Saturday, October 11, 2008


Headlines have been criticizing Americans at McCain rallies for criticizing Barak Obama. They claim volatile rhetoric is dangerous. With the mainstream media trumpeting every criticism of Obama as a potentially violent threat to the Democrat candidate, it is setting the stage for a government CRACKDOWN on anyone who may disagree with him if he is elected president.

The media will stoke the flames of suppression by the government. Americans will begin to react to the suppression which leads to more media headlines requiring more suppression and an explosive revolt is assured. The bigger the revolt the more the Media and an Obama administration will justify tyrannical control demands.

The fact is that there is the same angry rhetoric from the left against those on the right. The socialist/communist blogs such as the George Soros funded and Daily Kos along with the Huffington Post are full of hate and vitriol from the left. Of course, the mainstream media makes no mention of the hate-filled left attacks. The McCain supporters are responding to something that has been going on, on the leftist blogs for 8 years and they are screaming "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more."

So the stage is set for a revolt and a revolution. Will America survive?
I'm not so sure it will because there is a new player in this game…it's fear and fear changes the equation exponentially and thus defies prediction. Add potential terrorist attacks…and an Obama dictatorship is almost assured.

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