, even though Biden really nailed the lack of gravitas of Obama by saying America would be attacked in the first six months if he's elected. Finally something I can agree with something Biden said. Obama is a lightweight and world leader of unfriendly country know it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... sorry, i watch news programs... didn't realize that I should be watching late night comedy/variety programs. If I knew that was the brand of "news" you were critiquing, I would have never brought it up.

Anonymous said...

and you also don't talk about McCain's own Acorn connection. You'll beat a dead horse with it about Obama, but you'll refuse to talk about it with McCain?

Maybe I'm glad you disapprove of the media. I can't imagine how bad it would be if you were in control. The pro Obama bias would pale compared to what you would do in favor of a candidate you only consider the lesser of two evils.

One question. How does it feel to live a life controlled by fear? You talk about how successful you are, but just as you tell me to show you that i'm smart and not tell you, you've only told me that you're a successful and busy business man and not showed it to me (but since you don't hold yourself to any sort of standard, I don't expect you to respond to this.) All of your recent posts are obsessed with a fear of a different administration. If you're as old as you claim, how did you cope with all of the previous changes. Then you preach communist take over and the end of American hegemony every 4 years or is this a new special circumstance for you?

NewsGnome said...

The network news programs are about as valid at Letterman and Leno when it comes to honest news. Speak about a flowering of your 4) paragraph. You have your share of typos, and I haven't said anything. You just needed something to criticize me for because you had no valid arguments. But what's the point, I wrote 10 responses not just to you and RATA in the short time I had available including those to you. Please accept my apology for failing to catch all my terrible typos. There, are you happy?

Your apparent visceral dislike of Sarah Palin is illogical. You may not like her because she helps McCain's cause or professes a certain point of view, but to dislike her for no reason is sick. I disagree with Obama in almost every possible way, but I don't dislike him despite his lies and hate-filled attack ads.

Because you asked me to...You're wrong. You're wrong because you are proposing socialism via Obama. Socialism is failing all over will fail here if Obama is elected and Congress helps him. You want socialism, I don't.

You may Hate Bush, because that's usually what liberals do, but no Americans have died on our streets since 911. Thank you George
Bush. And thanks to the Patriot Act and wiretapping for catching the 7 terrorists who were planning to fly 7 planes into American cities. Your comments have the affect of arguing that you'd rather have Americans killed here than Afghanistan or Iraq. I wouldn't.

Your logic is failing you, Lonely. Because McCain spoke at an ACORN rally doesn't change what they are. Some times you are so dense it's pathetic. If ACORN were a radical right group, you'd be having a cow. But because they're a liberal/socialist group, it's OK to trash our Constitutional voter registration system....Is that your stand?, You're welcome to it. But it doesn't bolster your "I'm smarter than everybody" mantra very much."

And RATA doesn't address the fundamental proposition I made in the post. Both he and you use Democrat talking point in 99% of your comments and it's gets tiring answering the same stupid false assumptions.


Anonymous said...

That is the most inaccurate thing you have ever said NG.

No Americans have died on our streets since 9/11?


Have you watched a local news program in the last day? (probably not.) But Americans die on the streets every day.

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely

NewsGnome said...

Lonely, you know what I meant so this is just a gotcha comment. No American has died as the result of a terrorist attack on American streets since 911. That's a pretty good record considering Clinton's dismal failures.

However, it does raise a good question for you to answer. What if the " Islamofacists Doctors from Britain" had crashed the 7 planes as planned into American cities including Loyola University in Chicago? And what if Reid had been successful with his inept shoe bomb. And five more suicide bombers had blood running in American streets? Would you still be critical of Bush and the Patriot Act as Rita is or would you be attacking Bush for not doing enough....I think the latter. But that's the typical liberal double standard.

And here's the second question. Joe "mark my words" Biden is predicting Obama and (America) will be attacked in the first six months of his administration. (SIDE NOTE: WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE WHO BIDEN THINKS WILL BE ATTACKED WITH AMERICANS KILLED IN THE CROSS FIRE) If attacked by Islamofacists in five separate incidents in which another 3000 Americans die, will you demand that we ignore those deaths? Or will you demand America and sit down and talk to the perpetrators as Obama said he would do? Personally, I predict, if it happens Obama, in an attempt to establish his credibility, will re-institute the draft and you'll be carrying a gun in a middle east war trying to save Israel.

Khrushchev took Kennedy's measure after their first meeting and he immediately precipitated the Cuban missile crisis because he perceived Kennedy to be weak.

Ahmadinejad, will do the same. He'll bomb Israel and of course, Obama will say this is not what civil countries do...we need change so we'll sit down and talk while Israelis bleed. Of course he'll also blame Israel. He is becoming a caricature of himself.